Super Prince Street Bully Auto War Creed

When the game joined i thing they have title " Super Prince Street Bully Auto War Creed "

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Dan Hibiki Street Fighter IV Wallpaper

I know, i know you are Dan doing dangdut Dance ( thumb up)

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Serrah Farron Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper

Where my cute Serrah Farron? I Don't like This Style, What Do you Thing?

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Samus Aran X Solid Snake

Samus  Aran high Five With Solid Snake? What Happened? maybe they make a Metroid X MGS hehe...

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Saints Row: The Third PS3 Cheats

Add Gang Notoriety - lolz
Add police notoriety - pissoffpigs
Bloody Mess - notrated
Cloudy Weather - overcast
Gives $100,000 in cash - cheese
Gives respect - whatitmeanstome
Heaven Bound - fryhole
Infinite Sprint - runfast
No Gang Notoriety - oops
No police notoriety - goodygoody
One hit kill - goldengun
Pedestrians Are Drunk - dui
Pedestrians Are Mascots - mascot
Pedestrians are Pimps & Prostitutes - hohoho
Pedestrians are Zombies - brains
Rainy Weather - lightrain
Repair damage to your vehicle - repaircar
Spawn Air Strike - giveairstrike
Spawn Ambulance - giveembulance
Spawn Anchor - giveanchor
Spawn Apocafists - giveapoca
Spawn AS3 Ultimax - giveultimax
Spawn Attrazione - giveattrazione
Spawn Bootlegger - givebootlegger
Spawn Chainsaw - givechainsaw
Spawn Challenger - givechallenger
Spawn Commander - givecommander
Spawn Condor - givecondor
Spawn Cyber Blaster - givecybersmg
Spawn Cyberdestructor - givecyber
Spawn Drone - givedrone
Spawn Eagle - giveeagle
Spawn Electric Grenade - giveelectric
Spawn Estrada - giveestrada
Spawn F69 VTol - givevtol
Spawn Gatmobile - givegatmobile
Spawn Grenade - givegrenade
Spawn Hammer - givehammer
Spawn K-8 Krukov - givekrukov
Spawn Kanada - givekanada
Spawn Kenshin - givekenshin
Spawn Knoxville - giveknoxville
Spawn Kobra KA-1 - givekobra
Spawn Krukov - givekrukov
Spawn McManus 2015 - givesniper
Spawn Miami - givemiami
Spawn Minigun - giveminigun
Spawn Molotov - givemolotov
Spawn Municipal - givemunicipal
Spawn Nforcer - givenforcer
Spawn Nocturne - givesword
Spawn Peacemaker - givepeacemaker
Spawn Pheonix - givepheonix
Spawn Reaper - givereaper
Spawn RPG - giverpg
Spawn Sandstorm - givesandstorm
Spawn Satchel Charge - givesatchel
Spawn Shark - giveshark
Spawn Sheperd - givesheperd
Spawn Shock Hammer - giverocket
Spawn Spectre - givespectre
Spawn Squasar - givesquasar
Spawn Status Quo - givestatusquo
Spawn Taxi - givetaxi
Spawn Tek Z-10 - givetek
Spawn The Penetrator - givedildo
Spawn Titan - givetitan
Spawn Toad - givetoad
Spawn Tornado - givetornado
Spawn Viper Laser Rifle - giveslm8
Spawn Vortex - givevortex
Spawn VTOL - givevtol
Spawn Vulture - givevulture
Spawn Widowmaker - givewidowmaker
Spawn Woodpecker - givewoodpecker
Sunny Weather - clearskies
Vehicle Smash - isquishyou
Very Rainy Weather - heavyrain
Your vehicle is immune to damage - vroom
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3D Classics: TwinBee Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Get 10 Lives:
At the game, hold Up + Right and press A and you got ten lives.

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC Cheats

Unlock the following abilities by performing the corresponding tasks:

Climb Leap Ability - Beat Rosa's mission "Monkey See, Monkey Do" in Sequence 7. This allows you to jump further while climbing.
Disarm Combat Technique - Beat Mario's "Evasive Maneuvers" mission in Sequence 5. This allows you to counter heavier attacks.

