Top Five Hardest Game Ever

Below is a list of the ten hardest games I've played, until now I had never finish this game, let's see :

1.Pac-man (NES)

Pacman pic
The round yellow ball-eating is frustrating me, more and go up to the next level then the motion will be getting faster and faster to make my thumb was swollen, no one knows the ending of this game?

2.TMNT III The Manhattan Project (NES)

I really liked the TMNT games of this series, but I don't like robots who bit my butt! so when I stopped at the stage the same thing, I decided to return this game to my friend!.

3.  Ninja Gaiden Black (Playstation 2)

Here's my most hated boss in the game, if you play this game be prepared for difficulty sleeping

4.Battletoads (NES)

Hilarious, funny, crazy that's what crossed my mind when playing this game but after a few stages you go through you'll cry and ask for help to your brother to finish this game

5. Megaman ( All Series)

The most difficult thing that this game is you can not arbitrarily choose the stage even though you have been given the freedom to choose the stage you like, because you beat each boss has its own abilities that will have you used to beat the next boss is weak against certain elements

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Gran Turismo 2 PS one Cheats

999 mph
In the arcade mode, get the Opel Tigra Ice Racer. Race on the Tahiti dirt track. Drive to the jumps and do full-circle doughnuts. The speedometer will read 999 mph at the redline rpm.
All tracks in arcade mode
Obtain all licenses from simulation mode on disc two, including the super license.
Best cars from each company

    East City
    South City
    West City
    North City
    10. Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz AMG E55
    11. BMW: BMW 840ci
    12. RUF: RUF CTR 2 Sport

Better car performance
On any car that has full racing gears, go to change parts menu and select "Gear". Make sure "Auto Setup" is set to "Wide" for more top end speed.

Changing the setup to "Wide" will result in more top end speed. Move the setup to "Close" for more acceleration. The only reason to change the setting is from track to track. For example, for the Test Track, set it all the way to the right. For tracks such as the Special R5 track, set it all the way to the left.
Car wash cost
When you go wash your car, the game states that it costs 5,000 credits to wash once. However it actually costs only 50 credits.
You can do a stroke/bore up on the Austin Mini as well as the Skylines.
Do not buy too many cars
When entering the Special Events races, it is not necessary to have the same kind of car as the event specifies. (i.e. You do not need a muscle car to race in the Muscle Car Classic.) With the exception of the drivetrain specific events (FF, FR, MR, 4WD) and the Tuned/NA races, as long as your car meets the horsepower requirements, you do not need the kind of car that the title specifies. Basically, pick the car that you like the most, and race all of the races you can within the horsepower restrictions. Doing this means you do not have to buy a luxury sedan to compete in the Luxury Sedan Cup, etc.
Drag racing
The game manual mentions Drag Racing techniques. However, there is no Drag Racing mode in the game, yet you can win and build Drag Racing cars.
Drive 470 kph
Get an S license, select arcade mode, and go to Motor Sport Land. Get your 180SX Drag (not the Skiline drag) -- it weighs under a ton. Go to the corner after the hill. Go flat tack so the reverse sign appears, and drive straight into the hill. You will go through it and just keep going (it will say off course). You will not be able to go fast if it is like your on the dirt. You will see mirages of the track and need the gearing right. This is why the map is so small. If you want to get back on the track, you must keep your green dot on the screen.
Drunken Rally Car
Enter the Tahiti Maze Rally Race and compete against the Rally Car. Watch the car towards the beginning of the race.
Easier turning
When in a turn, hit the brakes until your hear your tires squeal. Then, turn with the D-pad.
Easy credits
Two memory cards are required for this trick. Make sure memory card in slot two has enough space for saving. Load the game and buy a number of cars. Save these onto memory card one. Go to the file management screen and copy the saved game file to memory card two, so that both cards have the same saved game file. Reload the game and sell all your cars on memory card one. After doing this, you can then transfer your saved cars back from memory card two onto memory card one. Keep using this method and to get easy credits and get cars quicker.
Easy first place in arcade mode
Purchase a "special" model car on the simulation mode disc, which costs approximately 500,000 to 1,000,000 credits. Save the game. On the arcade disc, choose to load the simulation mode game. When choosing the class of car in a race, choose "home garage" and use your new car.
Easy Rally Racing
Buy the Escudo Pikes Peak version and use it to compete in any of the Rally Races to easily defeat your opponents.
Ending credits
Win every race under Gran Turismo League for the ending credits on the Arcade disc.

Finish in first on all 21 tracks in arcade mode under the professional difficulty setting.
Escudo: Turn more easily
Set the LSD as INITIAL 6 - Front, Rear 6; ACCL 56 - Front, Rear 10; DEC 10 - Front, Rear 56. The Escudo is a 4x4, as is the Imprezza. If you have a front-drive car, you simply set the LSD for the Front. If you have rear-drive car you set the rear setting. For a 4x4 set it as above. How much you put on depends on how you feel the car handles. The point is to make the car turn as quickly as possible. If your car turns quickly, it can straighten up quicker; and allows you to leave the corner as quickly as possible; putting your foot down. The LSD allows you to "slip/spin" the car into a corner, almost as in an uncontrolled spin. But before you spin out completely the LSD lets you drive through the spin. The turn is faster if you get the setting right. If you get the set-up right, you can beat a more powerful/lighter car when driving a smaller/heavier inferior one. If your car lacks straight-line speed, it can make up for it by fast cornering. Using the LSD you can tweak the car to do that, up to a point.
Event Synthesizer race
Earn the Super License to unlock the "Event Synthesizer" race in Gran Turismo League.
FedEx car
Enter the Gran Turismo League race events until reaching the Pacific League races. Then enter the Midfield Raceway event and to be awarded with a R*Nissan 300ZX GTS FedEx race car.
Finding cars
If you cannot find a certain car at in the used car lot, check back in about 10 days or more. The car you are looking for may be available. For example, the Mazda AZ-1 appears only on certain days in the lot.
Fly fifty 50 feet in the air
Get a fast car with at least 750 HP, such as a TVR Speed 12 or Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version. Then, use the trick to go outside of the course in Laguna Seca Raceway. When you are outside, do not go too far. Once you get out, start to perimeter the course backwards (the course will be to your right) and look for the corkscrew. You should see a lot of a trees and sometimes a bridge. When you see the corkscrew, look for the highest visible point. Then, back up so that you are facing the course. You should back up so that you have enough room to reach at least 150 mph. When you hit the course you will appear to be going inside of the mountain. Your car will start to shake violently and point its nose upwards. It will shake for a couple more seconds and then you will be falling fifty feet above the corkscrew. Where you land depends on the angle you entered the course.
Ford GT-90
Use any car within the horsepower limits and finish the Seattle Circuit 100 mile in less than 1 hour and 1 minute. This car is one of five that are randomly awarded upon winning the race.
Getting credits
Win the 4WD Challenge at Laguna Seca to receive a 618 hp custom car. Take that car to the Tuned-Turbo Challenge and enter the Test-Track race. You will win 50,000 credits and a car worth 30,000 credits for each 3-lap race that is won. The secret to winning on the Test-Track is in the corners. Stay smooth and off the walls/grass to pass the faster cars. Do not let them block your car, and drive defensively once in the lead. You will also need licenses to race.

Get a brand new Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec (R34.J) '99 and tune it to the max. Then, get an International A licensee. Go to Special Events, go to Line Up 4, choose Tuned Turbo Car No.1 Race at the Test Course. Finish in first place to get 50,000 credits and a Skyline that is worth 30,000 credits. Repeat this until you win a 250,000 Mine's HKS 180 SX (racing modified). Repeat again until you win a 13,750 Mines Lancer V (racing modified). Note: You do not have to use a Nissan Skyline, just a powerful and fast car.

After wining all National races, race any of the Euro-Pacific races. Each win will give you 10,000 credits plus a 250,000 credit car.

Buy a used Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32,J) '91. Completely outfit it with all performance and handling upgrades(excluding "For Professionals Only" items). Enter "Grand Touring Cup" and win first in Midfield Raceway (about 4 minutes). You will receive 30,000 credits plus a 250,000 credit Unisia Jecs Skyline. Sell the car. Repeat this process four times to earn about 1,120,000 credits in under sixteen minutes.

Race in any "Muscle Car" race with a normal car. Since "non" muscle cars have better acceleration, once you get ahead of the muscle cars, just watch your back, and do not let them pass.

