FIFA Soccer 12 PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Precision Tackler - Obtain a successful tackle percentage of 80% with a minimum of 5 tackles in a game.
Don't Blink - Score within the first 5 minutes of a game in a game vs the CPU.
Comeback Kid - Win after being down 3 goals in the 2nd half in a game vs. the CPU.
10 vs 11 - Win from a draw or behind while down a man in a game vs the CPU.
Ruud Boy - Score a goal on a volley.
Block Party - Manually block 5 shots while defending in a single game.
All My Own Work - Win a Match with Manual Controls (including Tactical Defending).
Warrior - Score a goal after suffering a non-contact injury with a player.
Quickly Now! - Score shortly after a quick throw-in.
EAS FC Youth Academy - Reach level 5 in the EA SPORTS Football Club.
Challenge Accepted - Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge.
Path to the Cup - Win a cup game in Head to Head Seasons.
Friends now Enemies? - Win an Online Friendlies season.
Being Social - Play an Online Friendlies Match.
3 Points - Win a season game in Head to Head Seasons.
Virtual Debut - Play an online Pro Club or Pro Ranked match with your Virtual Pro.
New Club in Town - Create your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club.
Legends start with Victories - Win a match with your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club.
Tournament Victory - Win a tournament in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
I'll have that one - Open your first pack in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
Friendly - Finish a match against a Friend in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
Growing Club - Achieve a club value of 85,000,000 in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
Procrastinator - Sign a player on Deadline Day in the transfer window in Career Mode.
Massive Signing - Sign a player better than anyone else on your club during the transfer window.
Puppet Master - Talk to the Press in Career Mode.
Sweet Music - Set up some Custom Audio in FIFA 12.
Happy 20th EA SPORTS! - Score 20 match goals in FIFA 12 to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS!.

Silver trophies
Megged - Successfully dribble the ball through a defender's legs.
Riding Bikes - Score with a bicycle kick.
Legendary - Win a game vs. the CPU on legendary difficulty against a club of the same or higher star level.
Century of Goals - Score 100 goals in FIFA 12 match play.
EAS FC Starting 11 - Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club.
Campaign Complete - Complete a Season in Head to Head Seasons.
Marquee Signing - Purchase a Gold Player from the trade market for 15,000 or more coins using Buy now.
'Big Cup' Squad - Enter an Ultimate Team tournament and finish a match with an overall squad rating of 85 or higher.
We'll need a larger trophy case - Win your 10th trophy in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
Trophy Time - Win the league title in any league in Career Mode.
Fully Formed - Have three players be in full form at the same time on your club in Career Mode.
Youth is Served - Sign a player to your youth squad in Career Mode.
Virtual Legend - Play 50 Matches with your Virtual Pro.
FIFA for Life - Spend 50 hours on the pitch.

Gold trophies
Pack King - Open 100 packs in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

Platinum trophy

Football Legend - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Copa Santander Libertadores R16 - Awarded for making it through the Group stage in [Copa Santander Libertadores].
Copa Santander Libertadores Win - Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in [Copa Santander Libertadores].
European Elite 16 - Awarded for making it through the Group stage of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League].
First Glory: Club Boss - Awarded for your first win as a Club Owner in [Club Boss].
First Glory: Competition - Awarded for your first win in an [Online Competition].
First Glory: Exhibition - Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in [Exhibition].
First Glory: Master League - Awarded for your first win in [Master League].
First Glory: Quick Match - Awarded for winning your first [Quick Match]. No disconnections permitted.
First Win: UEFA Champions League - Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in [UEFA Champions League].
Mr. Versatility - Awarded for learning to play in another position in [Become a Legend].
Online Debutant - Awarded for completing your debut match in [Online]. No disconnections permitted.
Promoted - Awarded for Winning Promotion to a Top League in [Master League].
Proud Skipper - Awarded for being named Club Captain in [Become a Legend].
The Debutant - Awarded for making a professional debut in [Become a Legend].
The Highlight Show - Awarded for watching Highlight Footage in [Final Highlights].
The Multi-Talented - Awarded for acquiring a New Skill in [Become a Legend].
Theatre Connoisseur - Awarded for watching a Highlight Reel uploaded by another user in the [Theatre of Legends].
UEFA Champions League Elite 16 - Awarded for making it through the Group stage in [UEFA Champions League].
Wheeler and Dealer - Awarded for making your first ever signing in [Master League Online].

Silver trophies
Champion Chairman - Awarded for winning a Top Flight League Title in [Club Boss].
Champion Manager - Awarded for winning the League Title in any of the Top Leagues featured in [Master League].
Copa Santander Libertadores King - Awarded for becoming a [Copa Santander Libertadores] Winner.
International Champion - Awarded for winning a National Team Competition in [League/Cup].
Kings of Europe - Awarded for becoming a UEFA Champions League Winner in [Master League].
League Best Eleven - Awarded for being picked for the Team of the Season in [Become a Legend].
League Champion - Awarded for single-handedly winning a League Title in [League/Cup].
League Champions - Awarded for winning the League Title in [Become a Legend].
Pride of a Nation - Awarded for playing in the International Cup in [Become a Legend].
The Community Associate - Awarded for joining your first [Online Community].
The Treble Winner - Awarded for winning the League, UEFA Champions League and League Cup in a [Master League] season.
UEFA Champions League Debut - Awarded for making your UEFA Champions League debut in [Become a Legend].
UEFA Champions League Winner - Awarded for becoming a [UEFA Champions League] Winner.

Gold trophies
No.1 Club - Awarded for being named the No.1 Club in the [Master League] Club Rankings.
No.1 Owner - Awarded for being the Greatest Owner within the Beautiful Game in [Club Boss].
Super Star - Awarded for winning the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year Award [Become a Legend].
World Footballer of the Year - Awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in [Become a Legend].

Platinum trophy
Ultimate Player - Unlock all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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Little Big Planet : Final Fantasy VII

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Cheats

Terminal Usernames and Passwords:
The following is every Terminal and Security Terminal and their corresponding username and password:

Sarif HQ
Sarif Industries F2 - User: fpritchard - Pass: nuclearsnke
Sarif Industries F3 - User: tbruger - Pass: eclipse
Sarif Industries F3 - User: ajenson - Pass: mandrake
Sarif's Office - User: amargoulis - Pass: gsspgirl
Factoring Lans F1 - User: doutchman - Pass: windmill
Admin F2 - User: fmarchand - Pass: factotum
Admin F2 - User: gthorpe - Pass: hydro
Admin F2 - User: rmccauf - Pass: hvywethr
Admin F2 - User: sgrimes - Pass: ovid
Admin F2 - User: tcaldwell - Pass: talon
Admin F2 - User: mross - Pass: lions
Admin F2 - User: fbrooks - Pass: tipple
Admin F2 - User: vclark - Pass: tigers
Admin F2 - User: cparker - Pass: zinc
Admin F2 - User: mlatona - Pass: redwings
Admin F4 - User: jthorpe - Pass: hydra
Factoring Labs F1 - User: doutchman - Pass: windmill

Jenson's Apartment Lobby - User: sterhorst - Pass: queenbee
Apartment 3 F2 - User: docta - Pass: atcod
Apartment 3 F1 - User: omalley - Pass: trojan
Police Department F1 - User: bsterling - Pass: investor
Police Department F1 - User: pdick - Pass: lectrolam
Police Department F1 - User: jballard - Pass: solempire
Police Department F1 - User: jchampagne - Pass: grimster
Police Department F1 - User: wgibson - Pass: baronnull
Police Department F1 - User: rdeckard - Pass: unicorn
Police Department F1 - User: hellison - Pass: cordwainer
Police Department F1 - User: bbethke - Pass: maverick
Police Department F1 - User: pcadigan - Pass: desprit
Police Department F1 - User: mfrezell - Pass: liezerf
Police Department F1 - User: whass - Pass: catharsis
Police Department F2 - User: fnicefield - Pass: patriotism
Police Department F2 - User: cleboeuf - Pass: dasteer
Police Department F2 - User: rpenn - Pass: apophenion
Police Department F3 - User: cwagner - Pass: fuckface
Police Department F3 - User: fmccann - Pass: solanum
Police Department F3 - User: jalexander - Pass: basileus
Police Department F3 - User: bgum - Pass: justicar
Police Department F3 - User: guest - Pass: password1
Police Department F3 - User: amurphy - Pass: thighgun

Fema Camp
Fema Yard F1 - User: wks0012 - Pass: ntlec59
Fema Yard F1 - User: spaxxor - Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 - User: spaxxor - Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 - User: spaxxor - Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 - User: wks0010 - Pass: usprokt
Fema Interior B1 - User: lbarret - Pass: bullskull
Fema Interior B3 - User: spaxxor - Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3 - User: spaxxor - Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3 - User: wks2011 - Pass: crrctions
Fema Interior B3 - User: wks3021 - Pass: hmldsec1
Fema Interior B3 - User: wks4145 - Pass: hmldsec2

Hung Hua Hotel - User: msuen - Pass: oleander
Alice Gardens Pod 1 - User: asgarden - Pass: rbbthole
The Hive - User: bbao - Pass: vanguard
The Hive - User: wbees - Pass: paperfan

Tay Zong Medical
Pool - User: poolrm - Pass: pelagic
F1 - User: lgeng - Pass: gehong
F3 - User: zarvlad - Pass: muonrule
F3 - User: rkumar - Pass: outback
F4 - User: nemuni - Pass: ironfist
F4 - User: tymmf - Pass: ebrain
F4 - User: gengl - Pass: pangutym

F3 - User: mwells - Pass: lavadome
F3 - User: jricard - Pass: macro
F3 - User: atresman - Pass: skylark
F3 - User: sbernard - Pass: dumbass
F6 - User: jkenney - Pass: montroyal
F6 - User: dgassner - Pass: oneida
Restricted Area F1 - User: pcorbo - Pass: spitfire
Restricted Area F1 - User: bshupper - Pass: widget
Restricted Area F1 - User: jchapman - Pass: diode
Restricted Area F1 - User: jchapman - Pass: diode
Restricted Area F2 - User: emasse - Pass: moufette
Restricted Area F2 - User: bnorthco - Pass: sterling
Restricted Area F3 - User: ltodd - Pass: titom

Detroit Convention Center
F3 - User: wtaggart - Pass: marjorie

Territory B1 - User: zhengl - Pass: hirollr
Territory B2 - User: ttong - Pass: mirrshds

Hengsha Seaport
Seaport F2 - User: prmtr01 - Pass: collosus
Seaport F3 - User: jwang - Pass: mainman

Omega Ranch
F1 - User: dfalk - Pass: topfrag
F1 - User: eblake - Pass: hndstuth
F1 - User: dabblett - Pass: monastic
F1 - User: ogomez - Pass: techsmex
F1 - User: lmorano - Pass: morpheus
F2 - User: aoconnor - Pass: keppler
F2 - User: pwalts - Pass: ruckus


Port of Entry - User: kathys - Pass: mssinghme
Landing Pad - User: amelie - Pass: lstforever
Hyron Project - User: hualing - Pass: iwntlove
Hyron Project - User: daiyu - Pass: frgottn
Hyron Project - User: marilyn - Pass: yyyyyy
Tower - User: isabella - Pass: rhemmberme

Website hint:
Complete the prologue and begin the first level. Enter the warehouse and search for cardboard boxes marked with "Sarif Industries" to find a QR barcode. Scan it on a QR readable phone to view a fictional website from the storyline.

Forever Alone easter egg:
Reach Hengsha; it is on the first mission upon your arrival. When you get to the hacker's apartment, look underneath the desk or above the computer in the left corner to see the "Forever Alone" meme on a Post-It note.

Robocop easter egg:
-In the Detroit police station can be found one officer that may seem particularly familiar.

-Robocop's human precursor was named 'Alex Murphy,' and the guy talking about 80s movies at the desk has the same name.

Final Fantasy easter egg:
Enter Pritchard’s office and look on his wall above his motorcycle to spot the Final Fantasy 27 game of the future.

QR Codes hint:
The QR codes on boxes and other things in the game are real. Scan them off your screen with a cellphone to read the secret messages.

Experience hint in China:
In Hengsha, all the stores have a back door. Open it and walk inside for a Traveler bonus of 100 XP.

Infinite Ammo via Turret:
Upgrade Hacking and Strength and you can pick up turrets, which have unlimited ammo. Set them down or let them fire while you move to clear out a room easily! You still earn experience, including headshots. This can also be done with robots.

Panel Codes:
The following are all of the numerical codes for Safe Panels, Bomb Panels, Security Panels and Laser Grid Panels in the game:

Sarif HQ
Helipad Storage - 8053(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 (Denzel Mitchell Office) - 1364(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 (Ted Bruger Office) - 9642(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 - 0250(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 (Frieda Malik Office) - 5475(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 - 3716(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 (Mike Pine Office) - 4145 (Security Panel)

Sarif Manufacturing Plant
Assembly Line 1 F2 - 1505 (Bomb Panel)

Detroit City Streets
Detroit City Streets (North) - 0187(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central) - 2928(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central) - 1904(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central) - 6542(Laser Grid Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central) - 0002(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (East) - 4891(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (East) - 1966(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Southwest) - 8982(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Southwest) - 4626(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Southeast) - 5551(Security Panel)
Detroit City Sewers - 2599(Security Panel)
Detroit City Sewers - 0000(Bomb Panel)
Detroit Sewers - 8218(Laser Grid Panel)
Detroit Sewers - 0110 (Security Panel)

Detroit Apartments
Jensen's Apartment - 5375(Safe Panel)
Apartment 2 F1 - 0739(Safe Panel)
Apartment 2 F2 - 3733(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 B1 - 8974(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F1 - 1077(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F1 - 1029(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F1 - 1031(Safe Panel)
Apartment 3 F2 - 3663(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F2 - 8221(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F2 - 2356(Security Panel)
Apartment 4 F3 - 1948(Safe Panel)
Apartment 4 F3 - 7767 (Security Panel)

Detroit Derelict Row
Derelect Row F1 - 3290(Security Panel)
Derelect Row F1 - 5962(Security Panel)
Derelect Row F3 - 5463 (Safe Panel)

Detroit Police Department
B1 - 2599(Security Panel)
B1 - 7366(Laser Grid Panel)
B1 - 7366(Laser Grid Panel)
B1 - 9212(Security Panel)
F1 - 4816(Security Panel)
F1 - 1856(Security Panel)
F3 - 2231(Security Panel)
F3 - 6065(Security Panel)
F3 - 3727 (Security Panel)

Fema Camp
Fema Interior B1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Interior B1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Interior B1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Yard F1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Yard F1 - 7984(Laser Grid Panel)
Fema Yard F1 - 7984 (Laser Grid Panel)

Hengsha City Streets

Hengsha Streets (West) - 3444(Safe Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East) - 1381(Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East) - 1339(Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East) - 1379(Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East) - 7845(Security Panel)
Lower Hengsha Streets (South) - 5377 (Security Panel)

Hengsha Buildings
Hung Hua Hotel - 7657(Safe Panel)
Alice Garden Pods F1 - 3785(Security Panel)
Alice Garden Pods F1 - 3824(Security Panel)
The Hive - 0415(Security Panel)
The Hive - 8953 (Safe Panel)

Tai Yong Medical
Storage Area - 4865(Security Panel)
Storage Area - 5720(Security Panel)
Storage Area - 0821(Security Panel)
Pool - 7934(Security Panel)
Pool - 9409(Laser Grid Panel)
F1 - 4713(Security Panel)
F3 - 9762(Laser Grid Panel)
F3 - 9762(Laser Grid Panel)
F3 - 2459(Laser Grid Panel)
F3 - 5126(Laser Grid Panel)
F4 - 2967(Security Panel)
F4 - 3090(Security Panel)
F4 - 6906(Security Panel)
Penthouse - 0117 (Safe Panel)


F1 - 0068(Security Panel)
Restricted Area F1 - 0101(Security Panel)
Restricted Area F1 - 1006(Security Panel)
Restricted Area F3 - 1980 (Security Panel)

Harvester Territory B2 - 7920 (Safe Panel)

Hengsha Seaport
Seaport F1 - 7785(Security Panel)
Seaport F2 - 4589(Security Panel)
Seaport F3 - 3295 (Security Panel)

Omega Ranch
Omega F1 - 2410(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 9992(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 2535(Laser Grid Panel)
Omega F1 - 1385(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 0111(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 0111(Security Panel)
Omega F2 - 5377(Security Panel)
Omega F2 - 1504 (Security Panel)

Port of Entry - 7153(Security Panel)
Machinery - 9823(Security Panel)
Machinery - 9823(Security Panel)
Tower - 8024 (Security Panel)

Easy experience hints:
-When hacking, save the game and hack the optional nodes-- but do not complete the hack. After hacking the nodes, load the previous saved game. Repeat the process. When you finally complete the hack, you will get all the nodes (from the previous times you loaded) along with the nodes you get normally. Use this on the computer in Jensen's office for 500 experience points every time you load for easy Praxis points.

-Hack everything you can if you have the required Hacking skill. This will result in easy experience points as well as possible access codes and credits.

-Non-lethal takedowns and kills earn more experience points than the lethal variety. Note: If you have the Reflex Booster Augmentation, you can will earn 125 experience points from a non-lethal takedown.

-In Hengsha, China every store has a back door. Open it and walk inside for a Traveler bonus of 100 experience points.

Conversations Answers:
Use the following answers to the conversations to unlock the best ending for that person:

Zeke Sanders
Empathize, Empathize, Empathize, Empathize.
Zeke will release the hostage and flee. If you let Zeke leave but make a mistake in the rest of the conversation, he will still go but the hostage will die.

Wayne Haas
Absolve, Absolve, Absolve/Plead, Crush.
This givesyou unrestricted access to the non-restricted areas of the Detroit police station. Note: This unlocks the "Desk Job" achievement.

David Sarif
Refocus, Refocus, Refocus, Defend.
David will give you emails and records about Adam's past and the security loophole. Note: This unlocks the "Yes Boss" achievement.

Tong Si Hung
Pinpoint, Advise, Pinpoint.
Adam can go downstairs to meet with the Triad leader that owns The Hive. Note: This unlocks the "Darker Shades" achievement.

Bill Taggart
Confront, Discredit, Confront, Discredit.
Bill Taggart gives you the location of Dr. Isaias Sandoval. Note: This unlocks the "Throwdown" achievement.

