I Am Alive Xbox 360 Cheats

Extra Arrow at the start of the Ship:
Immediately after the cut scene where the main character tells Henry he has arrived at the ship, walk to the end of the ramp leading on board but do not step on the ship yet! From the edge of the boarding platform you can see a man standing around a corner straight ahead. Simply pull out your bow, take aim, and kill him. Now step on the ship and deal with what happens. When you can relax again you should have an arrow in the guy you killed and one sticking out of the tank in the center of the area you are in, along with another goody that guy will drop.

First Machete quick kill (5 points) - Perform your first Quick machete kill while being bullied.
Machete quick kill, the third (5 points) - Perform 3 Machete quick kills while being bullied.
My first rescue (5 points) - Help or rescue your first victim.
Elevator repair service (10 points) - Repair the elevator to rescue the people stuck in the Fireworks episode.
Fifth quick kill (10 points) - Perform 5 Machete quick kills while being bullied.
Some tomatoes for her (10 points) - Provide tomatoes to the hungry lady in the foggy streets.
Three victims helped (15 points) - Help or rescue 3 victims.
Five victims helped (20 points) - Help or rescue 5 victims.
Ten victims helped (20 points) - Ten victims helped.
Do it once (20 points) - Finish the game once(any difficulty mode).
Survivor (40 points) - Finish game in Survivor mode.
Ultimate rescuer (40 points) - Rescue / help all victims in the game.

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