God of War: Ascension PS3 Cheats

New Game+ Costumes:
Unlock the following costumes for NG+ by completing the game:

Battle Armor of Ares
Battle Armor of Zeus
Fury Armor
Kraken Armor
Olive Skin Kratos
Skorpian Armor
War Armor of Hades


After completing Campaign mode, activate the following cheats by collecting the corresponding artifacts at the indicated locations:

Prisoner's Oath Stone: Chapter 2 "The Sewers" - Unlimited rage
Circe's Vial: Chapter 5 "Village of Kirra" - Combo time tripled
Oracle Seeker's Offering: Chapter 9 "Ice Caverns" - x10 Red Orb collection multiplier
Aletheia's Charm: Chapter 11 "Delphi Catacombs" - One third damage taken
Boat Captain's Idol: Chapter 15 "The Grotto" - Unlimited magic
Orko's Cloak: Chapter 16 "Prison of the Damned" - Health regeneration
Stonemason's Chisel: Chapter 21 "The Forearm of Apollo" - Cool-down reduction
Archimedes' Treatise: Chapter 23 "The Furnace" - Instant completion of QTE sequences
Statue Worker's Idol: Chapter 25 "The Furnace" - Stun time increased
Antikythera Mechanism: Chapter 28 "Trial of Archimedes" - Constant health drain

Titan mode:
Complete Easy, Normal or Hard mode to unlock Titan mode.

Hidden message:
Proceed through Chapter 6 "The Cistern" until you find a side room with a large painting featuring Olympus. Press R1 to interact with it to see the following cryptic message:

Of all the prophecies I have seen, this one haunts my dreams.
The full truth of this nightmare yet remains hidden. – Aletheia

When deciphered, the letters "QUJIKPHIUEEEKMJQUJ" translate to "SUN BIRD BULL LION SUN".

"Can't Stop, Won't Stop. Badboy!" trophy hints:
-Note: A fully upgraded Magic Meter and upgraded Zeus' Lightning Blades are required, and this can be done under the Easy difficulty setting. Continue through Chapter 25 "The Furnace" until you find the area where you are stuck between two large bowls dumping flames. Enemies will start to spawn here. Start with the Fires of Ares attack, execute combo, then switch to Zeus' Lightning Blades. Press L1 + R1 until the magic attack ends, then go back to Fires of Ares and execute L1 + Square attacks until you can switch back to Zeus' Lightning Blades again and use the magic attack. Repeat the process to reach a 1000 combo.

-When starting Chapter 19 "The Foot Of Apollo", get to the rock Kratos must push. Instead of pushing it, attack that location with the Blades of Zeus and execute the L1 + SQUARE special attack to slowly build your combo to 1,000. Note: This will require a bit of time.

-When beginning the game and Kratos fights a single Satyr, use the kick attack against it. Try pushing the Satyr into the corner. Keep it on its back with repeated kicks. Each kick slowly builds your combo, and will take quite some time to reach 1,000.


Bronze trophies
Big Spender - Upgrade any Magic to the next level.
Swinger - Ring out an enemy with the Club.
Tools of the Trade - Use All 5 World Weapons in Combat.
Handyman - Reconstruct the Water Wheel of Kirra.
That's Gonna Leave a Mark - Spill 500 buckets of blood on Kratos.
You Bastards! - Treat the Martyr of Hecatonchires poorly.
Tell Me How You Really Feel - Kill 25 Enemies using the Rage of the Gods.
Blood Oath - Complete the MP Training in Olympus.
Prison Break - Free Kratos from his imprisonment.
Gotta Hand It To You - Defeat the infected Hand of Aegaeon.
Unleashed - Throw, Slam and Ram a grappled enemy.
Round and Round - Solve the Rolling Crusher Puzzle.
Open Minded - Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a Juggernaut.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop. BadBoy! - Perform a 1000 Hit Combo.
Snakes on a Train - Ride the snake back to the Tower of Delphi.
Hot Lunch - Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a Manticore.
Gateway Gas - Breathe the toxic gases within the Oracle's Temple.
Hold Still Please - Slow 100 Enemies with the Amulet of Uroborus.
Hello, Friend - Use the Oath Stone of Orkos in Combat 10 Times.
Tag Teamed - Hit 100 Enemies with the Oath Stone of Orkos.