Doctor Isaias Sandoval
Tough Love, Empathize, Empathize.
This prevents Isaias Sandoval from killing themself. Note: This unlocks the "Last Straw" achievement.

Hugh Darrow
Extrapolate, Extrapolate, Appeal, Extrapolate/Appeal.
Hugh Darrow deactivates the security system and you will get the code to shut down the Hyron system. Note: This unlocks the "Final Countdown" achievement.

Funicular in Picus Communications:
When waiting for the Funicular to come up in Picus Communications, enemies will appear. Before pressing the elevator button, save the game. Use heavy objects to block both entrances into the room. Note: This requires the Move/Lift Heavy Objects Augment. You can use the two vending machines outside the room, two crates next to the security computer, and the turret in the middle to block the lower doorway and the side corridor. If done correctly, the guards will stay outside while you are waiting for the Funicular.

Easy stealth kills hint:
If you prefer to eliminate enemies quietly but are be finding it difficult, find an indestructible object such as a barrel or container and take it with you. When you find several enemies, stand in a position where you want an enemy to approach. While holding the barrel, throw it next to yourself or close to where you wish your target to approach. The entire group will be alerted upon hearing the object slam to the ground or wall you threw it at, but will only approach to investigate. The enemy will walk to the area alerted, stand where the sound came from, then start walking back after finding nothing. You can now knock them out or kill them undetected at your desired location. Note: If you throw the object a long distance, the investigating enemy may track the object's flight path directly back to your position. It is better to throw it nearby for repeated use.

Blade Runner easter egg:
In the list of usernames and passwords for the police station first floor computers located in one of the pocketboys, there is one listed as: user "rdeckert", password "unicorn". This is a reference to the main character from Blade Runner and the unicorn from the visions in the film.

Demolition Man easter egg:
Once you go to China and then to the penthouse, look in the bathroom and notice a shelf with three shells instead of toilet paper. This is a joke in Demolition Man.

Fight Club easter egg:
Enter the men's restroom at The Hive and find a pocket secretary that gives the door code for the back room. It also states that someone broke the first rule by talking about what goes on in the basement and is signed "T".

The Office easter egg:
One of the computers in the Singapore secret facility contains an email that mentions a stapler. The person's name is "Dwayne" (instead of Dwight) and mentions setting up a hidden camera to catch someone. The bottom of the messages reads "I know you have it Jim."

Steam achievement:
Acquaintances Forgotten - Follow pritchard's lead to uncover the truth.
Balls - Seems you like playing with balls, eh?
Bar Tab - Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab.
Cloak & Daggers - Deal with the man in the shadows.
Consciousness is Over-rated - Knock out at least 100 enemies in a single playthrough.
Corporate Warfare - Protect a client's interests by performing a less-than-hostile takeover.
Darker Shades - You convinced a fast-talking bartender to let you see Tong Si Hung.
Deus Ex Machina - Experience all the different endings that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to offer.
Doctorate - Read all 29 unique XP books within a single playthrough.
First Hack - Perform your first Hack successfully.
First Takedown - Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don't count, so be nice.
Foxiest of the Hounds - Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.
Ghost - You made it through an entire hostile area without making so much as a squeak.
Good Soul - Against all odds, you saved Faridah Malik's life.
Guardian Angel - You paid poor Jaya's debt in full. How very... humane... of you.
Gun Nut - Fully upgrade one of your weapons.
Hangar 18 - You found and read the secret message. Now you know too much...
Hax0r1! - Successfully hack at least 50 devices within the same playthrough.
Kevorkian Complex - You granted a dying man his final request.
Ladies Man - You convinced Mengyao to spill the beans on the mysterious Hyron Project.
Legend - Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its hardest setting.
Lesser Evil - Deal with Mr. Carella's indiscretion.
Lucky Guess - Maybe next time, Jacob will use a more complex code when arming a bomb.
Motherly Ties - Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest.
Old School Gamer - You found all the hidden story items in Megan's Office. Point-and-Click much?
Opportunist - Perform 50 takedowns within the same playthrough. (Civilians don't count.)
Pacifist - Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights do not count.)
Rotten Business - Help a lady in the oldest of professions clean house.
Sentimental Value - You kept Megan's bracelet for yourself. Apparently, letting go really is the hardest part.
Shanghai Justice - It may take some sleuthing, but justice must be served.
Smash the State - Help Officer Nicholas take out the trash.
Super Sleuth - You really nailed your case against Lee Hong.
Talion A.D. - Descend into the bowels of an urban jungle and confront a warrior-priest.
The Bull - You defeated Lawrence Barrett, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
The D Project - You watched the entire credit list and saw the surprise at the end.
The Desk Job - You convinced Wayne Haas to let you into the morgue.
The End - You defeated Zhao Yun Ru and by doing so, destroyed the Hyron Project.
The Fall - You sent Diamond Chan on the trip of a lifetime.
The Final Countdown - You pointed out the flaws in his logic to millionaire Hugh Darrow.
The Last Straw - You talked Doctor Isaias Sandoval out of suicide.
The Mantis - You defeated Yelena Federova, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
The Snake - You defeated Jaron Namir, Leader of Belltower's Elite Special Operations Unit.
The Take - Greedy bastard. You accepted O'Malley's blood money and let him go.
The Throwdown - You convinced the smooth-talking politician Bill Taggart to tell the truth in public.
Transhumanist - Fully upgrade your first augmentation of choice.
Trooper - Complete deus ex: human revolution.
Unforeseen Consequence - You convinced Zeke Sanders to let his hostage go.
Up the Ante! - Upgrade your first weapon of choice.
Yes Boss - You had an argument with your boss, David Sarif, and won.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during gameplay or at the pause menu:

Weapons (tier 1) - thugstools
Weapons (tier 2) - professionaltools
Weapons (tier 3) - nuttertools
Armor - preciousprotection
Health [NOTE 1] - aspirine
Raise wanted level - youwonttakemealive
Lower wanted level - leavemealone
View media level when over two stars - chasestat
Good weather - apleasantday
Great weather - alovelyday
Sunny weather - abitdrieg
Stormy weather - catsanddogs
Foggy weather - cantseeathing
Rhino tank - panzer
Faster game clock - lifeispassingmeby
Faster game play - onspeed
Slower game play - booooooring
Destroy all cars - bigbang
Pedestrians riot - fightfightfight
Pedestrians attack you - nobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weapons - ourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians enter your car - hopingirl
Change wheel size [NOTE 6] - loadsoflittlethings
Only wheels visible on cars - wheelsareallineed
Dodo cars (flying) [NOTE 2] - comeflywithme
Better driving skills [NOTE 7] - gripiseverything
Bikini women with guns [NOTE 4] - chickswithguns
Suicide - icanttakeitanymore
Heavy traffic - miamitraffic
Pink traffic - ahairdresserscar
Black traffic - iwantitpaintedblack
All traffic lights green - greenlight
Romero's Hearse - thelastride
Love Fist Limousine - rockandrollcar
Trashmaster - rubbishcar
Bloodring Banger (style 1) - travelinstyle
Bloodring Banger (style 2) - gettherequickly
Hotring Racer (style 1) - getthereamazinglyfast
Hotring Racer (style 2) - getthereveryfastindeed
Sabre Turbo - gettherefast
Caddy - betterthanwalking
Pedestrian costumes [NOTE 3] - stilllikedressingup
Lance Vance costume - looklikelance
Ken Rosenberg costume - mysonisalawyer
Hilary King costume - ilooklikehilary
Jezz Torent (Love Fist) costume - rockandrollman
Dick (Love Fist) costume - weloveourdick
Phil Cassaday costume - onearmedbandit
Sonny Forelli costume - idonthavethemoneysonny
Mercedes costume - foxylittlething
Cars float on water - seaways
Tommy groupies [NOTE 5] - fannymagnet or phanymagnet
Ricardo Diaz costume - cheatshavebeencracked
Tommy smokes cigarette - certaindeath
Tommy is fatter - deepfriedmarsbars
Tommy has thin arms and legs - programmer
Reguard target - airship

NOTE 1: If this code is enabled when there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.
NOTE 2: You will not be able to fly a helicopter correctly when this code is activated.
NOTE 3: Also, if you change your appearance, you cannot pick up any "shirt icons" (at Rafael's, Laundromat, Collars and Cuffs, etc.) or the game will freeze. You cannot change into a pedestrian costume while in a vehicle or in a special outfit (you must get "street" clothes).
NOTE 4: The women will drop guns when they are killed.
NOTE 5: Aim your gun at someone and they will attack your target.
NOTE 6: To increase the effect of this code, enable it, go to the pause menu, select "Load Game", choose any game, then enable the code again and repeat as desired.
NOTE 7: Press [Shift] when this code is enabled to jump.

Reduced Felony:
To kill a cop without receiving a wanted star, angle a helicopter into them so that the blade slices them.

Health Power-Up:
To get an instant health power-up, drive up to a hooker and get her to come into the car. Your health will grow from 100 to 125.

Parking Meters:
You can get money from parking meters by crashing into them.

Shoot the Moon:
When you shoot the Moon with a sniper rifle, it will change in size.

Radio commercial numbers:
The following is a list of phone numbers heard during radio commercials in the game. Try dialing any of them:

1-866-9-BURY ME
1-866-9-SAVE ME

Change vehicle physics:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in the "grandtheftautovicecity\data\" folder. You can change the velocity of the bikes, cars, boats, helicopters, and airplanes in the game.

All Hands On Deck mission hints:
-During Cortez's final mission, it is possible to skip the entire first part. To do this, you must have a car and drive it over to Cortez's yacht. Before you step in the pink marker or even get out of your car, drive over to the adjoining yacht to the right of Cortez's yacht. Park your car in front of the now open gate so that most of it is blocked off, then run (do not take the motorcycle next to the yacht) to Cortez's Cheetah. Take it and fill in the final bit of open space between the gate and your first car. Again, get out of your car and run back to Cortez's yacht. During the intermission sequence, the French will try to no avail to get on the pier.

-Once the mission begins, continue to enable the "Destroy all cars" code. This will destroy all boats and helicopters, but will not harm the yacht you are on.

See ultimate secret vehicle early on "All Hands On Deck":
The helicopter attacking you is the ultimate secret vehicle from later in the game.

Alloy Wheels Of Steel mission hints:
-Enable the "Rhino" code and put two tanks in front of the other motorcycles. You will have enough room to get in front. Maintain your speed and you will win the race easily because the other motorcycles will crash into the tank and either fall off or have to go around them, taking up time.

-Before you start the mission, enable the "Faster acceleration" and "Higher top speed" codes. The other racers may pass you for the first couple turns, however they will over-shoot the turn on the first long straightaway because they are going too fast. You will see them piled up in the alley beside the curve. Continue following the markers as fast as you dare, and you will easily win.

-Take one of the racer's bikes as it will be very responsive and will not tip over or slide in a turn. Note: The Angel will not retain its special qualities if saved in a garage (or destroyed and placed in a garage.)

The Gamer:
Before starting, do not take an Angel or a Freeway at the right. Instead, go to the right hand side and knock the driver of the bike. He is now out of the race. The bike you take is much faster than the others, and has better turning ability.

Autocide mission hint:
Before starting the mission, have a Hotring Racer #2. Enable the "Health" code. For the people in the cars and boat, use a rocket launcher. For the man on the motorcycle, simply bash him head on if you drive on the wrong side of Ocean Drive and come from the way that the North Point Mall is located.

Various easter eggs on Autocide mission:
The people you must assassinate have near-identical names to personas from other crime games:

Marcus Hammond - Mark Hammond from The Getaway
Franco Carter - Frank Carter from The Getaway
Nick Kong - Nick Kang from True Crime - Streets of L.A. (yet to be released)
Dick Tanner - Tanner from Driver
Charlie Dilson - Charlie Jolson from The Getaway

Back Alley Brawl mission hints:
-Drive fast towards the chef and jump out of the car before you get too close. After the car hits the chef and kills him, pick up the cell phone. When the three chefs appear, they will protect you instead of trying to kill you. Another advantage is that Lance will follow you. When the car pulls up to the hotel at the end of the mission, Lance will get out with you and the car will drive away by itself.

-When you go to the alley where the chef is located, find him but do not get near him. Line him up with your vehicle and get a good run for it. Run him over so there's no risk getting beat up, then get out and pick up his cell phone.

-Enable the "Tommy groupies" code. After killing the chef, Lance and the other three chefs will protect you, even after the mission is completed. This also works for other missions where you have to take people to other places.

Bombs Away mission hints:
-Instead of chasing boats and a car, you can run over all the Cubans with the RC plane. Afterward, simply drop the bombs and blow up the boats.

-When first starting the mission, take off then land on the other side. Drive the plane to the dock and run over every Cuban. Once they are all dead, you can bomb the boats with ease.

Cabmaggedon mission hints:
-Get the rocket launcher at the pool of the hotel near Escobar International Airport before you begin the mission. When you enter the pink circle, face the boat that is located opposite the gate to the lot. As soon as you can, go towards the boat and drive until you see the storage bins, then hop out of the taxi. Then, jump up the step at the edge of the lot. The taxis cannot get up this. Take out your rocket launcher and fire towards them. You can kill all of them with a couple shots. After that, go out to attract the Zebra Taxi and fire at him. You can do all this without getting hit.

-Go to where you are supposed to meet Mercedes, then go towards the water and you will see a garage with the black ball above it. This is 8-Ball's garage. Drive in to get your car fitted with a remote detonation bomb. Go back to the pink circle and point your car towards the water. Honk the horn, then go to the most north-eastern place in the area. Get out of the car and jump on the ledge, then move behind the boxes. When the cars are close enough, detonate the car-bomb. When the Zebra Cab appears, shoot it with whatever you want to destroy it.

Cap The Collector mission hint:
Take a fast car to the Print Factory while making sure it is not damaged when you arrive, as one of the men has a shotgun that can destroy the car easily. Before you step into the circle, enable the "Faster cars" code. Once out, race to the dockyard. If you are lucky, the men have not taxed your store yet. Otherwise, when they are back on the bike, simply ram into it then run over the men. The next location is Sunshine Autos. Do the same thing, although you can get there before the next set of people. The next location is The Malibu Club, and the same process. There are only three sets of men. Once you have killed all six, the mission is complete.

The Chase mission hint:
After meeting Diaz to start the mission, check the window, get upstairs, then start chasing the thief. If you are good enough at sprinting and weaving in and out of tight spots, you will pass him up on the roof and jump off the edge of the building first. Then, get in the BF Injection and wait. The thief will jump down, get in, and drive you there. You will appear to be invisible at the end of the mission. Get out of the car and you will have completed the mission by doing nothing.

Check Out At The Check In mission hint:
Before you begin this mission at the phone in the airport terminal, find a helicopter and park it outside the airport. Also, get body armor (preferably with 150 armor or health). Start the mission, obtain the gun, and go to the farthest metal detector from you and snipe from there. Then, enable the "Lower wanted meter" code and run to get the briefcase. After that, run out, get in the helicopter, and fly it to the Downtown Ammu-Nation store.

Checkpoint Charlie mission hints:
-To have an easier time controlling the Squallo, enable the "Slow motion" code. The speed will be decreased, but the handling of the Squallo remains the same. Since the speed is less, the handling would seem better, allowing you to complete the mission without problems. Also, after complete it for the first time, every consecutive time after that, fog will appear that gets worse with each attempt. Enable the "Normal weather" code to make it disappear.

-Enable the "Car floats on water", "Increase your vehicle's top speed" and "Better driving skills" codes. Drive a fast car into the water behind your boat, but not so far or else you will drown when you get out or back in. Then, begin the race with a boat. Jump out of your boat and run back to your car. You can complete the race a lot faster because you will not jump around on the waves and can turn easily.

Cop Land mission hints:
-After accepting the mission, take Lance with you to the police station helipad in Downtown. There are stairs which lead to the helipad from ground level. Take the VCPD helicopter (Lance will get in with you) and fly it to the garage where you must trap the police officers to obtain your uniforms. Land as carefully as possible in the grassy open area just east of the garage. You will see the police car intended for you parked behind the wall in the same area. Trap two police officers to acquire their uniforms. Once in police gear, you can take any police vehicle to the mall, including the VCPD helicopter. Fly with Lance to the mall and land in the open area between the two south entrances. After detonating the bomb and exiting the mall with Lance, enter the helicopter as soon as possible and fly over all the pursuit vehicles to the mansion. Land and run down with Lance in tow to the pink area to complete the mission. Note: Police will appear inside the mansion and on the roof; kill them off quickly to get to the checkpoint.

-After completing the mission, you will notice some of the things inside your mansion will have changed. The paintings on the walls will be crooked, and some will be taken away.

-After planting the bomb inside the Tarbrush Café, run as fast as you can away from it before it detonates (about five seconds). Once your wanted level jumps up, enable the "No wanted level" code to return to your mansion easily.

-After luring the cops and get their clothes, enable the "Rhino tank" code. Take it to the entrance where the coffee shop is located. Detonate the bomb and run to the tank. Make sure that Lance gets in before you leave. You will be able to return to the Mansion with no problems.

-Once you have your cop uniform on, enable the "Slower game play" code. Do the whole mission in slow motion so cops and FBI cannot catch you. Make sure not to spin out of control or do anything else, because they will then hit you.

Death Row mission hints:
-Go to the Malibu Club in a very quick car, such as an Inferno. Get the mission brief, then drive as fast as you can towards the junkyard. When around the corner, enable the "Rhino" code to spawn a tank. Drive towards the guards, blasting them with the tank's cannon. Once inside the junkyard, kill as many men as you can by crushing them with the tank. Grab Lance and make your way back toward the tank. Then, take him to the hospital to complete the mission.

-Fly a VNC Maverick (or any other helicopter) to the Junkyard instead of driving. This will not only get you there quicker, but also will make getting Lance out of there much easier. Fly your helicopter next to the hangar Lance is held in, set it down, and kill the Cubans. When you pick up Lance, go directly into the helicopter. This will help you avoid the Diaz's men that chase after you. Then, just fly Lance to the hospital.

-Get a helicopter and obtain the mission from the Malibu Club with it. Then, fly to the junkyard and land quickly in front of the building holding Lance. Jump into the helicopter and take off quickly because the guards will shoot it once you are inside.

-During the Guardian Angels mission, intentionally kill Lance or Diaz. Take Diaz's car and store it in a garage. When doing the Death Row mission, use this car and take it to the garage were Lance is being kept. Get in and drive away. Since Diaz's car is bulletproof, there will be no chance that it will explode.