Unlock the following equipment by performing the corresponding tasks:

Condottiero War Hammer - Collect 50 hidden feathers. It will become available in the blacksmith's shop in the Villa Monteriggioni.
Auditore Cape - Collect 100 hidden feathers and talk to Mario in the Villa Monteriggioni.

Feathers are usually found on rooftops. Walk around the rooftops and turn on eagle vision to spot them.

Medicine and throwing knives:
You can obtain free medicines and throwing knifes by looting bodies or pick-pocketing people.

Get axes/spears back:
To get your axe or spear back from a dead body, pick up the body and drop it.

Glyph locations and puzzle solutions:
Find the Glyphs in the following locations by using Eagle Vision. Solve them by performing the corresponding tasks:

The Truth File 1 - Located on the roof's wall at Santa Croce. To solve the puzzle, choose the apple paintings.

The Truth File 2 - Located on the roof's wall at Ospedale Degli Innocenti. To solve the puzzle, rotate the circular puzzle pieces from smallest to largest.

The Truth File 3 - Located on the roof's wall at La Rosa Colta. To solve the puzzle, highlight the circular objects in the photos.

The Truth File 4 - Located on a wall at Villa Auditore; hang from the roof to see it. To solve the puzzle, take the hints literally.

The Truth File 5 - Located in the lower level of Santa Maria Assunta on a wall near some pillars. To solve the puzzle, choose the sword paintings.

The Truth File 6 - Located on the roof's wall at Torri Dei Salvucci. To solve the puzzle, rotate the circular puzzle pieces from smallest to largest.

The Truth File 7 - Located on the roof's wall at Torre Del Diavolo. To solve the puzzle, choose the red paintings.

The Truth File 8 - Located on the roof's wall at San Lorenzo. To solve the puzzle, find the Pieces Of Eden and then put the flame over Joan on the world map. Lastly, move Rasputin's photo above Czar Nicholas II's photo.

The Truth File 9 - Located on the roof's wall at Mercato Vecchio. To solve the puzzle, take the hints literally.

The Truth File 10 - Located on the roof's wall at Monte Oliveto Maggiore. To solve the puzzle, don't look for the Eagle Apollo Lander on the moon. Rotate the puzzle layers from the inside out until they are aligned.

The Truth File 11 - Located on the floor and under a stone arch at Antico Teatro Romano. To solve the puzzle, highlight the light bulbs, then highlight the middle of the photo above the doorway, and finally highlight Nikola Tesla's lap.

The Truth File 12 - Located on the roof's wall at Abbazia Di San Mercuriale. To solve the puzzle, align the red 4 with gray 1 on the wheel and enter the corresponding code. Then, turn off the globe's lights. Select the orb in the middle of the photo. Line up the wheel as: 1=II, 2=III, 3=I.

The Truth File 13 - Located on Avamposto Veneziano. Climb the base lookout tower and you will see it on the stone walling. To solve the puzzle align the wheel as: 5=circle, square, square; 2=circle; 3=triangle. After that, press the red button. The final part you will find near the left-middle bottom of the letter.

The Truth File 14 - Located on a wall near the edge of the water under the Pointe Di Rialto bridge. To solve the puzzle, choose the painting with Cupid, Europa, Jupiter, Swan, and Zeus.

The Truth File 15 - Located on the roof of a taller wall and above a wooden hatch at Gilda Dei Ladri Di Venezia. To solve the puzzle, connect the layers as: 1 to 6, middle two, and 4 to 5.

The Truth File 16 - Located on the floor of the Campanile Di San Marco bell tower. To solve the puzzle, answer it as follows: Naples, Alaska, Greece, and Tunguska. Then, go to the staff, and stab the photo with it.

The Truth File 17 - Located on the floor of the Torre Dell 'Orologio. To solve the puzzle, align the wheel as: 7=broken square, 9=six-sided hourglass, 1=square with smaller square inside of it.

The Truth File 18 - Located of the roof's wall at San Pietro Di Castello. To solve the puzzle, align the wheel as: 6=M or YYY, 0=Chalice symbol, 3=<. Then, move the symbol over the blood vessels.

The Truth File 19 - Located on one of the wall with a rounded top at Scuola Grande Di San Marco. To solve the puzzle, choose the Aztec Calendar, Easter Gate, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Nazca Textile, and Book Of The Dead paintings. Then, find the part of the sun photo with the most radiation and ID it.