Silver trophies
Fireproof - Complete the Screw of Archimedes without getting hit by the Fire Traps.
Light as a Feather - Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers.
The Eyes have It - Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes.
Fully Loaded - Completely Upgrade Kratos.
Lubed up - Complete the slide in the Statue of Apollo without dying.
Biting the Hand that Feeds You - Defeat Megaera and the Titan Hecatonchires.
Maybe you should call a Doctor? - Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ Minutes.
Quaid!!! - Defeat Pollux.
Bros before Foes - Escape the Fury Ambush.
Blind Justice - Use the Eyes of Truth successfully.

Gold trophies
No Drake. You can't have these. - Collect all Artifacts in the game.
If it ain't broke... - Reconstruct all of the Decayed Chests.
Next time use the stairs - Complete the Gauntlet of Archimedes.
Bond Broken - Complete the Game.
Legendary Warrior - Complete the game on Hard Difficulty.

Platinum trophy
Champion of the Gods - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Sonic All Star Wallpaper

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Perfect World Girls Wallpaper

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Operation Quarterback - Complete Act 1.
Operation Archangel - Complete Act 2.
Left No Man Behind - Complete the game on Casual.
Poking the Bush - Collect all secrets in Act 1.
Keepsakes Of War - Collect all secrets in Act 2.
In Search of Enlightenment - Collect all secrets in Act 3.
Balls Of Steel - Complete any single player mission without using med kits, but taking damage.
Say Hello To My Little Friend - Kill 30 enemies using your sidearm.
Psst, Don't Look Behind You - Kill 15 enemies with a stealth kill.
Kill With Still - Kill 50 enemies while holding your breath.
Fisher King - Kill 25 enemies using thermal or night vision goggles.
Worlds Apart - Take a successful shot from a distance of 1 km or greater.
Bloodstreak - Kill 25 opponents in multiplayer.
Kill That F**ing Band! - Take 25 headshots in multiplayer.
Unhappy Camper - Kill 10 opponents in multiplayer using your sidearm.
Wrath Child - Win 10 Team Deathmatch rounds.
World Warrior - Participate in any multiplayer match.
Hangman's Knot - Kill Major Vladic ("And Justice For All").
Nemesis - Kill Maddox once and for all ("No Loose Ends").
Guardian Angel - Rescue the friendly ("From Out Of Nowhere").
Karma Chameleon - Retrieve your weapon without being detected ("Burning Bridges").
Solid Sandman - Kill all enemies in the beach houses without causing an alarm ("Leave No Man Behind").

Silver trophies
My Rifle Is My Best Friend - Complete the game on Medium.
Hazardous Materials - Kill three or more enemies by shooting a grenade.
Death's Scythe - Take 50 headshots in single player.
Nerves Of Steel - Achieve 100% accuracy in any single player mission.
Distance Matters Not - Kill 20 enemies from a distance of 600m or greater.
Bullets Can't Hurt Me - Complete any act without using medkits.
Pure Ownage - Kill 50 opponents in multiplayer.
Blood And Tears - Take 50 headshots in multiplayer.
U Can't Touch This - Win 5 rounds in a row in Team Deathmatch.
Death Dealer - Win 25 Team Deathmatch rounds.
Everything But The Kitchen Sink - In one multiplayer round kill an opponent with a sniper rifle, sidearm and melee attack.
Back To School - Kill all enemy snipers in Sniper Alley without being hit ("Ghosts of Sarajevo").

Gold trophies
Harvester Of Sorrow - Complete the game on Expert.
I Never Bleed - Complete the Campaign using max one medkit per mission.
The Sniper Elite - Kill 100 opponents in multiplayer.
Laugh This Off - In the final duel with Maddox, kill him with the first shot ("No Loose Ends").