Go to the "Muscle Car" event and enter the second race. Win this race to get a car worth 75,000 credits and 8,000 prize credits.

Race the 30 lap endurance race. Win first place, and get 150,000 credits and a Supra race car worth 250,000 credits. A recommended car is a '91 Supra Twin Turbo R outfitted with sports tires, sports brakes, sports suspension, chip upgrade, stage 1 turbo, racing intercooler, racing exhaust, and stage 2 weight reduction. Note: The race will take approximately 50 minutes to complete.

Go to the Gran Turismo All Star League and win the Laguna Seca race. You will receive 50,000 credits and the TVR Speed 12 which you can sell for 500,000 credits. Getting the GT One On-Road from Toyota and putting a stage 4 turbo on it is recommended.

Race all of your licenses until you get all gold and a FTO LM. Take it to the Gran Turismo All Stars. Race the Red Rock Valley twice and sell the car you win to end up with 1.1 million credits.

Repeatedly win the Red Rock Valley course in the MR Challenge, then sell the 250,000 credit GT40 that is awarded. This is a good trick to use if you do not have the money for the highly prized Escudo or if you appreciate only having two laps to complete. A good car to use in the race is a Vector M12, modified to 590 hp, which costs significantly less than any special model.

Get a good car such as the Suzuki Escudo Rally and the I-A License. Go to the GT2 All Stars race under Special Events and win the third race to get a car worth 500,000 credits.

Start the game and buy a used car that is convertible. The drivetrain does not matter. Race the proper championship to make to quick money. If the car is fully upgraded and without racing modification, then go to Muscle Car Shootout. Win the second round of the Muscle Car Shootout to receive the Cobra that can be sold for 75,000 credits. Do this one more time to have about 150,000 credits. Now, fully upgrade your car. Once getting a fully mod convertible racing car, go to the Convertible Racing Championship and win the final round to receive the concept car (Copper Head). You do not have to race the first and second rounds. Do not sell the car. Race one more time to get another concept car. Sell one of concept cars for 125,000 credits, and change your car to the other concept car. Go to Dodge and upgrade the Concept car with TCS and ACS. Go to the Mid Engine Championship and set your car with lowest ride height, the anti-roll bar to 7 on both front and rear. And TCS and ACS to the middle (50 out of 100 and 25 out of 50). This will prevent spin out while you are on low speed tight turns and make this car one of the best racing machines. Win the final round of the Mid Engine Championship to receive the Ford GT40 Race car. Sell that car for the credits. Repeat this race until obtaining 1.5 million credits. Go to Toyota to buy the GT-One Road Car and upgrade it with stage 4 turbo , and other mods, including TCS and ACS (set to the middle). Unfortunately the car will not except the racing modification but car itself is excellent in street spec with any racing conditions.

Purchase any car and race it in the Trial Mountain Endurance race. After getting first place you will receive a Denso Sard Supra worth approximately 125,000 credits. Go to the Gran Turismo All-Stars and race Red Rock Valley. After winning you will receive 50,000 credits and the TVR speed 12 that is worth 500,000 credits.

Get the international A license, then obtain a good, fast car. Go to special events and go to Gran Turismo All-Stars. Enter the Red Rock Valley Race. Finish in first place to receive 50,000 credits and the TVR speed 12. Sell that car to get 500,000 credits.

Win the 80's Sports Car race on Tahiti Road (last one) and to receive 10,000 credits and a car worth 125,000.

Earn enough money for a '99 Ford Cougar. Tune it to 295hp, buy racing slicks, and tweak the drivetrain. Then, if you have completed your license tests, enter the Endurance Challenge section of the game and race in the 30 lap race. You will win 150,000 credits, plus a '99 Denso Sard Supra. This car has 686hp, and maxes out at 230mph. Get in your new car and race it in the Test Track 3 race in the Tuned Super Car section. This will earn 50,000 credits, plus a drag car worth 250,000 credits. Keep repeating this strategy until you obtain the desired amount of credits.

First, get a B-International license. If you have a lot of money, go to "East City", and get a 1990 Mazda Inffini III. Tune it up to 364 hp with out racing muffler, manual transmission changes, weight reduction, or racing mods, but get everything else including both of the "for professionals only." Make sure that you get for professionals only on the suspension. Go to the 394 hp race on Tahiti Road in the 80's Challenge. Set the spring ratio to 4.5 both on front and rear. Change dampening bound and rebound to 6. Change the stabilizers to 5. Lower the car height to the lowest possible. Set the brakes to 15. Change the ACCS to 50 and the TCS to 30. After winning, you will get 10,000 credits and a 555 horse power Skyline R30 Sillotte Formula. If you want the car, race it with the same car and win it again. Go to your garage and sell the cars for 125,000 credits each.

After starting a new game on simulation mode, go to East City and by a used 1990 Mazda Inffini III RX-7and add the performance CPU. Also get the B-license. Race it as many times as possible on the Sunday Cup, and the other cup next to the Sunday. After winning all the races on the cup, all more than once, upgrade the car as much as possible. Use a 15,000 credit limit until you get the next set of upgrades. Also, start getting the A, I-C, I-B, and I-A licenses. Get all upgrades except for mufflers, weight reduction, racing mods, drive terrain changes, (only get the drive shaft, twin clutch, and simi-racing flywheel to keep max. speed) and all other tire sets besides sports. Only get sport tires. When you have everything listed at the Max, race the car on the race that is proper for the car (394 Hp races). As you are getting more money, buy more cars but not too many because you will lose money. Always keep the RX-7 as it is useful in future races. It is the best car for beginners and advanced racers in the game. Also, if you want to keep certain cars that give a lot of money, just race the track again and sell the second one.

Buy the Suzuki Escudo Pike's Peak version for 2 million credits in the east city. Go to the GT500 and win all the races. For each race you win, you will get 50,000 credits. If you win the all the races you will get a bonus 200,000 credits and the Amiya Skyline.

Get a car that you can compete and win the Muscle Car event. Take it to the event race and if you win, a new car will be sent to your garage. It should be a drag racing car. This car is extremely fast, but cannot turn well. Sell it for 250,000 credits. Continue to go back to the Muscle car race, then sell the drag racer.

Enter The Grand Touring Race in Special Races and select the Red Rock Valley race. After finishing in first place you will receive a GT car. Although it is a very powerful car, sell it for 125,000 credits. Since the race is worth 10,000 credits you will receive a total of 135,000 credits. Repeat this as many times as desired.

To win a total of 550,000 credits go to Gran Turismo All Stars and race Red Rock Valley (not Laguna Seca). Finish to win 50,000 credits and a TVR Speed 12, which is worth 500,000 credits.

Get any 4-wheel drive car. Save up enough money to buy dirt tires for it. Then go to the Rally courses and go to Tahiti Maze, and race the Rally Car. You must have the International B license. When you start the race, drive straight into the wall and sit there for the entire race. Just finish the race for 10,000 credits.

When you start the game, buy a car that has less than 99 hp and get your B license. Keep the hp at less than 99 hp and enter the Compact Car races. Win the race to get a car, such as the Mugen CRX and credits. You can also do this with the 146 horsepower races.

When you start the game, go to the East City. Go to Toyota and the used cars. Buy the 1991 Supra for about 5,000 credits. Race in the special events, for either the Clubman Cup or the Sunday Cup. Earn money and upgrade your car's horsepower to about 300 hp. Next. go the Station Wagon Cup and enter the second race, Super Speedway. It is extremely easy, and is merely an egg-shape. For winning, you will get 6,000 credits and a car worth 6,250 credits. That is equivalent to 12,250 credits in two minutes. Race until you have 200,000 credits and buy the Vector M12 in the South City. Next, race the second Muscle Car Event, which results in 8,000 credits and a car worth 75,000 credits. Race this a few times, then go to Red Rock Valley in the MR Challenge. For this, you will get money and the GT-40, an excellent car. It only has 492 hp, but do not upgrade the horsepower. 493 hp is one of the horsepower thresholds, and it can beat every car in those races. It has incredible acceleration and average handling. Race the GT-40 until you get enough money to get the car of your dreams.

When first buying a car, go to Mitsubishi and buy the FTO-GR. Go to tune, and immediately buy a new racing flywheel. ,When racing, go to FF Challenge and your car will be faster than all the others. Get first place to get 5000 credits and a new car worth 7000 credits. Sell them and upgrade your first car to get high HP.

