Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Wii Game Cheats

Completion bonus:
Complete the game to unlock the Chocobos's Memories standard dungeon that can be accessed through the Chocobo statue at the park and the Croma's Future special dungeon that can be accessed through Croma at Stella's house.

Unlockable Jobs:
Unlock the following jobs by performing the corresponding tasks:

Black Mage - Reach 10F in Guardian Of The Flame.
Dancer - Enter "Pirouette[Music Note]"(case-sensitive) as a Romantic Phrase.
Dark Knight - Defeat Croma Shade in 30F in Guardian Of The Light.
Dragoon - Beat Meja's Memories.
Knight - Beat Freja's Memories.
Ninja - Beat Volg's Memories.
Scholar - Defeat the four elements in 20F in Guardian Of The Water.
Thief - Steal the item behind Merchant Hero X in his dungeon shop.
White Mage - Beat Pastor Roche's Memories.

Easy Thief job hint:

For an easy way to get the Thief job, have at least the level 2 Black Mage. When you pick up the rare item from Merchant X (Thief's Memory) inside the Guardian of Flame dungeon (the glowing ring on floor 11 that will either take you to a duel or to a shop), walk away from Dungeon Hero X until he is close enough to use Sleep on. Then, run to the stairs while trying to run around the south side of the shop to make this easier. If Dungeon Hero X is gaining power, move two steps to the side of him. His beam is three spaces wide and goes very far. Keep Dungeon Hero X asleep all the time, if possible. This may take several attempts but it is much easier than any other way. If you get Dungeon Hero X asleep at the very beginning, you may be able to run directly to the stairs without going south around the shop, but this is much riskier. Because Dungeon Hero X can move much quicker than you, try to stay as far away from him as possible, but also making sure he is asleep.

Dardola's Dining jukebox:
At about Chapter 4, speak with Dardola at Dardola's Dining. After the bell rings, he will lose his memories. Help him by completing the dungeon. As a reward he will allow the jukebox in his shop to play music.

Maxing your equipment:
After helping Freja get her memory back, go to her place and have her hone your equipment to make it stronger. Before you start to hone, bring at least a couple thousand gil and save the game. When you get to the point where it says that it is at the maximum level and you can still hone it, you may want to save the game again; when Freja tries to hone it past it the maximum level it will have a greater failure chance. If that happens, reset the game, load the saved game, and repeat until she makes a perfect hone. This may require several attempts.
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Disney Epic Mickey Wii Cheats

Unlockable Cartoons:
Unlock the following classic Disney cartoons at the "Extras" menu by collecting the corresponding number of hidden film reels during the 2D transition levels:

Mickey Mouse in "The Mad Doctor": 6 film reels.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in "Oh What a Knight": 14 film reels.

New Game+ mode:
Complete the game and load the cleared saved game file to start a new session will all previously collected items.

Walt Disney's apartment:
Complete The Lonesome Manor and return to Mean Street. Speak with the Gremlin at the Penny Arcade to find out the machine has a different function, but requires 30 Power Sparks to activate. After the Power Sparks are given to him, he will tell you that something has activated at the Fire Station. Jump up to the window above the door at the Fire Station. Gus will ask if you want to enter. Inside are two gold E-Tickets with Oswald on them, which are worth 150 Tickets. Note: The Oswald Tickets will not appear again.

Gilda's Lost Axe Exploit hint:
Gilda, a cow on Mean Street, will ask you to retrieve an axe from the Slopes area of Mickeyjunk Mountain. Obtain the axe and go to Oswald's lair. Thin Oswald's huge face in the floor to find a hidden room. At the end of the secret passage you'll encounter unthinnable bars. DO NOT use the axe to explore the area, but instead go back to Gilda. You'll be able to come back to Mickeyjunk Mt. later in the game and pry open the bars anyway -- even without the axe.This quest earns you both Hero and Scrapper credit.

Trapping enemies hint:
It is possible to trap enemies like the Beetleworks and Robot Pirates. First, lure the enemy to a spot where you can thin things out. Thin it out, then quickly repaint it. If done correctly, the enemy will be trapped and be unable to move or attack. If you die, they will be free again.
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Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity Wii Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by pausing the game and pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons:

Increase Damage Dealt - 1, Z, Z, C, C, C
Increase Speed - Z, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1
Infinite Health & Power - 2, 2, Z, Z, 1, 1
All Abilities - Z, C, Z, C, C, C
All Bonuses - 1, 2, C, 2, 2, 2
All Goodies - C, 2, 2, Z, C, Z
Alternate Configuration - C, C, 1, C, Z, C
Unlock Everything - 2, 1, C, Z, 2, 1
Regular Configuration - 2, Z, 1, Z, C, Z
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Cloud Strife Wallpaper of Final Fantasy Advent Children

cloud, strife, wallpaper, advent, children, final, fantasy, vii

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Plants vs. Zombies PSPVITA Cheats

Cheat Codes:
At the title screen (once unlocked), activate the following effects by entering one of the codes. Note: Your Tree Of Wisdom must be a certain height before some codes can be enabled:

Zombies wear sunglasses - future
Zombies have mustaches - mustache
Daisies appear when zombies die - daisies
Candy rains when zombies die - pinata
Toggles zombie call for brains sound - sukhbir
Zombies dance - dance
Zombies walks slowly - slowboke
Alternate Lawn Mower appearance - trickedout

Gold and Silver trophies:

To get the Gold trophy, get all the trophies in Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival modes. For the Silver trophy, complete Adventure mode.

Easy money hints:
-Get the Zen Garden and water the plants until they don't need anything else. Advance the system date ahead and the plants will need water again. Purchase new plants, grow them to full size, then sell them. Repeat this to earn more money. You can also use this technique when you have to get Marigolds in Crazy Dave's shop when they are out of stock.

-Set up your defenses around the slot machine as follows: one row of walnuts on the right side, one or two rows of sunflowers on the left, and fill everything else with pea and snow pea shooters. Protect the lawn mowers as each is worth a Gold Coin at the end of the game; do not let them mow the zombies. Stop collecting sun at about 1,900 sun points. At this point, the garden should be full and acquiring the extra 100 points to win should be easy. Just collect enough sun to offset the slot machine while keeping the slot machine spinning. It will randomly drop one or three gems as long your patience lasts. If the zombies get close to the mowers, end the game. Just collect the sun lying on the field to end the game.

-To make Walnut Bowling more profitable, protect the lawnmowers as each is worth one gold coin ($250). Line up shots off the front runner. After the first zombie is hit, each additional zombie strike earns you coins. Create a front runner where none already exists.Pole vaulting zombies will run fast until they vault over a nut, and the newspaper zombies run fast after getting the paper destroyed by a nut. Let them run a short distance down the lawn before sending a nut their way. You do not need to use nuts. When there are a couple zombies ambling down the lawn without a clear ricochet shot, wait a while to see if more of them will step out to play. They can always be killed once they cross the red line. Use one nut for regular zombies, three for bucket wearing zombies, and two for the others. Also, keep the exploding nuts in reserve and don't use them unless a mob crosses the line or there are not enough nuts or room to clear out a difficult to kill zombie. Use the regular walnuts for the zombies that have not reached the red line. Do not use exploding nuts to kill pole vaulting zombies directly as pole vaulting zombies only jump obstacles in their own lane. A pole vaulting zombie who has not vaulted yet will safely jump over explosions or nuts in their own lane. Find a neighbor in the next lane and time the nut to hit when the pole vaulting zombie gets close to the neighbor.

New seed selection hint:
Exit the game and restart if you do not like the cards from Crazy Dave. The cards will change randomly.

Increasing plant growth:
Disable full screen mode and go to your zen garden. After feeding the plants, it usually takes thirty minutes to feed them again. To feed them all, change the system time to an earlier value, thus increasing their growth.

Easy completion of "Dr. Zomboss":
When Dr. Zomboss comes down to throw an ice ball or fire ball, use Freeze Shrooms to freeze him. This gives your pults time to get some damage on Dr. Zomboss himself. Jalapenos also inflict damage to him when he is down to toss a fire or ice ball. The more damage you inflict on Dr. Zomboss, the faster and easier it is to end this level. Save at least one Freeze Shroom and one Jalapeno for whatever he tosses.