The Truth File 20 - Located on the roof with a fire nearby on a wall at the side of San Giacomo Di Rialto. To solve the puzzle, work from the inside out. The second inner layer and fifth outer layer are not connected. ID the sun. Line up the code wheel in any alignment to complete it. In this puzzle, you can change the skeleton from a monkey to a human by placing the cursor over the bones.

Shop renovations:
You will increase the Villa's value and receive special discounts by renovating any of the five shops located in the Villa. Each shop has three renovation levels. The blacksmith and doctor are available at the beginning of the game. The following is how much each of the three renovation levels cost for each shop.

Ant Merchant - 1,000, 5,000, 8,000 Florins.
Bank - 1,500, 5,000, 9,000 Florins.
Blacksmith: First renovation already available, 7,000, 12,000 Florins.
Doctor - First renovation already available, 3,000, 5,000 Florins.
Tailor - 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 Florins.

Lower Notoriety:
If you're close to getting a "Notorious" rating, go visit Herald and bribe him. After bribing him, steal the money back.

How to defeat Archers:
Usually Archers are a little threat and more of a nuisance, but in some areas there are a lot of them scattered around. If you find yourself in a fight and at the same time there are archers shooting at you, try to break off the fight and run to an archer. This makes them drop their bow and draw their sword. The more fun approach is to position the soldiers in the archer's line of fire and have them do your dirty work and hurt the solders attacking you.

How to defeat Brutes:
Brutes are the big armored soldiers. They are armed with two handed weapons such as axes and claymores. The trick to Brutes is to disarm them. Trying to reverse their moves will just result in you getting hurt if you have a weapon ready. You can take their weapons away from them and then kill them easily.

How to defeat Seekers:
Seekers are soldiers with spears. The trick to Seekers is grappling them. Try to grab them first and kill them to remove that threat quickly.

How to defeat Rodrigo Borgia (The Spaniard):
There are a few things you should get before you go to Rome: The Armor of Altair, The Sword of Altair (or whichever weapon you prefer), Notched Cinquedea, Metal Cestus, both knife belt upgrades (as many as possible), medium and large medicine pouches (buy as much medicine as possible), and full smoke bombs. The battle is divided into three stages. In the first stage you must assassinate him. Go down the ladder quietly. Do not jump down. Then begin blending in with everyone immediately. Go to the front, select your pistol, and lock on to Rodrigo. Hold [Action] until the thin beam appears and fire. In the second stage you must fight him. You sit back and wait for your four Dopplegangers to finish or at least weaken him, but you can also join in the fight which is much more exciting. He attacks just like a brute; just tackle him as you would a normal villain. In the third stage you must finish the job. After the cinematic, use Eagle Vision to find the switches to the vault. Follow the road down. Another cinematic starts, after which it is a fistfight from here on out. Just keep attacking him. The Metal Cestus will stay equipped and will kill him faster. Follow the onscreen prompt to finish the fight

How to defeat groups of enemies:
When fighting a large group it is best to keep moving about so they do not surround you and attack from more than one side at once. The trick to fighting the group then is to keep your guard up and wait for one of them to attack and counter it. If there are Brutes or Seekers in the group, it gets a bit tougher but the other tips listed here will help. Try to avoid Brutes or Seekers at first and focus on the others.

Use the following trick when you are in a situation where you will have to take on multiple guards, attack with a group (thieves or mercenaries). While your friends are attacking someone, come from behind with your hidden blade and make the kill. Note: This also works with the final battle where many Ezios battle the final Boss, though instead of your hidden blade (because it is never successful), you will need to use your main weapon.

How to defeat larger or harder enemies:
Note: This can only be done after learning the Disarm move. Sometimes you will run into the big "Golden Knights" or the men who just fight better than normal soldiers. These opponents usually have unique weapons such as lances or big axes. They can also deflect attacks and counter more often, resulting in you being killed. To take them out more easily, simply disarm yourself. Put your weapon away by pressing Down. When they attack, press X  Xbox 360  or Square  PlayStation3  to counter and disarm them. This usually works in one attempt. Quickly press press X  Xbox 360  or Square  PlayStation3  again to kill the unarmed man.