-This mission is sort of difficult; some preparation is needed. First, find body armor and health. Diaz's guards are armed with Rugers and 9mm Uzis. Next, get a third-person automatic weapon, preferably the Ingram Mac, found by the van in Vice Port, or a 9mm Uzi, which is found by the stairwell across from the Greasy Chopper, next to a pink high rise in Ocean Beach, or behind the southern Pay 'n' Spray on the eastern island. You will need about 250 to 300 rounds of automatic ammunition. The final weapon needed is a sniper rifle, which you can be found on a roof in Little Havana, next to the large "Kaufman Cabs" billboard. You can also purchase one in the mall. Find a large vehicle which has speed (fire truck recommended) and rig it with a bomb from 8-Ball's bomb shop in Vice Port. Quickly go to Kent Paul at the Malibu Club. Take off to save Lance. Use the handbrake when cornering. The fire truck will uproot the parked Admiral when you crash into it. You can jump out far away, and the speeding truck will carry its weight and crush the Admiral. The two guards behind it should not have much of a chance since you will then detonate the bomb when the truck hits. Run into the junkyard with your Ingram/Uzi firing. You should drop the first four or five guards without much return fire. Take out your sniper rifle and kill the man on top of the crane, then switch to your automatic and kill the men with Lance. Take the Trashmaster by the conveyoer belt and evacuate the area.

-Enable the "Weapons tier 3" code to have a mini-gun and a sniper rifle. Take any car and drive to save Lance. When you are in the street where Lance is held, spin your car so that it blocks the street (but keep it far from the garage). Place your car so that the driver's door will face the location where Lance is held. After you free Lance, return to the entrance of the garage and you will see that your car blocks Diaz's drivers. Do not run toward them. Instead, take out the sniper rifle and shoot your car. The car will explode and burn one of Diaz's cars. That car will also explode and blow up the second of Diaz's cars. This will continue until all of Diaz's cars are destroyed. After that, take the car that is near the place where Lance was held and drive safely to the hospital. Note: You can take that car before you take Diaz's drivers down.

Easy money on "Death Row":
-Kent Paul is located at the Malibu club. His first mission for you is "Death Row". When you approach the entrance to the junk yard, you will find a bunch of gang members. Once you have killed all of them, collect their money and let Lance die. Once the mission is over, start it again.

-The meter for Lance's health will be on the side of the screen, and you must reach the junkyard before it runs out. Once there, take out all the thugs. Every thug has at least $500 on them. Since there are about fifteen thugs there, you can easily make about $75,00. Once you have killed all the thugs and gathered all their money, save Lance and enable the "Rhino Tank" code. Get in with Lance, then leave the junkyard. Diaz' gang will arrive in cars and try to kill you and Lance. Do not destroy the cars. Shoot somewhere on the road next to the cars so that the cars will smoke. They will run out of their cars. Once they do this, kill them and they should have tons of money. Get out the tank and collect the money. You should be able to make at least $10,000 total. Then, kill Lance to purposefully fail the mission. You can return to Kent Paul and start the mission again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Demolition Man mission hints:
-You must fly a toy helicopter into a building and drop four bombs into specific points within the building and avoid getting beat or shot down in only seven minutes. There are construction workers and security guards with guns that will attack the toy helicopter throughout the building. The countdown, however, does not begin until you pick up the first bomb. The best way to start the mission to find and kill the construction workers and security guards by flying into them with the propeller before you pick up any bombs. This will get them out of the way and you will get a feel for flying the helicopter and spotting where the targets are in the process. After killing them all, go back to get the bombs and start dropping them in the targets. Also avoid flying into anything -- with enough damage the helicopter will be totaled.

-An alternate way of completing this mission is to pickup the first bomb and place it on the top floor first. Then, place the next bomb on the third floor, the next bomb on the second floor, and the final bomb on the bottom level.

Dirty Lickin's mission hint:
Have a rocket launcher ready but don't bother sniping as the Hatians knock off most of the Cubans. Wait for a car to drive up. When it does, blow it up. A line of Cubans will then run out from the bottom left. Also blow them up. There will one or two Cubans remaining. Snipe them to complete the mission

Distribution mission hint:
During the Cherry Popper drug deals, it is easier to simply go to the beaches and sell. Once one star is achieved, just drive around until it disappears. The bonus to doing it this way is that you will always have plenty of customers, and no cop cars. The only downside is that the ice-cream truck moves very slow. However, you can easily outrun any on foot cops. Try this to make 100 sales easily.

When playing the mission, you will notice that the "ice cream" is most popular among prostitutes.

Driver mission hints:
-In the mission when you are racing Hilary, simply stay an his tail and he may spin out.

-Go to the Malibu Club and enable the "Flying car (Dodo)" code. When racing Hilary, drive as quick as you can without flying. Since Hilary's car is much faster than yours, it will not stop flying and you will always be in the lead. When the cops show up, enable the "Lower wanted level" cheat, and cruise from there on. You will win without worry about Hilary catching up.

-During the countdown, enable the "Hotring Racer" code. Get out of the Sentinel and get in the Hotring .Hilary will be ahead, but you will eventually catch him.

-Before you start the mission, save the game at the Malibu Club. Enable the "Change wheel size" code. Pause game play and load the game that you just saved. Once the game is loaded, enabled the code again. Repeat this about five times. Then, enter the club and start the mission. The "Change wheel size" code makes certain cars faster. In this case, your Sentinel will not go any faster, but Hillary's will. Hillary will be driving so fast that his car will spin out of control and he will crash into other cars and buildings. This allows you to get a decent lead and Hillary will never catch up with you. Once the police catch up to you, enable the "Lower wanted level" code. Note: Not only will you be able to beat Hillary, your status will not be effected. Other codes will lower your status badly, but this one has no effect.

-As soon as the race starts to count down, immediately enable the "Spawn Hotring Racer" code or something similar. The car you spawn should fall in front of you. When the race starts, you can immediately get out of the car and enter your Racer. The faster car should make things easier. Note: This cannot be done with a Racer from Sunshine Autos, as it will disappear before the race.

-Before you race Hilary, go to the police station on the right side by the bridge. Spawn a tank and park it in the road. Go to the Malibu Club and save the game. Race Hilary. He will run into tank and get stuck because he cannot blow up. From there, on cruise along the rest of the race and he cannot catch you.

-To defeat Hillary easily, take the Stretch limo from your mansion and park it so that just a little bit of the end is still on the bridge after the police station where the girder sticks out. The rest of it should go about all the way to the middle of the street. Run to the Malibu Club and beginthe mission. Let Hillary get ahead of you just before that location. He will either spin around when he hits it and slam into the wall, or he will get in front of your car and become smashed to the side of the road. This allows you to get a head start while he recovers.

-Enable the "Slower game play" code three or four times before starting the mission. After enabling the code, start the mission. The game becomes very slow, but at least you can win the race.

-Throw a Molotov cocktail onto the dance floor inside the Malibu Club on your way to the pink mission marker. This results in you getting a three star wanted level and the police on your tail. Hillary should run over a police trap and popped all his tires. Avoid the trap and take your time around the corners to complete the mission with no pressure.

-Do some prep-work and park a few fire engines in front of the other competitors. Hopefully they will stay there and the opponents will wonder what they are doing.

-Enable the "Increase your vehicle's top speed" code before you go into the club. You may also need to enable the "Lower wanted level code", as the cops will come after you for street racing.

Fastest Boat mission hints:
-Use a car to run over the men with. This is much quicker, and lowers your risk of dying.

-Go to Diaz and initiate the mission. When you get outside of the fence, enable any "Weapons" code and shoot the men with the sniper rifle. Enable the "Rhino tank" code and drive it through the fence. Get out of the Rhino and run forward out of the tank. By the crates is a boat on land. Go behind it, crouch, and get out an Uzi. Target the enemies and kill them, then go to the garage and kill the three men. Do not activate the switch. Get the Rhino and drive it into the garage. Activate the switch and drive the Rhino over the men that enter. Be careful; do not hit the boat. With the men dead, get into the boat and leave the Rhino. Enable the "Lower wanted level" code, then complete the mission.

-Just before starting the mission, enable the weapons code that gives you the flame thrower. When you approach the boathouse, stop just outside the fence. Enter the fenced in area and run undetected to the right. Come back and face the first two guards. Take out the first one that is directly ahead, then the one to the right with your small machine gun. This will alert the other guards. Take them out as well with your small machine gun. This will give you time to switch weapons. Now, use the flame thrower. Enter the boathouse, turning to the left, and take out the mechanics from a distance. Let them get too close and you will also go up in flames. Run around the flames to the switch and lower the boat, then turn and take out the rest of the guards from a safe distance with another shot from the flame-thrower. Then, run, jump in the boat, and head out.

-Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code and take out the shotgun. Do not drive to the docks but go to pier 2 instead. This is the next pier over from Cortez's boat. Take the boat there to the boat yard. You will not have as many guards to deal with, and the shotgun easily picks them off.

Four Iron mission hints:
-When you arrive at the driving range, go to the line of parked Caddys and drive your Caddy straight to the edge of the river bank, behind them next to the telephone pole. Put the front wheels hanging over the edge. Next, one at a time, use the parked Caddys to ram them off the bank and into the river. The final one you use (the pink one) should be parked with the front wheels off the bank far enough where you cannot back it off. Be careful or you will drive off the bank and die. Your final act should be to steal the last Caddy that has the guard in it. After you hijack the Caddy, the target will send his guards after you and attempt to run. He will get into the last available Caddy (the one parked at the edge of the bank). Eventually he will fall off the bank, into the river and drown. Your mission will then be complete. Do not engage the guards; as soon as the target gets into the Caddy, drive around. You can also ram his Caddy from behind to speed things up.

-Make sure you have any gun. When you go through the metal detector, the gun will be saved outside for you to pick up on your way out. Note: You can take a chainsaw inside with you, if you have not died since your last Cortez mission. Once inside, go directly to the driving range and bother one of the guards by jumping in his Caddy, or run up the stairs and jump off the top of the driving range. This will put everyone in motion. Kill, beat, or otherwise disable most of the bodyguards so that you can jump in a Caddy and exit the area. Go directly back to the metal detector entrance and kill the two rent-a-cops there. Walk outside, pick up your weapons, and wait for the target to exit the club. When he does so, kill him to complete the mission.

-If you do not have the sniper rifle, enable the "Weapons" code to get it. Go into the range, exit back out, then park a car in the left hand corner next to the entrance. There should be a small wooden club holder there. Jump on the car then jump over the wooden club holder. You can snipe the man without the guards even noticing.

-When you reach the Leaf Links Country Club, go past the security checkpoint, then enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code. Take the Caddy and go to where the target is located. Keep a fairly good distance from where he is, then change to your rocket launcher. Use it to kill him and complete the mission.

-Go to Ammu-Nation and purchase some good guns, then get dressed as a golfer and drive or walk to the entrance of Leaf Links Golf Club. You can walk into the pink circle if desired. Look to the far left of the club's entrance and you should come across a cylinder-like object turned over on its side, with eight flags lying across it (directly next to the hedge) . Re-enter your car and drive over to the flags. You must align the side of your vehicle with the flags. In other words, the door of your car must as close to the flags as possible, and the front of your car as close to the yellowish-whitish fence as possible. Your car should now be parked parallel to the gray cylinder. You can now use your car into a stepping stone. Jump onto the hood of your car, then turn around and leap onto the hood. Finally, jump from the roof straight onto the flags and you will be inside. You can then use your guns in the course and kill the target from a distance.

-Get your new outfit, a PCJ-600, then ride to the pink circle. Instead of going in, turn around, ride back down the road and take the first right. Follow that road until you see a small road that is a dead end on your map. There is a ramp located there. Get plenty of speed and jump the ramp. You will make it over the water easily. You are now on the golf course, with a full arsenal and your bike, making it easy to complete the mission.

-Grab some grenades from Ammu-Nation at North Point Mall. Drive the car as close to the fence on the left of Leaf Links as possible. You will see the fence with golf clubs lined against it. Jump over that fence and you do not have to worry about the metal detectors taking your weapons. You may want to take out the guards before you do this. When you find the driving range, throw a grenade at the golf carts to knock them out of commission. Throw another grenade when his guards attack, and you can kill him. Make sure you have a full health and armor.

-When you get to the driving range, instead of going upstairs, ditch all the golf carts in the water (speed to it and bail). Then, go after your target. When he comes down, there will be no cart for him to get away in. He will run away on foot, making it simple to catch up and beat him with the golf club.

-Head to the pink marker at Leaf Links, but do not enter the golf course. Instead, drive to where that bridge that connects the golf course is located. Drive up there, exit your car, then go where the bridge ends on the right side. Aim and get a jump to land on the golf course with all your weapons.

-To avoid dropping off your weapons at the gate and completing the mission using a car, perform the following. When you approach the entrance of the course you will notice a Comet sitting there. Get into the vehicle and drive straight down the driveway to the road and stop. If you go left, you will drive back to where you came from. If you go right, you will go towards the bridge that is closed. As you are driving there, you will notice a wooden bridge above that links two golf holes together. Drive until you get to the closed bridge and turn around, but do not go yet. Back up until you cannot back up anymore. You should now be facing the way you just came and see the wooden bridge you just drove under. Notice there are slanted grass slopes that are on each side of the road that lead up to a wall of bushes. At the top of the grass slopes on the sides of the road is a wall of bushes that you cannot go through. However, there is a crease where the bridge and the bush wall meet. This trick can only be done on the left side of the wooden bridge as you are facing it. Start driving up the grass slope at max speed into the corner where the bush wall and wooden bridge meet. When you hit the crease, your car will bounce into the air and hopefully land on its wheels onto the bridge. This might take a attempts. If you land upside down on the bridge, get out of the car before it explodes then jump back down onto the road and go back to the entrance of the course. There will be another Comet waiting there. Repeat this until your car lands correctly. When on the course, drive carefully towards the yellow dot where you will find the marked man and his bodyguards. Once you arrive, notice that there are a number of golf carts parked and empty, except for one that has a bodyguard to the far right. While in you car, pull next to the carts parked near the driving range and push them straight back into the water. Make sure that you do not go too far and also fall in. Continue to get rid of the carts by pushing them in the water with your car, but do the cart with the bodyguard last. When you attack him, the bodyguards will come after you and the marked man will start to flee. The bodyguards and marked man cannot move too quick because they are not in the carts that you pushed into the water. Drive around so the bodyguards cannot catch you, and as you do so look for the marked man running down the golf course. When you find him, run him over with you car until he is dead. The bodyguards will then disappear. If you have to get out of your car for some reason, you will still have your guns to use. When completed, go back to the wooden bridge from which you came and jump over the side of the bridge onto the road.

-Do the Treacherous Swine mission before doing this mission. When you get in the golf course, they will take all weapons you have. However, if you did the Treacherous Swine mission before this mission, the chainsaw will still be there. Go to where your target is. As soon as he and his bodyguards see you, immediately jump off the steps. If you landed correctly, he will be face to face with you and will be trying to get away. Chainsaw him to pass this mission in less than a minute.

G-Spotlight mission hints:
-Rather than using the motor bike to complete the entire mission, only use it for the checkpoints that are in the office building. Afterwards, use a helicopter (either from the police station or the Hyman condo) and proceed to stop at the checkpoints on the roofs of the other buildings.

-First, get the PCJ 600 near the guard booth close to the entrance of the movie studio. Proceed to the pink marker on your radar. Drive through the first building, hitting all the pink circles on the way (enjoy the elevator ride). When you see the first jump to the next building, fall off the building on the bike. Return to your mansion on Starfish Island and go inside. Go up to the roof of the mansion (go inside, turn left before "Tony's Room", follow the wall until the passage on right, follow passage until the stairs, then climb the stairs), get the helicopter if one is there, and continue to hit all the pink markers. Note: You do not need the helicopter from the mansion; any available one will suffice.

-The easiest way to complete this mission is to take the bike to the building. Go up the steps and go around until you reach the elevator. Go around the office corner and onto the pink circle. Ahead of you should be the first building jump. Jump it on the bike and, when you land on the blip, you can ditch the bike. Jump off the side of the building and make your way to an apartment with a helipad. Get a Maverick and land it on each circle until you get to the spotlight.

Complete "G-Spotlight" without a bike:
When you begin the final mission for the movie studio, it calls for you to do the stunts via the red PCJ 600 motorcycle or any bike. However, this is not necessary. After doing the first two pink circle check points (one before the elevator and the other in the second building's big hole you jump to), ride the bike over to the Hyman Condo and use your helicopter for all the rest. It is quick and easier.

Complete "G-Spotlight" with passenger:
Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and begin the mission. When going into the elevator, the man in the green shirt will get on your PCJ and stay with you for the whole mission.

New bike on "G-Spotlight":
No matter what condition your bike is in, ditch it as soon as the second set of stairs come down. You will find a new bike in seconds. After that, restart the run up the second steps.

New spotlights on "G-Spotlight":
After completing the mission, the spotlight will have a picture of breasts with the word "Suxxx" under it to promote the new movie for Candy Suxxx.

Guardian Angels mission hints:
-Grab some armor, a shotgun, and at least 50 rounds of ammo for it. When the enemies appear, jump down from the roof with your shotgun. When you get down, aim and shoot. When the car blocks you, jump on the hood, aim, and shoot. When you get done with the first two cars, watch the lower left corner of the map. As the yellow dots approach, get ready to aim and take fire. When you get to the dirtbike part, have a gun since you can shoot ahead and don't have to use the drive-by view. Get about five to ten feet away and shoot. When he falls off his bike, you should also get off. After this, it should be easy to finish him off and to get the money back to Diaz. Note: This may not always work. To make things easier, jump off the roof just before the enemies get there.

-Instead of staying up on the balcony with the Ruger Cortez gave you, go down with Diaz and the Cubans. Wait until you see the yellow blip on the radar. This will work well if you have a sub-machine gun. Once the other Cubans and Hatians appear, pick them off with the sub-machine gun. After you chase down the Haitan on the Sanchez, you are rewarded $1,000 and Diaz will call for you to get some work done for him.