Easy completion of "Last Stand":
Make sure you have at least eight slots of seed before starting. Select the following plants: Repeaters, Gatling Peas, Tall Nuts, Tangle Kelps, Lily Pads, Torchwoods, Coffee Beans, and Magnet-Shrooms, Afterward, set the following layout: put two Repeaters from the back columns on every row (except the pool), only one Repeater on the back columns on every pool row (use Lily Pads first), then change the Repeaters on the pool to become Gatling Peas. Put Torchwoods in front of the Repeaters and Gatling Peas (on the pool use Lily Pads first), then give the space a column and plant the Magnet-Shrooms on the lawn only. Wake them up with Coffee Beans and, front of the Magnet-Shrooms on the lawn, plant the Tall Nuts. Note: Plant the Tangle Kelps on the last time. The layout should appear as follows.

R R T <> M N
R R T <> M N
R R T <> M N
R R T <> M N

R = Repeaters
G = Gatling Peas
T = Torchwoods
K = Tangle Kelps
M = Magnet-Shrooms that have been awakened
N = Tall-Nuts

-Select the following plants (at least eight slots required): Pumpkin, Lilypad, Magnet-Shroom, Gold Magnet, Marigold, Doom-Shroom, Coffee Bean, and Wall-Nut. Fill the remaining slots with plants of your choice. Use the following layout for an easy victory. First, put Pumpkins on the first three Marigolds starting from the Wall-Nut, except the Marigold on the pool. Make sure not to put any Pumpkins on the pool. Start the game. If you have enough sun power, put a Doom-Shroom in to replace with the thing in the two Gold Magnets, then awaken the Doom-Shroom with a Coffee Bean.


M = Marigold
P = Pumpkin
L = Lily Pad
W = Wall-Nut
A = Magnet-Shroom
G = Gold Magnet
D = Doom-Shroom
C = Coffee Bean

-Follow the proceeding formation to make things easy. Note: Upgrade Repeaters to Gatling Peas when you have sufficient sun power.


MP = Melon-Pult
R = Repeater
MS = Magnet-Shroom
T = Tall-Nut

Finding the imitator in Suburban Almanac:
Click the top left of the almanac to see the imitator.

Earning sun in Zombie mini-games:
Kill flowers to earn sun in the zombie mini-games. First, put the best zombie for the situation in the lane you want it to go in, making sure that there are sunflowers planted in that lane. Collect the sun when the zombie eats the flower and buy more items.

Creating a fort:
Use the following plant formation with the following items to create a fort:

0: Sunflowers or upgraded flowers
1: A shooter plant
2: Repeater/upgraded
3: Three shooter plant (three lanes)
4: Fire Plant (fire tree that turns bullets to fire balls that pass through it)
5: Cattail
6: Squash (or Wallnut/Tallnut)
7: Small mushrooms
8: Chomper
9: Scardey Shroom
X: Free space

In the morning:

0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8

At night:

0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6

Final Boss strategy:
The final Boss launches massive fire balls and ice balls at your plants that crush everything in their path except for zombies (basically, all plants in that row). use Chili Peppers to destroy the ice ball and Ice Shrooms (with a Coffee Bean) to destroy the fire balls.

Pole Vaulters hint:
When Pole Vaulters are present, pick a Walnut and a Chomper and make sure you can dig up plants and plenty of sun.. Put down a Walnut and then a Chomper behind the Walnut. The Pole Vaulter will hop over the Walnut and straight into the Chomper. Then, dig up the Chomper and he is no more.

Getting light in fog hint:
When there is fog and you need light (and don't have a lantern), use the torch wood if you have the sun to see the space in front of it.

Bungees hint:
Use Chompers, Squash, Ice Shroom, Jalapeno to kill Bungees. Umbrella Plants also work.

Hidden achievement objects:
The achievements are shown as an underground list. Scroll through the list and keep going down to see a bunch of hidden objects including a zombie, the bookworm from Bookworm, jewels from Bejeweled, a unicorn fossil, and even Chinese zombies staring back down the hole.


Bronze trophies
20 Below Zero - Immobilize 20 full-sized zombies with a single Ice-shroom.
Blind Faith - Complete an extremely foggy level with using Planterns or Blovers.
Chill Out - Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you've one level to destroy 3 bobsleds, its Jalapeno time!
Close Shave - Survive the zombie onslaught after all lawnmowers have been used
Crash of the Titan - Defeat your first Gargantaur
Defcorn 5 - Build 5 Cob Cannons in a single level.
Diamond Beghouler - Upgrade all your plants in Beghouled
Don't Pea in the Pool - Complete a daytime pool level without using Pea-shooters
Enlightened - Collect all Zen Garden, Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden plants
Explodonator - Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!
Flower Power - Keep 10 Twin Sunflowers alive in a single level.
Good Morning - Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.
Greenfingers - Grow 10 Zen Garden plants to full size
Last Mown Standing - Defeat the last zombie in a level with a lawn mower.
Lawn Mower Man - Kill 10 zombies with a single lawn mower.
Melon-y Lane - Plant a Winter Melon on every lane.
Monster Mash - Crush 5 zombies with a single Squash.
Nom Nom Nom - Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Chomper on any level
Penny Pincher - Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear.
Popcorn Party - Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.
Pyromaniac - Complete a level using only explosive plants to kill zombies.
Smarty Branches - Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet
Soil Your Plants - Plant your first 10 peashooters
Sol Invictus - Complete Last Stand with 2,000 sun remaining
Sproing! Sproing! - Complete Pogo Party without using Tall-Nuts or Magnet-shrooms.
SPUDOW! - Blow up a zombie using a Potato Mine.
Sunny Days - Accumulate 8,000 sun during a single level.
Wall-Not Attack - Complete ZomBotany without using Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts or Pumpkins.

Silver trophies
Alive and Planting - Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity
Chili Free - Complete Column Like You See'em without using Jalapenos
Grounded - Defeat a normal roof level without using any Catapult plants.
Home Lawn Security - Complete Adventure Mode
Lucky Spin - Get 3 diamonds in Slot Machine
Master of Morticulture - Collect all 49 plants in the game
No Fungus Among Us - Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms.
Pool's Closed - Complete a pool level without using water plants.
Roll Some Heads - Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut.
Shooting Star - Complete Seeing Stars before the first Flag Zombie appears
Shopaholic - Go trunk driving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies
Zombologist - Discover the Yeti zombie.

Gold trophies
Beyond the Grave - Beat all 20 mini games
Second Life - Complete Adventure mode a second time.

Platinum trophy
The Complete Zombie - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Kansen Sony PSP Game Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords:

1 million points - Enter kansei as a password.
Play as Gein - Enter karakuri as a password.
Play as Himura Kenji - Enter keisyou as a password.
Play as Shihandai Myojin Yahiko - Enter genpuku as a password.
Play as Tatsumi - Enter yaminobu as a password.
Play as the Juppongatana members - Enter katana as a password.
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Dogfight 1942 Xbox 360 Cheats

War Hero (75 points) - Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (Act I and II).
The Onslaught (50 points) - Finish act I (single player).
The Road To Victory (50 points) - Finish act II (single player).
V for Victory (25 points) - Finish all missions on HARD difficulty level (Act I and II).
Air Superiority (25 points) - Shoot down 300 fighters in Campaign mode.
A Private Party (25 points) - Shoot down all V-1 rockets headed for London (single player).
God Save the King (15 points) - Fly under every bridge in London (single player).
Divine Thunder (25 points) - Defend all battleships at Iwo Jima (single player).
Ace of the Skies (15 points) - Shoot down 6 planes in under a minute.
Moving Target (25 points) - Drop a bomb on a plane during takeoff.
A Confirmed Kill (15 points) - Shoot down an enemy fighter with a rocket.
Trigger Happy (15 points) - Launch more than 100 rockets in a single mission.
Two Heads are Better Than One (15 points) - Play a co-op mission.
Test Pilot (25 points) - Finish a single mission in Simulation mode (other than Baptism of fire).

"Fire Over Africa " achievements
The Sands of Africa (15 points) - Finish the African campaign (single player).
I'm Not a Rookie (20 points) - Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (The Sands of Africa).
300% Accuracy (10 points) - Destroy 3 enemy ground vehicles with one bomb.
Flying Hunter (5 points) - Sink 5 ships in under a minute.

"Russia Under Siege " achievements
Eastern Winds (15 points) - Finish the Russian campaign (single player).
Famous Ace (20 points) - Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (Eastern Winds).
All aboard... (5 points) - Stop the train before it reaches the railway station (single player).
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat (10 points) - Win all duels with enemy ace (Eastern Winds).
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Street Fighter X Mega Man PC Cheats

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords:

All Eight Bosses, 4 E-Tanks - A5, B2, B4, C1, C3, C5, D4, D5, E2
Start with 4 E-tanks - A5, B1, B3, C4, D2, D3, E1, E4, E5

Energy Refill after boss rematch:
In Seth's Lab, find the computer in the background of the room where the eight Boss rematches occur. It has two large black and white swirling orbs. Shoot the orbs with a charged Mega Buster shot to get a large health tank and a large weapon energy tank. Those orbs will respawn after every Boss fight.