Buy a car with a horsepower of 600 or more. Go to Special Events and race the Muscle Car. Then, go to Seattle Circuit and finish in first place. You will win a car with a credit value of 75,000.You can sell the car and get more credits.

Start a new game. Go to the Toyota dealership in the East City. Look at the used cars. Buy the Toyota 91' Celica GT-4 RC. Race at the Clumbman Cup-Rome Circuit three times to win enough money for Turbo Upgrade 1 and Weight Reduction. Race and win the first 4wd Cup. Sell the Legacy Wagon GT-b and tune the turbo up more on the Celica. Race at the last Eighty's race and win the Skyline Silhouete Formula. After that, go to the Gran Turismo All Star Cup-Red Rock Valley Speedway and with a little luck you win the TVR Speed 12 which is worth 500,000 credits. Note: You have to get an International A-Class license.

Under the rally races section on the Tahiti Maze, race against the Peugeot 206 rally car. You can always defeat it. For some reason either, the CPU crashes the car into the left hand barrier and then drives the wrong way on the track. When it attempts to turn around it hits the barrier again and becomes stuck. All you have to do is finish the race for an easy 10,000 credits. Of course, it takes a little while to finish this race and you can make more on other courses, it is fun to watch the CPU crash on the replay.

Buy the first Silvia on the used car menu. Get all the upgrades, except for the suspension or turbo. Go to Special Events and choose the Sunday Cup. Enter the Tahiti Road Race to win 3,000 credits easily.

Buy a GT40 and race the last race in the MR cup, which is only two laps. You win the GT40 Race Car which is valued at 250,000 credits.

Earn an International A license, then buy a four-wheel drive car with at least 300 hp. Go to the Muscle Cars Race. Win the second race to earn 8,000 credits and a Shelby Cobra that is worth 75,000 credits. Sell it and repeat the process as desired.

Get the '99 Mitsubishi 3000GT from the new car lot in the East City. Do small races and tune your car to the max. Next, go to the Muscle Car race. There should be three races. Choose the middle one. Before racing, try the track a few times to get used to it. Win the race to get 8000 credits and a 1967 467 cobra that is worth 75,000 credits. You can do the same thing in the third Muscle Car race to win the Phaetom. It has 500+ hp and can be sold for 25,000 credits. Note: The Phaetom cannot be bought.

Get an Eclipse and tune it to 393 hp. Go to Touring Championship and run the first race. If you get first place, you will win 10,000 credits and get a car worth 125,000 credits. Sell the car for a total profit of 135,000 credits. Keep doing this until you get the desired amount of credits.

Start the game and get the Mazda RX-7 Infini III. Race it enough times to get 15,000 credits, then buy a Nissan Skyline GTS25t Type M '96. Get enough credits for a Stage 3 turbo, racing intercooler, and super soft tires for the Skyline. Race the Skyline in the 80's Sports car race. If you win, you will receive a Nissan Skyline Silhouette Formula (R30). Get into it and race the Grand Touring Car Trophy on the Midfield Track. If you win, you will get a Unisia Jecs Skyline which is worth 250,000 credits, plus 30,000 credits for the race. Use this car on the Tuned Turbo No. 1 Car cup and race the Test Track. If you win, you will either get a Mines Lancer, R33 drag car or a 180SX drag car. Both drag cars are worth 250,000 credits, but the Lancer is worth about 13,000 credits and you will also get 50,000 credits for winning the race. You will need to get all the licenses except for the super license. Note: The 180SX is faster then the R33 drag car.

Use any car under 390 hp and go to the Station Wagon Cup under Special Events. Finishing in first place is extremely easy, and will result in 6000 credits and a car worth 6,250 credits.
Good cars
Buy a Mitsubishi 3000GT and enter into the 4WD Race. After winning that race you will receive a car that is great but only worth 125,000 credits. It has great handling and speed

First, get a fast car like a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version. Then, go to the Tuned-Turbo Challenge and enter the Test Course. If you win, you will get 50,000 credits and a drag car that is worth 250,000 credits. You have to defeat the drag car to obtain it. The drag car does not corner very well, so take them slow.

The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version hauls at speeds well over 200, and turns on a dime with 4WD. This is a rally car but can also win road races easily. You cannot upgrade from the original way because the car is already maxed. It may not be the fastest, but it is definitely one of them. It also gets to its top speed quicker than other cars.

If you win the Drag 180sx car, go to Turbo Charged Races and race on the Test Course. Then go to the settings menu and then change the gears to as wide as it can go. Race and car will get up to 174 mph.

When you raise up 2,000,000 credits, go to the Suzuki dealer and buy the Escudo Pikes Peak Version. With this, you should be able to win any free race.

Get a fast car with good handling. Go to the Gran Turismo All Stars and win Red Rock Valley to get the TVR Speed 12.

Get first place in the 100 mile Seattle Circuit endurance race twice in a row and win the Ford GT90, the best car in the game. Alternately, complete the race in under an hour (with a car such as a Ford GT40 tuned to the max).

When you win a Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car it only has 351hp. Go to Nissan and max it out to increase it to 833hp. It can now do 254 mph on the Test Track 3 lap race.

Purchase a Ford Taurus and upgrade to the max. Then, upgrade to race modification and you will get a Mark Martin Valvoline Ford Taurus Winston Cup car.

Buy the Volkswagen New Beetle GT (the special that costs 500,000 credits). It has great handling, great pickup speed, and it does not max out at high RPMs.

Use the following steps to boost up a Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec (R34) to 230+ miles per hour and have better performance. In order to do this you have to totally tune up the vehicle, max out on everything except the racing modifications. At first it will only go 176 mph. Go to the settings at the race menu, press L1 button to switch the settings and at the first menu, make sure the "Dampers Bound" and "Rebound" are at "7", the "Spring Rate" in the front is "7.2", and in the rear "9.0", "Stabilizers" at "1.3" front and rear, "Ride Height" down to "85 inches" front and rear. Then go to "Brakes" and make sure the settings for the "Brake Controller level" are "12" front and rear. Go to "Gears" and set the "Gear Ratio" to the following, but record the old settings before changing them: 1st- 3.385, 2nd- 2.147, 3rd- 1.516, 4th- 1.128, 5th- 0.884, 6th- 0.730, and Final- 3.585. Make sure the "Auto Setup" is at "25", (to the far right). If it is still not reaching 230+, drop all the settings by 10 except for the Final gear. Then, go to the last setting, with the LSDs, and set the LSD initial- 6, Both, LSD Accel.- 36, Both, LSD Decel.- 16, Both, ASCC- 101, and the TCSC- 5. Now the Skyline should hit 230+ on the test course, have quicker acceleration, and perform a little better.

The best car in the game is an Opel Tigra Ice Rally car. It is great in acceleration, speed, and handling.

Buy a Ford Taurus SHO '99 and get weight reduction steps one through three. Then, get it racing modified. The car will be Mark Martin's number 6 race car.

Go to Suzuki Motors and look under Special Car or Limited Edition(?). Find the Go Cart (it may be called Pike's Peak) that has over 900hp. It is very expensive, but is very light. Buy it and fit it with racing slicks. You can take it to any race for racing modified cars and it will easily beat the other cars.

The best car to run to achieve top speed at the Test Course is the 180 Sx Drag car. Drop the spring rate on the front and rear to "8.0", set the damper bound and rebound to "7", ride height to "105", camber on the front to "2.0" and the rear to "1.8", stabilizers to "6" front and rear, final gear ratio to "3.100", shift pattern to "28", spoilers to "30" on the front and "43" on the rear, limited slip to 12 int. 30 accel. and 10 decel. You can get the car to 273 mph.

The fastest car you can buy In the game is the Toyota GT One Road Car '98. It can go to at least 266 mph on the test track on only one lap. The easiest car to make money with is the Suzuki Escudo. The Suzuki Cutlus is also a good car but goes about 20 mph slower than the Escudo but has about the same great acceleration. The best track to race The Escudo on for money purposes is the Red Rock Valley under Gran Turismo All Stars. Win as many times as needed to get 50,000 credits and a car worth 500,000 credits.