-Enable the "Weapons tier 3" code. When you enter the parking garage, you will see a gun. Take it and it will replace your M16. When at the deal location, do not use that gun. Instead, use the mini-gun and kill the dealers. Another car of Cubans will arrive. Do not wait until they get out of the car -- simply shoot the car until it explodes. Do the same to the next set of cars until the Cubans use the motorcycle to take the package. Diaz will shoot one of the drivers, and you will take his motorcycle. Because the "Weapons tier 3" code was used, you will have an Uzi. Shoot the man on the motorcycle, then return with the package.

Flying Lance on "Guardian Angels":
When you get your gun and Lance shows up, hop on a motorcycle and he will also get on. Get to the ramp that goes over bridge near the Malibu Club. Get as far as possible from the ramp, then speed towards it as quickly as possible. Either lean forward or lean back when you hit the ramp. You should either do a backflip or frontflip. Lance should go flying almost halfway down the street then slide almost the rest of the way. It may be more effective to enable the "Faster game play" code.

Gun Runner mission hints:
-To complete this mission, keep moving and renewing hearts and armor. Before starting the mission, fill your condo garage with as many Zebra cabs and FBI cars as possible, all parked outwards for a quick getaway. One you begin, run over the crates. Do not pick the weapons up at this time. Run down some people and get all four crates open before you start to pick them up. As soon as you hear the Faggios, get in the car and run. The first two crates are roughly at the Pay 'N' Spray north of Cherry Pickers. You need to go into the Pay 'N' Spray every time you have a wheel shot out, coming back out of it at speed. Continue picking off Faggio riders and the other drivers as often as possible. Do not pick up the spilled crates until as late as possible. If you are chasing or being chased near the condo, drive in as soon as you are damaged. Pick up a new car and keep swapping. Do not forget the hearts at the hospital and to purchase armor at Ammu-Nation. You can even use a helicopter to get hearts from your mansion at Starfish Island.

-Before startingthe mission, enable the "Rhino tank" code. Use the tank through the mission. Do not get the weapons until you kill everyone.

-Go out of Phil's place and enable the "Destroy all cars" code . The cars will explode and the Faggios appear. Enable the "Spawn Rhino tank" code, then enter the Rhino and collect the weapons . If the men on Faggios appear their bikes will explode when touch your Rhino.

Extra money on "Gun Runner":
During the Gun Runner mission, other people will be shooting you (usually riding Faggios). If you kill them, you will get a $100 bonus.

Hit The Courier mission hint:
Before you start the mission, spawn a Hotring Racer #2. Enable the "Weapons tier 2" code twice and switch to the handgun. Then, begin the mission at the Print Works. Hop in the car and ride as fast as you can to the pink square. Kill everyone there and when the courier lands, immediately shoot her, grab the briefcase, enable the "Lower wanted Level" code, and ride out of there.

Hog Tied mission hints:
-Get a helicopter and fly on top of the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the gang members one by one down below, then grab the Angel and go right to the alleyway that is blocked off. The south side is blocked by a gate, and the north side has a ramp of stairs. Gun it and fly off the ramp, out of the alley, and on to the main street. From here, simply avoid the chasing gangsters and return the bike.

-Enable the "Dodo car (flying)" code, then go all the way back to the fire station and jump the stairs. You will land on top of a building. Go to the edge and fall off, then shoot all of the henchmen and drive out.

The Job mission hints:
-Be on guard for cops heading up towards the safe while making sure you keep your armor and your health filled. There should be armor in the room to the right of the manager. You should have enough time to enter codes if desired. When you leave Cam for the second time to check on the people with Phil, somebody trips the alarm. Do not panic. Enable the "Lower wanted level" code. While you are upstairs, head on the opposite side of the railing. Take out the sniper rifle, take aim, and shoot everyone in the room, starting with the three guards. When you get ready to leave, the Feds will drop teargas and drop in from the ceiling. Take them all out. Before you step on the pink circle to leave, enable the "Lower wanted level" code again. There are still cops out front, but ignore them. Once you are outside behind the tree, exit and walk away down the alley. Steal a car with four doors and only a driver. Then, take your gang to the hideout.

-Note: After you complete "The Job" mission, you can return to the bank and rob it whenever desired. However, whenever you run upstairs, an alarm will sound and you will instantly get four stars on your wanted meter. As soon as you hear the alarm, run back into the lobby and enable the "Lower wanted level" code. The guards will stop shooting at you, then begin shooting the other gang members in the bank. While they do this, you can go upstairs, steal the money, and leave unnoticed. About one third of the money is in the manager's office and the rest is in the room with the elevator.

Extra money on "The Job":
After leaving the bank, enable the "Lower wanted level" code to keep the cops from chasing you. Run around the corner of the bank and jump into a car. If you kill Cam or something else occurs to him, then you and Phil will split his share. Remember not to let anything happen to Phil.

Keep Your Friends Close mission hints:
-It is recommended that you have an ample supply of either Python or Spaz Shotgun ammunition for this mission. You will start out in your office. Run out of your office and stand at the top of the staircase, then use auto-aim to target and kill the seemingly endless amounts of gangsters that enter the building. After dispatching a bunch of the Mafia members, Lance will appear near the entrance to the roof. Run after him. He will appear in the hallway as you turn -- shoot him. When you reach the roof, run up to the helipad area and shoot down the numerous gangsters. If you lose health, locate the health behind the helicopter. There is also an adrenaline pill on the roof. The best strategy to kill Lance and his friends is to use a gun such as the Python or MP5 (something you can sprint with while holding), fire, then run away. After killing Lance, run back downstairs and prepare for Sonny. He will have a couple stronger gangsters with him. Get off several shots, then run to the side of the upstairs with the windows. Since they cannot shoot through the floor (they should be directly underneath you) shoot who you can, and when you feel ready, run back around to the front of your office and fire off more rounds. Repeat this strategy, using the health in the den when needed.

-The last story mission involves dispatching both your "best friend" Lance and the Mafia leader, Sonny. This mission is very difficult due to a seemingly endless supply of gunmen. Make sure your armor and life are at 100 (or 150 if you finished the Vigilante and Pizza missions). Arm yourself with the shotgun and position yourself by the office door, facing so that you can see anyone approaching. Instantly lock on with R1 and fire when anyone comes within range. After some attackers are cut down by the shotgun, the game will prompt you to kill Lance. Switch to your hands, so you can run. Go through the door, and an intermission sequence with Lance will play. When the game resumes, run up the stairs to the right, past Lance, as though you were heading to the roof for the helicopter. Do not worry if you pass Lance on the way up. Just before you head onto the roof (screen transition to Starfish Island) make sure your health and armor are full. On the roof, Lance will be waiting with multiple gunmen. Run past them to the right, and make your way beyond the helicopter pad. Refill your health and armor if needed. Switch to the sniper rifle, then go back past the helicopter and look around the corner. Take out Lance and his men with several shots. Using the rocket launcher also works if done from a distance. Run back downstairs towards your office until the intermission sequence with Sonny plays. Run back upstairs, onto the roof. Refresh your health and armor as needed. Switch to the rocket launcher and walk to the end of roof. Eliminate the three limos and henchmen in the driveway. Jump off the roof and walk to the front of the house. Kill any gunmen with the shotgun if needed. Walk up the stairs until you see Sonny in the doorway. He may not see you. Fire rockets at him until he goes down for good. The intermission sequence will play as soon as he dies.

-You will start out in the room at the top of the stairs. There is a Colt Python in the room by the door, which is the best gun you can have in this mission. Once you get the Colt Python, run outside of the room to the very top of the stairs behind the right hand rail. Get into the crouch position then target and shoot all the Mafia men (about 20) until the game tells you to get back to your money. An intermission with Lance will start. Right after it ends, run towards him. Do not bother shooting, as you will not hit him. Cut down the hall and go up the stairs to the roof. Do not shoot anyone yet. Get on to the helicopter pad, where they cannot shoot you. The best weapon to use here are grenades. Toss them over the guardrail onto the gangsters. There is health power-up behind the helicopter and an adrenaline pill behind the barrels on the right (when looking at the entrance). once you kill them all, go back inside all the way down the stairs to the small room with health, armor, a shotgun, and machine gun. Go back up the stairs to the place you started at. Another intermission will begin. Once it is over, use the rocket launcher to take out Sonny.

-When you start in your room, crouch so that you cannot see the doorway into your room. This is a glitch that prevents the gangsters from spawning. Then with Lance, simply follow him while shooting him with a MP5. Later at the top of your house, crouch behind the barrels, and do not worry about losing money -- you will get it back. Snipe out the other gangsters helping Lance. After that, shoot him with an RPG. He will respawn. Give him another shoot with the RPG, thengo to the main stairs of your house. Arm yourself with either a Colt Python or a PSG sniper rifle. Use the rifle to kill Sonny and do not worry about the other two. Alternately, use the Python to kill one of his helpers, run to your room, get armor and health and repeat.

-In the office, use the shotgun to eliminate the gangsters with one shot. After getting the message to kill Lance, switch to your pistol and shoot at Lance to get him to go up towards the roof. Follow him and kill any enemies along the way. Once on the roof, sprint to the back of the helipad and switch to the rocket launcher. If necessary, you can enable any codes safely at this location. Shoot a couple rockets towards Lance and his friends until the "Last dance for Lance Vance" message appears. Then, go to the front of the roof where the limos are parked. This is the left side when you are facing Lance. Destroy the limos with the rocket launcher, then shoot a few more in Lance's direction until he is dead, then go down to the office and the intermission with Sonny will start. When it ends, sprint back to the stairs. Go downstairs and kill anyone in your way. Once you get to the bottom, use the little room to fill up on armor. Then, head out towards the pools and kill anyone you see, then head over to where all your hidden package rewards are located. Eliminate any gangsters you see then go to the right and go out in the main street on Starfish Island. Steal a car and park it directly in front of the gate you see on the right side. This puts you in a perfect line with your front door. Get out and duck behind your car. Take out your PSG sniper rifle. If you see fire coming at you, duck, then shoot straight ahead. The fire coming at you is Sonny. After killing him, the final intermission sequence will start.

-Before starting the mission, Lance will call and tell you to go to the mansion. Before you do this, enable the "All weapons" code repeatedly to stock up on ammo. When you start the mission, there will be enemies coming at you non-stop. Shoot them as much as possible. If you get hurt, do not go to the bar and refill your health as you will end up dead or more damaged. Instead, stay inside the room where the safe is at and enable the "Health" and "Armor" codes. When the message appears instructing you to get Lance, run as fast as you can to the roof where the helicopter is located. Killing Lance is easy; shoot him, then go back to the safe room. When you get there and kill some men, Sonny will appear with more men. There will be a short intermission sequence. After it ends, run back up to the roof, as you will be ambushed by too many men if you stay in the main area. Once on the roof, jump to the side or the front of the house. Fill up your health and armor if needed. Destroy the limos in the front of the mansion to prevent Sonny's men from using them as shields. Shoot Sonny's men then enable the "Weapon" code for the rocket launcher. Aim it at the main entrance of the door and you should kill Sonny without injuring yourself. Killing Sonny outside is easier than killing him inside since you have more room to move and there are less men attacking you. Note: During the entire mission, you will get a message to return down to the safe and stop the men from stealing your money. Ignore this message; once you get there it will tell you to get Lance and repeat. This is to confuse you. Ignore it and at the end your money will be fine.

-Get the Python and shoot all the Mafia men that come up the stairs until you see Lance, then quickly move up the stairs on your left, shooting more enemies as you go, until you can get a lock on Lance. Fire a couple shots at him, then follow him. Once you get to the main central staircase, do not follow Lance anymore. Instead, go downstairs to your secret supplies room to stock up on health and armor. Then, head back upstairs and keep going to the roof. Shoot any Mafia men that are in your way as you run up to the helipad. Avoid shooting Lance just yet. Throw as many grenades over the side as possible, then check to see if anyone is still alive. If they are all dead, then the first objective is complete. The next objective is to kill Sonny. Run back downstairs (or jump off the roof and grab your items from collecting the hidden packages). Go back into the entrance hall to find Sonny. You will get 100 health and armor. Run over to either the top left or top right corner of the upstairs walkway, then equip your rocket launcher. Fire repeatedly at Sonny to complete this objective.

-You will begin the mission in your office. Shoot the people that climb up the stairs. When Lance appears and shoots at you, use your sniper rifle and shoot him in the head. He will not die. Follow him up to the helipad and keep shooting him while moving. Once you have reached the top of the stairs, enable the "Armor" and "Health" codes, then equip your rocket launcher. Go to the helipad and blow them up using your rocket launcher. Then, return where you started and you will see Sonny Forelli. After the intermission sequence, go up the stairs so that he is under you. Shoot the people that are robbing the safe. When you feel ready, go to shoot Sonny. Equip your Uzi and run to him and his men. Shoot him a couple times and the intermission sequence will begin.

-After you follow Lance Vance to the roof and kill him and his backup, do not return down-stairs to protect your safe and kill Sonny. Instead, walk to the front edge of the roof. Parked in front of your stoop will be three white streches. Destroy them. Normally when you go back down-stairs, there would be a non-stop barrage of Sonny's thugs. They are coming from those Stretches. When you go back down-stairs after destroying the Stretches, there will be only a couple thugs in the room. Take them out, then Sonny is an easy target for a few explosives.

-After killing Lance on the roof, go down to the safe and let the intermission sequence starts. There will be more gangsters trying to kill you. Make sure you have a good weapon. Then, immediately run to the stairway and go to the lobby level. On the way to the lobby there may be some gangsters trying to kill you. Afterwards, you will see Sonny at the bottom of the stairs. Run out of the hallway and try to shoot him. If you get low on health, run back in the hallway and enable the "Health" code.

Loose Ends mission hints:
-Try bringing a helicopter before you start the mission at the phone. Begin the mission and use the helicopter to go to the top of Cherry Poppers, instead of getting up there on foot. You will avoid most of the men that would have shot at you. Once at the top, land the helicopter, shoot the couple men there, get the briefcase, then fly the helicopter to the airport. Do not worry if they shoot your helicopter on fire, since there is another one on top of Cherry Poppers. Once you take the briefcase to the airport, the mission is over.

-When starting the mission, enable the "Weapons tier 2" code twice. When you start, you will see a car. Use the rocket launcher and blast it. When you get inside, eliminate all the agents you can. Go back to where you entered from. You will see stairs. Go up and from there snipe the rest of the agents out.

Martha's Mug Shot mission hint:
Instead of using the helicopter to reach the intended building, fly to the building that is directly beside it and try to land carefully at the top. Get out of the helicopter and go left until you reach the edge. Take your camera and zoom in to have a good view of Shrub's building. Take the pictures, take out a sniper rife, aim at the street, and wait until the FBI Ranchers and unmarked police cars have passed. Then, get in the helicopter and fly back to the film studio.

Extra pictures on "Martha's Mug Shot":
You can actually take more than just three photos (up to twelve) during the mission, but it is just the three you get of Alex Shrub that matter.

Messing With The Man mission hints:
-Go to Ammu-Nation in Downtown before starting the mission and purchase three shotgun rounds. Start the mission. Do not go on a bike. Just shoot people with your shotgun. When the police arrive, shoot them and their cars. Shoot everything in sight to fill the meter before time runs out.

-Enable the "Rhino tank" code before starting the mission. Once you start the mission, get in the tank and start ramming and crashing into cars. This will cause the cars you hit to explode. This will probably not make your wanted level go high since it is just like hitting a car with a regular vehicle. If your wanted level does go higher, simply enable the "Lower wanted level" code.

-Start the mission and, when you come back out, enable the "Rhino tank" code. Turn right down the very long dual highway, running over cars, motorbikes, and anything that gets in your way. You can also blast them with the cannon. Note: The Rhino is very slow so avoid the cops if you can.

-Complete the "Rub Out" mission first in order to have Diaz's mansion. After being assigned the mission by the biker gang, head to your mansion and begin shooting at those gangs who are usually standing all over the grounds, talking to each other. Kill all of them -- they will not try to kill you because they work for you. Shooting at the remaining dead bodies will also increase the chaos meter.

-Instead of going on the bike, take out a flame thrower and burn everyone until the meter is filled.

-Blow up a cop car and proceed to shoot the blown-up car. Your meter will go up as you shoot it, making it a quick and easy mission.

-Get the cop uniform and get the Hunter helicopter at Fort Baxter Air Base. Accept the mission and the helicopter should still be there. If it is not, repeat those steps. Simply shoot your missiles and use your machine gun to fill the meter.

-When starting the mission, get into a car and get a wanted level. Then, get out of the car and use a flamethrower to destroy everything in sight to get the meter filled up before time runs out.

-Before starting the mission, make sure you have a Spaz shotgun and an M4. Try buying at least three of each. Start the mission and cause chaos with your Spaz shotgun until a helicopter appears. When it appears, your chaos meter should be about halfway. Take out your M4 and shoot the helicopter rapidly with it. This makes the meter go up faster, resulting in a complete mission.

-Get six stars on your wanted meter, then steal a tank (wait for the soldiers to come out). Start the mission and hope that the tank does not disappear. Afterwards, turn the turret so that it is facing you. Continue driving and running over cars (while firing the turret for more speed) until the meter is full. It requires about 30 seconds to a minute to fill the meter.

-When you have killed someone, the ambulance will arrive. repeatedly shoot the ambulance with any machine gun until you meter is full.

Phnom Penh '86 mission hint:
Go to Diaz and start the mission. While in the helicopter, enable the "Slow motion" code to make the mission much easier to complete

Suicidal man on "Phnom Penh '86":
While flying under the first bridge heading to the stronghold, look up to see a man committing suicide.

Sea Sparrow on "Phnom Penh '86":
As you pass over the golf course, look up to see the Sea Sparrow.

Psycho Killer mission hints:
-Catching the killer with the Love Fist Limo is practically impossible. To make this simple, pick up the mission from the studio, then drive a quick car to the signing area. Run back to the studio and get the limo. Drive the limo to the signing area. Once the killer reveals himself, hop out of the limo and chase him down using the fast car.

-Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code to get the Rocket Launcher. Have it out before you get into the Love Fist Limo, then drive down to the record signing. Position your driver's side car door in a way so that as soon as the psycho gets into his car, you can simply exit your car facing in his direction. Quickly aim and just shoot a rocket, blowing him to bits.

-After  getting the mission from the VROCK studio, drive the Love Fist limo to the signing area where the killer is located. After he shoots the guards and you are told to kill him, get out the car and immediately enable the "Destroy all cars" code to complete the mission.

