Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Ace Pilot - Clear the game on Normal difficulty (or higher).
Aisha's Already Satisified! - Develop additional equipment for all aircraft (other than DLC).
Beginning of the Story - Clear Chapter 1.
Birth of a New Songstress - Clear Chapter 6.
Devoted Songstress Fan - Use all of the support-skill songs.
Encounter Beyond Time & Space - Clear Chapter 2.
Endurance Player - Play the game for 30 hours.
Face the Ancients' Mystery - Find 50 pieces of Slate.
Infighting Attacker - Destroy 100 enemies with melee attacks.
Leon's Past, Memories of Mina - Clear Chapter 4.
Macross All-Stars - Unlock all characters.
Missile Breaker - Use AMS to shoot down 500 missiles.
Missile Fairy - Fire 20,000 missiles.
Parting of Ways - Clear Chapter 5.
Professor Valkyrie - Obtain 100 blueprints.
Sharon's Temptation - Clear Chapter 7.
Shutsugeki Love Heart - Sortie 100 times.
The 'I Want To Fly!' Sickness - Total travel distance exceeds 10,000km.
The New Heaven & Earth - Clear Chapter 3.
Titanium Task-Force Medal - Shoot down 1,500 enemy aircraft.
Top of Ouroboros' Charts - Obtain 500,000G.
Treasure Hunter - Visit all of the caves, ruins, bases and fields.
Variable Fighter - Transform 2,000 times.
Vega Black Cardholder - Spend 300,000G.
Yuruva Agahe! - Clear Chapter 8.

Silver trophies
Aisha's Already Happy! - Develop all aircraft to Rank 3.
Headshot Master - Achieve 150 headshots.
Missile Bomber - Fire 50,000 missiles.
Ouroboros' Fastest Racer - Achieve gold record time in all of the Bankisshu races.
Roy Focker's Medal - Shoot down 3,000 enemy aircraft.
Solve the Ancients' Mystery - Find all 100 pieces of Slate.
Sortie Explosion - Sortie 200 times.
SSS-Rank Hunter - Clear all Hunter Guild quests.
The Strongest Leon - Attain maximum level with Leon Sakaki.
Top of the Galaxy's Charts - Obtain 100,000G.

Gold trophies
Fully-Tuned Machines - Completely tune 10 aircraft.
SMS Elite Ouroboros Branch - Attain maximum level with 10 characters.
Ultimate Ace Pilot - Clear the game on Ultimate difficulty.
Who Will You Kiss? - View all of the ending.

Platinum trophy
Voices Across the Galaxy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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