Amazing Spider-Man, The PS3 Cheats

Comic book page finder:
To unlock the comic book page finder on the mini map (will appear as yellow dots), collect 500 pages (there are 700 pages total: 100 flying pages, and 600 staionary in both the open world and in levels).

Unlockable Costumes:
Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Big Time Suit - In Times Square behind the red bleachers, on the glass.
Classic Black Suit - Under the Gazebo in the narrow park, left of the main Oscorp Building downtown.
Classic Spider-man Costume - Unlocks with the activation of the Rhino Challenge DLC
Cross Species Spider-Man - Complete the game on any setting
Future Foundation Suit - Behind the gas station store in a small alley. One block right of north bridge
Negative Zone Suit - On top of Beenox building, second building inward from Brooklyn Bridge.
New Black Suit - Complete the game 100%
Scarlet Spider (2012) Costume - You need the camera to unlock this costume. Go to Central Park and from the fountain move north away from it until you see a bridge.

Unlockable Comic Books:
Unlock and read the following full issues of Spider-Man comics by collecting the corresponding number of pages around Manhattan:

1st Black Cat - 125 Pages
1st Gwen Stacy - 350 Pages
1st Iguana - 250 Pages
1st Lizard - 15 Pages
1st Rhino - 50 Pages
1st Scorpion - 80 Pages
1st Smythe - 500 Pages
1st Spider-Man - 5 Pages
Modern Lizard - 30 Pages
Vs. Vermin - 175 Pages


Bronze trophies
A Dash of Spider - Complete all XTreme Race challenges
Amazing Spider-Man - Unlock all concept art
Apparent Defeat - Defeat Iguana
Beating the Odds - Clear the second fight against the Hunter robots
Call Interrupted - Destroy a Seeker before it can call a Hunter
Car Hopper - Clear all car chases
Corporate - Collect all Oscorp Manuals
Deeply Sorry - Defeat Nattie
Down for the Count - Defeat Rhino in the sewers
Friendly Neighbor - Save a hostage caught in a petty crime
FYI I'm Spider-Man - Perform 25 Signature Moves
Gladiator - Complete all Oscorp Secret Research Labs
Haymaker - Perform a Web-Rush punch
Jinxed - Defeat Felicia
Journalist - Collect all audio evidence
Keep It Together - Immobilize 6 enemies simultaneously with web
Librarian - Collect all magazines
Lightweight Champion - Defeat 100 enemies
Negotiator - Resolve all police deadlocks
On the Fly - Collect all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages
Peace of Mind - Return all escapees to the police
Pest Control - Defeat Scorpion in the city
Peter Parker - Complete the game on human difficulty
Sanitized - Rescue all infected civilians
Sky Captain - Chain 10 Web-Rushes in the city
Smell You Later - Defeat Vermin
Speed Bump Ahead - Defeat Rhino in the city
Stick to the Plan - Defeat 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
Tail? You Lose - Defeat Scorpion in quarantine
Tech Savvy - Collect all hidden Tech Pieces
The Camera Loves You - Complete all XTreme Video challenges
Ultimate Spider-Man - Acquire all upgrades
Who's the Prey? - Clear the first fight against the Hunter robots

Silver trophies
Big Apple, Big Worm - Defeat the S-02
All Tied Up - Defeat 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
Clean Victory - Defeat a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters
I'm on a Roll! - Achieve a combo streak of 42
Middleweight Champion - Defeat 500 enemies
Siege Averted - Defeat the S-01
Switched Off - Rescue Alistaire Smythe
The Sky Is the Limit - Defeat the S-01 without touching the ground
Tomorrow Is Saved - Defeat the S-03
Vigilante - Complete the game on hero difficulty
Welcome Back, Friend - Defeat Lizard

Gold trophies
Heavyweight Champion - Defeat 1000 enemies
Spider-Man - Complete the game on super hero difficulty

Platinum trophy
Does everything a spider can! - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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