Publicity Tour mission hints:
-Enable the "Dodo car" or "Better driving skills" code, as well as the "Car floats on water" code before mission begins. After you start driving the car, go straight until just before you get to the water. Jump or fly over the rail onto the water then drive until the bomb gets defused without worrying about obstacles or other drivers.

-To easily complete this mission, enable the "Better driving skills" code before you start. Drive on the road until you need to turn left, then go left and keep going straight until you reach a big patch of grass. Go on it and keep going in circles until the bomb is defused. Slow down slightly when making turns, but as soon as your completely turned around, accelerate or the bomb will explode.

-Blow up your car behind the Aces club, then shoot at the blown up car. Your meter will go up and you can complete the mission without too much work. Make sure that you do not get arrested or seen when doing this.

-Immediately make a "U" turn, then turn right and proceed straight onto Prawn Island. Once there, start going around the block until the bomb is defuse.

Road Kill mission hint:
Enable the "Destroy cars" code before he finishes his mission to complete it.

Rub Out mission hint:
Enable the "Pedestrians riot" code. While searching for Diaz outside, all of his thugs are now shooting each other and will not bother you.

Vercetti's Estate on "Rub Out":
After completing the Rub Out mission, Diaz's estate will be yours and be called Vercetti's Estate.

Helicopter on "Rub Out":
After you complete the Rub Out mission, Diaz's estate will become yours. Finnish all of the missions for the estate. When that is done, enter the house and go up the stairs. Enter the room and follow it to another set of stairs. Proceed up and you will eventually reach the top. Go up the "ramp" to get the helicopter.

Shakedown mission hints:
Get a motorcycle, preferably a PCJ 600, and make sure you have a sub-machine gun to do drive-bys with. A Ruger or M4 is also recommended. With the bike, enter the mall. Do drive-bys on all the stores that are marked on the bottom. It should not take that long as you have the bike to get around the mall faster. For the top, get off your bike, run up there, and use your Ruger or M4 to take out those stores. You do not need to have an assault rifle, but it does make it slightly easier. If the cops are giving you trouble, just shoot them. You will not retain your wanted level after the mission is completed.

-Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code three times to get the rocket launcher. Drive in the Stinger up the main road on the east island and enter on the east side of North Point Mall. Start at the north end of the mall and work your way south. Before shooting out the Tarbrush Café and the Gash, change clothes to reduce your wanted level.

The Shooter mission hint:
Shoot the first and second targets until there is only one piece left in each target. Not only will you be free to shoot up the final target (which gives you the most points), you don't have to worry about the other targets getting in your way. This allows you to score plenty of points in the first round, which means you do not have to be that accurate in the following two rounds.

Grand Theft Auto 3 easter egg on "The Shooter":
Aim at Phil Cassidy's shooting range targets to notice that they are characters from Grand Theft Auto 3 such as Maria and Salvatore.

Easy targets on "The Shooter":
At the shooting range, when you require Phil Cassidy, enable the "Slow motion" code to make it easier. Note: The crosshairs moves at normal speed.

Sir!, Yes, Sir! mission hints:
-Use a motorcycle for this mission. Move up the left side of the convoy, pull in front of the thing you want to steal then stop and get off the bike. Before anyone reacts, hop into the door on the left side and pull away.

-Get a motorcycle and park it directly in front of the first car, then enable the "Weapons" codes and get the sniper rifle ready. While they move the motorcycle, snipe the person that is driving the tank. Then, take the tank while making sure you have full health and armor. Drive the tank to complete the mission.

-The easiest way to get the tank is to get to the convoy as fast as possible. Follow the convoy until they reach a red light. When it stops, the troops will all bunch around each other and rest, leaving the tank relatively unguarded. Run up, hop in, and drive it to the garage. Do not stop for anything or you will probably get pulled from the tank and get busted.

-Get to the convoy as as soon as you can and use the bike near the docks. Follow the convoy until they stop for donuts. When the sergeant tells them to get donuts, the door will be unlocked, You can drive away with the tank, but do not stop.

-Before starting the mission, get a fast motorcycle. When you start the mission, drive as fast as you can to the convoy. Drive a couple blocks ahead of the convoy and enable the "Rhino tank" code. Steal the tank you spawned and position it on the road. Take out the escort vehicles with your tank, then fire a shot at the target tank to take out the machine gunner. The area should now be free of troops. Jump in the target tank and get to the lock-up as quickly as possible before the tank self-destructs.

-Enable the "Rhino tank" code and destroy everyone in the way.  This will bring out the men in the tank. Note: Block the Patriot first.

-Get the flame thrower from the Rockstar Pool on Starfish Island, then set the tank and convoys on fire. All the army men will also be on fire, and the tank driver will exit the tank, leaving the door open for you to get in.

-Before starting the mission, get a helicopter and make sure you have a rocket launcher and either a shotgun or machine gun. Fly the helicopter onto the roof of any of the buildings just above the convoy. Get near the edge of the building and shoot rockets at the army from above. You must be very careful while doing this because the ledge can block your view at times and harm you if you try and shoot. Also, the army can shoot at you, so you must be as fast and accurate as possible. Once you have killed as many people as possible, take the helicopter down to the street and kill off any remaining army personnel so you can then take the tank to the hideout.

-Get a Cheetah and go where you need to go. Put the car in the middle of the road, a coupleblocks away from the front of the first car and enable the "Weapons tier 1" code. Press L2 until you get the last weapon then shoot the person that is above the tank. You need full armor and full health. Get the tank without shooting any other troops and take it to the target before it self-destructs.

-Get a quick car and get to the convoy as fast as possible. Park the car in front of the first vehicle in the convoy. The soldiers should start saying "Get that civilian". As they walk towards you, move to the right side of the Rhino. Find a spot to get in between the soldiers and make your move. Fire one or two blasts with the cannon using circle to blow up the vehicles behind the tank, then move the tank forward to blow up the one in front of it then just drive the Rhino to the garage. Try not to stop, as it takes several seconds for the Rhino to get up to speed and the cops can easily bust you.

-You can complete this mission with nothing except one hand grenade. Get into the Cheetah and immediately drive to reach the donut shop before the convoy. Ram your car into the entrance so that it is safely blocked. The soldier attempting to get some donuts now will run stupidly against the wall repeatedly and the convoy goes nowhere. Get another car, park it at the entrance to the Ice Cream factory, and use it to jump over the fence. Get to the roof of the donut shop then throw the grenade carefully to kill everything around the tank. Do not worry if someone survives as the soldiers practically cannot hit you while you are on the roof. Then, jump off the roof and into the tank with or without fragging the rest of the army.

-To quickly complete this mission, park a car directly in front of the tank. Once a troop moves the vehicle, rush into the tank. Note: When you park the vehicle in front of the tank, try not to run over the troops or they will start shooting you.

Spilling The Beans mission hints:
-It is easier to board the charter boat if you first purchase a sniper rifle and take out the guards standing on deck. To be more precise, you can snipe from land on one side of the boat and from water on the other side.

-Take the taxi to the Malibu Club and speak to the man. Go out and while your on your way to the shipyard to talk to the man on the boat, stop at your mansion and get your helicopter. Note: If it is not there, go around the block a couple times until it appears. Fly the helicopter to the bout. Land as close to the pink circle as possible and have a gun such as the Uzi ready. Make sure you have full health and armor. Kill the security guards close to the circle. Walk into the circle when they are dead and when you exit, enable the "Lower wanted level" code and jump over the bars. Then, jump off the ship. Get into a car and drive to the print shop to complete the mission.

Stand-off mission hints:
In the last Kaufman Cab Company mission where you are tricked into entering a demolition derby with a group of other cabs at Viceport, it is recommended to get the rocket launcher from the nearby swimming pool before you park your cab in the lot. When you fight the Zebra cab, your taxi will probably get very smashed up. Kill the Zebra cab with rockets. He is usually not fast enough to run you down if you are on foot.

-Park in the pink circle facing the gateway, then drive to gateway as soon as can. Get out and run back up to the back end, by the ship. The cabs will attack your abandoned taxi and leave you alone. Get to the back edge of wharf, jump up carefully, and walk around the stacked boxes. Jump down and walk back to the gateway from the other side. The cabs are now trapped on the other side of the gate while attempting to kill you. They will all self-destruct while trying to get to you. When the Zebra cab appears, it will mount the gates to get at you. Shoot it to pieces until it explodes.

-Enable the "Car floats on water" code and park the cab in the blip. When the other cabs come after you, drive your car into the water and they will follow you into it. When they die, the Zebra cab will come after you next. Stay in the water and the Zebra cab will go over the side into the water and be destroyed. When it is destroyed, you will have completed all the missions for the Kaufman Cab Company and start earning money for your business.

-To win the last Kaufman Cab Company mission, drive your car up to the pink area. Once the other cabs come to destroy you, drive into 8-Ball's bomb shop and have as many of the other cabs as possible follow you in. Once they are in there, get out of your cab, run out of the bomb shop, and detonate your car. This will blow up the cabs and start the Boss fight. Take out your sniper rifle and shoot him from a distance until he blows up.

-Drive a cab to the docks, but before entering the pink circle, enable the "Rhino tank" code. Then, drive the cab into the pink circle. As soon as you can, jump out of the cab and get into the Rhino. Let all the other cabs hit you (including the Zebra cab). The will explode and you will pass the mission.

Trojan Voodoo mission hint:
-When exiting after detonating the bombs, don't bother approaching the gate as nothing can stop this gate from closing and nothing will open it. Turn to your right when exiting. In the right hand corner are a set of stairs. Use them to run up and onto a building. Eliminate all the enemies before detonating any bombs. You can also enable the "Slow motion", "Weapons", and "Armor" codes. Set the bomb on the top floor first, then the two on the bottom floor. Immediately run to the exit. Even shoot the Cubans if they get in your way. Once near the exit, turn right, then right again up the stairs and over the roof.

Gatling gun on "Trojan Voodoo":
After completing the Trojan Voodoo mission there will be a gatling gun located in the top floor. It may require several attempts, but it is worth it.

Two Bit Hit mission hints:
-While in a car, go to the bridge near the other big bridge. It is next to the bushes. Get out of your car and walk up the hill to one end of the bridge. Try jumping on the bridge. It will require a few attempts, but you will get while having all your the current weapons (go to the pink marker). After that, blast the guards and continue the mission.

-In this mission, youmust kill a Voodoo gang leader. When you go to where the hearse is located, you will see two Voodoo cars in the road and one on the side. Note: The one on the side is black. Break through one car and continue doing drive-by shootings. Keep driving, shooting, and going up the street a little then repeat until the hearse pulls out and drive away. Follow it and watch out for the coffins that come out of the back of the hearse. Get up close and drive by the hearse until the gang leader jumps out and starts running, then drive-by shoot or hit him.

-Begin the mission,go to the police station in Downtown, and get the helicopter. Fly to the building roof due east of the mark. Get out and with the sniper rifle, snipe the target. It will then tell you to "Get out of Little Haiti quick". Jump in the chopper and fly out of the district to complete the mission.

V.I.P. mission hint:
After purchasing the Kaufman Cab Co., your first mission requires you to go to Starfish Island and pick up a very important person (VIP). Before reaching the pink circle before time runs out, make sure the car is facing in the direction that you just came from. Park the car facing that way and sound the horn. As the VIP comes out to the taxi, another cab from another company takes your customer. Since you are facing in the same direction, it is easier for you to chase the other cab with the VIP. Pursue the other cab and stay with him to his left so that when he makes the turn, you can block his path and force him into the corner area to the left of the Cherry Popper building. Keep him trapped there and get out of your taxi. Fire a few close range rounds with your sniper rifle. The VIP will get out of his cab and get into yours. As soon as he gets in, drive as fast as possible to Escobar International Airport. The other cab will follow and ram you from behind. With some luck, the other cab will catch fire and explode during the pursuit. Drive to the pink circle at the airport's entrance to complete the mission.

Auntie Poulet boat bombing mission hint:
When required to bomb the boats, steering the mini-plane is difficult. Instead, drive your plane to the pier with the Cubans just as if it were a car (go slow) and run everyone over. Since they just react to explosions, you can easily kill everyone. Be careful and avoid splashing your plane. Shove them into the water for additional fun. Note: The man sitting on the stairs will float in mid-air when you shove him off. Once everyone is dead, bomb the boats. Since you have three planes, you can crash them kamikaze-style into each boat.

Easy areas on Paramedic missions:
-The easiest area to complete this mission is close to Vice Port. Once you begin, do not look at the timer and just pick up your patients with the best driving possible at decent speed. Pick up the patients that are the farthest at all times. You can ignore because it will build up faster as you pick up the closer patients.. Try your best to not flip over and enable the "Health" code as the ambulance becomes very damaged.

-The best place to do the Paramedic missions is the lower part of the second island (the mainland). There are no Ambulances nearby, so you will have to jack one from the other hospitals, then begin the mission next to the hospital near Starfish Island.

Save time on Paramedic missions:
Before doing the Paramedic missions, first take out the ambulance's doors so that patients can enter faster.

No time limit on Taxi missions:

Time it so when your passenger gets in the cab, the timer runs out. You can then complete the mission without a time limit

Extra money on Taxi missions:
Every couple fares, you will earn extra money starting at the first ten fares. From then on, you will earn $500 more than the extra bonus for the taxi missions.

Love Fist missions hint:
Use a helicopter (located on either the side of the police station near the Greasy Chopper building and the Sunkmole Shack or on top of the Vercetti Mansion once you have killed Diaz). A helicopter helps with most of the Love Fist missions.

Getting money on Vercetti missions:
After you complete the Vercetti missions at the Vecetti Estate, a money symbol will appear on your front porch. Walk into it and collect however much money is labeled at the top of the spinning symbol-- this is how you collect your pay for owned businesses.

Easy completion of Vigilante missions:
-Rather than attempting to ram the target and thus destroying your car as well, simply drive alongside them and unload clips from your Uzi. When the car starts to flame, pull away. The driver might get out, and if the explosion does not kill them, your bumper can.

-First, get a hideout with a garage and steal a cop car. Park in the garage and start the mission. Exit the car and walk out of the garage so that the door closes. Enable the "Destroy all cars" code to instantly complete the mission. Go back into the car before the time runs out. Repeat this until reaching level 12. This is also a good way to make easy money.

-For an easy way to get to level 12 in the vigilante missions, use the Hunter helicopter from the Fort Baxter Air Base. You won't have to worry about police chasing after you, and can easily dispose of the criminals from above.

-Collect the mini gun (enable the "Weapon tier 3" code if needed) and get a decent distance in front of your target on a straight-way. Immediately get out, making sure you are holding the mini gun, and fire. It takes four to seven shots to destroy it, but since the mini gun has a clip of 500 rounds, there is no need to be precise. This strategy works well when you have several targets.

Easy Brown Thunder completion on Vigilante missions:
After starting the Brown Thunder missions, it is very easy to kill the criminals by using the machine gun. Once you reach a higher level, if you are lucky you may notice that cars start coming from one spot (for example, at the end of one of the airstrips). If you go there, you can sit and fire at the two cars that pop up and plow them up easily. You do not have to worry about the third car because he will somehow usually kill himself. If you happen to get a couplestars, go to the Pay 'N' Spray in Viceport. Get in a car, go in and get sprayed. Leave the car there so you can easily repeat this when needed.

Easier passenger missions hint:
For missions involving picking up passengers, such as the taxi or paramedic missions, it is possible to save seconds off each run by getting passengers into your vehicle faster. Do this by using a melee weapon, such as a baseball bat, to hit the doors until they fall off. Do not hit the door too many times to prevent damage to the vehicle itself. Also, do not knock off the driver side door as this will provide you with protection from the police that want to bust you.

Hyman Memorial Stadium missions hint:
Go to Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown for three missions: a race car mission, the a dirt bike checkpoint mission, and a demolition derby mission. You have to read the billboard to see which event is being held for which night. Enter through the center doors at the top of the stairs. The doors will only open at 20:00.

Boatyard business hint:
Purchase the Boatyard in Vice Port for $10,000. Get in one of the boats and begin the Checkpoint Charlie mission. Take the boat through all the checkpoints within the allotted time. After this, the Boatyard will start making money for you. Repeat the mission to increase the amount of money that it brings in. The maximum amount you can make per day is $2,000 to begin with. This number increases each time the Checkpoint Charlie is completed. You can also get free boats.

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory business hint:
Purchase the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory located between Little Havana and Little Haiti (almost directly across from the bridge to Starfish Island) for $20,000. Drive Mr. Whoopee and get 50 buyers in a single run. You cannot leave the truck or get arrested or killed. After this, the business will start making money for you. The highest amount you can make per day is $3,000.

InterGlobal Films business hint:
Purchase the InterGlobal Films Studio on Prawn Island for $60,000. Complete the four missions related to the studio that are now unlocked in front of Hanger "D" and the business will start making money for you. The highest amount you can make per day is $7,000.

Kaufman Cab business hint:

Purchase Kaufman Cab at the north end of Little Haiti for $40,000. Three missions will become unlocked. Get in a Kaufman Cab and complete all three missions. Afterwards, the business will start making money for you. The  highest amount you can make per day is $5,000.

Malibu Club business hint:
Purchase the Malibu Club located east of Leaf Links for $120,000. Complete the four missions that are now unlocked and the business will start making money for you. The  highest amount you can make per day is $10,000.

Pole Position Strip Club business hint:
Purchase the Pole Position Strip Club located just west of the Ocean View Hotel for $30,000. Enter the hallway in the back of the building and go in the first door on the left for a private dance. You will start spending money on her. Get to $600 and the business will start making money for you. Also, at this point you can go all the way to the back of the hall and go through the last door on the right to see a private pole dance. The  highest amount you can make per day is $4,000.

Print Works business hint:
Purchase the Print Works located northeast of Escobar International Airport for $70,000. Complete the two missions that are now unlocked and the business will start making money for you. The  highest amount you can make per day is $8,000.

Sunshine Auto Car Showroom business hints:
-Purchase the Sunshine Auto Car Showroom located just east of Escobar International Airport for $50,000. Go down to the lower garages and locate the dry erase board with a list of cars on the wall. Steal every car on the list and bring them to this garage. When this is done, the business will start making money for you. Each time a list is completed, the business will make more money and a new car for the showroom will be unlocked. The highest amount you can make per day is $9,000 total ($1,500 per car list). Note: You will also get a free Pay 'N' Spray.