Blunt weapon broom:
When you knock into a person with a broom or mop, pick it up. When you enter combat with it, the broom or mop will act as a mace, hammer, or other blunt weapon. It makes it seem as though you are cleaning up the trash. Note: This can also be done with farmer's garden hoes.

Notoriety is essentially your wanted level. The higher it is, the closer to notorious you are. Notorious is the state where guards take one look at you and say "Get him!". You want to keep the symbol of a head inside the gauge white. Gaining notoriety is easy; just do criminal activities, assassinate in front of people, kill guards in general, run across rooftops, and even just bumping into some guards by accident. Losing notoriety is also easy. The game tells you the three methods of losing it: rip down posters, bribe heralds, and kill officials. The first is the easiest because those are most abundant. However, because of that, they also give the smallest returns (up to 25% of your notoriety bar per poster, or four posters if you are notorious). If you are that bad off, four posters can seem next to impossible. However, you will be jumping about a lot anyways and will be bound to find a couple of them. The second method, heralds, is your middle ground, but it comes at a price: 500 Florins for up to 50% of the notoriety bar. The cost is 1,000 Florins if you are notorious. Do not be deterred by the cost. That cost turns into a very slight profit. The last method, the officials, give the best return, but are also difficult. Like the thieves and couriers that you chase down for cash, they run everywhere once they see you (up buildings, across beams, through crowds, and most especially towards guards). The reward is 75% of the bar for an official, but the time spent could have been better used ripping down posters and bribing heralds.

If you accidentally kill someone in front of some guards, kill an archer and his body falls to the ground, or do something else that gains notoriety, this trick will allow you to get rid of up to half of it and gain some money, all without having to hunt down posters or officials. First, find a herald. He will be noisy and talking about you. Bribe the herald. He will take 500 Florins and you will lose up to 50% of maximum notoriety. If you have under that, there will be no notoriety remaining for you. Here is where this expense can be turned into a very slight profit. Pickpocket the Herald. You will gain about 3 to 5 notoriety back, maximum. This is handled easily by a poster. Most heralds have at least 3 to 5 Florins, and the money you gave them goes into their pocket, so you will gain your bribe back plus whatever they already had. It is not much, but it gets rid of the bulk of your notoriety. The useful part is, if you have anything over halfway along the first diagonal of the notoriety gauge, just use this trick and find a poster afterwards.

Loyal steed:
The horses in the game can be very useful. Other than the obvious use for travel, they can be ridden into a potential fight and dismounted. Lure your enemy to the rear of the horse and it will kick them, doing good damage. They also will follow you after you dismount them until you enter a city, making them easier to relocate.

Fast travel:
You will start the game with only being able to go between cities or other locations via a horse. This becomes difficult once more locations are unlocked and you have to go back and forth between them frequently. You will be able to unlock and use fast travel stations in the game. These also appear on the map to make finding them easy. Using this option does have a cost of 100 Florins, but it is worth that amount to transport to your destination instead of a long horse ride.
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PETA's : New Super Chick Sister

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Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Unlockable Weapons and Skins:
Unlock the following weapons and skins by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: Achievement-based bonuses will not activate until the day after earning the achievement:

Gold Lancer/Hammerburst - Play during the first week of the game's launch.
All Gold Weapons (including Gold Gnasher) - Earn the "Veteran Gear" achievement in Gears of War 2.
Liquid Metal Skin Set - Purchase the Gears Of War 3 Season Pass.
Gold Sawed-off - Earn the "Commando" achievement in Gears Of War.
Chrome Lancer - Earn the "Don't Hate The Player" achievement in Gears Of War.
Chrome Hammerburst - Earn the "Dirty Dirty Horde" achievement in Gears Of War 2.
Chrome Retro Lancer - Earn the "Domination" achievement in Gears Of War.
Chrome Gnasher - Complete the campaign for all three Gears Of War games.
Chrome Sawed-off - Earn any achievement for Gears Of War PC.
Onyx Skins - Earn the Onyx medal for a weapon to unlock the corresponding skin.
Gold Omen Skin Set - Achieve Rank 100 in Gears Of War 3.