Platinum trophy
Bullseye - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Smooth Operator - Press 10 TARDIS console buttons.
Thorough - Scan 10 objects.
Head scratcher - Collect 5 Hats.
Paper trail - Collect 5 Diary pages.
Brimming with enthusiasm - Collect 10 Hats.
Short story - Collect 10 Diary pages.
Puzzler - Complete the game on puzzle medium difficulty.
Crate work - Use the gold bullion crate to smash your way out of the Bank of England.
Fast on your feet - Beat the Cybermen to the Underground refugee camp.
On the right tracks - Defeat the Cybermen in the Underground refugee camp.
Stunning work - Stun 5 Cybermen.
A Plumb Job - Re-route the gas pipe plans in Victorian London.
Hack Job - Open the security door in the office block.
Tested to Destruction - Re-route the thermionic consoles in the Cyberfactory.
The Open Road - Lower the drawbridge on Old London Bridge.
No time to hang around - Collect the Stasis Field Generator in the Silence Base.
Soundly Beaten - Sonic disarm 5 Silurians.
Hello Sweetie - Wake up River in the tomb.
Silently Silencing the Silence - Outwit the Silence without being checkpointed.
Toxic Relationship - Defeat Vekkis.
Goodbye Blue Boy - Outwit the Strategist Dalek.
The Eyes have it - Quick-shoot 5 Daleks.
Ye Doctor - Discover the statue in the Elizabethan quadrangle.
Winch Way Next - Activate the crane winch in Old St. Pauls.
A steal - Defeat the Silence and steal their time capsule.
Hello Sexy - Find the TARDIS in the Dalek time lock.
Sent packing - Send the Dalek Supreme to Antarctica.
One in the eye for the good guy - Shoot the Emperor Dalek in the eyestalk.
Geronimo! - Defeat the Emperor of the Daleks.
Clever clogs - Complete Data Link puzzle in 60 seconds.
Smart Cookie - Complete Re-router puzzle in 60 seconds.
Clear Vision - Complete Mind Map puzzle on Medium or Hard in 60 seconds.

Silver trophies
Hat's off to you - Collect 20 Hats.
Long story - Collect 20 Diary pages.
Flying Doctor - Complete the game in 300 minutes.
High IQ - Complete the game on puzzle hard.
The Stormcage Redemption - The Stormcage Redemption.
Pucker Up - Kiss 6 Stormcage Guards.
Quick Getaway - Escape Stormcage in 8 minutes.
Deleted - Finish the Cyberfactory in 20 minutes.
Elementary - Finish return to Victorian London in 15 minutes.
Beg for Mercy - Power-shoot 5 Daleks.
Exterminated - Finish time-locked London in 20 minutes.
Timey Wimey - Complete a Time Corridor in 2 minutes.
Universal Destruction Avoided - Complete the game.

Gold trophies
Diarist - Collect all the Diary Pages.
Mad Hatter - Collect all the Hats.

Platinum trophy

Time Lord - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Ace Pilot - Clear the game on Normal difficulty (or higher).
Aisha's Already Satisified! - Develop additional equipment for all aircraft (other than DLC).
Beginning of the Story - Clear Chapter 1.
Birth of a New Songstress - Clear Chapter 6.
Devoted Songstress Fan - Use all of the support-skill songs.
Encounter Beyond Time & Space - Clear Chapter 2.
Endurance Player - Play the game for 30 hours.
Face the Ancients' Mystery - Find 50 pieces of Slate.
Infighting Attacker - Destroy 100 enemies with melee attacks.
Leon's Past, Memories of Mina - Clear Chapter 4.
Macross All-Stars - Unlock all characters.
Missile Breaker - Use AMS to shoot down 500 missiles.
Missile Fairy - Fire 20,000 missiles.
Parting of Ways - Clear Chapter 5.
Professor Valkyrie - Obtain 100 blueprints.
Sharon's Temptation - Clear Chapter 7.
Shutsugeki Love Heart - Sortie 100 times.
The 'I Want To Fly!' Sickness - Total travel distance exceeds 10,000km.
The New Heaven & Earth - Clear Chapter 3.
Titanium Task-Force Medal - Shoot down 1,500 enemy aircraft.
Top of Ouroboros' Charts - Obtain 500,000G.
Treasure Hunter - Visit all of the caves, ruins, bases and fields.
Variable Fighter - Transform 2,000 times.
Vega Black Cardholder - Spend 300,000G.
Yuruva Agahe! - Clear Chapter 8.

