Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of GaHoole PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
A Bird in the Hand - Upgrade your owl with any Battleset.
Victory - Defeat an enemy in a mission.
Feeling Shattered - Break an enemy's armor.
Top Speed - Reach maximum speed in a mission.
That Was Close! - Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission.
Do a Barrel Roll! - Do a barrel roll in a mission.
Team Attack - Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble.
Upgrade Your Flight - Unlock a new combat attack.
Make some noise - Hoot 108 times.
Tyto is Righto - Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions.
Kuneer or Kufaar - Complete the Desert Kuneer Missions.
Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen - Complete the Glauxian Retreat Missions.
Owls of Derisive Laughter - Complete Race to the Retreat in 4 minutes or less.
O Rly? - Replay a mission.
That's Got to Hurt - Successfully perform the Fall From Grace.
Ready For Battle - Complete the Tutorial Missions.
C-C-Combo Breaker - Perform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission.
Counter Culture - Successfully counter attack an enemy in a mission.
Take That, You Fiend - Hit an enemy with the Corkscrew in a mission.
Great Shot - Hit an enemy with a flaming coal.
The Journey - Fly 100 Kilometers.
Silver Lining - Get all Silver medals.
Light 'em up - Complete Lighting the Way without a torch going out too early.
Make a Splash - Throw an enemy into the water.
Fly Safe - Complete An Ally in the Sand without touching a twister.
Owlage - Use the corkscrew on 20 enemies.
Gliding with Style - Complete a mission without losing your armor.
Seven In One Blow - Defeat seven enemies without being hit in a mission.
No Flies On Shard - Complete all objectives in a mission successfully without dying.
Fashionable Owl - Wear 4 different Battlesets in missions.
Free Flight - Explore all five environments in the Bonus Missions for a short time.
Dodge 'ems - Complete Pure Retaliation without being hit by a turret.
Love The Smell - Bomb 20 Turrets.
Boss Rush - Defeat any boss without being defeated.
Put the Win in Wingman - Use your Wingman 20 times.
Lucky Number - Achieve a 15 hit chain in a mission.
No Witnesses - Defeat every enemy in a story mission.
As the Crow Flies - Defeat 20 Crows.
See a Penny - Collect 4200 Shinies.
Max Power - Equip a top quality Battlset.
Fly like the Wind - Use 50 Wind Currents.
Art Appreciation - Collect all the artwork.

Silver trophies
Vanquish The Evil - Complete the game.
Passive Aggressive - Complete a mission using just wingmen.
New Game + - Continue playing after completing the game.
Boy Are My Arms Tired - Fly more than 200 Kilometres.
Sold Out - Buy all the Battlesets.

Gold trophies
Gold, Shard, Gold! - Get a Gold ranking in all story missions.
Bonus Gold - Get a Gold ranking in all Bonus missions.
Birds of a Different Feather - Complete the game as all Four Characters.

Platinum trophy

Collect All Trophies - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

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