GundeadliGne PS3 Cheats

Play as NAGI
Successfully complete the game without using any continues to unlock NAGI.

  • Trophies Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
      Far East Temple Knight (Bronze): Finish the game without continuing.
      Line 'em up! (Bronze): Clear 25 lines in Endless Babel mode.
      Matrix Master (Bronze): Finish the game on Advanced difficulty.
      Operation Successful (Bronze): Finish the game on Standard difficulty.
      Que Pholith Conqueror (Silver): Finish the game on Demonic difficulty.
      Revenge is Sweet (Silver): Defeat the true last boss.
      Rosenkreuz Agent (Bronze): Finish the game on Novice difficulty.
      The Long Road (Silver): Get 6 Alter Breaks in one game.
      The Spice Of Life (Gold): Finish the game with every character.
      Who's next? (Silver): Defeat every opponent in Demonic Challenge mode.

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