Hidden Abilities Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the title screen:

Genin Jinn (Shadow Clone and Turbo MegaMan) - Press shoot and (Shift Weapon Right) button at the same time. Warning: cannot be disabled once used
Have the ability to use Hadoken manually without any meter or defeating Ryu. - Press and hold the jump and fire buttons for about 5-6 seconds.

Easy perfect hint:

Before you kill your stage boss, use your E-tank to refill your health back to maximum. This trick will make the game think you've earned a perfect in the round. Once you kill your boss when your health is full, you will earn a Perfect.

More E Tanks:
If you need more E tanks to complete the game, simply let the timer after you die hit 0. Then, go back into the game and you will have all the tanks you previously collected and recollect the E tanks from the levels all over again.

Guile's theme:
After pausing the game in any level, hold JUMP (default L) and press U, D, D, D (default keys W S S S) to have Guile's Theme replace the background music until you put the code in again.

Play as Mega Man without a helmet:
Hold shoot on Ryu on the stage select screen and then press RIGHT (3), LEFT. If entered correctly, a sound will play and Mega Man will lose his helmet on the stage select screen.

Fight against Akuma:
Complete the game with 3 or more Perfects to have Akuma challenge you after the final battle.
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Beat Sketcher PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies

Photographer - Save 30 or more still images to the Gallery.
Performer - Save 10 or more moving images to the HDD.
Artist - Play Creation Mode 50 or more times.
Expert - Use all tools in Creation Mode.
Conductor - Get a 100% rhythm bonus in Challenge Mode.
Painter - Get a 100% line bonus in Challenge Mode.
Professional - Open the Mirror Stage.
Challenger - Play Match Mode 100 or more times.
Paint Master - Get a score of 75% or higher in Paint Challenge.
Line Master - Get a score of 3.5m or higher in Line Challenge.
Rainbow Master - Complete stage 10 in Rainbow Challenge.

Silver trophies
Champion - Complete all stages with platinum medals.
Legend - Complete all stages, including the mirror stages, with platinum medals.

Gold trophies

Beat Sketcher - Move the cursor a total of 10,000 m. 
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Lili Wallpaper of Tekken Series

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0 Day Attack On Earth Xbox 360 Cheats

Enlistment (5 points) - Enter the Main Menu.
Crucible (5 points) - Clear the game on Normal in single player mode.
Onslaught (5 points) - Clear the game on Hard in single player mode.
Wings of Friendship (5 points) - Play a CO-OP Mode game.
Sandwich Man (10 points) - Kill 10 Sandwich enemies.
Snake Killer (10 points) - Kill 10 Snake enemies.
Mosquito Killer (10 points) - Kill 10 Mosquito enemies.
Valiant Warrior (20 points) - Kill 100 targets in CO-OP Mode.
Like taking candy from a baby (20 points) - Occupied all control points in Control Point mode.
Gold Hammer (30 points) - Cleared the game on Normal difficulty or harder without losing a life.
May Day King (30 points) - Got shot down 256 times.
Ruler of the Universe (50 points) - Earned every rank.
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Crashmo Nintendo 3DS Game Cheats

Level B Puzzles:
Solve all 100 puzzles in Crashmo Park to unlock the Level B puzzles.

Completion bonuses:
After completing the game you can re-watch the Finale cutscene and ending credits in the Extras menu. You will also unlock the Music Player.

Unlockable Gadgets:
Unlock the following gadgets in Crashmo Studio by completing the corresponding challenges:

Doors - Challenge 4-1.
Floating Block Gadget - Challenge 2-1.
Manholes - Challenge 3-1.
Move Switches - Challenge 5-1.

Prototype Challenges:
To unlock the Prototype Challenges,complete Challenge 5 through 10.

To unlock the Prototypes, complete 70 puzzles.

Crashmo Studio:

To unlock Crashmo Studio, complete ten lessons in Crashmo Park. You can design or import your own puzzles.

Training mode:

To unlock the "Training" option at Papa Blox's menu, completed twenty lessons in Crashmo Park.
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Street Fighter X Tekken Wallpaper

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The Rock Wallpaper of WWE 12

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Tetris Wallpaper

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Arcania: Gothic 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

Teacher Beater (5 points) - Prove your mettle to your secret mentor.
Family Man (5 points) - Obtain Ivy's agreement to marry you.
Queenslayer (5 points) - Defeat the loam vermin queen.
Bane of the Bandits (5 points) - Clear the bridge to Stewark.
Kingmaker (15 points) - Bring stability to Stewark.
Champion of Silverlake (15 points) - Obtain access to the Silverlake archives.
Master of the Elements (20 points) - Obtain an audience with the Grand Master of Water in Tooshoo.
Chosen by Fire and Shadow (25 points) - Learn the secrets of the abbots of the Sea Cliff Monastery.
Bad Dog (30 points) - Defeat Jabo’s watchdog.
Seeker (35 points) - Gain access to the forgotten temple.
Forged by Destiny (40 points) - Claim the power of the divine forge.
Avenger (50 points) - Obtain revenge for Feshyr.
Saviour (150 points) - Defeat an ancient evil.
Deft Hands (5 points) - Craft your first item.
First Blood (5 points) - Emerge victorious from your first battle.
Initiate (5 points) - Annihilate an enemy with a spell.
Hunter (5 points) - Finish an enemy off with a well-placed shot.
Weaponsmith (20 points) - Craft 5 weapons.
Alchemist (20 points) - Brew 50 potions or elixirs.
Battlemage (20 points) - Kill 100 enemies with magic.
Champion (20 points) - Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons.
Marksman (20 points) - Kill 100 enemies with ranged weapons.
Merchant (20 points) - Sell 200 items.
Explorer (20 points) - Cover more than 50Km on foot.
Awakened (5 points) - Reach Level 2.
Greenhorn (10 points) - Reach Level 5.
Adventurer (20 points) - Reach Level 10.
Veteran (40 points) - Reach Level 20.
Legend (20 points) - Reach Level 30.
Conqueror (50 points) - Complete the game on the hardest difficulty level.
Deadly Adversary (20 points) - Defeat 500 enemies.
Army of One (25 points) - Defeat 1000 enemies.
Richer than Diego (20 points) - Hoard 200`000 pieces of gold.
Arcane Reaper (20 points) - Kill 300 enemies with magic.
Duelist (20 points) - Kill 100 enemies with flurries.
Sniper (20 points) - Kill 100 enemies with headshots.
Geek (40 points) - Obtain all other achievements.
Chickenbane (5 points) - Kill 10 chickens in the game.
Glutton (10 points) - Consume 200 items.
Knight in Shining Armor (10 points) - Complete all quests.
Master Chef (10 points) - Learn all recipes.
Jackrabbit (10 points) - Jump 1000 Times.
Relaxed Attitude (10 points) - Use beds or chairs for 60 minutes.
Ancient Treasure (25 points) - Obtain all ancient relics.
Radiant Blessing (25 points) - Obtain all Innos statuettes.
Dark Reward (25 points) - Obtain all Beliar artifacts. 
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Aliens vs. Predator Xbox 360 Cheats

Unlockable Skins:
Unlock the following skins by reaching the corresponding ranks:

Gibson (Marine) - Rank 2
Claw (Predator) - Rank 3
Warrior Dome (Alien) - Rank 4
Connor (Marine) - Rank 5
Stalker (Predator) - Rank 7
Ridged (Alien) - Rank 10
Moss (Marine) - Rank 13
Hunter (Predator) - Rank 16
Praetorian (Alien) - Rank 19
Johnson (Marine) - Rank 22
Wolf (Predator) - Rank 25
Rookie (Marine) - Rank 28
Spartan (Predator) - Rank 31
Nethead (Alien) - Rank 34

Easy XP:
To easily gain XP, search for a ranked match in Multiplayer mode. When it says "One player in game, waiting for more players", quit, and go to the main menu. Then, load a Marine mission on the Normal difficulty with a lot of enemies, such as the Praetorian boss in the "Research Lab" mission. Simply kill enemies now to get easy XP. Repeat as desired.

Avoid Alien Instant Kills:

To avoid being instantly killed by an alien while playing as a Marine in multiplayer, keep your back against the wall.