Unlockable COG Characters:

Unlock the following COG characters for multiplayer by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aaron Griffin - Earn the Big Money Onyx medal; alternately "Like" the Gears Of War 3 Facebook page for a redeemable code.
Anthony Carmine - Reach level 75.
Benjamin Carmine - Reach level 34.
Chairman Prescott - Earn the Silver Allfathers medal.
Civilian Anya - Reach level 45.
Classic Baird - Reach level 30.
Classic Cole - Reach level 23.
Classic Dom - Reach level 17.
Classic Marcus - Complete Campaign mode.
Clayton Carmine - Reach level 14.
COG Gear - Reach level 2.
Cole Train - Play the multiplayer beta.
Colonel Hoffman - Reach level 50.
Dizzy Wallin - Reach level 7.
Golden Gear - Earn the Bronze War Supporter medal.
Jace Stratton - Reach level 10.
Samantha Byrne - Reach level 4.
Superstar Cole - Earn the Gold MVP medal.
Unarmored Marcus - Earn the Silver Veteran medal.

Unlockable Locust Characters:
Unlock the following Locust characters for multiplayer by performing the corresponding tasks:

Beast Rider - Reach level 5.
Flame Grenadier - Reach level 26.
Golden Hunter - Earn the Gold Master-at-Arms medal.
Golden Miner - Earn the Gold Rifleman medal.
Grenadier - Reach level 39.
Hunter - Reach level 8.
Hunter Elite - Reach level 60.
Kantus - Earn the Gold Medic medal.
Miner - Reach level 3.
Sniper - Earn the Bronze Headshot medal.
Spotter - Reach level 20.
Theron Guard - Reach level 12.

Aaron Griffin multi-player character skin:
To receive a code to unlock this skin, simply "Like" the "Gears Of War Facebook" page.

Slide on Act 1:
While playing as "Cole Train", you will pass through a playground. After an intermission sequence, clear all the enemies around you and return to the playground, then jump up to the top of a mini-slide. Press X when you get near the slide and Cole will slide down.

Cole's hat on Act 1 hint:
When playing as "Cole Train", you will eventually pass through a grocery store. Some time early on, you will find a small stand with a cut-out of Cole in his Thrashball outfit near where you will fight some Lambent after a few stalks appears. During or after the fight, interact with the cut-out. You will be given a choice to wear a white hat either front or backwards. This hat will stay on Cole's head during the intermission sequences (not pre-rendered) until the scene where you take a zip-line down to the bridge.

Avatar Awards:
Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Horde Shirt - Earn the "Welcome To Horde mode" achievement.
Locust Drone Mask - Earn the "Welcome To Beast Mode" achievement.
Marcus' Doo-rag - Complete Campaign mode.

Unlockable Weapons (Beta version):
Unlock the following weapons by performing the corresponding tasks in the Gears of War 3 beta. Note: Some unlockables will be available in the official Gears of War 3 while others will have extra requirements.

Flaming Hammerburst - Complete one match by Sunday, April 24
Flaming Lancer - Complete one match during the week of April 25
Flaming Sawed-Off Shotgun - Complete one match during the week of May 2
Flaming Gnasher Shotgun - Complete one match during the week of May 9
Beta Tester Medal - Complete one match in the Beta
Thrashball Cole - Complete 50 matches in any game type to unlock for the Beta / To permanently unlock, complete 10 matches as Thrashball Cole during the Beta
Gold-Plated Retro Lancer - Complete 90 matches in any game type to unlock for the Beta / To permanently unlock, score 100 kills with the Gold-Plated Retro Lancer during the Beta

Smoke Grenade easter egg:
Pull the fire alarm switches on Checkout to drop a lame Smoke Grenade in the Beta.

Unlockable Mutators:
Mutators are special options that activate specific changes to be made to the game as you play. Unlock the following Mutators by performing the corresponding tasks:

Big Explosions - In any mode, unlock the Hail Mary ribbon 100 times.
Big Head - In Horde Mode, unlock the Gold Horder medal.
Comet - In Versus Mode, unlock the Gold Shock Trooper medal.
Enemy Regeneration - In Arcade Mode, unlock the Silver Afficianado medal.
Flower Blood - In Arcade Mode, unlock the Silver King of Cog medal.
Friendly Fire - In Co-op Campaign, complete the co-op campaign with four players.
Infinite Ammo - In Horde Mode, unlock the Combat Engineer ribbon 100 times.
Instagib Melee - In Beast Mode, play as a Wretch and score 200 kills.
Laugh Track - Unlock the Bronze Tour of Duty, For the Horde, I’m a Beast, and Warmonger medals.
Must Active Reload - Unlock the Silver Active Reloader medal.
Pinata - In Beast Mode, unlock the Gold Investor medal.
Super Reload - In Versus Mode, unlock the Bronze Master at Arms medal.
Vampire - In Versus Mode, unlock the Executioner ribbon 100 times.

