Mario And Luigi: Dream Team Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Hard mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Hard difficulty.
Jukebox Successfully complete the game to unlock the Jukebox.
Character ranks Reach the indicated level with Mario and Luigi to obtain the corresponding rank, which unlocks new bonuses (gear and attacks) and extra privileges (for example, access to new shops):
    Flower rank: Reach Level 16
    Rainbow rank: Reach Level 40
    Shell rank: Reach Level 8
    Star rank: Reach Level 26
Expert Challenge unlockables Earn the indicated number of points from completing the Expert Challenges to unlock the corresponding bonus:
    Birthday Boots: 450 points
    BP Knockout Bangle: 200 points
    Duplex Crown (all challenges): 1,000 points
    Expert Boots: 20 points
    Expert Hammer: 300 points
    Expert Wear: 90 points
    Golden Hammer: 600 points
    Master Gloves: 800 points
    Perfect POW Gloves: 140 points
    POW Scarf: 50 points
Mad Skillathon unlockables Earn enough points while performing certains Bros. and Luiginary attacks in the Mad Skillathon in Wakeport to earn ranks attributed to your score. Obtain the "S" rank (highest rank) with the indicated attack(s) to unlock the corresponding bonus:
    Action Boots: Dropchopper
    Bare Boots DX: Bomb Derby
    Blunt Hammer DX: Luiginary Flame
    Coin Boots DX: Luiginary Ball
    Excellent Boots: All Luiginary attacks
    EXP. Bro Gloves DX: Slingsniper
    Flame Hammer: Fire Flower
    Lucky Gloves DX: Luiginary Wall
    Master Wear: All Bros. attacks
    Perfect Bro Gloves: Star Rocket
    Rally Belt: 3D Green Shell
    Sap Hammer DX: Luiginary Stack
    Strike Gloves: Bye-Bye Cannon
Pi'illos unlockables Rescue the indicated number of Pi'illos from their prisons to get the corresponding bonus from Eldream in Brickle's maintenance hut:
    Bare Hammer: Rescue 6 Pi'illos.
    DoB Hammer: Rescue 7 Pi'illos.
    DoB Ring: Rescue 18 Pi'illos.
    Golden Wear: Rescue 26 Pi'illos.
    POW Gloves: Rescue 12 Pi'illos.
    POW Gloves DX: Rescue 37 Pi'illos.
    Zee Egg (Bros. attack): Rescue 52 Pi'illos.

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