Asphalt: Injection PSVITA Cheats


Bronze trophies
1, 2, 3 - Perform 3 knockdowns in 10 seconds
Air Time - Hit at least 1 jump in each lap in a single race
Blowout - Finish each lap in first place in a single race
Bouncing Bucket - Jump 1000m in a single race
Brute - Knock down 10 opponents in a race
Collection Master - Collect more than half of the purple cash items in a Collector race
Drift to the beat - Earn over 500 drift points in a Beat 'em All race
Drifter - Earn over 2000 drift points in a single race
First First! - Finish in 1st place!
Get Away From Me! - Complete a Normal Race without touching an opponent
Harasser - Perform at least 3 knockdowns on the same opponent
Lickety Split - Collect 25 Nitro power-ups in a single race
Persistant - Complete 50 races
Safety First - Complete a Normal Race without crashing once
Show-off - Cross the finish line while drifting
Spotless - Complete a Normal Race without touching a wall
Survivor - Win an Under Pressure race without crashing once
Three in a Row! - Finish in 1st place 3 times in a row!
Too Good - Win a race without using Nitro

Silver trophies
Berserk - Perform 5 knockdowns in 20 seconds
CARnage! - Knock down 15 opponents in a race
Catapulting Clunker - Jump 1500m in a single race
Contender - Win 10 multiplayer races
Perfectionist - Obtain the maximum amount of stars for all events in a league
Photo finish - Finish 1st in a MP race less than 1s ahead of the 2nd-place finisher
Tire-Greater - Earn over 3000 drift points in a single race
Velocius - Collect 35 Nitro power-ups in a single race
Veteran - Complete 100 multiplayer races

Gold trophies
Accomplished - Finish every race in Career Mode
Around the world - Earn over 1000 drift points in a single drift
Drift Warrior - Knock down an opponent while drifting
Legend - Win 100 multiplayer races
Shakedown - Knock down each opponent at least once in a single race

Platinum trophy
Asphalt Domination - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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