Dokuro PSVITA Cheats

  • Trophies Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
      Official Rainbow Moon Hero (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.
      Shining Skeleton (Platinum): Earn all other Dokuro trophies to unlock this platinum trophy
      Dark Lord's Treasure Complete! (Gold): Collect all coins.
      Master of the Castle (Gold): Complete all areas in a total of 250 minutes or less.
      A Cornered Rat... (Gold): Defeat 100 monsters in Skeleton Form.
      A Hero is Born (Gold): Defeat 1000 monsters in Hero Form.
      Candlelighter (Silver): Light 4 torches with a single red chalk.
      Call Me Speedy (Silver): Complete all areas in a total of 350 minutes or less.
      Skydiver (Silver): Fall from a great height.
      Treasure Hunter (Silver): Collect 135 coins.
      Moneybags (Silver): Collect 120 coins.
      Who Keeps Dropping These? (Silver): Collect 100 coins.
      Apprentice (Bronze): Complete stages 1 to 4.
      Newby Knight (Bronze): Complete stages 5 to 8.
      Knight (Bronze): Complete stages 9 to 11.
      Lucky Find (Bronze): Collect your first coin.
      I'll Just Hold On to These (Bronze): Collect 10 coins.
      Numismatist (Bronze): Collect 25 coins.
      Old-Mismatist (Bronze): Collect 50 coins.
      Bulging Pockets (Bronze): Collect 75 coins.
      Aw, Shucks (Bronze): Pick up the Princess 200 times.
      Friends with Death (Bronze): Die 100 times.
      White Chalk Master (Bronze): Use white chalk successfully.
    Additionally, there are nine secret trophies:
      Go Big or Go Home (Gold): Complete stage 14 without taking any damage.
      Hide 'n' Seek (Silver): Complete stage 11-5 without being discovered once.
      Happily Ever After (Silver): Complete all stages.
      Dark Lord? No Biggie (Silver): Defeat the Dark Lord without taking any damage.
      Master Knight (Bronze): Complete stages 12 to 15.
      Batting 100% (Bronze): Successfully deflect boomerangs 100 times.
      With Friends Like These... (Bronze): Let the princess get knocked out 100 times.
      Red Chalk Master (Bronze): Use red chalk successfully.
      Blue Chalk Master (Bronze): Use blue chalk successfully.

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