Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PSP Cheats

Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons during gameplay:

25% of Multiplayer content - UP(3), SQUARE(2), TRIANGLE, R, L
50% of Multiplayer content - UP(3), CIRCLE(2), X, L, R
75% of Multiplayer content - UP(3), X(2), SQUARE, R, L
100% of Multiplayer content - UP(3), TRIANGLE(2), CIRCLE, L, R
Full health - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE(2), L, R. If this code is enabled when your car is smoking or damaged it will get repaired.
Extra armor - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE(2), L, R.
$250,000 - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X(2), L, R.
Lower wanted level - UP, RIGHT, TRIANGLE(2), DOWN, LEFT, X(2).
Raise wanted level - UP, RIGHT, SQUARE(2), DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE(2).
Better handling vehicles - DOWN, LEFT, UP, L, R, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X. Press DOWN after this code is enabled to make your car jump.
Spawn Rhino - UP, L, DOWN, R, LEFT, L, RIGHT, R.
Destroy all cars - L, R(2), LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, DOWN, R.
Cars avoid you - UP(2), RIGHT, LEFT, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE(2), SQUARE.
Black traffic - L, R, L, R, LEFT, CIRCLE, UP, X.
Chrome traffic - RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, TRIANGLE(2), L, R.
Sunny weather - LEFT, DOWN, R, L, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, CIRCLE.
Clear weather - LEFT, DOWN, R, L, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, X.
Overcast weather - LEFT, DOWN, L, R, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, SQUARE.
Rainy weather - LEFT, DOWN, L, R, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, TRIANGLE.
Foggy weather - LEFT, DOWN, TRIANGLE, X, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, L.
Pedestrians riot - R, L(2), DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, DOWN, L.
Pedestrians attack you - DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, X, L, R, L, R.
Pedestrians have weapons - UP, L, DOWN, R, LEFT, Cirlce, RIGHT, TRIANGLE.
Pedestrians follow you - RIGHT, L, DOWN, L, CIRCLE, UP, L, SQUARE.
Pedestrian enters your vehicle - DOWN, UP, RIGHT, L(2), SQUARE, UP, L.
Faster gameplay - LEFT(2), R(2), UP, TRIANGLE, DOWN, X.
Slower gameplay - LEFT(2), CIRCLE(2), DOWN, UP, TRIANGLE, X.
Faster game time - R, L(2), DOWN, UP, X, DOWN, L.
UPside down - SQUARE(3), L(2), R, LEFT, RIGHT.
UPside up - LEFT(3), R(2), L, RIGHT, LEFT.
Commit suicide - RIGHT(2), CIRCLE(2), L, R, DOWN, X.

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