Collectible Locations:

To make collectibles flash on your HUD when playing as an Alien or Predator, activate FOCUS.

Ventilation shaft as Alien:
As Alien in level 3, the Queen will tell you to get to the bottom of a shaft with a giant fan at the top. As you get near it, another Xenomorph will be swept away and blown into the fan. If you use your Focus, you can see two vents on the opposite wall. select either of them and you can safely jump to it despite the power of the fan. As you go, you will find more vents to hide in. Use them to make your way down.

Out of bounds as Alien:
As the Alien, you can eventually reach the jungle and exit in a Marine complex. To the far side is a downed ship with "MARLOW" painted on the side. Climb up this ship to find a flat area of land on the other side of the electrified fence. Moving too far, however, will result in an instant death.

Disabling smart guns as Alien:
In several levels are red gas canisters with a small pilot light on them. These can be pushed easily by walking into them. Get behind the smart gun and push it as close as possible, then strike it once with a heavy attack (should be a tail strike). You will have a small amount of time to flee before it explodes, disabling the smart gun

In some levels of the Alien and Marine, you can hear the Predator's classic sounds in the background. In some levels as the Alien you can just see the blurry shape of a Predator moving when you enter a new area. There are also Predator Mines laid out in certain areas that can only be reached by Aliens.

Civilian suicide:
In some areas, Civilians will be so frightened of you that they will commit suicide.


Not Bad for A Human (50 points) - Earn all achievements.
Game Over, Man! (30 points) - Beat all three Campaigns.
Club hopper (15 points) - Survive The 'Party' at The Club.
Exit Strategy (15 points) - Escape from C-Block.
You Have My Sympathies (15 points) - Help Van Zandt.
Regicide (15 points) - Defeat the Matriarch.
I Will Never Leave You... (15 points) - Locate Tequila.
...That's A Promise (15 points) - Get Tequila to surgery.
One Big Bug (15 points) - Defeat the Praetorian.
Get to The Chopper! (30 points) - Recover Weyland's datapad.
Come to Mama (15 points) - Liberate the Matriarch.
Breaking Quarantine (15 points) - Escape from the Research Lab.
Grunt Hunt (15 points) - Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony.
Under Pressure (15 points) - Solve the riddle of the Ruins.
Grim Reaper (15 points) - Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign.
Alien vs Predator (30 points) - Create a new species.
It Uses The Jungle (15 points) - Find a way through Gateway.
Fallen Comrade (15 points) - Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle.
Matter of Honor (15 points) - Discover the Elite Predator's fate.
Eyes of The Demon (15 points) - Retrieve the ancient mask.
World of Hurt (15 points) - Survive trial by combat.
Breaking and Entering (15 points) - Find a way into the Research Lab.
Reclaimer (15 points) - Retrieve the second artifact.
Extinction Agenda (30 points) - Destroy the Abomination.
Stay Frosty (15 points) -Beat Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting.
I Admire its Purity (15 points) -Beat Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting.
It Ain't No Man (15 points) -Beat Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting.
I LOVE the Corps! (30 points) -Beat Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting.
Magnificent, Isn't It? (30 points) -Beat Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting.
One Ugly Mother (30 points) -Beat Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting.
Harsh Language (15 points) - Discover all 67 Audio Diaries.
Quite A Specimen (15 points) - Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers.
Fortune and Glory (15 points) - Find all 45 Predator trophy belts.
Scatter Shot (15 points) - As a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match..
I Like to Keep This Handy (15 points) - Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun.
Spin Doctor (15 points) - Kill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc.
Let's Rock! (15 points) - Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun.
Elite Sniper (15 points) - Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle.
Stick Around (15 points) - Kill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick.
Gunslinger (30 points) - Kill 30 enemies with the pistol.
Welcome to The War (15 points) - Play and complete your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode.
Killer Instinct (15 points) - Win your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode.
Serial Killer (30 points) - Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode.
Very Tough Hombre (15 points) - Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match.
Persecution Complex (15 points) - Achieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match.
The Six Pack (30 points) - Play with six friends in a Ranked Match.
Ain't Got Time to Bleed (15 points) - Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor.
The Uninfected (30 points) - Finish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey.
Welcome to The Party (30 points) - Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches.
Real Nasty Habit (50 points) - Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches. 
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Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect Xbox 360 Cheats

ARE you Stoked? (25) - Got Gold in Åre Event
Best of the Best (40) - #1 place in Overall leaderboard Event or Qualifier on any track
Bigger is Better (25) - Got Gold in St. Paul Event
Boyscout (35) - Collected all badges
Bully (20) - Performed a total of 51 Takedowns
Down the hatch (25) - Got Gold in Munich Event
Energy Legs (20) - Performed a total of 50 Powerlandings
Gives You Wings (10) - Grabbed the Red Bull can on every track
Goldmember (40) - Got all Gold in the World Tour
Gonna make ya... (15) - Performed 50 jumps in game
Headache (20) - Raced a total of 10 Versus races
Mr. Blaine (15) - Performed 50 air tricks in game
Poutine anyone? (25) - Got Gold in Quebec Event
Powerthirst (5) - Got powered up 5 times in 1 race
Respect! (5) - Watched the credits
The Broken Heart (20) - Won races against 13 Ghosts
The Race (20) - Performed 30 perfect starts
The Velvet Cave (25) - Got Gold in Valkenburg Event
Thunderstruck (10) - Got powered up and performed a T-Pose over the Thor Statue
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Tropico 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheat mode:
After pressing START during game play, click and hold Left Analog-stick + Right Analog-stick until a message asking if you want to cheat appears. Select "Ok" to display the "Cheat" menu.

Filthy Rich (20 points) - Make $100 000 for your Swiss Bank account in a mission.
Tropican Fiesta (50 points) - Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%.
Curse of the Llama (10 points) - Survive 10 disasters.
Coup de Grace (10 points) - Suppress a Military Coup.
Homes for Everyone (20 points) - Have population of over 300 and no Shacks.
God Complex (10 points) - Finish a Sandbox game in God mode.
Elitist (30 points) - Construct 1337 buildings.
Top Exporter (20 points) - Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game.
Iron Fist (15 points) - Suppress an uprising.
Heavy Traffic (15 points) - Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages.
Metropolis (20 points) - Construct 200 buildings on one island.
Militarist (15 points) - Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game.
Paradise Island (20 points) - Earn $1 000 000 from tourism profits in a single game.
Dictatorship for Dummies (10 points) - Finish all tutorial missions.
Domestic Agenda (20 points) - Complete 10 Faction tasks in a single mission.
National Agenda (10 points) - Complete 20 agenda tasks in a single mission.
Foreign Agenda (20 points) - Complete 10 Foreign tasks in a single mission.
War on Crime (10 points) - Arrest 10 Criminals in a single mission.
The Full Monty (10 points) - Have a full Ministry cabinet.
You are Fired! (10 points) - Fire a Minister because of his gaffe.
Your Lucky Day (30 points) - Hire an unemployed citizen as a Minister.
The Golf Balls Solution (20 points) - Clean an Oil Spill in less than 4 months.
Year Of the Dragon (20 points) - Put out 10 buildings on fire in a single mission.
Old Faithful (20 points) - Survive 3 Volcanic eruptions in a single mission.
Tornado Valley (20 points) - Survive a Tornado Outbreak with no human casualties.
Modern Agriculture (20 points) - Have no dry fields at the end of a Drought.
Head for High Ground (20 points) - Survive a Tsunami with no human casualties.
Building Blues (20 points) - Unlock 20 Blueprints in a single mission.
The Power of the Atom (30 points) - Generate 1 000 MW of electricity in a Nuclear Power Plant.
Nuclear Future (30 points) - Have a Nuclear Power Plant and a Nuclear Program built on your island.
Made In China (30 points) - Distribute more than 1 000 Luxury Goods from a Shopping mall .
Smells Like Chemistry (10 points) - Buy all upgrades for a Chemical Plant.
Mona Llama (15 points) - Earn more than $30 000 from selling Tropican art in a Museum of Modern Art.
Special Taxes (15 points) - Gain $15 000 for your Swiss account from a Customs Office.
The Rumors of my Death... (20 points) - Have one of your clones die instead of you during an assassination attempt.
It's a Trap! (30 points) - Kill 5 rebels at once with a trap in your Mausoleum.
Theme Park (10 points) - Have a Roller Coaster near a Ferris Wheel and an Aqua park.
Prepared For Everything (15 points) - Buy all upgrades for a Weather Station.
Past and Present (15 points) - Have both a Dungeon and a Colonial Museum in the same mission.
Competent (15 points) - Have Character Trait at level 5.
Specialist (25 points) - Have 3 Character Traits at level 5.
Expert (30 points) - Have all Character Traits at level 5.
Foreign Cuisine (20 points) - Import 2 000 food.
IMPORTant business (30 points) - Import 10 000 resources.
Kill Juanito (15 points) - Issue an Execution order on a citizen called Juanito.
Instant Construction (10 points) - Issue the Quick-build command on 10 constructions.