Many players may think that the fastest car in the game is the Suzuki Escudo Pine Peak Version or the Nissan Skyline. However, this is not true -- it is the TVR Speed 12 (the version that is awarded after winning a race, and not the one purchased for 500,000 credits). When completely modified with full racing suspension, tweaked out gear ratios, lowered suspension for better aerodynamics (lower ride height), and a higher downfore (front spoiler, rear spoiler adjustments) to prevent the car from raising off the ground, this car reaches upwards of 262mph when raced against other cars on the Test Course. Note: By setting the gear ratios to wide will not give the highest top speed. You must also consider the fact that you have a given amount of track to accelerate on the straight away. Therefore, you also have to fine tune the individual gear ratios for best performance. This top speed can only be obtained when racing against other fast cars on the test course (180SX Drag). If you have not noticed, your car goes significantly faster when you are behind another cars because of the handicap settings. This setting must be turned on in simulation mode.

The Volkswagen R*Beetle GT which is purchased at their special models area is an excellent FWD race car in Rally and Road races. It has quick acceleration and it is good when competing with cars up to 500hp.

For good handling on mid engine cars use the following settings. With a "Full-Customization suspension", drop "Spring Rate" all the way down on the front and rear (2.0 lbs/in), "Damper Bound" and "Damper Rebound" at level 5, "Camber" 6.2 for the front and 5.2 for the rear, and "Toe" down to -0.20 on front and rear. Set "LSD" initial, "Accel", and "Decel" to 28, "ASCC" to 52 and "TCS" to 26. The car should handle corners fairly well after these adjustments are made.

Go to the Toyota dealer. Go under the special models and purchase the GT-One for 1,000,000 credits. Modify it as much as possible (including stage 4 turbo and excluding for professionals). It will have 946hp and will go approximately 246 mph. Do not mistake it for the Nissan GT1, which only has a speed of 130 mph.

The trick to getting all the best cars in Endurance Racing is to not pick a really high-powered car to run the race. Make a selection that is between 900 to 1100 kg; with a power output of 300-400hp. This will make the racing "hard", but at least you will get a good car at the end of your two-hours. Also, the opposition are not top racing cars; they are rather slow and spin often. Do not be afraid to use FR cars or MR; most Magazines advise using 4WD, but unless you know how to tweak the LSD they tend to be "boring to drive."

The Ford RS200 rally car is great for the low horsepower race events. The RS200 is worth 100,000 credits.

The Ford Focus rally car is a very good car for any endurance race because it excels on turning.

One of the best cars in the game is the Audi TT Limited Edition. It is a special car that costs 1,000,000 credits. This car has excellent acceleration and handling. It can also go about 211 mph on the machine test max speed test.

You can drive 274.1 mph with the GT-One Road Car '98 on the max speed test. Use the following settings: Tires SS SS, Turbo Spec 4, Sping rate 20 20, Ride height: 55 95, Bound 10 10, Rebound 10 10, Camber 2.0 0.0, Toe in 0.0 0.0, Stab. 7 7, 1st 3.295. 2nd 2.047, 3rd 1.425,4th 1.046, 5th .809, 6th .660, final 3.35, auto 25, downforce 52 85, LSD I 16, LSD A 36, LSD D 26. Enter the turns low and make sure you keep the wheels turned left at all times during turn.

Buy a Honda S200 and equip it with all the options that you can buy, including weight reduction and racing modification. It will be the best handling car.

Buy a Audi S4and tune it to the max to get a 4WD car with 601 bhp and superb handling. Also try the 206 WRC Rally Car for 4WD and 480 bhp and the Mitsubishi 3000GT for fine handling, 4WD, with lots of power.

One of the fastest cars in the game is the Toyota GT-OONE with 975hp.

The Mini Cooper, if tuned to the max, is the best car in the game and is better than the Escudo Pikes Peak version.

A good cheap mid-powered car is the Mitsubishi Galant Super VR-4. You can get 460 hp in it. It is good to in the GT League and in the Luxury race.

The Audi S4 is a good car. Its maximum hp is 607, and has a top speed of 240 (only on the test track, racing against high speed cars). It will cost about 35,000 to 45,000. Tune it and go to the Tuned Car Championship.

The Suzuki Escudo is the fastest accelerating car by far. It is possible to get a 8.4 second run at 179mph on the 1/4 mile.

The Mitsubishi Evolution 4 or 5 is the best in handling and luxury sedan type races. With a horsepower of about 400 to 589, this car fully equipped to be a great car.

A good car to use is the Honda S-2000 Special in the East City. Set the rear stabilizer to the highest setting so the back end will not spin out on turns. It has good acceleration and speed.

Get a car that can compete in the 80's Sportscar races. Compete in the last race to win Drag Type A car that is worth 125,000 credits. You can race it in the tuned car races, but you have to set the rebound and stabilizer to the correct setting to keep the back end on the ground. This car is good at accelerating and excels at turning with the correct settings. It does not go faster than the Escudo Pikes Peak, but it is easier to get.

Get a Mazda R-X7 Special in East City for 1 million credits. Change the stabilizer settings to the highest setting to keep the back end on the ground. This car will excel in turning and top speed.

The Mitsubishi Special-Traviom Trampio (second special) excels in turning and is also fast. This car has low horsepower but it makes up for the lost speed with low weight and good turning.

Use the following steps to get a car with a lot of horsepower on the Simulation Disc. Get a Toyota GT-OONE, then go to Special Events in racing mode. Go all the way to the end to the Tuned Turbo Car No.1 Cup. Then win the Test Course in that to get a RR33 Drag GT-r(J) car with 1011 horsepower that can also be sold for 250,000 credits. Note: You cannot go off the track or hit a another car or wall to get it.

The fastest race car is the GT-One Race Car '99. You can get this car to a maximum speed of 278.23 mph after it has been tweaked out. You have to win the car at the "Super Licence Car Test".

To get best four wheel drive car, use the Impreza Rally 2B2 Coupe to beat the Tigra Ice Race Car in "Arcade Mode". Buy the car at the Subaru Dealer in the used car section it is worth about 23,000 credits. Soup it up and tweak it and you could get that car to a speed of about 175.32 mph

To get the best looking drag car, go to the Dodge Dealer section and buy an "Intrepid ES". Tweak it all to the best performance. The maximum speed of this drag car is approxmetly 215.21 and the HP is about 510.

For a good mid-price car buy the Mazda RX-7 Type R. It costs 34,000 credits, but is a very good car. Use it in the 80's Sports Car race. With a little practice you should be able to get first place, 10,000 credits, and a car worth 125,000 credits.

Get enough money to buy a 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI and upgrade it to the maximum (including "For Professionals Only" and the three turbos). This should bring it to around 593 HP. This is too powerful for the third race in the Special Races: Grand Touring Car Trophy (Midifield Raceway). Therefore, go to an endurance race that says "Free" where the HP limit would be. Change your muffler from a "Racing" to a "Semi-Racing". This will bring it down to 580 HP. If you got all the upgrades in the "Drivetrain" section of your tune up menu, you will be able to defeat the CPU opponents easily. The first place prize is 30,000 credits and a car worth 250,000 credits. Sell it for a total of 280,000 credits. Repeat as desired.

If you win enough races on the simulation disc, purchase the Dodge Neon R/T or ACR. Modify it to the max with high performance exhaust, tires, etc. Then, take it on the Max Speed course. The Neon will exceed speeds of 155 mph and do the 1/4 mile in 14 seconds (400 meters). It will run great for under 20,000 credits.

The purple Concept Car is the fastest car in the game. When properly tuned, it will beat any car in the game, including the GTO Twin Turbo and Skylines, by a good ten seconds in a three lap race.
Race and finish first at the last MR Cup race. You should win the car along with 15,000 credits.

When you buy this car as a special from Ford it has 305 hp. It is fast from the start, running at a speed of about 400 hp. When you buy most special cars you cannot tune them up anymore. However, go to the NA tuneup to get this car up to 652 hp. Once again, it runs faster than normal at about 750 hp. Put it in at the second stage of NA tuneup for the Euro league for three easy wins.
Hidden replay views
Finish a race and watch a replay. Press Circle and the view should appear to the inside car. Continue to press Square and cycle through other views such as from the top or top left wheel. Note: This can also be done in a two player and demo replays.
Increasing completion percentage
Each time you win a race you will earn .45% to .46% towards your total completion of the game.
Increasing the number of days
To easily increase the number of days in the game, just go to a race. When you are at the screen with the "Start Race" selection go to "Exit" and your days will increase by one.
Increasing the number of days
Exiting a race at the options screen will result in losing the race, although there was no contest.
Jump inside another car
While racing on the Laguna Seca track, let the other cars get slightly ahead of you. Then, when you are coming to the hard S-turn at the top of the hill, hit it at full speed and jump over the other cars. If you land just right on top of another car you will land inside each other.

