Tony Hawk: Shred PS3 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Options" > "Cheats":

All characters - Peeps
Level select - World


Bronze trophies
The Start of Something Big - Complete a season on any Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP).
Ready to Ride - Calibrate the board.
Eager Student - Tricktionary: Visit the Tricktionary for the first time.
Adept Skater - Tricktionary: Perform every non-Signature Skate Trick at least once (SP).
Adept Boarder - Tricktionary: Perform every non-Signature Snowboarding Trick at least once (SP).
See You In Indianapolis! - Tricktionary: Perform 500 Ollies (SP).
Making Hamburger - Tricktionary: Grind at least 500 feet in every type of Grind (Parallel, Slide, Angled) (SP).
Grabby McGrab Grab - Tricktionary: Perform 250 total Grabs (SP).
Skateboard Master! - Training Mode: Complete every Lesson in Skate Training on the Casual Setting.
Snowboard Master! - Training Mode: Complete every Lesson in Snow Training on the Casual Setting.
Well Balanced Individual - Complete a session in Regular Stance & a session in Goofy Stance (without leaving game - SP).
Control Freak - Complete a session on each Navigation Setting (without leaving game - SP).
Get a Real Skateboard! - Challenge Mode: Complete 15 total Insane Challenges.
Reality Star - Challenge Mode: Complete all Videographer Challenges.
Bags Packed - Unlock a new level.
Steering Sensation - Unlock all Navigation Settings.
Oh, the Places You Will Go! - Unlock every level in the game.
Now You're Just Bragging! - New Orleans: Scoring Spots: Perform the bonus task of all 5 Scoring Spots (SP).
Scared of Bubbles - Melbourne: Point Rush: Finish with a score of at least 75 without collecting any Point Bubbles (SP).
Shiver Me Timbers! - Morocco: Complete any session in Morocco as Seadog O' Banion (SP).
You Got HOW MANY Points?! - Wallows: Scoring Spots: Score 1,000,000 total points (SP).
Don't need no Stinkin' GRINDS! - Santorini Trick Mode: Score 100,000 points without using grinds (SP).
Great Wall Master - Acquire all 4 Stars on Beijing Big Air & all 4 Stars on Beijing Halfpipe.
Groove Me Baby - Grind Pro Trial: Perform 10 Grind Transfers in a session on any Grind Pro Trial (SP).
Going Steady with 2 Wheels - Manual Pro Trial: Maintain a continuous Manual for 500 feet on any Manual Pro Trial (SP).
Atmospheric Rotation - Big Air Pro Trial: Perform two 360° Spins in the same Big Air Pro Trial session (SP).
House of Horrors - Survival Mode: Survive the Huckjam Park Combo Level.
Multiple Tricksters - Online Mode: Win a Trick session.
'Challenging' High Wire Act - Online Mode: Win a Challenge session.
Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere... - Online Mode: Win a Point Rush session.
King of the Hill - Online Mode: Win a Scoring Spots session.
Claim to Fame - Enter your custom initials for the Leaderboard.
I am the Law! - New Orleans: Complete any session in New Orleans as Officer Richard (SP).
A Troglodyte is Loose!! - Whistler Mountain: Complete a Point Rush session in Whistler Mountain as Orgarth (SP).
Cro-Magnon Mania - French Alps: Complete a Trick Mode session in French Alps as Orgarth (SP).
We Come In Peace... - Huckjam Park: Complete any session in Huckjam Park as Xzrrt (SP).

Silver trophies
Jambalayanism - New Orleans: Acquire all 16 Stars.
Down Under Daredevil - Melbourne: Acquire all 16 Stars.
Mediterranean Maestro - Morocco: Acquire all 16 Stars.
Hawaiian Hooligan - Wallows: Acquire all 16 Stars.
Meeting of the Minds - Santorini: Acquire all 16 Stars.
Whistle Blower - Whistler Mountain: Acquire all 16 Stars.
4 √Čtoiles sur la Montagne - French Alps: Acquire all 16 Stars.
Some Kind of Funhouse! - Huckjam Park: Acquire all 12 Stars on any Huckjam Park level.
Tony Would Be Proud - Acquire all Stars in the Skateboard Tier on any Naviation Setting.
Powder Prowess - Acquire all Stars in the Snowboard Tier on any Navigation Setting.
The New Pro - Acquire all Stars in the Pro Trial Tier on any Navigation Setting.

Gold trophies
Serious Playtime - Complete each session type in each level on any Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP).
All-In-1 Shredder - Acquire all Stars in the Game on any Navigation setting.

Platinum trophy
Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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