"Modern Times" achievements
Office Space (30 points) - Have a Babel Tower with 50 employees.
Better Than Tenements (30 points) - Have a Ziggurat with 50 families as tenants.
Capo Di Tutti Capi (20 points) - Renovate your Palace.
Going Green (20 points) - Build 4 Bio Farms and 4 Organic Ranches in a single mission.
Heaven On Earth (20 points) - Build a Diamond Cathedral before 1990.
A Better Tourist Trap (30 points) - Build an Aerodrome and a Seven-star hotel in a single mission.
Crisis Measures (10 points) - Resolved the Great Tropican Crisis.
The Conclave (20 points) - Learned the true name of your enemy.
Averted World War 3 (20 points) - Foiled the Conclave's plans.
Zeitgeist (50 points) - Completed the Modern Times campaign.
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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard PS3 Cheats

Maximum Hazard difficulty:
To unlock Maximum Hazard difficulty, at the difficulty selection menu enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. Alternately, beat the game.


Bronze trophies

Auto Dealer - Kill 50 enemies with the sub-machinegun. "You would think this one would have been automatic. Get it? Automatic? Nothing?"
Beat the Snot out of Wellesley with My Bare Hands - Defeat wally wellesley in the final boss battle. "Like I said…"
Bedlam Basher - Kill a bandit from behind with a melee attack. "good for you. coward."
Blind Luck - Kill 25 enemies using blind fire. "Sorry. Didn't see you standing there."
Boom - Blow up 50 explosive objects. "Hey...I didn't pay for 'em. Why should I care?"
Dances With Guns - Complete both nightclub encounters without any of the dance-bots being destroyed. "Do dancing robots dream of disco sheep?"
Death Hazard - Score 20 single-shot zombie kills. "Don't these things usually hang out in shopping malls?"
Deja-Vu (All Over Again) - Defeat sting sniperscope yet again on Level 7. "I. Have had. Enough. Of YOU!"
Deja-Vu - Defeat sting sniperscope again in Level 3. "Your present ends now. Again."
Disco is Dead - Defeat sonny tang. "Sonny, your ass is kicked!"
Draw - Kill 50 enemies with the dual-wield six-shooters. "Now all we need is the spaghetti…"
Eat FIST! - Perform 10 single-hit melee kills. "In hazard land, the hand can be used like a knife."
Fire Hazard - Shoot and destroy 30 fire extinguishers. "Extinguishers. They're not just for fires anymore."
Hands-On Approach - Defeat an enemy using melee combat. "I don't need a stinkin' gun to deal with you!"
Hazard Avoider - Complete the game on the Minor Hazard difficulty setting. "Sure you won…my grandmother could win on easy!'"
Headache - Score 20 headshots. "A shot in the head is worth two in the chest."
Head Cheese - Kill all enemies in the butcher shop with head shots. "Nice shooting! But it's not like you're paying for that ammo. Feel free to use more."
Housing Crisis - Escape from dexter's mansion. "I gotta get me a house like that!"
It's HAZARD TIME! - Start your first game. "Thanks for buying my game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. --Sincerely, matt hazard"
Maxx Karnage - Collect 20 hazard pickups. "Maxx karnage…sounds like a cool action hero name."
Meat Your Maker - Destroy all of the meat in the level 2 meat locker. "Have a beef with the owner? Steaking your claim? Beating your…hey, I can go on all day."
Meet Quentin. - Meet Quentin. "DUDE!!!!!"
Migraine - Score 50 headshots. "That's using your head!"
Multiplayer Master! - "What? No multiplayer? Sigh. Well…not like we can take the trophy back NOW…"
No Pain, No Gain - Kill an enemy with an explosive that also damages you. "That's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. Well…maybe not quite as much."
Observe the Grenade - Kill 3 tester employees with a single shot from the grenade launcher. "Test the grenades".
Peekaboo...I Shot You! - Kill 50 enemies with the Sniper Rifle. "Zoom, pow! Right to the moon."
Plink - Kill 50 enemies with the Hazard pistol. "Frag you."
Pull! - Kill 50 enemies with the shotgun. "That was a blast!"
Pure Energy - Kill 50 enemies with the Energy Pistol. "Blaster? I hardly know 'er!"
Russian Attack - Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47. "They might be socialists, but they make a pretty good gun."
Russian to the Finish - Defeat general neutronov. "From hazard, With love."
Say "No" to Pots - Shoot 30 potted plants. "Look at 'em. Just sittin' there, bein' all green and stuff. They were askin' for it!"
Second Amendment - Kill at least one enemy with every available gun. "The developers put all those guns in the game for a reason..."
Shield Master - Collect 20 master shield pickups. "It's not like I was afraid of dying…I just wanted the trophy!"
Straight-A Student - Complete all of the in-game tutorials. "Like I had any choice..."
Stung - Defeat sting sniperscope. "Your present ends now."
Take 5. - Pause the game for the first time. "Hey...come back here and play!"
Talk! - "What do you mean the interrogation feature was cut?!? Here…just take the trophy."
Tramm Ride - Defeat the tentacle beast of tramm. "One-two shot right to the tenticles."
Uncovered - Destroy 20 destructible cover objects. "I know it's a waste of ammo...but I love that de-rez effect!"
Well, I Heard Them Scream - Kill 50 enemies with the Plasma Rifle. "Plasma Rifles--they're not just for space marines anymore."
Your Turn - Defeat altos tratus. "Forecast for the next level".

Silver trophies
Better Than One - Score two headshots with one bullet. "Eat lead...both of you!"
Feeling Punchy - Defeat five enemies in a row using melee combat. "Not as fast as shooting...but it sure is satisfying."
Head of the Class - Score 100 headshots. "Don't lose your head! Oh...too late."
Just a Flesh Wound - Complete a level without dying. "Eight million corpses in this level…and you're not one of them."
Pseudo-Hazard - Complete the game on the major hazard difficulty setting. "Well…at least you didn't have it set to easy…'"
…Where Credit is Due - Watch the credits from beginning to end. "Hey…aren't they the guys who made dead head fred?"

Gold trophies
Hazard Master - Complete the game on the maximum hazard difficulty setting. "You've done this before, haven't you?"

Platinum trophy
King of Hazard Land!- Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Skylanders Giants Wii U Cheats

Nightmare difficulty:
Complete the game to unlock Nightmare difficulty.

End-game money exploit:
After you defeat Kaos in the last level of the game, the Crane Deck becomes filled with gold (between ~6000-8000). Pick this gold up then hit the Home button and return to the Wii Menu without saving. The Skylander will keep the gold but the game will return the gold to the Crane Deck since you didn't save. You can repeat this over and over to easily unlock all the moves for all the Skylanders and buy any hats/charms that are expensive. Note: Don't forget to pick up the Winged Sapphire from the Crane Deck after Level 15. Picking this up saves the game. If you touch it after picking up the gold then the gold will not re-appear.
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The Elder Scroll V Skyrim Wallpaper

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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Wii Cheats

Note rewards:
Unlock the following rewards by collecting the corresponding number of Notes:

5 Notes -  Marimba
10 Notes - Timpani
15 Notes - Harp
20 Notes - Piano
25 Notes - Violin
30 Notes - Cello & Powerberry
35 Notes - Flute
40 Notes - Acoustic Guitar
45 Notes - Trumpet
50 Notes - H. Goddess Revived
99 Notes - Final Event

Unlockable Shops:
Unlock the listed shops by performing the corresponding tasks:

Atelier Saibara Clay Shop - Ship a load of Good Clay.
Blacksmith - Ship ores (Rare Ore recommended).
Café Callaway - Meet Carl and Eve, then wait one month.
Flower Bud Library - Wait until mid-spring in year one.
Hearty Lyla - Ship gift items such as Clay, Flowers, and Blue Berries.
Moonlight Café - Meet Duke, then wait until summer.
Paradise Orchard - Meet Roland and Dan then plant one grape tree.
Perch Inn - Meet Doug, then wait until summer.
Sanitarium - Ship 30 Herbs and get Alex to 1 heart or more.

