Beat Sketcher PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies

Photographer - Save 30 or more still images to the Gallery.
Performer - Save 10 or more moving images to the HDD.
Artist - Play Creation Mode 50 or more times.
Expert - Use all tools in Creation Mode.
Conductor - Get a 100% rhythm bonus in Challenge Mode.
Painter - Get a 100% line bonus in Challenge Mode.
Professional - Open the Mirror Stage.
Challenger - Play Match Mode 100 or more times.
Paint Master - Get a score of 75% or higher in Paint Challenge.
Line Master - Get a score of 3.5m or higher in Line Challenge.
Rainbow Master - Complete stage 10 in Rainbow Challenge.

Silver trophies
Champion - Complete all stages with platinum medals.
Legend - Complete all stages, including the mirror stages, with platinum medals.

Gold trophies

Beat Sketcher - Move the cursor a total of 10,000 m. 

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