Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo 3DS Game Cheats

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Play as Luigi - Clear Special World 1
Special World - Clear World 8

Super Mario without hat and Little Mario with hat:
If you get 1,110 lives (triple-crown icon) and change into Super Mario or Super Luigi form, you will be hatless. Change into Little Mario or Little Luigi and you will be wearing a hat.

Saved game star icons:
Unlock the following number of stars on your saved game file by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: Die less than five times in each level to make the stars shinier:

1 star - Defeat Bowser in world 8's last level.
2 stars - Complete all levels as Mario.
3 stars - Complete all levels as Luigi.
4 stars - Collect the gold flag on all levels.
5 stars - Collect all star coins.
Glittering Stars - Never have the Super/Help Item Blocks appear: Never die five or more times in a row on any level.

Unlock Final level:
Get a 5 star icon on your saved game file to unlock the final level.

Unlimited lives on World 1-2:
Find the three Koopa Troopas and three coin blocks just after the checkpoint flag. Step on the first long coin block on the ground, then walk down onto the Koopa Troopa below when it moves directly below the coin block. If timed correctly you can bounce off the Koopa Troopa repeatedly and make infinite lives.

Extra life at goal post:
Reach the goal post while holding an item to transform it to an extra life.

Balloons at the Flagpole:
When reach the end of the level and grab the the flagpole with your time limit ending with the number 6, balloons will pop out once you grab the pole.

Unlockable Album Photos:
Unlock the following photos by performing the corresponding tasks. To view photos, reach the Blue Mushroom house in World 3.

Photo #2 - Complete World 1.
Photo #3 - Complete World 2.
Photo #4 - Complete World 3.
Photo #5 - Complete World 4.
Photo #6 - Complete World 5.
Photo #7 - Complete World 6.
Photo #8 - Complete World 7.
Photo #9 - Complete the game as Mario.
Photo #10 - Complete the game as Luigi.
Photo #11 - Unlock Special World.
Photo #12 - Complete Special World, then complete the game.

Unlockable Star Medal Levels:
Unlock the following levels by earning the corresponding number of Star Medals:

S1-Bowser - 110 Star Medals
S2-Airship - 120 Star Medals
S3-Airship - 140 Star Medals
S4-Airship - 160 Star Medals
S5-Bowser - 180 Star Medals
S6-Airship - 200 Star Medals
S7-Bowser - 220 Star Medals
S8-1 - 230 Star Medals
S8-2 - 240 Star Medals
S8-3 - 250 Star Medals
S8-4 - 260 Star Medals
S8-5 - 270 Star Medals
S8-Bowser - 290 Star Medals
W1-4 - 3 Star Medals
W3-5 - 15 Star Medals
W4-3 - 30 Star Medals
W5-3 - 40 Star Medals
W5-Bowser - 50 Star Medals
W6-5 - 60 Star Medals
W7-3 - 70 Star Medals
W8-3 - 80 Star Medals
W8-Bowser 1 - 90 Star Medals
W8-Bowser 2 - 100 Star Medals

Alternate title screen:
If you save and quit while playing in any of the special worlds, the next time you go to the home screen there will be alternate video. This can be undone by saving and quitting in any of the first 8 worlds.

Flagpole Effects:
See the following effects by reaching the end of a level with the corresponding conditions:

-If the final digit of your time is a "6" when you get the flagpole, balloons will appear.
-If the final digit of your time is a "3" when you get the flagpole, fireworks will appear.
-If the final digit of your time is a "1" when you get the flagpole, streamers will appear.

Go over max life number:
It is possible to go over the maximum number of 999 lives and have up to over 1,000 lives. By utilizing the 1-up trick found in 1-2 or anywhere else with a koopa troopa and a wall nearby, this is made simple. Once you reach 1,000 lives, there will be a unique sound effect and some applause, and your hundredth place for your lives will turn into a crown. Same goes for the tens, and the ones; they all turn into crowns once they exceed the number 9. Once you reach the maximum number of lives(which is 1,110), the same sound effect and applause can be heard once more.

Shortcut to World 2 from World 1-2:
Jump on top of the coin blocks after the flag pole, then jump further up and away from the screen. You will land on a narrow ledge. Run past this part of the level and, when you reach a gap in the higher area, jump over it and keep running. You will find an area with one orange pipe. Jump in that pipe to advance to World 2.

Shortcut to World 5 from World 4-2:
Toward the end of the level, while jumping up the big shaft via the spotted bouncy platforms, use the final bouncy platform and angle your jump to left to reach a narrower shaft. Note: You may need to do some wall jumps. Go up and to the right. Run all the way to the right to reach an orange pipe that will advance you to World 5.

Complete level 7-1 in 5 seconds:
Get a Tanooki leaf and play level 7-1. When the level begins, run towards the flag. When you come to the pit with the water, jump and hover over it. If you do this you can hit the flag and complete the level in 5 seconds or less.

Bowser hint in level 1-Castle:

Get the Tanooki leaf and play stage 1-Castle. After meeting Bowser, run towards him. When you reach the gap between where you are standing and the bridge he is standing on, jump and float over the gap, using the tanooki leaf, to land where the Bowser-Button are. This makes it very easy to beat him, and gets you a much better time-score.

Mario's glance hint:
Mario will sometimes turn his head up and look into empty space. Go to where he is looking and you will often find a hidden coin/1up block.

Play as Luigi:
After completing the game, go to the Special world 1 and complete the castle. There you unlock Luigi once you finish the castle. After that, tap on the L below the world map during gameplay to become Luigi.

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