-After purchasing the Sunshine Auto Car Showroom, go under the building to find a pink mission circle. This is a mission where you are entered into races. After starting the races, enable the "Rhino" code. Get into the Rhino, then shoot all the cars that are in the race. When the race starts, there will be no cars remaining except yourself. Once you have completed the race, you will automatically win.

-When completing the lists of cars, when you get to the third list (sports cars), you can find almost all of them on the road the Showroom is on, or at the main terminal of the airport. Sit there and they will appear. On the final list, you must purchase the Cherry Poppers ice cream shop to get the truck.

-When you purchase Sunshine Autos, you may want to complete a list of cars to increase the amount of money you receive. First, purchase as many properties as you can, as you will need garages. Remember that Sunset Autos also has garages. The following is a list of cars you need you collect and deliver:

Blista Compact
Sentinel (in the showroom)
Stretch (at the Vercetti state)
Admiral (at Vercetti estate sometimes; changes with Stretch)
Infernus (at Vercetti Estate)
Comet (at Leaf Links)
Voodoo (next to Auntie Poulet's missions)
Cuban Hermes
Caddy (at Leaf Links)
Baggage Carrier (at Escobar International Airport)
Mr. Whoopee (at the candy store)
Pizza Boy (at any pizza restaurant)

Recommended business order:
Purchase the businesses in the following order to earn the most money:

Kaufman Cabs - As soon as you are making money, stash as many Zebra cabs across the city as you possible. Some missions depend on you getting to the next garage with a Zebra. Always drive into the garage for money pick ups. You can run over the Haitians awaiting you.
Print Factory - Makes a lot of money for the outlay. If you get past the run on making money, the other runs are easier.
Sunshine Autos - If you purchase this next, you can start filling up the drop off garage as you go on the other missions, saving time.
InterGlobal Films - Has plenty of missions, but gets quite a good amount of money and fun.
Cherry Pickers - You need 50 consecutive drug deals to make money. The best place to sell is on the beach. There are always plenty of sales and you can spot cops easily.
Pole Position - Waiting for your $600 lap dance bill is boring. The only consolation is that your other businesses are making money while you sit there.
Boat Yard - Should be last. Although it is cheap, the race is very hard to complete. You also get very little money out of it when it is up and running.

Damage-proof Admiral:

-Play the Guardian Angels mission and fail the mission, then take the Admiral that your associates arrived in. It is dent and bullet proof.

-After passing or failing the Guardian Angels mission, go to the white car to the right of the stairs that you will go back down. This car is bulletproof, fireproof, and damage proof. However, if it flips upside down it will explode and will still cause you to drown if driven into water.

-It is possible to acquire this car after passing the Guardian Angels mission. After you pass the mission, Diaz turns left and he disappears, leaving the Admiral in the middle of the intersection.

-Just before completing the Guardian Angels mission by entering the pink circle, shoot Diaz's car. When Tommy asks "Where's Lance?", turn left and Diaz's car will be there without him inside.

Black Admiral:
Do the Check Out At The Check-In phone mission. Before starting the mission, get a Rhino and put it in a garage at Sunshine Autos. Then, kill the man and take the package. Get a car and go to the Pay 'N' Spray at Sunshine Autos. After that, get the Rhino in your garage and blow up one of the Admirals. Push it into your garage and you will have a pitch black Admiral.

Ride on top with Ambulance:

When somebody dies near you, an ambulance will eventually appear. Before it starts to leave, jump on it and stay there to get a ride through the town. When the ambulance reaches a red light and a car is in front of it, the ambulance will hit the car and you will get thrown off. To prevent this, move towards the center of the ambulance. This also occurs when the ambulance is going around a corner.

Angel motorcycle:
Head to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club in Downtown to find the patriotic Angel motorcycle.

Baggage Handler:

Behind Escobar International Airport is a pile of luggage with a car that looks like a Caddy. This is the Baggage Handler. There is also one on the side of the airport.

Barracks O.L.:
Get your wanted level to six stars to make the army troops arrive in Barracks O.L.s.

Blood Ring Bangers:
After you win the Destruction Derby at Hyman Stadium, two Blood Ring Bangers will be parked outside. Once you exit the stadium, go to the right, then walk around the stadium until you see the first parking area. There will be two Blood Ring Bangers that respawn if you destroy them, and will be at that same place forever. Each time you find those cars, they will change in number, color, and/or graphic design.

Caddy locations:
-Head to Escobar International Airport and go straight around the terminal to find a Caddy.

-Get outside the golf course on the road for the main entrance. Walk on that road in front of the main entrance, repeatedly looking at the street next to it. When you see a Caddy coming in the distance, run in the direction its going to cut him off. If you run out of energy, shoot at the Caddy with a pistol. The driver should get out and run away.

-Steal a Caddy while in the Leaf Links golf course. There is a ramp to the right of the entrance of the golf course off a paved road/walkway. It will take you to the entrance outside of Leaf Links. You can get any of your weapons back that you had to drop to enter Leaf Links this way.

Drive out of the golfing area with a Caddy:
Steal a Caddy and take it to the building where you first entered. Drive it off to the right, where there is a ramp you can take to get onto the street outside of Leaf Links.

Faster Caddy:
Enable the "Change wheel size" code four or more times, then spawn a Caddie. You now have a "Super Caddie" which is much faster. Ranchers,Dune Buggys , and Baggage Handlers have the same effect. This also makes Banshees and Comets act like tanks. You can also enable the "Perfect handling" code to do wheelies.

Head to the docks behind the warehouse (where the party boat is located) and searchfor a Cheetah. This car respawns often. If you steal it too much, it may not spawn for a long time.

-Look at the mirrors on the Cheetahs. Notice that of them only have a mirror on the driver's side door and are higher. The others have two mirrors, mounted lower.

FBI Cheetah:
The FBI Cheetah is located on the left side of the map at the police station near the bottom at about 21:00 until 1:00.

Easy money with Coach bus:
Steal a Coach bus, then ride around town and look for the bus stop signs. You will make $5 for each person you pick up. Sometimes you can even wait at the bus stop and people will start entering the bus.

Ride with cops on a Coach:
Go to a bus stop and wait for a bus, then get in and kill the driver. Attract the police, get them near the door, then go in. The police will enter with you but you will not get caught.

Drive with many women on a Coach:
Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and get a Coach, then let women get in with you. If you exit the bus, all the women that were riding with you will get off and follow you.

Coast Guard boat:
Head to the bridge leading from Starfish Island to Little Haiti, then head down the road until you see the first big boat. Look for a small strip dock. Go to the end and look in the water. You should see a different looking boat; just fall off onto it.

-After unlocking the second island, go to Vice Port and go to the place where you meet Rico (from the Cuban mission Naval Engagement). Go onto the docks heading north to see a wire from the water. Go near it and enter the boat. You should now be in the Coast Guard boat.

Cuban Jetmax:
Purchase the shipyard in Vice Port for $10,000. The boat will respawn there and will be available to take.

To get the Deluxo, you must first buy Sunshine Autos. Go down to where all of the garages are and look for one with a dry-erase board next to it. This board indicates what cars you need to bring to that garage. After bringing in all of the cars, you will receive the Deluxo and Sunshine Autos will also begin making money for you.

Dirt Bike:
A Dirt Bike is located in the alley near Ken Rosenberg's office in Washington Beach.

Enforcer hint:
Steal an Enforcer and you will instantly get full armor.

FBI Rancher:
Get your wanted level to five stars and the FBI will arrive in FBI Ranchers.

FBI Washington (black):
Head downtown to the Well Stacked Pizza and go to the nearby alley (the south alley shaped like a near perfect square on the map). Look around to find a black Washington. If it is not there, then drive away a distance (like to Hyman Memorial Stadium) then return. If not, repeat.

Fire truck:
After completing the "Demolition Man" mission for Avery, go under the building you blew up. You should find a fire truck there. If not, there might be one on the road extinguishing the fire.

Gang Burrito:
The Gang Burrito can be found on Prawn Island on the front porch of a graffitied house. It is a red van with a red spoiler.

Hotring Racer:
-Complete the fourth and final list of cars at Sunshine Auto to get the Hotring Racer.

-Complete all three events in the stadium. Find the cars parked over by the left side of the stadium.

-Head to Sunshine Autos after the asset is fully completed. Take the racer from the showroom, then use the codes to spawn Hotring Racers 1 and 2. Line them up and compare them to see that there are in actually three different Hotring Racers.

-After completing the Keep Your Friends Close mission, a Hunter will be available at the back of Fort Baxter Air Base near the airport. To get it, either use the police uniform which is unlocked after a specific mission is completed (located at the Washington Beach police department, inside the locker room to the left of the entrance), or just fly a helicopter high overhead to the back of the base, then quickly land and get in the Hunter.

-Get a helicopter and get your wanted level to two stars. Go to Fort Baxter Air Base to see the Hunter in the back, where its fenced in. Bail out when you are directly over the Hunter. Get in and repeatedly enable the "Health" code to recover from the soldiers that are shooting at you. Get airborne and fly out of there.

-After gathering all 100 hidden packages, the Hunter will be available at the helipad in the Ocean Beach area at the southern tip of the first island.

-After completing the story missions, look in the Ocean Beach area at the house close to the docks of the Cortez missions. It has a helipad, which should now spawn a Hunter. You no longer need to run around in Fort Baxter Air Base to get it.

Save a Hunter at your hideout:
Obtain a property with a big garage, such as the Hyman condo. Get the Hunter and take it to the Hyman Condo. Fly down from above to the western-most garage. Make sure this garage is empty. There should be enough space for you to fly down. Place it on the ground and position it so that its winglets are exactly parallel to the garage doors and can easily pass through it. If you find it hard to place the Hunter in this position because of the limited space, get out of it and push it to this position. Push it up to the garage door, then place yourself behind a winglet and push it into the garage. Push it all the way to the end until it cannot go any further. Exit the garage and the Hunter will be inside. To get it out, simply push it in the opposite direction and out of the garage. Try experimenting with various garages to see how it works. If the garage is big enough, it should fit nicely.

Infernus in Mall hint:
Destroy almost all the cars in the multistory car garage at Northpoint Mall. When you return, most of the cars will be replaced with Infernuses.

Love Fist Limo:
Begin the Love Fist mission Psycho Killer in Downtown, then drive it into one of your garages. The Sunshine Autos car showroom or Hyman Condo are your best choices.

When you steal a vehicle and drive it through the front doors of the Vercetti Estate, a Maverick helicopter will appear on the helipad on the roof.

Two wheel bonuses with Moonbeam:
A great vehicle to get two-wheel bonuses in is the Moonbeam. Get up to speed and beginturning left, right, left, right, and so forth and you will go up on two wheels. Then, you simply need to balance, which just requires some practice.


-To get the Patriot from Grand Theft Auto 3, go to the movie set that is on the top middle island of your map You can either purchase the set or you can just get in a motorcycle and do a jump over the wall.

-Go to Phil Cassidy's trailer in Little Haiti. Enter and you will see a trailer. Look left to see a building-like garage that has a Patriot parked inside.

PCJ 600:
-Head to Vice Point and find the Standing Vice Point building close the beach. Drive along the sides of the building across the street from the makeshift ramp to find a PCJ 600.

-Across from Greasy Choppers Bike Club in Downtown, break the window in the bike shop to find a PCJ 600. If it is not there, drive away and return.

-Drive to the docks where you usually get the missions from Cortez. In between the two gates is a PCJ 600. Note: If it isn't, go down the street and return later. It will be a different color each time.

Stunt bonuses with PCJ 600:

-Get a PCJ 600 and drive down the road, but not too fast (slightly over the speed limit). Then, pop a wheelie behind a car. If done correctly, you will wheelie over the car and occasionally get stunt bonuses.

-Drive a PCJ 600 directly at a wall and do a wheelie just before your hit. If you get the correct height in your wheelie, you will do crazy trick up and off the wall.

Ride on roof with PCJ 600:
Drive a PCJ 600 to the Hyman condo then drive it into the staircase. You will now be able to drive the bike around or jump off the edge.

There is always a Phoenix at Starfish Island. Find the house with the Comet and return to the main road with a motorcycle (or walk) and take a right (on the sidewalk). Go down past the front yard fence to the first house. Continue walking until u see a alleyway and turn into it. Go to the end of the alley, then look to the right to find an opening to the house's backyard (by a dumpster). Go in it and turn to the right. You will see a garage and a Phoenix will be inside. After getting in the Phoenix, drive it out of the garage and go left around the house. You will see a ramp. Jump the car over the fence. Alternately, enable the "Car floats on water" code.

Police Boat:
-Go to the Leaf Links golf club and go towards the second island. Go over to where the land and the bridge meet on the left side to see a Police Boat at the bottom in the water.

-Enable the "Car drives on water" code and drive around on the water until you find a Police Boat. Crash the boat until you get to the shore, then jump on the boat and kill the cop. Push the boat on the water and jump in. Note: The boats and cars might catch on fire. Also, to get back in you may need to use your car.

Police Car:
To unlock police cars, shoot the door of one three times with a pistol. You will destroy the door, but also get a wanted level.

Police Cheetah:
Get your wanted level to three stars and ride around until an undercover Cheetah police car eventually appears.

Police Maverick:
-At the police station in the Downtown area, go around the back ad go up the stairs to find a Police Maverick.

Police Maverick strategy:
-It is easy to kill a police helicopter with a sniper rifle. Simply aim at the cockpit windows and fire about six or more times.

-When the Police Maverick comes after you, get a short distance away from it. Take out a sniper rifle and zoom in fully. Aim and fire at the rod between the top blades and the helicopter to make it explode in one it.

Black Pony:
Do the Loose Ends phone mission and kill everyone, but do not finish the mission. Go get two Packers and drive them both as if you are playing leapfrog or else they will disappear. Park one of them in front of the gate that you came in, then drive the other Packer up its ramp so that it goes over the gate. Next, position this Packer so that you can drive the black Pony up the ramp and over the gate. Drive it to a garage and return. With some luck, the Packer did not disappear and you can also get a pitch black Admiral.

Missing bumper on Pony:
Get a Pony and crash it to were the front bumper falls off, then take it to a Pay 'N' Spray. After it has been painted, look at the front bumper again. It will not be there, even after being repaired.

-Rather than getting 90 hidden packages, go to Sunshine Autos and cause mass destruction. Get a sniper rifle and shoot from the top level until you get six stars and a Rhino appears. Wait until the soldiers get out, then jump out the window. Get in your new tank and park it in the garage. You can now either save and reload, or drive as normal into the Pay 'N' Spray.

-Buy the Hymann Condo and keep the big garage empty. Do the "Sir, Yes Sir" mission from Cortez. When the convoy stops for doughnuts, jump in the tank and turn around, heading for the Hymann Condo. Make sure you have full health and armor. Plow through the police vehicles and drive the Rhino into the garage. Jump out of the Rhino and stand next to it. When the Rhino explodes, get up and back out of the garage (while still facing the garage). Let the garage close, then open it again. The Rhino will be intact, and ready for use.

Shoot out of water with Rhino:

Drive a Rhino into the water and before you drown, enable the "Car floats on water" code. Your tank will instantly shoot out of the water very high and land back on the water, good as new. Use this when a boat is passing to land on and destroy it.

Rhino strategies:

-Throw Molotov Cocktails at them; about five to ten cocktails will destroy the tank. Or, if you rather risk dying, use the flamethrower instead. You can also kill both driver and passenger in the tank.

-If you have a sniper rifle, take aim at the Rhino directly below the turret, in front of the tank. You will see the head of two soldiers inside. Snipe the one of the right, as that is the driver. The one on the left will either exit (then shoot you) or take driver seat and drive. You can use other various guns as well, if you have good aim and timing.

Romero's Hearse:
During the Two Bit Hit mission for Avery Carrington, get the Havana costume and a helicopter. Land on the building opposite the pizza place in Little Haiti. Look down and you should see two Romero Hearses. The one next to the pizza place will almost always have a coffin in the back. Jump down and take one to your garage. You can also come back for another Romero Hearse and the black Voodoo. The car will not always be repaired when you put it in your garage for the first time. Return after the mission and take it out. When the garage door shuts, drive it back in. It should now be fixed.

Jump with Rumpo:
The best jumping vehicle with the "Better driving skills" code enabled is the Rumpo. Enabling the "Faster game play" code will not make it jump any higher.

Sabre Turbo:
Complete the second list of cars at Sunshine Auto to unlock the Sabre Turbo.

Damage-proof Sabre Turbo:
This Sabre Turbo is bullet proof, explosion proof, and flame proof. It can take damage and blown off tires but cannot explode, even if flipped over. In order to get it, you must first buy the Malibu Club and do the mission called The Driver. In this particular mission, you will be racing Hilary the getaway driver. He will be the one driving the BP Turbo Sabre. Do the mission and try to stick with Hilary throughout the race. He does the race nearly perfect. When you reach the end, make sure you have Hilary in your sights as you let him pass the finish line first. Afterwards, the "Mission Failed" message will appear and Hilary will disappear in the Turbo. Enable the "Lower wanted level" code. The Sabre will be locked. You will have to push it with another car to the nearest Hideout. The El Swanko Casa or the Links Leaf View apartment are recommended. Push the Sabre Turbo into your garage and wait for it to close. After that, you have a new BP Sabre Turbo.

-It is possible to obtain this vehicle in The Driver mission, although Hilary keeps his door locked during the race making it unjackable. The race ends back at the Malibu Club. Behind the Malibu Club is a small bridge. When the race starts, do not race Hilary. Instead, head in the opposite direction to the bridge south of the Malibu Club. Spawn three Rhino tanks across the bridge and wait for Hilary to appear. He will attempt to push the tanks out of the way. Quickly spawn a fourth Rhino and crush his vehicle. With patience, use the Rhino to push the Sabre Turbo into the closest garage (Vercetti Estates). When your garage door reopens, you will have a brand new bullet and flame proof Turbo Sabre. Note: After you obtain the bulletproof Sabre Turbo, do not get it resprayed or it will lose its bulletproof abilities.

Black Sanchez:

Head to the dirtbike track in the upper-right hand corner of the Downtown area. Get on the dirtbike and wait for it to begin the mission, but do not go anywhere. After the mission starts, get off the bike. A timer should appear at the bottom of the screen with the number of seconds you have to get back on the dirtbike. Wait at the bike until the timer gets to "1", then look around for a group of men who are all riding black Sanchezs. Shoot one of them and take their bike. Note: After you get off the dirtbike mission, do not run away. Stay in that area until time runs out.