This can also be done on the Tahiti Dirt Road, where there are about three large jumps going backwards.
Kiddie medal
The small green and yellow object on the status screen under licenses is a license award given if you miss the bronze medal by .3 to .5 seconds. The game is selective when awarding the medal and it may take several attempts to earn one.
Lancia Statos
Race at the Apricot Hill endurance three times. On your first two wins, you will receive a Viper GTS-R. On your third win, you will receive the Lancia Stratos. The preferred car for the endurance is the Opel Tigra Ice Racer. Note: The Lancia Stratos is for expert drivers.
Lancia Super Car
Win the Laguna Seca Endurance our times to unlock the Lancia Super Car, which has 685 hp.
Leave the track
Go to Laguna Seca on the Arcade mode disc. Use any high power 4WD car, such as the Escudo (the best), or Opel Tigra or Cultus (for spectacular replays). This trick exploits a hole in both the graphics and physics program, and may be the gate to the lost Dragstrip. Start and proceed to the first corner to get the cinema replay to pan to the next camera. Immediately do a 180, and just past the starting line on the left is the second gate. Use full throttle at the point where the gate meets the wall -- you may have to fan the throttle and wobble L and R for a few seconds. As the graphics become unstable you will break through. You must wobble L and R to gain traction and break free. Floor it and watch the map. You will remain at the altitude at which you left the course, but can now see objects if you skirt the perimeter. Cross it and the fun begins. Top speed is unlimited by objects. You can drop down on cars in the infield, fly 240 mph out of mountains and bridges -- the most spectacular result is obtained by speeding toward the other cars as they come down the corkscrew. You will be sucked up into the roadway far above you, with the momentum carrying you hundreds of feet into the air and down the track. Replay or save each "voyage" to amaze your friends. Not every car can break into the "unknown zone", and each has its own reentry characteristics.

In Motor Sports Land, after going around the second turn, go all the way to the other side of the track. Go on the dirt mound and when "Out of course" appears, you can go the walls and other obstacles. If you leave the track you can maximize your car's speed just by going straight. Your car will stop when your car's dot hits the edge of the screen.
Leguna Seca Raceway drag strip
To reach the hidden drag strip at Leguna Seca Raceway, you must exit the track. To do so, enter any race in arcade mode at Leguna Seca Raceway, in any car, preferably with all-wheel drive, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer or Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version. At the starting line, drive forward until the line is about two or three car lengths behind you. Then, do a 180-degree turn, so that you are facing the exact opposite direction. Drive forward in the new direction. Then, up against the wall on the left-hand side, you will see a gate that juts out from the wall. The gate is at an odd angle, about a 75 or 80-degree corner. Drive directly into the corner where the wall and the gate meet, and keep it floored. Turn the wheels back and forth, left to right. Keep doing so until the car begins to go through the wall/gate, and then continue doing so until the car is completely behind the wall. Note: Do not drive back to the track. -- if you do so, you will have to repeat the trick. Turn to the left once you are through the wall and trace a path along the outer perimeter of the track. Pause game play, and remember the exact spot above the letter "U" in "Continue" on the pause menu. If you draw a small dot on the TV screen with a crayon, it will clearly mark the location of the drag strip. Drive towards that dot. Keep driving until you get close to the dot, and then slow down. To find the drag strip, slowly turn the car left and right until you see something resembling the walls and outer perimeter of the drag strip. Slowly drive towards the walls. If you continue to drive around the outer perimeter of the drag strip, you will find a way inside, letting you drive on it.
License test cars
To get the following cars, you must get all gold on the given license.

    Gold B: Spoon S2000 (J)
    Gold A: Dodge Concept Car (red)
    Gold IC: 3000GT LM Edition
    Gold IB: del Sol LM Edition
    Gold IA: FTO LM Edition
    Gold S: Toyota GT-ONE Race Car ' 99

Listen to entire music track
Simply brake until your car is stationary or just choose 3 or 5 laps at the options menu.
LSD settings
For a rear-wheel drive machine, set up as follows

    Initial: 30 to 50.
    Acceleration: 9 to 13 (depending on car)
    Deceleration: 25 to 32

One would assume the opposite setting for a Front-Wheel Drive machine, and something of both for the Front and Rear wheels of a 4x4. Initial seems to sap the car's inertia, which is vital for control of a heavy machine. If you have bought a rather flabby Viper this is useful, so that you do not have to brake excessively in turns, and thus lose speed. Acl seems to be bad for a FR machine if this figure is high; it worsens spin-outs. Keep this low for FR machines. Decc is very useful for over-steering the car through corners. When set just right, say in a Viper, it swings the cars rear-end out, thus helping in turning. Also, to set up the Speed 12, you need to lighten the front damper setting (20 to 30); then do the above. You do not need the anti-spin devices once you have sussed out the LSD, which saves money.
Mark Martin's NASCAR #6 Ford Taurus
To obtain this car you must first purchase a Ford Taurus and then perform the Racing modification.
Mazda 787B
While driving the 787B, look in reverse and you can see the windshield wiper is up.
Missing car companies
There are two car companies not listed on the back of the case. They are Tommy-Kaira and Acura.
Mitsubishi Trampio FTO GT
The best car produced by Mitsubishi is the Trampio FTO LM, which can be bought for 500,000 credits. It is, overall, the best endurance car in its class, and is great at overtaking some of the faster cars on turning. If also features great acceleration and handling.
More car indicator
When you want to buy a car and you are browsing, make sure you look in the right hand corner of the screen. If an arrow points to the right, click on it to see more cars. This also works with some special models. (Example: Ford has four special models).
More laps in Max Speed Test
To make your high speed increase during this test, turn around and drive backwards until you get your desired speed. Return to the correct direction and finish the race.
Motor Sports Land track
Obtain all of the licenses, including the Super License and the Motor Sports Land track will become available in time trial mode on the arcade disc.
Nissan R390 GT1 '97
This car is obtainable in the Gran Turismo All Stars League, Laguna Seca. At first this car is a shocker with 351 hp, barely reaching 250 km per hour (approximately 156 mph) and handling like it is driving on ice, but it is worth quite a bit. Use the following settings to get it to hit 400+ km per hour (approximately 250+ mph), awesome acceleration, and an outstanding grip. Turbo Kit Stage 4, Computer chip, Port Grinding, Engine Balancing, -Racing Slicks (Super Soft), Gearbox (fully customized service), Weight Reduction Stage 3, Traction Control, Active Stability Control. Gear Ratios: 1st: 4.221, 2nd: 2.698, 3rd: 1.910, 4th: 1.423, 5th: 1.115, 6th: 0.920, Final: 2.500, Auto Setup: 23. LSD: Original Settings, ASC (Active Stability Control): 90, TCS (Traction Control System): 25. Note: When going into corners, hold the accelerator and brake at the same time. This prevents the car from sliding.
Pop a wheelie
This trick only works with Nissan 180SX drag car. Set rear downforce to the highest setting, front downforce to lowest, and rear height to lowest. Set the gearbox settings to wide, and tires to hard on front and rear. Go to Laguna Seca race and leave the track. Drive as fast as possible. If you have enough speed, your car should get on its rear wheels, accelerate very fast, and go over 635 km/h.
PUMA Racing car
Purchase the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V RS '98 from the Mitsubishi Used Car Lot. After you buy it, buy and equip the racing modifications to get the PUMA Racing Car.
Quicker settings
When you are at the settings menu, you can set your gear ratios, damper bound, damper rebound, etc. by pressing L1 to make the notch move faster to the left and R1 to make the notch move faster to the right.
Rearrange cars in garage
Press Start when browsing trough the list of cars to send the highlighted car to the top of the list.
Recommended cars
Dodge Neon R/T, Dodge Challenger, Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Superbird, Mercury Cougar ('67) Shelby GT500 Shelby Cobra, BMW 325i, Toyota Supra (used), Ford SHO Taurus.
Record times
It is not possible to set record times on the simulation disc. The only way to set record times for a track is on the Arcade disc in time trial mode.
Saved game
Beware of a saving problem at around 50%completion. If you see a car that has no name in your garage, do not save the game. It will delete your hard earned cars. It does not affect money or completion -- just your cars.
Subaru Impreza 22B/ Red or Yellow Evo5
In order to get the Subaru Impreza 22B/ Red or Yellow Evo5 cars, you must win the third 4-Wheel Drive race using any 4-wheel drive car on a 9th day (19, 29, 39, etc.). Once you finish the race, you will be in a10th day, when the new cars on the used car lots. Go to the Subaru used car dealership to get the Impreza 22B or to the Mitsubishi used car dealership to get the different colored Lancer. Both cars can be found near the end of the list.
Super License
Earn all licenses (A, B, Intl. A, Intl. B, Intl. C) to unlock the "Super License" option on the license test menu.
Toyota 2000GT
Get the licenses from the original Gran Turismo, convert the data to Gran Turismo 2, then earn each license (including the Super License) without exiting the license screen (except when you pass all the tests). Purchase a good used car and enter the expert race on the event synthesizer. Race it until day 10. You should have over 111,000 credits by then. Go to the Toyota used car dealership and buy the 2000GT. It is not a great car, but it is the rarest in the game.

