Phineas And Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension PS3 Cheats

  • Cheat mode Select the "Extras" option, then choose the "Enter Code" selection. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:
      Agent P "Perry The Plattyborg" skin Enter Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle as a code to unlock Agent P "Perry The Plattyborg" skin.
  • Bonus characters Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:
      Baljeet: Successfully complete Story mode, then purchase her from the shop.
      Isabella: Successfully complete Story mode, then purchase her from the shop.
      Parry: Defeat the Boss in World 1.
      Peter: Purchase from the shop.
      Pinky: Purchase from the shop.
      Resistance Ferb: Meet him in World 4.
      Resistance Phineas: Meet him in World 4.
      Terry: Defeat the Boss in World 1.
  • Trophies Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
      Lifetime Accomplishment Award (Platinum): Collect every trophy in the game.
      Figure Madman (Gold): Collect Every Figure in the game.
      Version 2.0 (Silver): Install half of the upgrade chips in the game.
      Modtacular (Bronze): Collect all the mod chips in the game.
      I'm A-Levelin' Mah Gadgets! (Bronze): Get each and every gadget up to maximum level.
      Chiptastic (Silver): Collect every upgrade,effect,and mod chip in the game.
      Weekend at the arcade (Bronze): Earn 2000 tickets in the course of the game.
      Ticket Stockpiller (Silver): Have 500 tickets in your posession at once.
      The full cast (Silver): Unlock every single playable character (Baljeet, Isabella, Pinky, Peter).
      Let's Play Dress-Up (Gold): Unlock all 17 additional skins
      First Gadget (Bronze): Collect all the parts and construct your first gadget.
    Additionally, there are 29 secret trophies:
      Gelatin Freedom-Fighter (Bronze): Beat all the gelatin dimension levels.
      Up, Up and Away... (Bronze): Complete all the balloon dimension levels.
      That Old Timey Life (Bronze): Complete all the old timey dimension levels.
      Gnome Toppler (Bronze): Complete all the gnome dimension levels.
      Robot Rioter (Bronze): Complete all the robot factory levels.
      Evil Vanquisher (Bronze): Beat all the levels in the game.
      Gelatin Gold (Silver): Collect all of the gold tokens in the gelatin dimension.
      Balloon Gold (Silver): Collect all of the gold tokens in the balloon dimension.
      There's Gold in Them Thar Hills (Silver): Collect all of the gold tokens in the old timey dimension.
      Fantasy Gold (Silver): Collect all of the gold tokens in the gnome dimension.
      Robotic Gold (Silver): Collect all of the gold tokens in the robot factory.
      Evil Doof's Gold (Silver): Collect all of the gold tokens assaulting Evil Doof's HQ.
      Dimensional Gold Claim (Gold): Collect all of the gold tokens across all the dimensions.
      Rush to the Sewers (Bronze): Get from the treehouse all the way into the sewers as quickly as possible.
      Gelatin Revolution (Bronze): Defeat the Gelatin Monster in under 180 seconds.
      Just Bouncy (Bronze): Climb up the gelatin mountain but never bounce more than once on the same bouncy pad.
      Barging Through (Bronze): Ride the entire balloon barge without falling once.
      Agh, Bees! (Bronze): Run through the bee path in under 38 seconds.
      Old Timey Winds (Silver): Go across the windy canyon without falling down once.
      Platform Walker (Bronze): Stay on the moving platforms for at least 60 seconds. (Don't touch solid ground.)
      What the Boulder's Cooking (Silver): Defeat 3 enemies with boulders.
      Charging Goozim (Bronze): Make the Goozim charge into all the gnome village wreckage.
      Cruising through Crushers (Bronze): Get through all the crushers without getting hit.
      Cruiser Destroyer (Bronze): Don't let any cruisers get away. (Shoot them all down.)
      Quick and Timely Champion (Bronze): Don't miss any button prompts during the giant robot fight.
      Padfoot (Bronze): Don't trip any turret shots by stepping on the laser sensors.
      Commander Counselor (Bronze): Defeat 3 Dooftron Commanders in the level. (The giant buildings.)
      Laser Tracer (Silver): Avoid 4 quad-laser attacks in a row.
      Grand Slam (Silver): Use only the Baseball Launcher to defeat the Doof-Robot.

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