Silver trophies
Aisha's Already Happy! - Develop all aircraft to Rank 3.
Headshot Master - Achieve 150 headshots.
Missile Bomber - Fire 50,000 missiles.
Ouroboros' Fastest Racer - Achieve gold record time in all of the Bankisshu races.
Roy Focker's Medal - Shoot down 3,000 enemy aircraft.
Solve the Ancients' Mystery - Find all 100 pieces of Slate.
Sortie Explosion - Sortie 200 times.
SSS-Rank Hunter - Clear all Hunter Guild quests.
The Strongest Leon - Attain maximum level with Leon Sakaki.
Top of the Galaxy's Charts - Obtain 100,000G.

Gold trophies
Fully-Tuned Machines - Completely tune 10 aircraft.
SMS Elite Ouroboros Branch - Attain maximum level with 10 characters.
Ultimate Ace Pilot - Clear the game on Ultimate difficulty.
Who Will You Kiss? - View all of the ending.

Platinum trophy
Voices Across the Galaxy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Kunimitsu Wallpaper Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Front Mission Evolved PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Amplified Warrior - Equip a Mark III battle skill in the single player campaign.
Antarctica - Complete 'Promise'.
Around the World - Win a multiplayer match on every level.
Diversity Rocks - Win a multiplayer match of all 4 types.
Fort Monus - Complete 'Fort Monus'.
Gritty Competitor - Play 10 multiplayer matches.
Infinity Plus One - Clear the landing zone while firing from the gunship at Fort Monus.
Looking Well - Find 15 hidden emblems.
Percival - Complete 'Apollo's Chariot'.
Petals of Edelweiss - Defeat a player who has the Petals of Edelweiss in multiplayer.
The Canyon - Complete 'Call of the Chariots'.
The Show - Complete 'Long Island Research Facility'.
Wicked Shot - Break all body parts on a single opponent in the single player campaign.

Silver trophies
Babel - Complete 'Tower of Babel'.
Constantine - Complete 'Defense of Constantine'.
Destruction - Complete 'Chorus of Destruction'.
E.D.G.E. Master - Kill 50 enemies while in E.D.G.E. mode.
Lead by Example - Get the top score in Team Deathmatch.
No Borders - Complete 'No Borders'.
Team Player - Accumulate a total score of 10,000 while playing Domination and Supremacy.
Ultimate Zephyr - Purchase all 4 of the Zephyr EX parts in the single player campaign.

Gold trophies
Easy Logistics - Earn $75,000 total cash in the single player campaign.
Great Shot - Destroy all Sensors in the game.
Looking Great - Find all 42 hidden emblems.
My Hero Zero - Reach Rank 70 in multiplayer.
Power of Device - Complete the game.
Power of Human Ingenuity - Complete the game on hard difficulty.

Platinum trophy
Wanzer Commander - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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EA Sports Active 2 PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies

Sharp Shooter - Make 1000 baskets in Basketball.
Golden Gloves - Throw 1000 punches in Cardio Boxing.
Trail Blazer - Run 1000km/621.4 mi. in Fitness Trail.
Pedal Power - Bike 1000km/621.4 mi. in Mountain Biking.
Shred It - Board 1000km/621.4 mi. in Mountain Boarding.
Brick Wall - Make 1000 saves in Soccer.
Hot Stepper - Complete 1000 steps in Step Aerobics.
100 Calories - Burn 100 Calories.
1000 Calories - Burn 1000 Calories.
GOAL! - Complete 1 goal with 100% completion.
1 Hour - Complete 1 hour of exercise.
Working It - Complete 1 Workout.
Fitness Enthusiast - Complete 10 Workouts.
Fitness 101 - Complete 101 Exercises.
Goal Getter - Complete 3 goals with over 80% completion.
Workout Buddies - Complete a Multiplayer Workout.
Perfect Score - Complete a workout with 100%.
Fitness Sampler - Completed 50 unique exercises.
Getting Results - Complete first Fitness Tracker Report.
Phase 1 Complete - Complete Phase 1 of The 9 Week Program.
Making it Mine - Create and complete a Custom Workout.
Dear Diary - Earn 3 checkpoints on a Journal Entry.
Survey Says - Fill in 5 Lifestyle and Nutrition Surveys.
Staying Alive - Fill in 5 Other Activity Surveys.
Checking In - Fill in the Lifestyle and Nutrition Survey.
Getting Out - Fill in the Other Activity Survey.
Ready to go! - Set up your EA Sports Active 2 profile.
Making Friends - Join or create a Workout Group.
Burn 500 Calories - Burn 500 Calories.
12 Hours - 12 Hours of exercise time.