Another way to get the Toyota 2000GT is to just go to the Toyota used car section. It is at the very bottom.
Toyota GT 1 Road Car 98: Higher horsepower
Go to the Toyota dealer and buy the GT 1 Road Car 98 under special models. Go to tune, then choose turbo and turbo kits. Get to level 4 turbo and the car's horsepower will be 975 and will max out in speed at 245.95 mph.
Toyota GT-One Roadcar: Higher speed
Get enough credits to by the Toyota GT-One Roadcar in Toyota Special. Go to Machine Test, go to settings, then press L1 scroll down to gears. Go to the "Auto…" setting and max it out to get the car to at least 265 mph. If just equipped with the stage 4 turbo kit, it tops out at 246 mph.
Unlock cars
Type the following code: carscarscars
Using soft or medium tires in Endurance Racing
You can use soft and medium tires in combination in Endurance Racing without using only hard tires for durability. This depends on the type of car you use (MR, FF, FR, 4WD). You can use super-soft tires on the front wheels of FR and MR machines while using medium or hard tires on the rear wheels. But 4WD machines should generally use medium or hard tires. You do not need to use the most powerful car. Also, the competition during Endurance Mode are rather feeble; most suffer from spin outs. To make the Escudo turn more easily; set the LSD as - INITIAL - front 6, 6 on rear; ACCL 56 - front, 10 on rear; DEC 10 - front, 56 on rear.

When you are racing in an endurance event it does not matter what kind of racing slick tire you use because they all wear down at the same rate. You should use super soft tires for the best handling and performance.
View opponent replay
Press Up or Down while watching your own replay pad to select the car that you wish to see the replay from. Note: You must be racing against the CPU or another player for this trick to work.
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PS One Cheats

Hint: Get a cool book
Complete all of the Wizard duels (In Hogwarts), then go to the start of the duel hall, but turn through a second hall and hit the wall with Flipendo. Then climb up about 3 of the steps that unfold. Use the vedimilleous on the see-through planks. Now jump on all of the planks until you get to a door. Go through the door and you will find a book on a table.

Hint: Get Nimbus 2000
Finish the training at Quidditch practice on day two with a grade of 'B' or better and you will earn the Nimbus 2000 so that you can fly anywhere around the school!
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Grand Theft Auto 2 PSone Cheats

$5,000 tank
Note: $5,000 is required for this trick. Wreak havoc near the Spray Paint shop. As soon as you are at six heads, steal a tank that is driving by and not one of the ones that shoots at you. Drive the tank outside of the Spray Paint shop. Steal a car, and with luck, you should not be blown up. Note: This cannot be done on the first level. Also, this works with any other government car such as the police car, SWAT van, and the special agent car. The trick can be used with the SWAT van and police car on the first level.
1 million points
Enter BIGSCORE as a player name. You can exit Downtown District (level 1) at the start of the level with this code enabled.
5x multiplier
Enter HIGHFIVE as a player name. Your multiplier will never go up or down, and will always remain at 5X.
Aggressive civilians
Start the first level and take the mission "Radio Za-Za" at the loonies place. All the people around will try to kill you.

Finish all the 22 jobs in the level and all the civilians will go crazy.
All weapons with maximum ammunition (99)
Enter NAVARONE as a player name. Note: You will still have your weapons and ammunition if you die or get arrested by the police. You can still lose all your weapons even with this code if you play the "Alma Mater Return!" job.
Always on wanted level zero
Enter LOSEFEDS as a player name. If you use this code with the "Start at wanted level 4" code, this will overwrite it.
Armed land rover
Get your wanted level to 6 cop heads when the military appears. Some land rovers will be armed with machine guns on the back. Like the fire truck and army tank, hold Horn and steer to maneuver it around.
Bad civilians
Watch out for people wearing red shirts. They will try to steal your and other people's money. They will not try to steal the money if you or they are in a vehicle. Also, lawman and gang members will shoot to kill them. Watch out for people wearing green shirts. They will try to steal vehicles even if you are in them. They also drive recklessly and will run over you or anyone that gets in their way. The person that was in that vehicle previously will yell at the person in the green shirt and tell them to get out -- he will do so. Lawman and gang members will also shoot to kill them.
Bad civilians
Watch out for people wearing red shirts. They will try to mug you and will steal your money unless you kill them first. People wearing green shirts will try to see cars even if your in them.
Blowing people into the air
Use an explosive weapon on a person such as the bazooka. This can also be done with the tank's gun.
Debug basic scripts
Enter NOFRILLS as a player name. Note: This will lock up the retail version of the game and was only available in the beta versions.
Debug mode
Enter WUGGLES as a player name. Your coordinates will now appear.

While in debug mode, use the following buttons on controller two to activate more cheats.

    Press Square on controller two.
    Clear wanted level
    Press Circle on controller two.
    Toggle popularity with each gang
    Press L1, L2, or R1 on controller two. Each one controllers a different gang.
    Toggle coordinates
    Press Select on controller two.

Debug mode
Enter WUGGLES as a player name. Your coordinates will now appear.

While in debug mode, use the following buttons on controller two to activate more cheats.

    Press Square on controller two.
    Clear wanted level
    Press Circle on controller two.
    Toggle popularity with each gang
    Press L1, L2, or R1 on controller two. Each one controllers a different gang.
    Toggle coordinates
    Press Select on controller two.

Decoy Trailer! mission
Get to the point that you have to get in the trailer. After getting in and starting the timer, just get out of it and wait inside the police station on foot until time is up to complete the mission. By doing this you will not have to drive the trailer around for one minute trying not to get arrested by the cops.
Destroy the train and tank
On the first level, steal the tank by the crane crusher. Drive it to the nearest train station -- you will have to drive up some stairs, which is difficult. Get into head-on collision with an oncoming train. When you see it coming, the track will fill with electricity, drive at fastest possible speed and fire at it head on. The impact will destroy both of you, but you can return to see it.
Die while invincible
You can still die when invincible by being inside an exploding car. The other armed men can also blow up your vehicle. You can also die by jumping from a high location or by drowning.
Drive up stairs
To drive up stairs in a car that cannot normally do so, simply hit the brakes when you go up the stairs.
Drop trailer
Press R2 to drop your trailer in the Industrial District (level 3). Your headlights will flash off then back on. Then, drive away. Note: you must have a trailer on a truck cab.
Easy money
Get a high multiplier and get a tank. Use the tank to wreak havoc and do not get busted by the cops. The army will make this a lot harder on level 2 and 3. The tank will blow up by taking four powerful hits.

In a mission where a gang gives you members that follow you around to help, get into a taxi cab and they will start paying you.
Extra money
Enter MUCHCASH as a player name.
Fall without dying
When you are in a high place and want to get down quickly, walk to the edge of the building. Turn around and shoot or throw some kind of explosive. When you get blown back off the roof, you will still be alive.

If you are on a high building or ledge and get blown off by a bomb, hold Left or Right until you spin and you will not die.
Finding tanks
To get a tank in area 2, you need to do the following . When you start, go straight up to the road and get a car. Turn left and go to the lights. Then turn left again when you reach the lights. When you reach the end of the road, turn left again, and go straight until you reach a fence. When you reach the fence, turn left and go straight down until you reach the garage. When you reach the garage, on your right you should see a building with stairs beside the building leading to a platform. When you reach the platform, there should be a hole in the wall. Go through and you should see another platform leading to the right. Follow the platform to find the tank.

