One Piece: Pirate Warriors PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
2 years later - Clear the first stage in the Main Log
A lone wolf chooses the patch of Death - Land a Special Attack against Aokiji
Ah crap, I'm losing my strenth! - Fall into the water 10 times
Got your feet!! - Land a Special Attack against Buggy the Clown
I have my crew!! - Unleaseh a crewmate strike for the first time
I never said... I was giving up! - Land a Special Attack against Rob Lucci
I smell adventure! - Perform a Luffy action for the first time
I will surpass you! - Collect all Enemy pirate Coins
I'll kick your ass!! - Knock out an enemy by striking his weak-point for the first time
I'll snap his nose! - Land a Special Attack against Arlong
I'm alone, clear the way!! - Land 1,000 KO's
Join my crew! - Establish a skill for the first time
Move it!! - Land a Special Attack against Blueno
Next is you Straw-Hat! - Land a Special Attack against Akainu
Prepare yourself! - Land a Special Attack against Don Krieg
Sorry, I died - You retried an episode
Straw Hat Pirates - Collect all Straw Hat Pirate Coins
The full might of the Marines - Collect all Marine character Coins
Too slow! - Land a Special Attack against Pacifista
You don't understand a thing! - Land a Special Attack against Crocodile

Silver trophies
Black-Leg Sanji - Clear Another Log with Sanji
Burglar Cat Nami - Clear Another Log with Nami
Chopper loves cotton candy - Clear Another Log with Tony Tony Chopper
Cyborg Franky - Clear Another Log with Franky
Devil Child Nico Robin - Clear Another Log with Nico Robin
Fire Fist Ace - Clear Another Log with Portgas D. Ace
Humming Brook - Clear Another Log with Brook
Jimbei, Warrior of the Sea - Clear Another Log with Jimbei
King of the Snipers, Sogeking - Clear Another Log with Usopp
Pirate Empress Boa Hancock - Clear Another Log with Boa Hancock
Pirate Hunter Zoro - Clear Another Log with Roronoa Zoro
Thank you for loving me - Clear Marineford as it happened in the story
Whitebeard the Great Pirate - Clear Another Log with Whitebeard

Gold trophies
100,000 vs. 10 - Defeat 100,000 enemies in total
Run for it, we've got the gold - Achieved all skills
Straw Hat Luffy - Cleared the Main Log

Platinum trophy
King of the Pirates! - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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