The CluckShot:
The CluckShot is a Boom Shot that fires exploding Chickens. To unlock this, first play through Act 4 Chapter 1 on Insane. This means that you must have completed the game once already, or you’ll need to play coop with someone who has completed the game once.Go through Act 1 without touching any of the ash bodies. Doing so will get you the secret “Respect For the Dead” Achievement once you arrive at Griffin’s Hideout and enter his secret weapon stash. More importantly though, it will give you access to this little chicken to the right with a pirate hat. Press X to interact with the chicken to cause it to explode, as if to officially kick off our easter egg hunt. Afterward, play through Act 4 Chapter 2 like normal. Simply make sure that you find two special ammo boxes that fall off a cliff as you approach them. The first one can be found at the start of the act on top of a car. The second can be found at the end of a railroad track in the underground section where you’re attacked by Polyps. Then proceed playing as normal until you reach Act 4 Chapter 3. After you head past the lift and go through the barbed wire, you’ll come to a fight with a bunch of Formers. Make sure to take them all out and then look for a stack of objects with another ammo box on top. Kick the stack to cause the ammo box to fall. Wait for a second and you’ll spot your “air support”, which is one Cluckshot for every member of your party!

Mad World easter egg Gridlock:
Play a match with at least 2 round wins required to complete a match and go a whole round without destroying any of the "ash people" within the multiplayer map. (This includes everyone playing, not just you) The next round, an instrumental piano version of "Mad World" will play for about 50 seconds at the start of the round.

Dom's Beard easter egg:
This trick makes every character in the game have Dom's beard, during gameplay and cut-scenes. Start a new game on Insane and stick near Dom when the flashback starts, though you may need to walk away from him for a bit to get him to move at first. You'll know you're doing it right when he says "Yo" but you still need to stay near Dom for the entire flashback. It's okay to fight the Locust though, just be sure you're near Dom while you do it. When the flashback ends, if you did it right, everyone will have Dom's beard on them for the rest of the game.

Big Golden Chicken easter egg:
On "Chapter 1 - Act " you will come across four giant tubes just after raising the landing pad on top deck. After getting rid of all the enemies around the area, whatever player is playing as Marcus will need to step in front of one of the pipe openings. Stare down the opening until Marcus says "hello", then repeat the same thing for the other three tubes. After saying "hello" down all four tubes, a small, harmless chicken will pop out. If you deal some significant damage to the little chicken, the chicken will then become a huge, golden, enraged, fire-breathing chicken (a.k.a. Lambent Chicken). If you deal more significant damage to the Lambent Chicken, it will then blow up into confetti and end with a funny quote by Marcus.

