Pokemon Dream Radar Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes after pressing START at the main menu:

Special Extension A and Beldum - Press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, X, R, L at the main screen.
Special Extension B and Slowpoke - Press UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, Y, R, L at the main screen.
Special Extension C and Hoothoot - Press R, L, Y, X, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, X at the main screen.

Legendary Battles:
After defeating Landorus, unlock the following areas and Legendary Pokemon by inserting the corresponding games into the Nintendo 3DS:

Diving Extension (Lugia) - Insert Pokemon SoulSilver.
Rainbow Extension (Ho-Oh) - Insert Pokemon HeartGold.
Renegade Extension (Giratina) - Insert Pokemon Platinum.
Space Extension (Palkia) - Insert Pokemon Pearl.
Time Extension (Dialga) - Insert Pokemon Diamond.

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