Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS Cheats

  • Infinite stats for Avatar Logbook characters Collect a large number of stat increasing items and gold, then save the game. Recruit a character from the Avatar Logbook, and apply as many stat increases as desired to them. Then, update the avatar logbook for that character. Create a new saved game. Load the first saved game, then repeat the process.
  • Lunatic+ mode Successfully complete Lunatic mode to unlock Lunatic+ mode.
  • Completion unlockables Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Support Log", "Theater", and "Unit Gallery/Sound Test" options in the Extras menu.
  • Renown unlockables Successfully complete Chapter 3 with the indicated amount of Renown to unlock the corresponding bonus:
      Alm's Blade: 8,000 Renown
      Beast Killer: 400 Renown
      Bolt Axe: 1,800 Renown
      Boots: 50,000 Renown
      Bullion (L), 10,000 Gold: 1,000 Renown
      Celica's Gale: 550 Renown
      Dracoshield: 3,500 Renown
      Energy Drop: 330 Renown
      Ephraim's Lnce: 810 Renown
      Glass Sword: 50 Renown
      Goddess Icon: 900 Renown
      Gradivus: 10,000 Renown
      Hector's Axe: 7,250 Renown
      Innes's Bow: 2,600 Renown
      Leif's Blade: 1,500 Renown
      Levin Sword: 270 Renown
      Longbow: 720 Renown
      Mercurius: 3,000 Renown
      Micaiah's Pyre: 9,000 Renown
      Naga's Tear: 3,0000 Renown
      Noble Rapier: 4,000 Renown
      Orsin's Hatchet: 150 Renown
      Parthia: 5,000 Renown
      Second Seal: 100 Renown
      Secret Book: 630 Renown
      Seed of Trust: 210 Renown
      Seraph Robe: 2,200 Renown
      Sigurd's Lance: 5,750 Renown
      Speedwing: 1,200 Renown
      Spirit Dust: 470 Renown
      Supreme Emblem, 99,999 Gold: 99,999 Renown
      Talisman: 6,500 Renown
      Tiki's Tear: 4,500 Renown

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