Silver trophies

Push it to the Limit - Complete 1000 Pushups.
Pumping Iron - Complete 1000 Arm Curls.
Lunge Expert - Complete 1000 Lunges.
Squat Master - Complete 1000 Squats.
Trend Setter - Complete 5 scheduled workouts in a row.
Fitness Expert - Complete 50 Workouts.
Perfect Attendance - Complete a Fitness Program without missing a workout.
Cardio Kick Start - Complete the Cardio Kick Start Program.
Phase 2 Complete - Complete Phase 2 of The 9 Week Program.
5000 Calories - Burn 5000 Calories.
24 Hours - 24 Hours of exercise time.

Gold trophies
10000 Calories - Burn 10000 Calories.
Fitness Pro - Complete 100 Workouts.
Phase 3 Complete - Complete Phase 3 of The 9 Week Program.

Platinum trophy
EA Sports Active 2 Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Pictionary: Ultimate Edition PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Blinded - Guess 10 clues with the No Peeking modifier
Bookworm - Go through each page of the tutorial
Brushless - Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Finger Paint Tool
Cant Stop Wont Stop - Guess 10 clues in Conveyor Belt mode
Challenge Accepted - Guess 10 clues using mixed Draw Modes
Classic Completionist - Complete a full game of classic Pictionary
Clue Master - Create 20 Custom Clues
Come on Already - Change the clue type a lot within one round of play
Committed - Complete a full length 4 Team game without continuing
Easy Peasy - Play Family Fun with Junior Clues, bonuses on, penalties off, and Picturist Chooses
Figure Artist - Create 10 Pictionary Man drawings
Fun with the Family - Complete a full game of Family Fun Mode
Gallery Showing - Create 15 Free Draw images and view them in the slideshow
Guess What? - Guess 10 Custom Clues
Hands On - Guess 10 clues in Finger Painting mode
Just Add Water - Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Watercolor Tool
Mega Maniac - Land on 15 Mega Mania squares and correctly guess the clue
Mine, mine, mine! - Steal a clue from another team
Persistent Picturist - Play 50 games of Pictionary any mode
Picasso's Understudy - Use every tool and color in one Free Draw session
Pictionary Maniac - Complete a full game of Pictionary Mania
Pointillism - Guess 10 clues in Dots Only mode
Prosperous Cheater - Cheat through the game quickly
Put me in Coach! - Use a customized Pictionary Man in a game
Quick hitter - Play Family Fun with 10 minute time limit, low Draw Timer, and Tempus Fugit
Resourceful - Play Family Fun with Ink Limit mode, Random selections, and All Clue Categories
Reverse Engineer - Guess 10 clues in Eraser Only mode
Shapeshifter - Guess 10 clues using nothing but the Shapes Tool
Sight Beyond Sight - Guess 10 clues in Lights Out mode
Slow Poke - Fail to guess a clue before time runs out
Switch Hitter - Guess 10 clues with the Off Hand modifier
Switch! - Guess 10 clues in Tool Confusion
Topsy Turvy - Guess 10 clues in Which Way is Up mode
Vertigo - Guess 10 clues in Rotation Frustration
Waste Not Want Not - Guess 10 clues with the Ink Limit modifier

Silver trophies
Expert - Play Family Fun with low Draw Timer, Difficult Clue Category, Tempus Fugit, Penalties, and Rivals Choose
Handy Man - Use every tool and color in one Draw Round
Mind Reader - Correctly guess the clue in record speed
Minimalist - Win a game using only one tool and one color
Picasso - spend at least an hour on one Free Draw image
See no Evil - Play Family Fun with the No Peeking modifier and the Lights Out Draw Mode

