God of War Origins PS3 Cheats

Chains Of Olympus: Treasure Unlockables:
Unlock the following treasures by performing the corresponding tasks:

Challenge of Hades - Complete the game.
Character Concept Art - Complete the game.
Environments Concept Art - Complete the Challenge of Hades.
God Mode - Complete the game.
In-Game Movies - Complete the game.
Inside Ready at Dawn Studios - Complete the game.
Making of Attica - Complete the game under the God difficulty.
Outtakes Concept Art - Complete the game under the God difficulty.
The Lost Levels - Complete the Challenge of Hades.

Chains Of Olympus: Unlockable Costumes:
Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: The costumes only become selectable when playing a new game under the same difficulty used to unlock them:

McKratos - Complete all five Challenge Of Hades missions. This costume increases your Attack skill.
Mime Of War - Complete the game under the God difficulty. This costume gives ten times Red Orbs and makes weapons invisible.
Spud Of War - Complete the game. This costume increases your Magic skill.

Ghost Of Sparta: Completion bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses by completing the game:

The Temple of Zeus
Combat Arena
God mode

Ghost Of Sparta: Unlockable Special Items:
Unlock the following special items by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: You can only use the item after completing the game:

Aphrodite's Ambrosia (Might of Sparta attack) - Complete the sex mini-game in Sparta three times.
Athena's Owl (finds treasures). - After Kratos destroys the Athena statue in a cinematic, search the pile of debris on the right side.
Bonds of Ares (unlimited magic) - Enter the Domain of Death through the Death Gate in Atlantis and look in the southern area.
Callisto's Armlet (win context sensitive mini-games). - Immediately after defeating Callisto, search the ground near the battle.
Grave Digger's Shovel (play as Zeus in Arena Combat) - Unlock everything in the Temple of Zeus and follow the path that opens.
King's Ring (Collect 10x the amount of red orbs) - After King Midas turns the lava into gold, drop down by the area where he touched it.

Ghost Of Sparta: Unlockable Costumes:
Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks.

Deimos - Complete the game.
God Armor - Complete the game.
Ghost Of Sparta - Complete the game in God mode.
Legionnaire - Enter unique code provided as pre-order bonus.
Robotos - Purchase from the Temple Of Zeus for 250,000 orbs.
Zeus/Gravedigger - Unlock all other bonuses at the Temple of Zeus, solve the puzzle, and use the shovel. Note - Only usable in combat arena.

Ghost Of Sparta: Easy orbs hint:

At the Combat Arena, set your health and magic to infinite. Choose the Easy difficulty setting and any desired enemies (Cyclops Tyrant and the Minotaurs recommended) in the biggest number possible. Use the "Scourge of Erinys" power (at maximum, if possible). Since you have infinite magic and health, repeatedly press LEFT to get easy Orbs.

Chains Of Olympus: Trophies:

Bronze trophies
Big Spender - Upgrade any weapon.
Man Overboard - Defend the Shores of Attica.
All Beam Walks Completed - Finish all beam walks.
Fare Thee Well - Kill Charon, the Ferryman.
Swing Batter - Cause the Basilisk to retreatCause the Basilisk to retreat.
Dead Beat Dad - Push away Calliope.
Tree Hugger - Sacrifice powers.
Hades Needs a New Wife - Kill Persephone.
Atlas in Chains - Chain the Titan, Atlas.
Back at Ya! - Finish parry puzzle.
Merman's Delite - Acquire the Triton Lance.
Morpheus Defeated - Push flaming cart to the top.
Collateral Damage - Find ballista secret.
Two Girls One Spartan - Entertain the Persian harem.
BOOOOOOOM!!! - Kill the Basilisk.
Persian History X - Kill the Persian King.
Chain Gang - Break the Chains of Tartarus.
Bow Down - Move the Titan, Hyperion.
Almost There… - Running across the long chain.
The Power Glove - Acquire Gauntlet of Zeus.

Silver trophies
Eye for an Eye - Collect all Gorgon Eyes.
For the Birds - Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.
You Complete Me - Completely upgrade all weapons and magic.
Hit Me Baby - Execute a 200-hit combo.
Mutton for Punishment - Slit 50 Satyr throats.
Rejected! - Parry 50 attacks.
Horsing Around - Awaken all three horses.
Stoner - Break out of stone status 5 times in a row.
Old Softie - Don't push away Calliope for one minute.
Cool Story Bro. - Watch the movie 'Atlas and Persephone' three times.

Gold trophies
Piece of Cake - Beat the Challenge of the Gods.
Heavy Hitter - Execute a 1000-hit combo.
Cosplayer - Play the game with an unlocked costume.
It's Over Already? - Beat the game.
Getting Your Money's Worth - Beat the game (Hard Mode).

Platinum trophy
Above and Beyond - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

Ghost Of Sparta: Trophies:

Bronze trophy
The Makings of a God - Upgrade any weapon.
There Will Be Consequences - Sink Atlantis.
The Puppy Mill - Break the grinder.
Straight Flush - Survive the vortex.
That Hit the Spot - Kill Lanaeus.
A Bridge to the Past - Raise the bridge to Death's Domain.
Dental Work - Rip out Scylla's jaw.
A Mother's Sacrifice - Kill Callisto.
Yippee Ki-yay! - Escape the burning building.
Ghost in the Machine - Deactivate the crusher.
Fool's Gold - Kill King Midas.
Spartans Stand Tall - Save Deimos.
The Death of Death - Kill Thanatos.
Disarmed - Kill Erinys.
A Hero's Welcome - Entertain the brothel whores.
Ares Who? - Kill the dissenter.
Inner Child Abuse - Defeat your inner self.
Blades of Fire - Acquire Thera's Bane.
Screwed! - Kill Scylla.

Silver trophies
Eye Can't Believe It! - Collect all the Gorgon Eyes.
Bird Flu - Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.
Mess with the Bull... - Collect all the Minotaur Horns.
Burning Sensation - Incinerate 500 enemies.
Master of Arms - Completely upgrade all weapons and magic.
I'd Hit That - Execute a 200-Hit Combo.
Collisions - Throw 10 enemies into other enemies.
Heartless - Rip out 10 Keres Wraith enemy hearts.
The Midas Trick - Attempt to open the Golden Chest for 30 seconds.
Make Her Scream - Make a Titan scream for over a minute.

Gold trophies
God Amongst Men - Beat the Challenge of the Gods.
Treasure Hunter - Collect all of the Godly Possessions.
Greatest Hits - Execute a 1000-Hit Combo.
Only One Remains - Finish the game.
Zeus May Cry - Finish the game (Hard Mode).

Platinum trophy
The Ghost with the Most - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

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