Brain Age Express: Arts And Letters Nintendo DS Cheats

Destroy all enemies in Space mode in Word Attack
Press A, Y, X, B to destroy all on screen enemies. Note: This can only be done once each time you train.

  • Unlockables  
  • Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: Play a training game or Brain Age Check to get a stamp. This can only be done once per day. Additionally, to play Virus Buster after it is unlocked, you must have a stamp for that particular day.
      Challenge mode: After the initial Brain Age Check, get a Brain Age score of 20.
      Change Pen Tip: Collect 22 stamps.
      Change Stamp Design: Collect 3 stamps.
      Comment Settings: Collect 8 stamps.
      Meet and Greet: Collect 24 stamps.
      Meet and Greet - Hard mode: Collect 30 stamps.
      Photo Recall - Hard mode: Collect 18 stamps.
      Piano Player: Collect 10 stamps.
      Piano Player - Hard mode: Collect 27 stamps.
      Select the Piano Player song: Collect 20 stamps. Note: This can only be done the second and subsequent times each day.
      Slideshow mode: Successfully complete any two themes.
      View Tips: Collect 16 stamps.
      Virus Buster: Collect 13 stamps.
      Word Attack: Collect 1 stamp.
      Word Attack - Space mode: Collect 6 stamps.

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