The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Nintendo 3DS Cheats

  • Bonus costumes Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume. To change costumes, go to Peter Parker's closet at Aunt May's home. Open the "Wardrobe" menu to cycle through the available costumes.
      Big Time: Clear one hideout.
      Flipside: Clear one hideout.
      Hornet: Successfully complete all races.
      Iron Spider Armor: GameStop pre-order bonus.
      Ricochet: Unlocked during Story mode progression.
      Scarlet Spider (2012): Clear one hideout.
      Spider Armor Mk. II: Clear one hideout.
      Spider-Carnage: Successfully complete the game on any difficulty.
      Spider-Man 2099: Clear one hideout.
      Superior Spider-Man: Successfully complete all arcade combat challenges.
      Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Successfully complete Chapter 6.
      Vigilante: Start the main campaign.

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