Quick 30 Saves Note:
Go to your journal and choose to save your game. Just keep choosing “Yes” repeatedly without exiting the save menu.

Quick Shipping Note:
Find a log near your shipping box. Put the log inside the shipping box and you will get a note.

Unlockable Notes:
Unlock the following Notes by performing the corresponding tasks:

First Step Note - When you get the pedometer.
First Shipping Note - Ship your first item.
10,000 Step Note - Get 10,000 steps on your pedometer.
Cooking Note - After cooking your first meal.
Island Note - First time you visit the island.
Rock Climber Note - First time scaling Mt - Moon.
Underground Lake Note - At the first underground level in Lake Mine.
Night Owl Note - Stay up until dawn (6 a.m.).
Rain Note - Work 10 hours non-stop in the rain.
Sun Note - Work 10 hours non-stop in the sun.
Stationary Note - Do not use the controller for awhile.
Lonley Wolf Note - Do not talk to anyone all day.
Whistle Note - Whistle 50 times.
Limitation Note - Have zero stamina and faint.
Hustle-and-Bustle Note - Meet 35 villagers.
Poor Note - Have 1G or less in the morning.
Lucky Note - Find more than 1,000G in coins (in ground).
High Spirit Note - Drink 10 sodas.
Birth of Life Note - Have one of your barn animals give birth.
Owner of Monther Earth Note - Own 10 or more divisions of land.
Snow Note - Work 10 hours non-stop in the snow.
Fodder Note - Cut the grass 20 times.
Brushing Note - Groom your livestock 20 times.
Egg Note - Ship 10 eggs.
Milking Note - Ship 10 jugs of milk.
Shearing Note - Ship 10 pieces of wool.
Dyeing Note - Ship a colored yarn ball.
Gem Note - Ship one gem of any kind.
Calling Animals Note - Ring the bell 20 times.
Cultivation Note - Till 1 squares of land.
Big Eater Note - Eat 50 meals.
Woodcutter Note - Cut down 20 trees or stumps.
Cloud Note - Work 10 hours on a cloudy day.
Garbage Can Note - Throw away garbage 20 times.
Weed Note - Pull 1 weeds.
Gardening Note - Have five flowers blooming at once.
Forest Note - Plant any tree.
Destruction Note - Crush 20 stones, rocks, stakes etc.
Diary Note - Save in the diary 30 times.
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Note - Win the Chicken Festival.
Moo Note - Win the Cow Contest.
Baa Note - Win the Sheep Contest.
Horse Note - Win the Horse Race.
Bow-Wow Note - Have three hearts on your dog.
Oink-Oink Note - Ship a truffle.
Fire Prevention Note - Put out a bonfire.
Lost Child Note - Find Meryl and Tim in an event.
Mole-Whacking Note - Whack 10 moles.
Bluebird Note - Get the a blue feather.
Wedding Day Note - Get married.
Stork Note - Be pregnant or get your wife.
Baby is Born Note - Have a baby or have a baby with your wife.
You Can Walk Note - For your baby's first steps.
Spring Footsteps Note - Attend the New Years Festival.
Egg Dish Note - Attend the Egg Festival.
Spring Fragrance Note - Attend the Flower Festival.
Blue Sea, White Clouds Note - Win the Beach Festival Swimming Competition.
Boat Sailing Note - Attend the Star Festival.
Firefly Flower Note - Attend the Firefly Festival.
Fireworks Note - Attend the Fireworks Festival.
Moon Viewing Note - Attend the Moonlight Festival.
Harvest Note - Attend the Harvest Festival.
Pumpkin Note - Attend the Pumpkin Festival.
Flame Note - Attend the Fire Festival.
Popular Note - Get 5 or more cakes on the Thanksgiving Festival.
Starlight Note - Attend the Starry Night Festival.
New Year's Sunrise Note - See the first sunrise of the year.
Full Bloom Flowers Note - Ship every type of flower and herb.
Treasure Hoard Note - Ship every type of ore (including Limestone)
Animal Kingdom Note - Have 8 barn animals and 5 chickens.
Book Note - Read all the books in the library (change in Fall).
Super Chef Note - Unlock 1 or more recipes (purchase utensils).
Second House Note - Construct a second house.
Expert Angler Note - Catch every type of fish.
Master Angler Note - Catch 1 or more fish (any kind).
Rubber Boots Note - Catch 10 pieces of garbage.
Wild Note - When a wild animal with 4 hearts visits your house (not Dolphin).
Art Note - Get a picture and aging pot.
Very Rich Note - Have more than 100,000G.
Flower Girl Note - When Nina gives you a present.
Explosive Girl Note - When Ann gives you a present.
Apron Girl Note - When Ellen gives you a present.
Talented Girl Note - When Maria gives you a present.
Night Moon Girl Note - When Eve gives you a present.
Girl with Glasses Girl Note - When Gina gives you a present.
Princess Note - When Dia gives you a present.
Waitress Note - When Katie gives you a present.
Ponytail Note - When Gwen gives you a present.
Heartfelt Note - When Lyla gives you a present.
Cowboy Note - When Blue gives you a present.
Social Craftsman Note - When Joe gives you a present.
Cool Craftsman Note - When Kurt gives you a present.
Doctor Note - When Alex gives you a present.
Patissier Note - When Carl gives you a present.
Master Pick-Up Artist Note - When Dan gives you a present.
Fisherman Note - When Ray gives you a present.
Traveler Note - When Basil gives you a present.
Male Note - When Bob gives you a present.
Shy Guy Note - When Louis gives you a present.
Meek Heart Note - After you collect 99 Happiness Notes.

Note: To get all 100 Notes you must be a girl since only a girl can obtain the Birth Of Life Note.

Getting an Aging Pot:
when you become friends with Saibara he will ask you to go talk to the mayor. The mayor will then teach you how to make a Potato Gratin. Now go back to Saibara’s house and he’ll give you the Aging Pot, which can be used to make sodas.

Boot for Expert Angler Note hint:
Though it may seem useless, the “Boot (right)” is actually one of the “kings”. Catching the right boot counts toward your chance of getting the Expert Angler Note.

Cheaper Chicken hint:
Instead of buying a chicken for 12000G, buy an egg from Blue Sky Ranch for 120G. The egg will hatch and the chick will grow into an egg, saving you lots of money.

Finding Diamonds:
The most common place to find diamonds are on Floor 50 of the Lake Mine. You get 500G for each Diamond sold.

New fishing pole:
Speak with Ray to receive a new fishing pole.

Herbs hint:
Herbs are easiest to find while its raining. Go to the mountains to find a lot of them.

Finding Jamasquids:
The best place to find Jamasquids is in the Underground Lake, Floor 100 of the Lake Mine. This is the only fish you can catch in the Underground Lake and is hard to catch due to the fact that it swims in the opposite direction of the current. Jamasquid are one of the “kings” and put up a good fight, sometimes lasting up to 45 seconds. They each sell for 1000G.

Miracle Potion hint:
Whenever you try to give a Miracle Potion to a newly bought horse, it will immediately get confused and the potion will fail. wait until the horse grows up and then you will see a green happy sign when you give it a Miracle Potion. Trying to give new horses a Miracle Potion is just a waste of money.

Sheep facts:
Sheep give you wool, which sell for 840G to 1200G. They can also live without food for about one month, which can save you money by not having to feed it often.

Unlockable Rewards:
Unlock the following rewards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Strawberries - Ship 30 Cabbages.
Level 3 Bag - Become friends with Martha and give her wool.
Level 3 House - become friend with Joe, Kurt, and Woody.
Level 5 House - Get six hearts in total with Woody, Joe, and Kurt.
More land for sale - Become friends with the Mayor

Unlockable People:
Have the following people appear in your town by performing the corresponding tasks:

Dia and Gina - Ship 30 herbs to have Dia and Gina appear in town
Duke, Gwen, and Doug - Attend the Spring Horse Race on Spring 17 to have them appear in town.
Henry - Plant three fruit trees to have him appear in town.
Louis - Attend the Fireworks Festival on Summer 24 to have him appear in town.
Lyla - Place a flower in the blue shipping bin in the square on Spring 22. Then, attend the Flower Festival the next day to have her appear in town.
Maria - Go to a festival to have her appear in town.
Meryl - Become friends with Ronald to have her appear in town.
Nami - Attend the Swimming/Ocean Festival on Summer 3 to have her appear in town.
Ronald - Plant one fruit tree to have him appear in town.
Saibara - Ship one good clay to have her appear in town.
Tai and Tim - Ship one copper, silver, and gold ore from the mine to have them appear in town.