To get another tank in area 2, go to the garage across from the building with the staircase neary to where you found the first tank. Drive up until you reach one-way traffic, then back to two-way traffic. Starting at that red light, turn on the next street. Drive just briefly and the tank should be just off the road. To get to the tank you will have to get out of the car. Run on the beginning of the gray part on the side of the road.

To get a tank in area 3, go to the Zaibatsu Power Core. As you drive along the street, look at the top of the screen. You should just about see a tank through the metal grid at the top. The entrance may be at the top of the compound but is very hard to get to.
Flamethrowing fire truck
In level 2, go to the Zaibatsu Village to the green phones and answer the bottom one. Do the job up to the part where you have to steal a fire truck. Take it back to the village. A man will get in and the weapon will change from the water cannon to a flamethrower. Whether you finish the job or not, the truck is yours unless it explodes. If you fail you can do it over to get another flamethrowing fire truck.
Have molotov cocktails or grenades as your weapon. Press R1 to jump in the air and quickly and repeatedly press R2 (fire). This will enable you to fly. You may have to do this off of the ramps and other objects. You cannot die no matter how high you are, but keep pressing R2 while descending.
Flying car
Steal a car and park it at a stop light. When all the cars get in a line, jump over the first car. You cannot land on the car or go in those small spaces, so you will keep flying like if there was no gravity.
There is a cool gang, weird gang, and Zaibatsu gang in all three levels

Cool Gang    Level
Yakuza    1
SRS    2
Russians    3
Get a CIA car
In level 3, get a car called an Eddie and drive to the paint shop near the Zaibatsu Power Core. Get a paint job done. Your car will turn into a CIA car but will not have sirens or armor like the real CIA car. If you paint it any other color, it will change back to an Eddie.
Get a fire truck
Blow up a car using the bazooka. Wait until a fire truck appears, then car jack it.

When you are in the fire truck, hold Horn and steer to aim.
Get a police car
Repeatedly press the button used to enter cars to get into a police while the cops are still in it.

Go to a police car that has a cop driving it. You need him to stop. Get in his way and try to open the passenger side door. When he gets out, try to get in again and drive off.
Get a police uniform
In level 2, go to where the Z gang are found and answer one of the green phones with the mission called "Flame It". It will tell you to steal a cop car. Once you steal it, get out and you will be in a cop uniform. To stay in the cop uniform, do not finish the mission.
Get into the prison
Use the following trick to get into the prison on level 2. Find the building in South Belmont, across from the auto shop. There should be some stairs on it. Use them to get to the top of the building. Once there, use "Fly" trick and jump off the building. Repeatedly press R2 to fire, and you should stay at the same level as the building and fly away from it. Then, simply go down to the prison and go over the wall.
Get weapons from cars
Steal a car, then find the junkyard (area with two cranes). Drive under the crane. Get out of the car and it will be crushed and placed on a conveyer belt. Depending on the type of car, you will get three of the same weapon. Note: The crane will not take any type of vans.
Getting rid of cops
Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for and they will shoot them for you.

If you only have one bouncy cop, head on the top of the screen and want to get rid of it, just hide somewhere. In a few minutes they will be gone.

When you have a single wanted level, lose all the cops chasing you. Then, go into an area that you cannot see any roads. The cops cannot see you, so they will not chase you. They always drive on the road.

If you are being chased by the police and in a car, find a car painting place. Paint your car and the cops will stop chasing you.

Regardless of how many cops heads are shown, this will get rid of them in the first level. Proceed to the church where the level begins. Walk to the tutorial phone and make sure that you activate the tutorial (and the man begins to speak to you). Immediately proceed to the west side of the building (left of the screen). Walk through the opening on the west side wall that leads up to the roof. The cop heads should be gone.
Guided tour
Go to the phone at the beginning of the first level. A "Schmidt" car will appear below. Enter it and wait for instructions. After finishing the tour, a machine gun and a GTA2 sign will appear below the church.
Lose life after getting arrested
At times, you will die after getting arrested by the police.
Move vehicle guns
You can move the guns on the fire truck and army tank with the armed land rover. You can tell which land rovers are armed because they have machine guns in the tray.
News van
The news van has a dish that always points towards the church.
No army on the first level
The army is not available on the first level. No matter how much you kill and destroy your neighborhood, they will not show up until you reach level 2. The same is true for the CIA, however regular city police and SWAT appear.
Police will always find you
Enter BLOWME as a player name. The police will know where to find you, no matter where you are.
Quick wanted level 2
Steal a car, rig it with a bomb, then create a huge traffic jam in a two lane road. As soon as at least four or five cars are blocked up, arm the bomb and get out of the area. In about five seconds the bomb will explode, destroying all the cars around you.
Scrapyard bonuses
Steal a car and go to the nearest scrapyard. In exchange for the car you will get the following bonuses,

    Downtown Area
    Yakuza Miara: Rocket launchers
    Loonie Dementia: Invisibility
    Cop car: Cop bribe
    Aniston BD4: Get outta Jail free card
    Taxi: Double damage
    B-Type: Invulnerability
    Residential Sector
    SRS Scientists Meteor: Invulnerability
    Zaibatsu Z-type: Silenced uzi
    Furore GT: Rocket launchers
    Benson: Electro fingers
    Big Bug: Armor
    T-Rex: Electro gun
    Industrial Sector
    Russian mafia Bulwark: Shotguns
    Zaibutsu Z-type: Silenced uzi
    Jefferson: Get Outta Jail free card
    B-type: Invisibility
    Maurice: Health
    Rumbler: Fast reload

Shoot water cannon while in fire truck
To use the water cannon while riding in a fire truck, just press Shoot. The water cannon will not only push cops back, it will kill them if exposed for a total of five seconds.
Play the game disc in an audio CD player. The soundtrack can be heard on tracks two and higher.
Start at wanted level 4
Enter DESIRES as a player name.
Taxi job
Get a taxi, then park on the side of the road and wait. Sooner or later someone will enter the taxi and you will earn money.
Tune radio
Press Up when driving a car that has a radio to change stations.
Unlimited health
Enter LIVELONG as a player name. Note: You can still die if inside an exploding vehicle, fall off a high building, or fall in the water.
Unlock all areas
Enter ITSALLUP as a player name. This will unlock all normal and bonus areas.
Using multiple codes
Enable any code, then as soon as you get to the screen pause and quit. Enter another code and continue. For example, you can enable the NAVARONE and LIVELONG codes to have unlimited health and all weapons.

Enable a code by entering it as your player name then select "OK". Return to the player name screen. Delete the code name and enter another name. You can enter as many codes as desired.
Using the tank
To fire the cannon while riding in an army tank, just press Shoot. You can also run cars over in a tank; however each car that you run over will cause a small amount of damage to the tank.

When you are in the tank, hold Horn and steer to aim.
Wanted levels

    Wanted level 1 (One cop head)
    One cop will go after you at a time. The cops will not run as fast as you will. The cops will have about one heart of health.
    Wanted level 2 (Two cop heads)
    Two cops will go after you at a time. The cops will not run as fast as you will. The cops will have about two hearts of health. The cops appear more often.
    Wanted level 3 (Three cop heads)
    About three cops will go after you at a time. The cops will run as fast as you will. The cops will have about three hearts of health. The cops will set up roadblocks. The cops appear even more often.
    Wanted level 4 (Four cop heads)
    About four or five cops will go after you at a time. The cops will run as fast as you can. The cops will have about four hearts of health. The cops will set up roadblocks. The SWAT team will go after you. The SWAT team will seem to have bullet-proof armor on, as they a lot of hits to kill. The SWAT team will use pistols to kill you. The cops will come after you about every time you go in the street.
    Wanted level 5 (Five cop heads)
    Special Agents will go after you. Special Agents will run as fast as you can. Special Agents have about four or five hearts of health. Special Agents will set up roadblocks. Special Agents will use silenced S-Uzi machine guns and shotguns to kill you. Special Agents will come after you almost every time you go in the street. Note: You cannot reach this Wanted level in Downtown District (level 1).
    Wanted level 6 (Six cop heads)
    This the most dangerous wanted level: The Army will go after you. Soldiers will be everywhere. Soldiers will run as fast as you can. The Army will set up tank roadblocks. You will only find Military vehicles. Soldiers around the city will have one heart of health and soldiers that comes out of jeeps will have about five hearts of health The Army will use S-Uzi machine guns to kill you. Note: You cannot reach this Wanted level in Downtown District (level 1).
    Note: If you die or get arrested, your wanted level will go back down to zero.