Gold trophies
I Meant to do That - Win an entire game without using the eraser or undo
Shutout - Win every All Play square within one play session
Stingy - Win without letting the other team play

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Tomb Raider PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Bookworm - Find 25% of all documents.
Historian - Find 75% of all documents.
Relic Hunter - Collect 25% of all relics.
Archaeologist - Collect 75% of all relics.
Looking for Trouble - Find 25% of GPS caches.
Bag Full O' Cache - Find 75% of GPS caches.
Scrounger - Collect 5000 pieces of salvage.
Picky - Loot 200 enemies.
Now We're Getting Serious - Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon.
Big Game Hunter - Kill and loot 10 large animals (deer, boar, wolves).
Tastes Like Chicken! - Kill and loot 10 small animals (rabbits, chickens, rats).
Feather Duster - Kill and loot 10 flying animals (crows and gulls).
Sharp Shooter - Perform 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign.
Predator - Kill 50 enemies with the bow.
Equalizer - Kill 75 enemies with the rifle.
Widowmaker - Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun.
Gunslinger - Kill 35 enemies with the pistol.
Epic Fumble - Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding.
Get Over Here! - Rope pull 5 enemies off edges.
Opportunist - Kill 25 unaware enemies.
Down and Dirty - Perform 15 finishers.
Deadeye - Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.
Former Adventurer - Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter.
One Smart Cookie - Complete one optional tomb.
Unfinished Business - Complete one challenge.
Adventurer - Complete a match in all multiplayer modes.
Artilleryman - Kill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret.
Down Boy! - Kill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer.
Entrapment - Catch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer.
Escapist - Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer.
Good Samaritan - Revive a teammate in a multiplayer match.
Sole Survivor - In multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn't dead or downed.
Lights Out - Kill 10 multiplayer enemies using your melee attack.
Master Blaster - Kill 2 multiplayer enemies with a single explosive.
Monkey Around - In multiplayer, escape death 3 times by using the rope ascender.
Narcissistic - Purchase a new multiplayer character.
On My Way Up - Reach level 10 in multiplayer.
Shopaholic - Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer.
Boom Goes the Dynamite - Shoot a bundle of dynamite out of the air.
Crab Cakes - Kill FeeFee the crab.
Chatterbox - Complete all conversations with the Endurance crew. 

Silver trophies
Clever Girl - Purchase all skills in one category.
Lethal - Purchase all skills in all categories.
The Professional - Fully mod and completely upgrade all weapons.
Inconceivable! - Complete all challenges.
A Survivor Is Born - Complete the game.
I'm all that! - Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.
True Commitment - Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

Gold trophies
No Stone Left Unturned - Find all documents, relics and GPS caches.
Intellectually Superior - Complete all optional tombs.

Platinum trophy
True Survivor - Unlock every Tomb Raider trophy.
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Lumina LR:FFXII Wallpaper

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Lighting Return: Final Fantasy XIII Wallpaper

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Mari Makinami Cosplay From Evangelion

Cosplayer : Viviyona Apriani from JKT48
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ICO PS3 Cheats

ICO:  Alternate ending:
After defeating the queen, wait until after the credits roll. Another cut scene will play, then you will take control of Ico on the beach. Move far down the coast to the left and you will find a surprise.

Shadow of the Colossus: Hard Time Attack Unlockables:
You receive one item for every two Colossi you defeat in Hard Time Attack Mode. Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cloth of Desperation ("Parachute") - Defeat 14 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Fruit Tree Map - Defeat 6 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Harpoon of Thunder (Long range projectile weapon) - Defeat 2 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Lizard Detection Stone - Defeat 10 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Queen's Sword (From ICO) - Defeat 16 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Shaman's Cloak (Decreases damage taken) - Defeat 8 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Shaman's Mask (Decrease damage taken) - Defeat 12 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode
Sword of the Sun (Reflects light even when in the dark) - Defeat 4 Colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode 

Shadow of the Colossus: Time Attack Unlockables:
Note: First complete the game once to unlock Time Attack mode. To start a challenge, walk up to a statue in the temple and pray (CIRCLE). Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cloak of Deception - Defeat 14 Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Cloak of Force - Defeat 4 Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Flash Arrow/Brown Agro - Defeat all Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Fruit Tree Map - Defeat 10 Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Lizard Detection Stone - Defeat 8 Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Mask of Power - Defeat 12 Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Mask of Strength - Defeat 6 Colossi in Time Attack mode.
Whistling Arrow - Defeat 2 Colossi in Time Attack mode. 

