SD Gundam G Generation World Sony PSP Cheats

Unlockable Characters:
Unlock the following characters by reaching the corresponding percentage of collection completion:

Allenby (Berserk Mode) - Reach 85% Complete
Audrey Burne - Reach 10% Complete
Bernadette Briette - Reach 65% Complete
Daguza Mackle - Reach 30% Complete
Generation System (Aphrodia Neuro) - Reach 100% Complete
Gigi Andalusia - Reach 50% Complete
Kyral Mekirel - Reach 40% Complete
Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed Destiny Ver.) - Reach 35% Complete
Louise Hallevy (Innovator Ver.) - Reach 80% Complete
Lu Bu Tallgeese - Reach 20% Complete
Marion Welch - Reach 70% Complete
Nena Trinity (Gundam 00 Season 2 Ver.) - Reach 60% Complete
Quatre Winner (Dark Ver.) - Reach 75% Complete
Relena Peacecraft (Queen Outfit Ver.) - Reach 25% Complete
Selen McGriff - Have 45% of your collection
Setsuna F. Seiei (Awakening of the Trailblazer Ver.) - Reach 95% Collection
Sis Mitovil - Reach 15% Complete
Stellar Louissier (Destroy Gundam Ver.) - Reach 90% Collection
Zabine Chareux (Crossbone Gundam Ver.) - Reach 55% Complete

Maximum money hint:
When playing the Hell Mode mission, "Hell Road", do not immediately escape. Instead, keep killing the enemy 3MS groups as quickly as possible. Note: The mission will fail in seventeen turns. After enough kills, Barbatos appears. Kill him immediately to end the mission and receive 99,999,999 Capital.

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