Closest Friends:
When you get married, your three closest friends will be on your side of the lane. Theodore is the pastor and thus will not be on either side. Sometimes if you are marrying one of the carpenter brothers (Kurt or Joe) as a girl, Joe will appear on Kurt's side.

Kissing hint:
During a festival, if you go with a date and have about 10 stars you will go to a place where lovers chat. You will talk before kissing your date.

Getting married:
In order to get the Blue Feather (proposal item), you need at least 30 Musical Notes, must have a level 3 home, and have a double bed. Mayor Theodore will then give you the Blue Feather and you can then marry the person of your dreams.

Stamina restore:
Toadstool Saute restores your stamina completely. You need Butter, Toadstool, and a Frying Pan to make the Toadstool Saute.

Easy money hints:
-Go to the Moonlight Cave with only a hammer in your rucksack. Find a hole in the ground and a message will appear asking if you’d like to go in. Select “Yes” to enter sub-level 2. You’ll see black stones and bluish crystals that may reveal gold, as well as other rare ore and stones. Fill your rucksack, put all your finds in a Shipping Box, and repeat.

-Every day be sure to go up the mountain to look for green medicine plants. These are worth 100G while the purple ones are only about 35G.

-First make sure you have a Pot and an Aging Pot. Go to the Blue Sky Ranch and buy an egg for 120G. Now go home and use the Pot together with the egg to make a Boiled Egg. Use the Boiled Egg with the Aging pot to create a  Deviled Egg. Deviled Eggs can be sold for 250G, which in the end is a 130G profit. Repeat until you make more profit.

-You can sell the stakes around the Seed Shop for 30G each.

-First find Amethyst Ores and Gold in the cave near Jamie’s Ranch. Go to the place where the old man changes ores into accessories and talk to him. Choose “Accessories” to see two pictures of a ring and a brooch. Select the “Ring” and wait two days for him to make it. Once you receive the ring, put it in your shipping big to get 1,000G. You will get more money from accessories made out of more expensive jewels.

-Go to the sign that reads “Harvest Goddess Spring” during Fall. Look nearby to find a blue flower called a Blue Mist Flower, which earns you 500G

-Grow or buy green peppers and cook them in a frying pan. You can then sell them for about 300G.

-Purchase three horses and train them at 2 stars, 5 stars, and 10 stars. Now use them all in a horse race and sell them afterwards.

- Pick up coral and the beach and take them to the blacksmith. Order a brooch and in two days sell it to make about 600G profit.

-Having four chickens will allow you to make four deviled eggs a day, which each sell for about 1,000G.

-Go to the Lake Cave during Winter. Grab as many diamonds as you can and go home. Sell them, restore  your stamina, and go back to get more diamonds. With a large rucksack you can make about 10,000G a day.

Blacksmith info:
Ship ores until the blacksmith shows up between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. It is closed on Wednesdays and holidays. Tai, Tim, and Bob run it. Come here to make jewelry and upgrade tools.

Café Callaway info:
The Café Callaway opens one month after you meet Carl and Eve and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is always closed on Tuesdays and holidays. It is occupied by Carl and Katie. Various sweets are sold here and the inhabitants are also possible spouses.

Library info:
The library opens in mid-spring of the first year and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is always closed Mondays and holidays and is occupied by Maria, a possible spouse. The library has plenty of books for you to read and research.

Sanitarium info:
The Sanitarium is unlocked by shipping 30 herbs total and having Alex at one heart. The Sanitarium is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is always closed on holidays. Its inhabitants are Gina and Dia. The sanitarium sells nothing but is necessary for two of the potential brides to move into town.

Island Note:
Befriend a dolphin to get a ride to the island. There you will get the Island Note.

Lake Cave special areas:
Go to the listed levels to find the corresponding special areas:

Level 5 - Moonstones in every crystal.
Level 10 - There is no obvious way down from this floor. If you hit level 10 and want to continue you must either climb back up to level 1 and try again, or find the stairway.
Level 15 - All crystals here contain amethysts.
Level 20 - The popular stone in the aquamarine.
Level 25 - Topaz fills the crystal on this level.
Level 30 - You find sapphires everywhere.
Level 35 - Emeralds are scattered throughout this level.
Level 40 - Rubies.
Level 45 - Limestone.
Level 50 - Rare and expensive diamonds.

Moonlight Mine special areas:
Go to the listed evels to find the corresponding special area:

Level 2 - Filled with good clay.
Level 22 - Good floor to obtain amethysts.
level 44 - Good chance to find rare ore.
Level 55 - Good place to find amethysts.
Level 66 - You can find many aquamarine gems here.
Level 77 - Find diamonds without traveling to the lake cave.

Energy in Moonlight Mine:
Eat the Pontana Roots you find while digging in Moonlight Mine to maintain your energy.

Harvest Goddess:
The Harvest Goddess Spring will become more vibrant the more Magical Notes you collect. You’ll receive a new musical instrument or other reward each time you collect 5 notes. The Harvest Goddess will awaken once you collect 50 notes.

Power Berries:
Power berries can be earned in the following ways:

1. Get a horse to five or six hearts worth of affection then enter it in the Spring or Fall horse race. Win that race and you receive a Power Berry.

2. Win the swimming competition for the first time in the Beach festival and you are awarded with a Power Berry.

3. Make sure you ship a pumpkin in the week before the Pumpkin festival. On the day of festivities you receive a Power Berry from the Mayor.

4.  Obtain 30 Musical Notes and visit the Harvest Goddess Spring to claim your reward. Make sure you have seen every event for every five notes before as well, or you will need to keep entering until you catch up.

5. Reach the 100th floor of the Moonlight Mine to receive a Power Berry from Tim.

Absent people:
The following people will be occasionally be absent at one time or another: Tim, Gwen, Katie, Carl, Kolulu, and Basil.

Best milk:
To get better milk, feed your cows directly rather than putting it in the fodder. Milk your cows after you brush them for a better chance of special milk. Be sure to let them graze in the fields as often as possible.

Smoke hints:
-In the cave by Jamie’s ranch, hitting rocks and crystals will cause smoke to appear. Yellow smoke makes you move faster, orange smoke freezes you, black smoke gets in your eyes so that the area of light around you gets smaller, purple smoke confuses you, pink smoke makes your stamina go up, and white smoke disables the effect of the other types of smoke.

-Inside the Moonlight Cave, you will usually find purple smoke whenever you break a crystal. When the smoke makes you dizzy, turn the controller so that your right hand is at the top and move the joystick on the bottom as if the controller were in the correct position. This should fix the walking problem while the smoke is still in effect.

Valuable items:
You can find gold, rare ore, amethyst, and moonstones in the Moon cave on level 44.

Watering animals hint:
Don’t water animals since they will get angry at you and make you lose friendship.

Prevent new people from moving into town:
Reach three or more hearts with Theodore and speak to Woody. He will let you buy land that future stores will be built on. If you buy it then the store owners can never open up a store.
Note: You can’t sell the land once you buy it.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life easter egg:
Nami, the weather girl that appears at the Starry Night festival, is actually a wife in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. She plays the part of a weather girl in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody and will appear at the Starry Night festival.
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Counter Strike Global Offensive Wallpaper

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Dance Magic PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Free Dancer - Pass any track for the first time on any difficulty.
Non-missable Dancer - Collect all arrows on Hard difficulty using ingame songs.
Observant dancer - Collect 30 secret notes.
Online Dancer - Defeat an opponent in Freestyle online-multiplayer on Hard difficulty.
Master Dancer - Earn rating M at any music track on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.
Battle Dancer - Win for the first time in Dance battle.
Critical Dancer - Fill your Combo to level 10 and deal damage using Rage.
Fast Dancer - Defeat an online opponent in Dance battle on the track with BPM above 180.
AI Dancer - Defeat an AI opponent on maximum difficulty using custom music.
Special Dancer - Perform 100 Specials.
Millionaire Dancer - Gain 999 999 money.
Stun Dancer - Stun your opponent and defeat him until the stun is over.
Complete Dancer - Complete one Tournament.
Greed Dancer - Buy for game currency everything that is sold.

Silver trophies
Sharp-sighted dancer - Collect 300 secret notes.
Hard Dancer - Earn rating S or higher at 20 music tracks on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.
Many Faces Dancer - Complete the Tournament for all characters
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Sonic Generations Xbox 360 Cheats

Avatar Award:
Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Classic Eggman Suit (Bottoms) - Defeat all rivals on Hard Mode.
Classic Eggman Suit (Head) - Defeat the final boss on Hard Mode.
Classic Eggman Suit (Tops) - Defeat all bosses on Hard Mode.

