Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HD PS3 Cheats

Level Select:
After completing the game on hard mode, hold L1+L2 at the game select screen and press the following: CIRCLE(2), SQUARE(2), LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN(2).

Talk to team after dying:
Normally after losing all your respawn lives you cannot speak to your teammate. However, mute them and then unmute them to be able to talk to them.


Bronze trophies
Accomplice - Dahlia Tal survives
Amorality - Neutralize Dahlia Tal
Athletic Tendencies - Perform 5 split jumps
Biological Warfare - Retrieve ND133
Boot-Call - Whistle and knock out 50 people
Dark instance - Destroy 50 lights
Execution - Put down 10 enemies without dying
Exponential Heat - De-activate 5 turrets
Fisher Express - Complete the train mission in 15 minutes
Go FUBAR - Kill al terrorists in the LAX mission
Inhouse Medic - Activate 10 Medkits in the game
Live on the Edge - Sound 2 alarms and then complete the mission objective
Neutral Outlook - Neutralize Norman Soth
One kill - Kill 25 enemies with a single headshot, whenever fatality is allowed
One Shot... - Take out 10 guards in Sniper mode
Recall Rejected - Leave Francois to fend for himself
Safe and Secure - Scout in all 3 vision modes for 13 different doors that can be opened
Sleep Overs - Complete a mission without having a single incapacitated enemy being discovered
Surprise! - Grab 10 guards as as soon as they switch on the lights
Warranty Period - Save Francois Coldeboeuf
You can't see me - Bypass 5 security cameras by jamming them

Silver trophies
Duty Calls - Complete the LAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT mission
Emissary - Complete the US Embassy, Dili mission
Encephalon Exchange - Complete the Saulnier Cryogenic, Paris mission
Five-SeveN - Complete the Game using only the Five-7 and alternate fire of SC-20K gun
Ghosts don't die - Complete the game without dying more than 3 times
Mission complete - Complete the game in Normal difficulty
Refined Communications - Complete the Kundang Camp mission
Shaliah - Complete the Jerusalem mission
Technical Difficulties - Complete the Jakarta mission
The Great Train Insertion - Complete the Paris to Nice mission
Under Metal Cover - Complete the Komodo mission

Gold trophies
Immune - Complete the game without using medkit
Phantom Strike - Maintain complete stealth throughout the game
Samaritan - Complete the game without dying
Veteran - Complete the game in Hard difficulty

Platinum trophy
Preserved Hope - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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