"ICO" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Rescue - Rescue Yorda.
Failure - Finish watching the demo scene confronting the Queen at the front gate stage.

Silver trophies
Armed and Ready - Acquire Sword.
East Gate - Open East Gate.
West Gate - Open West Gate.
Farewell - Finish watching farewell demo with Yorda at the front gate stage.

Gold trophies
Royal Arms - Acquire Queen's Sword.
Emancipation - Clear the game.
Split the Watermelon - Bring the watermelon to Yorda upon completing 2nd time through.
Spiked Club - Acquire spiked club.
Shining Sword - Acquire shining sword.
Bench Warmer - Save at all save points.
Express Journey - Beat the game within 4 hours.
Castle Guide - Beat the game within 2 hours.
Unscathed Escape - Clear the game without viewing a game over screen.

Platinum trophy
Enlightenment - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"Shadow Of The Colossus" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Valley Wanderer - Defeat 1st Colossus.
The Sloth - Defeat 2nd Colossus.
Disturbed Sleep - Defeat 3rd Colossus.
Path of Gravestones - Defeat 4th Colossus.
Aerial Dance - Defeat 5th Colossus.
Entombed Giant - Defeat 6th Colossus.
Waves of Thunder - Defeat 7th Colossus.
Wall Scaler - Defeat 8th Colossus.
Slumbering Caveman - Defeat 9th Colossus.
Unknown Tracks - Defeat 10th Colossus.
Guardian Unleashed - Defeat 11th Colossus.
Silent Thunder - Defeat 12th Colossus.
Signs in the Sky - Defeat 13th Colossus.
Shielded Colossus - Defeat 14th Colossus.
Valley of the Fallen - Defeat 15th Colossus.
Final Colossus - Defeat 16th Colossus.
Hang Glider - Hang onto the hawk for more than 30 seconds.
Slippery Ride - Hang onto the fish for over 30 seconds.

Silver trophies
The Forbidden - Clear the game in normal difficulty.
Wander and the Forbidden - Clear the game in hard difficulty.
Resistance - Endure being sucked into the light for over 1 minute in the ending.
Collector - Acquire all items available in normal time attack.
Agro Circus - Perform all stunt riding using Agro.
Tower of Prayer - Save at all save points.

Gold trophies
Climber - Reached the top of the shrine.
Meticulous Collector - Acquire all items available in hard time attack.
Cornucopia - Acquired all fruits in the world.
Endangered Lizards - Killed all shining lizards.
Stalwart Wander - Max out HP bar.
Mighty Wander - Max out stamina bar.

Platinum trophy

Wander and the Colossus - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
The Law is Dead - Kill your first Damned Zombie.
Alone at the End - Complete Story Mode in Single Player.
Hard Worker - Complete all Objectives listed for any chapter.
Got Pwnage? - Use each character's Pwnage ability 10 times.
Weapons Expert - Pick-up all five mash-up weapons with each character.
Money Grubber - Collect $20,000 in a single chapter.
Beacon in the Dark - Survive a fortnight in Blackout Mode.

Silver trophies
Long Term Survival Plan - You survived 30 Days in Survival: Classic.
Super Savior - Bring all possible survivors to Def Money's yacht in Story Mode.
Playing with Power - Get all 100 upgrades for your characters.
Epic Run - Complete a Story Mode: New Game with 3 other players.

Gold trophies
Exhausted - Complete All Chapter Objectives.

"Pure Pwnage Pack DLC" trophies:

Silver trophies
Let's Finish This - Complete Prequel: Day 56.
Warm It Up - Survive Pure Pwnage for 10 minutes.

Gold trophies

The Pwnage - Pwn 10,000 zombies with Jeremy and Doug. 
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