Statue Room:

In the Collection room, position Sonic to the right of the Movie Chair to the left of the Art painting. Now hold BACK to enter a trap hole that takes you to the Statue Room. Unlock the following statues by entering the corresponding passwords:

Aero-Cannon - 329494
Amy Rose - 863358
Big the Cat - 353012
Blaze the Cat - 544873
Booster - 495497
Buzz Bomber - 852363
Capsule - 777921
Chao - 629893
Chaos Emerald - 008140
Charmy Bee - 226454
Chip - 309511
Chopper - 639402
Classic Eggman - 103729
Classic Sonic - 171045
Classic Tails - 359236
Cop Speeder - 640456
Crabmeat - 363911
Cream the Rabbit - 332955
Cucky/Picky/Flicky/Pecky - 249651
Dark Chao - 869292
Dr. Eggman - 613482
E-123 Omega - 601409
Egg Chaser - 200078
Egg Fighter - 851426
Egg Launcher - 973433
Egg Pawn - 125817
Eggrobo - 360031
Espio the Chameleon - 894526
Goal Plate - 933391
Goal Ring - 283015
Grabber - 275843
Gun Beetle - 975073
Gun Hunter - 668250
Hero Chao - 507376
Iblis Biter - 872910
Iblis Taker - 513929
Iblis Worm - 711268
Item Box - 209005
Jet the Hawk - 383870
Knuckles the Echidna - 679417
Metal Sonic - 277087
Miles "Tails" Prower - 632951
Moto Bug - 483990
Omochao - 870580
Ring - 390884
Rouge the Bat - 888200
Sandworm - 548986
Shadow the Hedgehog - 262416
Silver the Hedgehog - 688187
Sonic the Hedgehog - 204390
Spinner - 530741
Spiny - 466913
Spring (Red) - 537070
Spring (Yellow) - 070178
Vector the Crocodile - 868377

Unlock Super Sonic:
Defeat the Final Boss of the game to play Super Sonic in both Classic and Modern Stages.

Level Select in Sonic the Hedgehog:
After you unlock the original Sonic the Hedgehog, load the game. When Sonic appears on the title screen, hit the following buttons in order: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A. A menu will pop up with all acts selectable.

Sonic the Hedgehog:
To unlock the Sega version of Sonic the Hedgehog, purchase the sega controller from the shop located to the left of Green Hill Zone. After that, take the controller to the Sega Console located in the top left area of Green Hill Zone.

The Opening Act (10 points) - Race through the first stage.
All Stages Cleared! (50 points) - Clear Sonic Generations.
Greased Lightning (10 points) - Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.
Bright Star (15 points) - Get Rank S in an Act.
Shooting Star (20 points) - Get Rank S in three Acts.
Blazing Meteor (30 points) - Get Rank S in seven Acts.
Blue Comet (40 points) - Get Rank S in twelve Acts.
Big Bang (50 points) - Get Rank S in all Acts.
Trickstar (10 points) - Pull off a seven or more trick combo or six trick combo ending in a finishing trick.
Eradicator (15 points) - Defeat 100 enemies.
Ring King (15 points) - Reach the goal without dropping any of the rings you collected in GREEN HILL Act 1.
Action Hero (10 points) - Perform all of Sonic's moves in Act 2.
Bonds of Friendship (10 points) - Complete all Challenge Acts featuring Sonic's friends.
Walkie Talkie (10 points) - Chat with each of Sonic's friends you have saved.
Join the Ranks (20 points) - Join the rankings.
A 30-Second Test (20 points) - Participate in a 30 Second Trial.
Mad Skillz (30 points) - Get all Skills.
(Hedge)Hogging It All Up! (50 points) - Get all collectibles.
Time Attacker (30 points) - Play Ranking Attack on all stages.
Red Ring Collector (30 points) - Get all Red Star Rings.
Halfway Point (30 points) - Clear half the Challenge Acts.
Mission Accomplished! (30 points) - Clear all the Challenge Acts.
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Duke Nukem Cosplay

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Far Cry 3 Wallpaper

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Red Cosplay From Pokémon

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Two Worlds II: Velvet GOTY Edition PS3 Cheats

Promotional Item Codes:
During the game, press START to bring up the main menu and then choose Enter Bonus Code. When the virtual keyboard prompt appears, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Anathros (Two-handed sword) - 6770897616349490
Black Legion Battle Axe - 4802646828486286
Dragon Scale Armor - 4149308398236545
Dusty Scroll (map) - 8233329633112976
Elexorien (Two-handed sword) - 3542327483506064
Hammer of Krol - 1775362332981928
Luciendar (Two-handed sword) - 9122528735910927


Bronze trophies
Adventure Part I - Complete Chapter I in the Multiplayer Campaign
Adventure Part II - Complete Chapter II in the Multiplayer Campaign
Adventure Part III - Complete Chapter III in the Multiplayer Campaign
Adventure Part IV - Complete Chapter IV in the Multiplayer Campaign
Adventure Part V - Complete Chapter V in the Multiplayer Campaign
Adventure Part VI - Complete Chapter VI in the Multiplayer Campaign
Alchemist - Create a potion (Single Player Campaign)
Blind Fury - Kill the Basilisk
Clairvoyant - Use the Oculus (Single Player Campaign)
Contractor - Build 15 buildings in Village Mode
Crazy like a Lox - Kill 30 enemies using Fire Arrow (Single Player Campaign)
Desert Rose - Confront Mirage
Duelist - Win 5 Duels
Fearmonger - Effectively use Battle Cry 75 times (Single Player Campaign)
Fortune & Glory - Explore 25 dungeons (Single Player Campaign)
Gemologist - Win 5 Crystal Capture matches
Grey Wizard - Create a spell (Single Player Campaign)
Grim Reaper - Slay the Bailif and his minions
Hammer Time! - Upgrade a weapon or piece of armor (Single Player Campaign)
Hero - Reach Level 20 (Single Player Campaign)
Hero For Hire - Complete 10 Bulletin Board Quests
I See Dead People... - Receive the gift of the Scavengers
Into the Fire - Complete Alsorna Introduction
It's Alive! - Wake the Army of Golems
Lovers' Conspiracy - Finish the Lovers' Conspiracy storyline
Minstrel Hero - Perform a song, hitting 100% of the notes (Single Player Campaign)
Ruthless - Win 5 Deathmatches
Settler - Build 5 buildings in Village Mode
Sleight of Hand - Steal from 25 people (Single Player Campaign)
Tell Willy I Got 'Em - Kill 100 enemies with crossbow (Single player campaign)
The Antaloorian Job - Lockpick 50 locks (Single Player Campaign)
The Great Escape - Escape from Castle Vahkmaar
The Pursuit of Happiness - Find your Treasure
White Wizard - Kill 50 enemies with magic (Single Player Campaign)
Who Watches the Watchman? - Defeat Corr Amarok
Who's Next? - Kill 20 enemies using Death Strike (Single Player Campaign)
Yo-ho, Yo-ho! - Reach 100 points of reputation amongst the pirates

Silver trophies
Beastmaster - Summon 50 monsters (Single Player Campaign)
Dances With Mops - Complete the Mage's Guilde Questline
I Am Spartacus! - Survive the Arena
It's A Trap! - Set 40 traps or bombs (Single Player Campaign)
Last Man Standing - Complete the Brotherhood Questline
Last Stand - Complete Chapter III in the Single Player Campaign
Legend - Reach Level 40 (Single Player Campaign)
Lost - Collect all 4 Lost Runes: Human, Elven, Dwarven and Orcish (Single Player Campaign)
Man in Tights - Kill 50 enemies using Multi Arrows (Single Player Campaign)
Old Wounds - Complete Chapter I in the Single Player Campaign
Pirates of the Flying Fortress - Complete Pirates of the Flying Fortress
Primal Fears - Annihilate the Phobias
Prince of Thieves - Complete the Thieve's Guild Questline
Return of the Fellowship - Complete 4 new multiplayer adventure maps
Sweep the Leg - Effectively use Knockdown 30 times (Single Player Campaign)
The Merchant of Antaloor - Complete the Merchant's Guild Questline
The Road Less Traveled... - Complete Chapter II in the Single Player Campaign

Gold trophies
Adventure Part VII - Complete Chapter VII in the Multiplayer Campaign
Liberation - Completed the Single Player Campaign

Platinum trophy
The One - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Cloud Strife Cosplay From Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

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Zelda Cosplay

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