Complete the third list of cars at Sunshine Auto to unlock the SandKing.

Faster Sea Plane:
Get the Sea Plane in the air and wait until it gets faster, then start doing sharp turns and drops. This will get it to its maximum speed.

Sea Sparrow:
After unlocking the other side of Vice City and acquired Diaz's house from him in the Rub-Out mission, return to the island you first started on. Head to the pizza restaurant near the Leaf Links bridge and go to the apartment building near there that has one of the windows open. Go up to the roof. There are two other flights of stairs in plain sight when you look at the apartment -- this makes it easy to find the correct location. Go to the north of the roof and jump off onto another roof. Finally, jump off the roof into a yard. The Sea Sparrow helicopter is found next to the trees. If it does not appear here, leave and return later. Note: This helicopter can float.

-To get the Sea Sparrow without having to get the eighty packages, after you complete the InterGlobal Studio missions, go to the first building you went to on your motorcycle from the G-spotlight mission. The Sea Sparrow will be on the roof of that building.

Gruppe Sechs marked Securicars:
Find a Securicar at the docks and otice that it is marked "Gruppe Sechs" on the back and sides. That is the phonetic spelling of group sex.

Loot on Securicars:
When you locate a Securicar, knock the back doors off. Look at it in first person view. Inside the back of the Securicar, you will see three boxes marked "Loot".

Black Sentinel:

During the Hit The Courier mission at the Print Works, get a car and wait at the end of the Starfish Island bridge. Watch in the direction of the courier. You will see two red Sentinels coming at you. Blow them up and afterwards the black Sentinel with the courier appears. Get a sniper rifle or PSG-1 and shoot at the driver through the windshield. The person will die and drop the plates. Pick them up and get in Sentinel. Complete the mission and you will now have a pitch black Sentinel.

Sentinel XS:
Close to Escobar International Airport is a sign that reads "Long Term Parking". There is a sporty-looking Sentinel in the parking lot there that is much faster and better looking than a normal one.

To get the seaplane, purchase the InterGlobal Films studio on Prawn Island for $60,000. After the purchase, complete Steve Scott's second mission "Dildo Dodo". After completing the mission, the Skimmer seaplane will be available to you at the dock on the west side of the studio (the same dock where you got the plane for his mission).

Spand Express:

To get the Spand Express, play the game until you reach the Riot mission. Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Make sure you have at least $14,000. Before doing this mission, drive a car to the Docks and go north. Purchase the Hyman Condo. Set any car on fire, then go in it to commit suicide. You will end up back on the other side. During the Riot mission, you will have to destroy three Spand Express Cars. Destroy only two, then drive the third across the ocean to the condo. Put it in the garage. Close the garage and open it again. Use a gun to destroy the Spand Express to pass the mission. Close the garage door again and the Spand Express will be back. Commit suicide again to return to Vice City. If desired, you can keep all of the Spand Expresses by driving each one to the condo, then stealing a car and driving back to the other side to get the others. Then, blow them all up at once in the big garage.

Gold Spand Express:

To obtain the gold Spand Express, play until the Jury Fury mission. Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Make sure you have at least $14,000. Before doing this mission, drive a car to the Docks and go north and purchase the Hyman Condo. Set any car on fire, then go in it to commit suicide. You should end up back on the other side. At some point during the Jury Furymission, a gold Spand Express should ram one of the jurors, dropping two hammers. Get the juror out of the car and take the Spand Express. Drive it to the Hyman Condo and put it in the garage. Commit suicide to return to Vice City.

Head to the Pay 'N' Spray near the mall in Vice Point. Turn so that you are facing south, away from the mall. Start driving up the road at a slow speed while using your side view to look at the left side of the street. Not too far down you will notice an archway. Drive into it and take the right into the fence to find the Sparrow and the Checkpoint Challenge.

Damage and waterproof Sparrow:

Get the Sparrow helicopter during the G-Spotlight mission next to the building, above the stairs. Take it to a Pay 'N' Spray fly into it without crashing. The easiest one is at the Sunshine Autos paint shop, due to its enormous width. Note: The Sparrow is the only helicopter that can fit into a Pay 'N' Spray. After painting it, the Sparrow will have wheels. When you enable the "Floating Cars" code, it can now float on the water like a Sea Sparrow. Additionally, without the downside of those landing rods, it is safer to land on ground.

Purchase the shipyard in Vice Port for $10,000. The boat will respawn there and will be yours for the taking.

Gold Stretch:

During the Martha's Mug Shot mission, there will be a golden Stretch awaiting Candy. All the doors are locked. Shoot the driver with a sniper rifle in the head. When he is decapitated, he will fall out the door. Do not get in. Instead, turn around and shoot Candy before she gets in. After the mission failed message appears, get into the Stretch and drive towards one of your empty garages. Park it inside and wait for the door to shut. When it opens, the Stretches door will not automatically close and lock any more. Note: If you get out of The stretch before you get it into your garage, you will not be able to enter it again, unless you push it into your garage.

Free rides from Taxi:
Complete the Kaufman Cabs missions to have Taxis drive you to mission locations or objectives for free.

VCN Maverick:
Head to the VCN building in the Downtown area and go upstairs to find a VCN Maverick.

Black Voodoo:
During the Two Bit Hit mission for Avery Carrington, get the Havana costume and a helicopter. Land on the building opposite the pizza place in Little Haiti. Look down and you should see the pitch black Voodoo. Jump down and take it to your garage. The car will not always be repaired when you put it in your garage for the first time. Return after the mission and take it out. When the garage door shuts, drive it back in. It should now be repaired.


-After completing kaufman cabs missions, the Zebra taxi can be found in Kaufman Cab building, where the original cab was located.

-Purchase the Kaufman Cab business and complete the first two missions. Make sure you have a garage to store a car. On the third mission where you have to pick up Mercedes, go and survive against the enemy taxis until the Boss appears. The Boss has a black and yellow striped taxi. Catch it on fire so the driver jumps out, then get out of your Kaufman Cab, jump in to the enemy taxi, and enable the "Heath" code. Make sure you are away from the enemy taxi driver so he does not pull you out of the car. If done in time, you will have an extra Zebra taxi that seems to be quicker and takes much more damage than usual. Be careful to not blow it up, as it will not appear again.

Duplicate Zebra:
After you complete the Kaufman Cab missions, get the Zebra taxi and put it in a garage that you own. Return to Kaufman Cabs and another one will be there.

Drive inside buildings:
Locate a building that has enough space in the door to drive a car into. Slowly drive the car so its front end is partially in the building, then get out of the car and stand behind its bumper. Hold X to run and push the car into the building. The car will only go so far in. Once you cannot move the car in any further, go inside the building, turn around, and you will see the car.

Faster destruction with cars:

Shoot a car in the back close to the gas tank and it will light on fire faster.

Wheelies with cars:
-Enable the "Change wheel size" code about five times, then find a car like the Bobcat, Baggage Carrier, Rancher, or any other car that goes faster than normal. After that, enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you hit the gas, you will pop a wheelie.

-Enable the "Change wheel size" code more than three times, then enable the "Perfect handling" code and go to the runway at Escobar International Airport. Find a Baggage Handler to pop wheelies. You can also do this trick with a Rancher, Mesa, Landstalker, Caddy, or Patriot.

Helicopter locations:
-Go to Hyman Condos and purchase it. You will get a helicopter every time you go upstairs.

-Head to the Downtown district (on the second island), then go to the Downtown police station and you will find a cop car parked by the street. There will be an alley behind it. Go down the alley and make a right turn to find a stairway there. Go up the stairs to the helipad. There usually is a police helicopter sitting there.

-From Starfish Island, head towards the Downtown area of Vice City (not to the police station). As you enter Downtown, go past the man that stands by the motorcycles by The Greasy Chopper and proceed onwards. Go past the first light then look towards the left. There will be a white staircase going up. Climb up to the top and walk to the other side of the roof. Once at the end, there should be a green helicopter there. Jump down, then go up the rusted stairs to the helipad. If the helicopter is not there, leave and return later.

-Go towards where Colonel Cortez' yacht is found in Ocean Beach. On the turn off the street to go to Colonel, turn instead into the grassy area. There will be steps leading up to a helicopter.

Wheelies on motorcycles:
-Get a Sanchez or PCJ 600 and go slightly quicker than traffic. Get behind a slanted back car, such as a Sabre, and pop a wheelie. Half of the time you can wheelie over the car and get awesome stunt bonuses.

Backflips on motorcycles:
Get on a motorcycle and slowly drive up to a wall that is on a blacktop surface. Drive up so your front wheel is touching the wall and gun it. You will perform a back flip and not fall off the bike. Occasionally you will even get money for the trick.

Easy passengers on motorcycles:
You can easily get a passenger on the back of your motorcycle-class vehicles. Simply ind one with two people on it, then knock both people off. Make sure the passenger gets to the motorcycle before the driver does. Try punching the driver a few times. Do not shoot or the passenger will run away. Once the passenger gets on, just hop on and ride away.

Bailing from motorcycles:
If you are on a motorcycle-class vehicle with a passenger, you cannot bail while moving.

Use the following trick to do easy donuts with any bike (Freeway or Angel recommended). Find a bike and knock off the rider, then use a sniper rifle and shoot out the back tire. If you have a Freeway or an Angel, you can only shoot the back tire. After flattening the tire, ride it then make a sharp turn to your left or right. You will do a big donut and might bail.

Go for a tour:
Find any car that has a cargo bed (for example, trucks) and stop it in front of you, then hop on the hood of the car and run to the back of the car. Pull out a weapon and crouch down in it. Shoot the back of the driver's compartment without hitting the civilian and the car should speed off. The car won't stop speeding until you get out of the back. Note: Not all cars will speed off when you shoot them.

Rigging cars with a bomb:
Head to the south of Little Havana. In this area are a series of garages, in the place where you fought the Zebra cab in the Kaufman Cabs asset mission. Go by the water and look at the garages. One of them will be open and have a picture of a bomb painted like an 8-Ball. Drive your car inside and let the garage close. Wait a couple seconds and it will open. A message will appear saying that you can just use the detonator to blow up the car. Get out of the car and the detonator will be selected as your weapon.

Load a car on top of another:
You need to have a moving Rancher in front of you to do this, as well as an Infernus. Drive behind a Rancher at the same speed. Using the front of the Infernus like a wedge, it is easy to lift the Rancher onto the hood. Once its back wheels are on the hood, hit the accelerator to full throttle. This will lift the Rancher straight up onto your roof. If you go quick enough, the car will go over you. This is useful if you are on a mission and the cops are on your tail, or you are running out of time where there is a lot of traffic.

Blow out tires:
Shoot the tires of any vehicle to blow them out.

Fixing flat tires:
When you have a flat, enable the "Health" code to fill up the tire again. Note: This will not work when on a motorcycle.

Easier street races:
-There are two things that are incredibly helpful when street racing. First, you do not have to park in the pink area. Hitting a competitor will begin the race automatically. To get an advantage, get some speed in the direction of the first checkpoint, then just barely nick the lead car as you fly by. They will all be left in your dust and probably will not catch up. Secondly, especially for the last race, you may want to block them off with a giant vehicle, like a Coach or Packer. When coupled with the first trick, you just may win.

-The easiest way to win a street race is to enable the "Destroy all cars" code during the race. Make sure to get of your car before performing the code, then get another car and drive through all the checkpoints. Another way is to shoot the cars at the very beginning of the race.

-When you do the street races for Sunshine Autos, get the rocket launcher in the pool behind the Hooker Inn Hotel and get to the starting grid. Do not enter the pink circle that starts the race. Instead, go in front of the cars and shoot between the front two cars with the rocket launcher. They will explode and the back car will get away. Shoot it before it passes you, then get in your car and race by yourself. You will win every time.

-When doing the street races for Sunshine Autos, go behind the large orange building at the yellow striped intersection on the way to the airport and get the rocket launcher. Go to the starting point and line your car up just behind the pink circle. Take out the car in the upper-right (number two) position. With luck, the blast will take out the other two cars. Either way, you will make the odds a lot better. Alternately, if you do not feel like shedding blood, you can just clip the upper right car going at top speed to get the race started.

-Begin the race, run away from any cars, and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. Then, complete the race at your leisure. Note: This only works in races where the other people do not have to stay alive.

-Purchase Sunshine Autos and complete all four lists, then start a race from downstairs and take the Hotring Racer. You will be able to pass the Infernus, Cheetah, and Banshee by just driving where they cannot ram the side of your car.

Keep black or pink cars:

Enable the "Black traffic" or "Pink traffic" code, then park any car that you want to remain in that color and save the game. When you reload, you will have that color car. This does not seem to work on certain mission cars, such as the taxis. If you already have a car in your garage and wish to make it black, enable the code, drive into a Pay 'N' Spray, and repeat the same as the above.

Car appearance determination:
Cars that appear will be in the same class as the car that you are driving. For example, if you drive a sports car, expect to see sports cars everywhere.

Better off-road capabilities:
Enable the Change wheel size code a couple times and get a car (Phoenix, Banshee, etc.). The wheels will appear to be larger and you will have better off-road capabilities and you can run over cars better then usual. Your car will raise off the ground and Tommy will have to do a small jump to get in.

Meat cargo:
Go to Vice Port and find the red van driving around, with R, S, and L Bols on the side. Take it and reverse into something so the back door falls off. Look inside to see dead meat (cows) hanging from the roof.

Pay N' Spray emergency vehicle:

As long as the lights and siren is off, you can take an unmarked emergency vehicle (non-military) to the Pay N' Spray for a completerepair. They will charge the same amount as a regular car but does not change the color. Note: This was done with the F.B.I. SUV.

Downtown: Secret rooftop hideout:
Head to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club and go north about a half block. On the left hand side is a building with stairs (going over a gun that you can obtain). Go up the stairs to the roof to find a shack that can be used to store any motorcycle-class vehicle, etc. It only costs $1,000.

Downtown: Molotov cocktails:
Head to where the Hyman Condo is located and go past the save point. Follow the alley until it reaches the street. On the other side of the street you will see a restaurant named Tacocalypse. Enter the outdoor eating area and turn left to find the Molotov cocktail.

Downtown: Drowned man:

Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to find man in swimming trunks that drowned due to a brick tied to him.

Downtown: Dead turtle:
Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to find a dead turtle.

Downtown: Extra trick money:
-Get a Sanchez motorcycle and go near the Hyman condos. While on the Sanchez, face the door that leads to the roof of the Hyman condos at an angle. Try to wall ride on the side of the door by holding the wheelie (Down) and hitting the gas. If you do wall ride and warp to the top of the condo, you will get a trick worth $195 compared to a normal ten second wheelie getting nowhere near that much.

-Purchase the Hyman Condo and go to the rooftop with a Sanchez or a PCJ 600. Go very fast and make a left turn where the long part of the roof is located. Do a wheelieright before you hit the rail. You should go up in the air and spin like crazy. It is possible to get over 1500 degrees of rotation and over $250.

Downtown: Easter Egg:
Head on top on the VCN building, onto the helipad. The fourth window in from the right will be an invisible wall. Get to the corner of the helipad and jump inside to find an Easter Egg. You are at the wrong window if you did not fall through.

Downtown: Huge explosion hint:
Go to the dirt bike track and get on the parked dirt bike, then start the mission but do not move. Wait for the three Cubans to appear and kill them. Take their bikes and put them where the original dirt bike was located. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of bikes there. Note: Fail the mission first, then get back on the bike -- no more Cubans will appear if you do not do this. Get enough distance away not to die then either throw a Molotov cocktail or a grenade at them, or shoot one until it catches on fire. This will cause a chain reaction that will cause a enormous explosion (and give you wanted stars).

Downtown: Death at the tracks:
At Hyman Memorial Stadium, enter in the Hotring Racer event. Instead of racing, park your car at a safe location (such as on top of higher ground next to the pit stop). You can exit the car and shoot drivers coming around. The race will not end until you complete twelve laps or have exited the event. Note: Explosives and flames will not damage any other race car.

Downtown: Ronald Reagan poster:
Head to the Ammu-Nation and go straight, never turning, through the door until you hit the wall. Then, look to your left to see the counter that has mannequin heads with helmets on them. Jump on the mannequin heads (not just the counter because you need all the height you can get), then face and touch the wall. Barely look down so that Tommy's back is now facing the wall and still, if not barely touching the wall. Equip the rocket launcher to enter aiming mode. Turn around so that you are facing the wall again, and look slightly up. You should see a Ronald Reagan poster where he is holding a Colt .45 besides a person with bullet holes.

Downtown: Project Gotham Racing easter egg:
Enter Hyman Memorial Stadium. In the Hotring Racing inside the dome, there are severalbillboards. One of them says "Earn Money Not Kudos," referring to the points you earn in Project Gotham Racing.

Enter Fort Baxter Air Force Base without a wanted level:

To enter the military base without getting the law on you, complete the Cop Land mission at the Vercetti Estate. You will then the police uniform  located at the VCPD HQ at Washington Beach. Go into the locker room and put it on. Then, get a police car from the parking lot in the back and drive to the Fort Baxter Air Force Base. You can now enter the base and be able to get the Hunter attack helicopter. Note: This is best done between 20:00 and 24:00.

Submarine and cargo ship hint:
A sunken ship and a submarine can be find up north off the coast. The submarine is directly north of Ammu-Nation and The Tool Store at Vice Point Mall. The cargo ship is east of the submarine. Note: The submarine is Soviet, as indicated by the red star on it.

Colonel Cortez's sunken yacht:
After completing the Colonel's missions, continue the game until you can get a helicopter. Find the harbor on the third island and fly to the south of it. Look around and you should see an oddly colored object under the water. Switch to first person view while in the helicopter and look beneath you. You should be able to see the Colonel's sunken ship.

Reaching the second island early:
-To reach the second island without cheating, get a Coach, one other car, and $1,000. Take the Coach bus to the Marina (where Colonel Cortez's yacht is located). Drive quickly past his dock and go to the second one. The second dock has many boats. Ram into the tree that is next to the gate. The tree should shatter and disappear. After that, take the bus and line it up along side of the dock, facing out toward the water. Get the front wheels up on the ledge. Use your other car to push the Coach into the water. Once the bus is in the water, jump on top of it and walk towards the other end of the roof of the bus. The Coach will be long enough to allow you to bypass the locked gate and hop back onto the pier. Then, take a boat and drive it to the second island. To save your game, go the Skumole Shack north of the Greasy Chopper bar. Use your $1,000 to purchase it and save the game. Now that you are here, you can get the helicopter from the police station and go back and forth as needed.

