Crashmo Nintendo 3DS Game Cheats

Level B Puzzles:
Solve all 100 puzzles in Crashmo Park to unlock the Level B puzzles.

Completion bonuses:
After completing the game you can re-watch the Finale cutscene and ending credits in the Extras menu. You will also unlock the Music Player.

Unlockable Gadgets:
Unlock the following gadgets in Crashmo Studio by completing the corresponding challenges:

Doors - Challenge 4-1.
Floating Block Gadget - Challenge 2-1.
Manholes - Challenge 3-1.
Move Switches - Challenge 5-1.

Prototype Challenges:
To unlock the Prototype Challenges,complete Challenge 5 through 10.

To unlock the Prototypes, complete 70 puzzles.

Crashmo Studio:

To unlock Crashmo Studio, complete ten lessons in Crashmo Park. You can design or import your own puzzles.

Training mode:

To unlock the "Training" option at Papa Blox's menu, completed twenty lessons in Crashmo Park.

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