Marcus, It's Your Father (5 points) - You woke up from a bad dream. Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 1 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Swimmin' in Glowie Gravy (10 points) - Defended the Ravens Nest from Lambent Leviathan. Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 2 (Cinematic or Arcade).
We Struck Gold! (10 points) - Found food and ammo in Hanover. Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 3 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Welcome to Cougar Town (10 points) - Defended and escaped from Cougar Stadium. Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 4 (Cinematic or Arcade.
Big Ass Headshot (10 points) - Blew up the Lambent Laviathan from the bridge. Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 5 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Where is that? (10 points) - Discover the location of Adam Felix. Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 6 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Well We Did Flood Them Out (10 points) - Grabbed a Locust Gas Barge to travel to Anvil Gate. Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 3 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Thanks For Flying GasBag Airway (10 points) - Arrived safely, kinda. Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 4. (Cinematic or Arcade).
The Bitch is Back (10 points) - Defeated the Lambent Berserker. Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 6. (Cinematic or Arcade).
Good Driver Discount (10 points) - Drove from Anvil Gate to Mercy. Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 2 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Brothers to the End (10 points) - Escaped Mercy. Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 3 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Welcome to Griffin Tower (10 points) - Found enough fuel to get to Endeavor naval base. Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 6 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Baird's Favorite Kind of Top (10 points) - Launched the sub. Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 1 (Cinematic or Arcade).
That Looks Like the Front Door (10 points) - Passed under the Maelstrom and found Azura. Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 2 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Look at That, Instant Summer (10 points) - Turned off the Maelstrom device. Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 4 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got It. (10 points) - Rescued Adam Fenix from captivity. Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 5 (Cinematic or Arcade).
We've Finally Got a Tomorrow (10 points) - Saved Sera and killed Myrrah. Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 6 (Cinematic or Arcade).
Ready For More (50 points) - Completed all campaign Acts on Casual or Normal Difficulty (Cinematic or Arcade).
Ain't My First Rodeo (50 points) - Completed all campaign Acts on Hardcore Difficulty (Cinematic or Arcade).
Once More Unto the Breach (75 points) - Completed all campaign Acts on Insane Difficulty (Cinematic or Arcade).
Collector (5 points) - Recovered 5 of 41 Collectables. [any difficulty, cinematic or arcade].
Pack Rat (10 points) - Recovered 20 of 41 Collectables. [any difficulty, cinematic or arcade].
Hoarder (15 points) - Recovered all 41 Collectables [any difficulty, cinematic or arcade].
Remembered the Fallen (15 points) - Recovered all 15 COG Tags during the Campaign (any difficulty, cinematic, or arcade).
My Fellow Gears (50 points) - Completed all chapters in Co-op on any difficulty (cinematic or arcade).
A Different Kind of Foursome (75 points) - Completed all Acts in 4 Player Co-op on any difficulty (cinematic or arcade).
It's Called Progress (10 points) - Complete a chapter in Arcade campaign with an improved high score.
Level 5 (5 points) - Reached Level 5.
Level 10 (10 points) - Reached Level 10.
Level 15 (15 points) - Reached Level 15.
Level 25 (25 points) - Reached Level 25.
Calling Your Shots (25 points) - Completed 10 mini-challenges in Horde (any difficulty).
First Among Equals (25 points) - Was the highest scoring squadmate in 5 chapters of 4-Player Co-op Arcade (any difficulty).
Don't You Die on Me! (25 points) - Reached a x20 team score multiplier in 4-Player Co-op Arcade (any difficulty).
Award Winning Tactics (25 points) - Collected an Onyx Medal.
Seriously 3.0 (100 points) - You've done it all! Level 100, campaign on insane, earn every ribbon/medal, complete Horde/Beast on all 10 maps.
Back to Basic (5 points) - Won a match against bots in the Training Grounds.
Welcome to Versus (10 points) - Killed 10 enemies in Team Deathmatch (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to King of the Hill (10 points) - Completed a match of King of the Hill (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to Team Death Match (10 points) - Completed a match of Team Deathmatch (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to Capture the Leader (10 points) - Completed a match of Capture the Leader (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to Execution (10 points) - Completed a match of Execution (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to Wingman (10 points) - Completed a match of Wingman (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to Warzone (10 points) - Completed a match of Warzone (Ranked or Social).
Welcome to Horde Mode (10 points) - Survived the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map).
Welcome to Beast Mode (10 points) - Completed the first 12 waves of Beast (any difficulty any map).
Welcome to Arcade Mode (10 points) - Completed 5 Arcade Campaign chapters in Co-Op (any difficulty).
Rust Lung (50 points) - Executed an infected player and is now turning Lambent(or execute an Epic Employee or someone who already has this achievement).

"Horde Command Pack" achievements
The Host with the Most (25 points) - Host a private Horde Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map (any difficulty).
Places to See, People to Destroy (25 points) - Host a private Beast Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map (any difficulty).
What Does This Button Do? (50 points) - Get 500 Silverback rocket kills in Horde (any map, any difficulty).
It's Hammer Time! (50 points) - Achieve Level 4 in Horde Command Center fortifications.
Kill Locust (Like a Boss) (100 points) - Defeat a Boss Wave as 5 Onyx Guards (Hardcore difficulty).
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