Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii Cheats

Bonus level:
All levels in a world except for the Boss levels have hidden K, O, N, and G letters. Collect all four of those letters in all levels in a world to unlock a bonus level. There are a total of eight bonus levels.

Rare Orb:
To unlock a Rare Orb, complete the bonus level in a world.

Extra lives:
Resume a game from a saved game file with a Wiimote that's battery is low. Cranky will give you three extra lives.

Feed the Animals:
To perform this trick, you will need to play as Diddy Kong with a second controller in either World 1-B or 7-B to pull this trick off. When fighting Mugly or Thugly, the rhino-like bosses, they will try to attack by charging at you and swallowing you. Stand at one end of the stage away from Mugly or Thugly and shoot peanuts directly at the boss or specifically when their mouths are open. If you get enough peanuts into their mouth they will pause to eat munch them, openly revealing the weak spot on their back. This gives you the perfect opportunity to attack them. You can also keep shooting to increase the time they stop and eat and let Donkey Kong attack them for you.

Unlockable music:
Unlock the following music at the Extras menu by performing the corresponding tasks:

Beach Music - Beat the boss of the Beach section without Super Guide
Cave Music - Beat the boss of the Cave section without Super Guide
Cliff Music - Beat the boss of the Cliff section without Super Guide
Factory Music - Beat the boss of the Factory section without Super Guide
Forest Music - Beat the boss of the Forest section without Super Guide
Jungle Music - Beat the boss of the Jungle section without Super Guide
Ruins Music - Beat the boss of the Ruins section without Super Guide
Volcano Music - Beat the boss of the Volcano section without Super Guide

200% Completion Images:
Complete the game while collecting every KONG letter and puzzle piece. Then, do it again in Mirror Mode to get a 200% game completion and unlock the following eight images in the gallery:

Mole Carts
Steamy Adventure
Volcanic Ascension
Temple Entrance
Temple Exterior
Tiki Extremes
Tiki Tong Storyboard

How to Punch the Bosses and Barrels:
At the end of levels, when you collect your prize from the barrel, look for the SHAKE icon to appear and shake your Wii Remote to get in multiple "hits." You'll get more goodies for each punch. Do not shake to early or else you will cancel the bonus. You can also use this to punch bosses at the very end a boss fight. If you shake the Wii Remote early it will not work.

Mirror Mode:
To unlock Mirror mode, complete the Golden Temple (World 9). In Mirror mode, every level is reversed and you move from right to left. You have only one chance and you won't be able to use inventory items or Diddy.

Infinite DK Coins:
As Diddy, go to the first checkpoint in World 2-2 (Sloppy Sands). Here you will find two squid cannons underneath a bridge. Hit JUMP and UP to bounce from the lower squid to the higher squid. Hit the squid and drop to the lower squid again. Repeatedly bounce between them for infinite DK Coins.

World 9, The Golden Temple:
In every level except for boss levels there are letters to collect that spell out KONG. Collect the KONG letters in each level in a World to unlock a bonus level. Complete that bonus level to collect a Rare Orb. There are 8 Rare Orbs to collect, one in the bonus level of each World. After collecting them all, you will unlock the path to World 9 via The Golden Temple.

Roll Recovery:
When a KONG letter is hanging off the edge of a cliff, perform the Roll Recovery move by rolling off the edge of the cliff and jumping at the last second to reach a safe ledge above.

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