-Head to the hospital at Ocean Beach. The bridge next to it is blocked off at the start of the game. On the right side there is a gap between two cement road barriers. Start at the final intersection before the bridge with a PCJ 600 and floor it. Aim directly at the gap between the two cement barriers on the right. You will pass right through them. This might require several attempts. You may also return through the same gap, but make sure you have enough speed.

-Jump on the railing of the Prawn Island Bridge and wait for a boat to pass under it. Aim and jump. Repeat this until you actually manage to land in the boat. Note: The owner will jump into the water in a panic. Drive the boat to the other island.

reach any locked area early:
Get a sniper rifle and find a place where boats appear. Wait until one is coming roughly straight at you, then take out the man piloting it with the rifle. If the boat was moving fast enough, it will coast up to you. Try to jump onto it. From there, you can get to almost anywhere. It may take awhile to find out good spots to try this. One recommended location is behind Diaz's mansion in the lawn behind the hedge maze.

-Enable the "Cars float on water" code, then just drive on the water to get to any island.

Each rampage you complete earns you an extra $50 on the next one you do:

-Fall off the ramp on top of the multi story parking garage. (Laser Sniper Rifle)
-Ocean View Medical Foundation, to the right of Col. Cortez boatyard. (M4)
-Ocean View to the right of the wooden bridge to the east of the lighthouse. (Molotov Cocktails)
-East side of the North Point Mall near the 3321 Vice Point Safe house (M4)
-In North Point Mall near Vynal Countdown in the plants. (Rocket)
-At the Stadium near helipad (Flamethrower)
-In the alley to the left of the Well Stacked Pizza in Downtown (Drive By)
-In Downtown near the VAJ finance poster behind the statue with the black pearl (Mini gun)
-Enter the Moist Palms Hotel Parking Lot in Downtown and turn to your right. (M60)
-Vice Port on the huge boat to the left of the Boatyard. (Rocket)
-On the top of a roof behind Cafe Robana, Ramp behind building gets you access to the roof. (Kruger)
-Right on top of the Airport Terminal (Rocket)
-In Airport Terminal behind the stairs in the back. (Auto Shotgun)
-To the right of the ARMY/Air Base. (Mini gun)
-Find the rocket launcher in the hooker in pool to the left of sunshine autos. Then keep going back and look left. (Grenades)
-Up the white stairs across from Ammunation in downtown. (Colt .45)
-Go to the building to the right of the 3321 Vice Point safe house, a rampage is behind it (Colt .45)
-Behind the "standing" building where you get armor across from the Malibu Club, a rampage will be on the top diving board.(Laser Sniper)
-On Ocean Beach where you find the shotgun by the bench, head west on the wooden board walk, head up the grass and look against the building (Auto Shotgun)
-To the right of Bunch Of Tools, in the direction of the parked car is facing are white stairs. Go up them and head left. It is behind a small maroon wall. (MP5)
-Two rooftops to the right of Cherry Poppers, you will need a helicopter. (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle)
In front of the Printing Works there is a billboard. Count four houses to the right and go behind the fourth house. (TEC-9)
-Head south from the Leaf Links Golf Club and find a gap between the wall and the road. Head down and its to the left. (Chainsaw)
-To the left of the VCN building, there are white stairs. Go up to the top. (Molotov Cocktails)
-Find Raphel's clothing shop. Go in the open door in the direction the neon sign is facing. It is to the left. (Chainsaw)
-Go to where Avery meets you, but keep going straight to the cul-de-sac. (Drive By)
-Find the Securicar then go around to the back of the bank. It is by the loading bay (Katana)
-When coming from Little Havana to Starfish Island, take a right and stop at the first gray gate. -Jump it using a car to jump on and follow the driveway to the rampage. (Run over)
-From the garage where you parked the tank in "Sir Yes Sir". Go straight and stop halfway before the corner. Get out and take a right through the lawn to find it in the B Ball court. (Shotgun)
-On Ocean Beach to the north of the light house by the shore. (Run over)
-Across from the boatyard in Vice Port to the right on the dock without a roof. (Rocket)
-From 3321 Vice Point drive to your right and its behind the second huge building. (Drive By)
-Take a right out of the city scrap junk yard road. Take the first right you see. At the billboard go in the alley all the way to the end by the water and take a left at the end of the alley.
-From the Ocean Beach Hospital, take a right out of it and take the second left. Look to your left and take the first gap in the hedges, go straight and look right.
-Go behind your lawyers office and head straight. Look right and go to the top of the spiral, go down the ramp and pick it up.

Unlockable Hideouts:
Purchase the following properties for the corresponding prices:

1102 Washington Street - $3,000
3321 Vice Point - $2,500
Elswanko Casa (with 1 garage) - $8,000
Hyman Condo (with 3 garages and a helipad) - $14,000
Links View Apartments (with 1 garage) - $6,000
Ocean Heights (with 1 garage) - $7,000
Skumhole Shack - $1,000

The following stores can be robbed.

Island 1
Gash (in North Point Mall)
Countdown Vinyl (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store (in North Point Mall)
Hardware store (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store
Hardware store

Island 2
Jewelry store
Hardware store
Cafe´ Robina
Deli restaurant

Escobar International Airport: Easy money hint:
To get a massive amount of money in a short time, get the Rhino Tank from Fort Baxter Air Base. Drive it to Escobar International Airport. Once there, activate the Vigilante missions. Almost every chase will take place on the airstrip. They appear one behind the other and can just be rammed with the tank or fired on. It is possible to get to level 66 in vigilante mode with 760 kills and $5,000,000 in about a half hour. If you get stars, drive to Sunshine Autos, and jump into a car, then drive into the Pay 'N' Spray. You should have a decent amount of mission time to drive there and back to the airport with no problems.

Escobar International Airport: Rampage and hidden package:
Head to the airport and find the billboard with a surfer. Directly across from it is a plane. Enable the "Sabre Turbo" code and go all the way to the wall, then make a 180 degree turn to face the billboard. At full speed, align yourself so that you will hit he ramp and fly with a cinematic view of your car landing on the roof. You can now find a hidden package and rampage. The rampage requires you to blow up ten vehicles. This is easily done by enabling the "Destroy cars" code.

Escobar International Airport: Enter airport with weapons:
When facing the airport building, go through the gate to the left that heads into the runway area. Follow the airport building itself around as far as you can and still have a window to your right. The last airport window is fashioned into the cement of the building, but there is just enough space for you to walk up to the outside portion of it. If you walk up this outside portion and veer just a bit to the left you, will instantly appear on the other side of the glass. This may require multiple attempts.

-Park a car by the entrance to the airport and jump on the car, then jump over the rail.

Escobar International Airport: Free ammunition:

Drive to Escobar International Airport and walk through the metal detector. All your weapons will appear outside the airport, even those that were completely out of ammo. Leave and pick them up. Each weapon, even the ones that were out of ammo, will have earned a load of ammo.

-Go into the police station and change into the cop uniform, then purchase one of each weapon you like and go to the airport. Since you are wearing the uniform, you will be allowed to enter with all of your weapons. However, as you pass in and out of the metal detector, your range of firepower will be waiting outside. Keep doing this for awhile and you will have all the ammunition needed.

Escobar International Airport: Rocket launcher:
On the long drive to the airport, there is a short left turn into the Hooker Inn hotel with a rocket launcher in the pool there.

Escobar International Airport: Spaz 12 shotgun:
Search behind the wave-shaped billboard (unique jump) in front of the airport terminal to get a Spaz 12 shotgun.

Escobar International Airport: Quick energy gain:

When inside the airport, ride an escalator to quickly regain your energy.

Escobar International Airport: Runway support:

Take a boat to the runway at the airport and search underneath to see that the part of the runway that extends over the water is not supported at all, with the ground visible on the seawall behind it.

Leaf Links: Phallic symbol:
At Leaf Links Golf course, at the country club entrance, turn so your back is facing the entrance and you are looking out to the city. Turn left less than a quarter turn to see three huge buildings. If it is dark, but before 00:00, hours you will see lights in the windows of these buildings. The biggest building will have a symbol of a penis with two balls. Every 15 seconds, a squirt will appear from the top of the building.

Leaf Links: Easy money:
Head to the golf range and kill some old people there, They should have a lot of money.

Leaf Links: Reload weapon:
If you have a Uzi or another gun that you can keep when it is out of ammo, go to the golf course. Walk through the entrance then walk back out. When you pick up your weapon, it should be as if you just picked it up or bought it. Note: This may not always work.

Leaf Links: Many guns:
At the golf course, eliminate the guards at the gate. Walk through the metal detector with a gun and tons of guns will appear.

Leaf Links: Golf club weapon:
Occasionally there is a group of people outside the golf course. Kill them and take the golf clubs.

Leaf Links: Bring weapons on golf course:
-Park any car to the left of the entrance to Leaf Links, then jump on your car and onto the ramp made of golf clubs on the other side. You are now on the course with all of your weapons. This is quite helpful on the Four Iron mission.

-Take a helicopter from a hideout (or wherever else) over the golf course and land inside. You can also do this with a boat, but this can be dangerous as you may drown getting out. Another way is to use the bridge that extends over the road outside the course, on the same island. If you walk/run up to the bridge and then jump over the railing, you will be inside the course with your weapons.

Leaf Links: Annoy guards:
Get a PCJ 600 motorcycle and position yourself directly outside the golf club (where the guards usually take your weapons). Move back far enough so that you reach top speedn then ride straight past where your weapons are usually confiscated and go into the golf course. The guards will try to chase you, but you will easily outrun them. If you were quick enough through the gates, you will still have all your weapons.

Leaf Links: Make guards follow you:
Walk into the golf club and will lose your weapons. Enable one of the "Weapon tier" codes. A guard will follow you when you shoot. Another method is to drive into the golf club on a motorcycle. A guard will follow you in a Caddy.

Leaf Links: Shark:
Go to Leaf Links golf course and move far down the back (where there is a narrow brown bridge connecting the small island with the big one). When on the bridge, you can see a shark in the water.

Little Haiti: Pogo The Monkey arcade game:
-Find the pizza restaurant in Little Haiti, then go in and you will see two arcade games. One of them is Pogo the Monkey.

-Purchase the Kaufman Cab business and look to the right of it when inside. You will see two games; one of them is a Pogo The Monkey game.

Little Haiti: Taxi show easter egg:
The Kaufman Cab Company is named after the late Andy Kaufman, whom starred in the television show "Taxi". Inside the building, it cleverly resembles the set of the show.

Little Haiti: Easy money:
Head to the location of the Ryton Aid pharmacy and the adjacent Pay 'N' Spray, then steal any car and park it directly in front of the Pay 'N' Spray. Enter the Ryton Aid and rob it by pointing a gun at the clerk until you have three stars on your wanted meter. Drop the gun, take the money, and run outside to your car. Drive it into the Pay 'N' Spray. If you got hit by the police, return to the store after your car is repainted and obtain the health power-up. Run down the block and a new clerk will be back in Ryton Aid. Repeat this process to get easy money.

Little Haiti: Fudge Packing sign:
Start at the Café Under The Tree and go east on that road, then take the next right turn and go north. On the left hand side of the road is a huge deep orange building. The sign there reads "FUDGE Packing Corp."

Little Haiti: Obscene poster:
After taking Phil Cassidy to the hospital, go into his trailer and enter his room. Over his bed is a poster reads "Is F***king Great" at the top.

Little Haiti: Dracula poster:
At the funeral home, there is a window with displays and other items. Look inside the window in first person mode, there should be Bela Lugosi Dracula poster to Tommy's right.

Little Haiti: Minigun:
After completing the Trojan Voodoo mission and the drug factory has been destroyed, there will be a minigun on top of it. It may be easier to use a helicopter to get it.

Little Haiti: Sunken cars:
Head to the bridge leading to the golf course and go near the water on the east side of the bridge. The look down and you should see three sunken cars. They look like the ones that can be found around Little Havana and Little Haiti.

Little Haiti: Human remains:
Start at the Pizza Place then turn left and to get to Funeraria Romero. Proceed along the front of the place until encounter a small narrow alleyway. Go through the alleyway and turn left. There should be a hidden package there. Notice there are four little plots of dirt in the ground; one of them is uncovered and you can see a human skeleton.

Little Haiti: Human organs:
Find the Funeraria Romero and walk south until you find a place called Carnicero Romero. Look in the window and you will see two pigs tied to the top. On the bottom you can see some human organs (even a brain). At the bottom of all the organs is a box that says "Human Organs".

Little Haiti: Hidden package:
There is a hidden package at Phil's Place. Go into Phil's Place and turn right to find a building without a door. Go into that building and take a left. Directly ahead of you will be a hidden package. There is a Patriot also located there, on the other side of Phils'. If you go into the hillbilly trailer, directly ahead will be a gun rack with guns you cannot get. Take an 90 degree turn to find another one.

Little Havana: Easy money hints:
-Head to West Haven Community Healthcare Center, close to the bridge to Starfish Island. Stay there and, most of the time, two opposing gangs will fight and eventually kill each other. They pack Colt 45s and some money. Do not stand in the middle of the battle or you will get shot.

-For an easy $1,050, after completing The Job mission,  return to the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank that you robbed. Go up stairs and you will get four stars on your wanted meter. Proceed to the office where you met the bank manager during the missino. Near the chair are two rolls of money. Take them, exit the office, and go up the second flight of stairs. Go into the room where the elevator is located (just to your right). You should see three rolls of money there. Take them and escape. Note: You can immediately go back in the bank after exiting and the money will be there again.

-After purchasing the Sunshine Autos, steal a car and run over the men directly outside of the dealership. They carry tons of money and Uzi ammunition.

Little Havana: Sniper rifle:
Head to Sunshine Autos and go head north until it ends. Turn right and then find the alleyway that connects the two roads. Go in it, turn right, and find the set of stairs. Go up the first, then there is another. Go up that then go to the corner furthest away form the stairs to find the sniper rifle.

Little Havana: Sniper location:
A great location where the police, FBI and Army will have a hard time to getting you is the hospital.

Little Havana: Start a gunfight:
Buy the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory in Little Havana. About a dozen of your men will stand around it. Search for a group of Cubans nearby. Hit one of them, then walk, do not run, back to the Ice Cream Factory. Your men will rush and attack the Cubans. They will shoot each other, and you can pick up any dropped weapons or money.

Ocean Beach: Baseball bat:
Search in the alleyway directly behind your hideout at the Ocean View to find a baseball bat.

Ocean Beach: Brass knuckles:

Search slightly north (less than 100 feet) from the baseball bat behind your hideout to find a set of brass knuckles.

Ocean Beach: Chainsaw:
Go inside the apartment building in Ocean Beach next to the Pay 'N' Spray. Find the open door to apartment 30. To your right is a bathroom with blood all over. The chainsaw can be found there.

Ocean Beach: Knife:
Head to the alleyway in the south-east corner of the east island (where you start) to find the knife.

Ocean Beach: Shotgun:
You can find a shotgun at any time by heading to the top of the Washington Mall via the car park (the circle ramp). When at the top of the building, do down the left side ramp, and then immediately turn around. The shotgun is to the left of the ramp at the back.

Ocean Beach: Uzi:
Drive next to the Pay 'N' Spray near the Ocean View, then walk through the fence. Follow the trail and at the end to locate an Uzi.

Ocean Beach: Easy money hint:
Leave your Ocean View hotel hideout and steal a car. Note: This cannot be done with a motorcycle or scooter. Make sure the car is directly in front of the hideout. Go right (from standing in front of the hotel) and drive along the road. Drive on the left hand side of the road, opposite to traffic. You will see a wide gravel path. Follow the path, being careful not to run over anyone, until you get to a small, narrow bridge. Begin to ram your car into the side of the bridge. As soon as the car catches on fire, run away. Wait until the car explodes, then return to the bridge. Most of the people should be dead, since many of them were walking on the bridge. If you are lucky, you might even kill a police officer or two.

Ocean Beach: Bag of money:
After completing the Malibu Club missions, there will be a bag full of cash on your bed in your Ocean View Hotel Room.

Ocean Beach: Drugs:
On the table in your Ocean View Hotel room is a broken hidden package that has a not-so-mysterious white powder spilling out of it.

Ocean Beach: Beach ball:
There is a beach ball on the beach that you can bounce on your head for points.

Ocean Beach: Grand Theft Auto 3 easter egg:
There is a comic book-like picture of the hero from Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout in The Ocean View Hotel.

Ocean Beach: Scarface easter egg:
The entire road that runs parallel the beach on the east side (where the Ocean View hotel is located) is a perfect duplicate of the scene from the Scarface, which was based in Miami.

Ocean Beach: New Candy Suxxx posters:
After completing all of the InterGlobal Film studio missions, return to the original save point area in the Ocean View Hotel. Go up to your room, and you can see two new Candy Suxxx movie advertisement posters on the wall -- "BITE: Featuring Candy Suxxx" and "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Starring Candy Suxxx".

Ocean Beach: New magazines:
After completing all the missions, there will be new magazines in the Ocean View Hotel. The magazines have pictures of Lance Vance and Diaz on them, as well as a computer magazine with the title "1986 Best For Graphics" on the front cover.

Ocean Beach: Boomshine barrels:

After completing the missions for Phil Cassidy, go to your hideout at the Ocean View hotel. There will be barrels of boomshine in your room.

Ocean Beach: Shooting award:
Go into your hideout at the Ocean View hotel and go towards the television. On top of it is a head with a bullet hole in the middle of the forehead. On the base is a plaque reading "Shooter Of The Month". This only appears after completing the Shooting Range mission. Note: Shoot the award and you will get a wanted level star.

Ocean Beach: Secret package contents:
On a table in the hotel room, there is a secret package. It does not count towards the 100 hidden in the game but is broken open and contains cocaine.

Ocean Beach: Hockey mask:
A hockey mask from the Bank Heist mission will be on the table in your room at the Ocean View hotel after that mission is completed.

Ocean Beach: New stripper:
After purchasing the Pole Position strip club, you can get a lap dance in the back room. If you kill everyone in the club, (all strippers, customers, and bartenders), there will be a different striper in the back room.
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