Radiant Historia Nintendo DS Cheats

  • Alternate endings Successfully complete the indicated sidequest to unlock the corresponding ending. Unlock all ten endings listed to view an extra scene after all the ending sequences.
      "A Little Hero": "An Unwanted Reunion" sidequest
      "A Warrior In Love": "At Journey's End" sidequest
      "Beast God At Rest": "The Beast God's Birth" sidequest
      "Iron-Armed General": "Red-Letter Day" sidequest
      "Life Of The Beastkind": "Mankind And Beastkind" sidequest
      "Overseers Of Time": "What Was Inherited" sidequest
      "Shaman": "Wandering Soul" sidequest
      "The Lives Of Humans": "Assassination Of Dias" sidequest
      "The Show Goes On": "The King's Daughter" sidequest
      "Valkyrie In Repose": "A Letter To Tomorrow" sidequest

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