Weapon summary

    Power: (2) Weak
    Speed: (2) Slow
    Special: None
    Best use: If you have no other weapons
    S-Uzi machine gun
    Power: (1) Very Weak
    Speed: (4) Very Fast
    Special: None
    Best use: Killing light-arm people
    Power: (3) Medium
    Speed: (5) Constant
    Special: Fire: Lights people on fire
    Best use: At close range, touching someone lights them on fire and kills
    Rocket launcher
    Power: (5) Very Powerful
    Speed: (1) Very Slow
    Special: Explosive weapon
    Best use: Blowing up vehicles
    Silenced S-Uzi machine gun
    Power: (1) Very Weak
    Speed: (4) Very Fast
    Special: Silenced: Will not make any noise
    Best use: Shooting without making any noise
    Dual pistol
    Power: (3) Medium
    Speed: (3) Fast
    Special: Double Shot: Shoots two bullets at once
    Best use: At close range so both bullets hits the target
    Power: (3) Medium
    Speed: (2) Slow
    Special: Spread Effect: Can hit multiple targets with one shot
    Best use: At close range for the most damage -- (4) Powerful
    Molotov cocktails
    Power: (5) Very Powerful
    Speed: (Skill) (As fast as you can press the attack/fire buttom)
    Special: Explosive weapon
    Best use: Blowing up people and vehicles quickly
    Power: (5) Very Powerful
    Speed: (Skill) (As fast as you can press the attack/fire buttom)
    Special: Explosive weapon
    Best use: If you have no Molotov cocktails left
    Electric Gun
    Power: (3) Medium
    Speed: (5) Constant
    Special: Homing ability: Electric will hit anything in close range
    Best use: Using on multiple targets
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Breath of Fire IV PS one Cheats

    Straw: Rei and Teepo shop, or the crooked business man will give you one for helping out with the crates, vases/boxes.
    Chopsticks: Send fairies to Wyndia searching, Rei and Teepo shop

Easy money
Go to the question mark west of Fou-Lou's Temple. Go to the area where there was a burning forest. When you fight a Gold Gang and kill it with physical attacks you will get slightly over 1,000 Zenny. If you want even more money, kill it with magical attacks for over 10,000 Zenny. Repeat this as needed.

Go to one of the apple trees and stock up 99 of them. Then, go to the nearest shop and sell them for 10 Zenny to get a total of 990 Zenny. This is useful at the start of the game, but is not worth the effort later.

Go to the island south of Lyp. There is a Moza plant at that location from which you can cut Moza Grass off. Stock up until you have 99 and sell them for 50 Zenny each, for 5,000 Zenny.
Finding Rider
Use the following steps to find Rider, the game's toughest monster. Go to Mutko. After passing through the Tomb, enter Mutko from the south side. Then, enter the cave in the upper left corner. Have Eshrin headbutt the crack in the wall. Enter the opening. Go through the next three rooms. You should find a treasure chest and then a dead end. You can find Dragon Tear in the chest, as well as Rider. He has about 400,000 HP. To make things worse, he regenerates half of it each round. He can also cast some dangerous attacks, such as Disaster and Primus. Use Pilfer to steal a very valuable item from him -- King's Armor, which has Def 100.
Healing with apples
When you go into the woods to find the mayor, you have to use "apples" to lure out an animal. If you run out, find the tree that the man told you about where you can find more. Use Ershil's personal action and head butt the tree. An apple will drop down. The apple is a great healing item for early in the game, healing 100 HP. This may not seem like much, but if many apples, they work well. Stock up to get a full 99.
Helping the thieves
Charm raises the chance of an item to be dropped at the end of the battle. With Pilfer and steal, the stealing rate depends on the chances of the item being dropped at the end of the battle. Use Charm then Steal or Pilfer. Try it on Fou-Lu and his dragon forms to get a Dragon Tear, Royal Armor, and Royal Sword.
In-game reset
Hold Select + Start for about two seconds during game play to return to the Capcom logo.
The following list explains how to get the Masters.

    Abbess: Talk to her in the Village of Chek after talking to all the dragons in their physical forms.
    Bunyan: Get the ability to apprentice with all the other eleven Masters. Then, find Bunyan by going to the question mark spot above the Highway and go through a secret passageway mid-way through the mountain range. Go up to his hut and talk to him.
    Gyorim: After getting over 3,000 points in fishing, talk to the fishing frog in Lyp.
    Kahn: After defeating him for the third time you can find him on the upper west continent in a question mark spot near the flowing tides.
    Kryrik: After the sea voyage event, return to Shikk and talk to him. He will apprentice you only if you have gotten 25 or more hits in a combo. Practicing in Chek is recommended.
    Lyta: After the Sea Voyage, talk to Sister Lyta in the orphanage in Synesta. You must have already learned Ward for her to apprentice you.
    Marlok: Buy the "treasure" from the frog in Sarai for 500 Zenny. Trade it around from city to city until you get a Tin Ball or better. Then, talk to Marlok in Synesta after finishing the sandflier event.
    Momo: Just talk to her in the windmill in Wyndia
    Njomo: After working with the Faerie Village after awhile, go to the question mark spot with the house in it. Talk to the fairy upstairs.
    Rwolf: Just talk to him near the entrance of Kurok.
    Stoll: Pay him all your Zenny in the Bandits Hideout after the Marlok events.
    Una: After beating up Kahn for the second time, talk to her in Worent.

Practicing Combos
Return to the hidden village by Chek after the battle. You will encounter monsters that have high HP and regenerating powers. You will fight six at a time, so you can practice your combos to very high scores.
Use Ershin,Ursula, or the main character to use the action button against villagers in towns. Sometimes they will drop Zenny.
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SpongeBob Squarepants: SuperSponge PSone Cheats

Hint: Chapter 1 secret level
Collect 60% golden spatulas.
Hint: Chapter 2 secret level
Collect 70% golden spatulas to unlock a secret level for Chapter 2.
Hint: Chapter 3 secret level

Collect 80% golden spatulas to unlock a secret level for Chapter 3.
Hint: Chapter 5 secret level

Collect 100% of the golden spatulas to unlock a secret level for Chapter 5.
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Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins PSone Cheats

Cheat Codes (North American Version)

Enter these codes on the level select menu:

Get Tatsumaru - Hold CIRCLE and SQUARE together, and press R1, R2, L2, L1, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SELECT.

All Levels - Hold CIRCLE, SQUARE, and SELECT together, and press RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, R2.

Enter these codes on the item select menu:


Add 1 of Each Type of Item - Hold R1 and SQUARE, and press RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP.

Enter these codes in the middle of gameplay:

Full Life - Pause the game, hold SQUARE, and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN. (This reduces the score.)

Full Map - Without pausing the game, hold SELECT, and press CIRCLE 5 times. (No effect if the level has been finished before.)

Enter these codes in the mission editor, on either the custom missions menu or the edit mission menu:

Extra Custom Missions and Level Object Sets - Hold R2 and CIRCLE, and press UP, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT.

Tenchu Inc. Mission and Office Object Set - Hold L2, and press CIRCLE, SQUARE, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, SQUARE.

Copy Mission Option - Hold CIRCLE, and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

Cheat Codes (European Version)

Enter these codes on the level select menu:

Get Tatsumaru - Hold CIRCLE and SQUARE, and press RIGHT, UP, LEFT. Next hold CIRCLE, SQUARE, and DOWN together, and press L1, L2. Then hold only CIRCLE and SQUARE, and press SELECT.

All Missions - Hold SQUARE, and press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN. Release all buttons, next hold CIRCLE, and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP. Then hold CIRCLE and SQUARE together, and press UP, DOWN.

Enter these codes on the item select menu:

Reveal All Items - Press R2, L2, R2, then L2. Next hold SELECT, and press RIGHT, LEFT, CIRCLE, SQUARE, DOWN, UP, UP.

Increase Item Counters - Hold R1 and CIRCLE together, and press RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, L1.

Enter these codes in the middle of gameplay:

Quick Kills - Pause the game, next press R1, L1, R1, then L2. Then hold TRIANGLE, and press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP. (This is for the story mode.)

Full Map - Without pausing the game, hold SELECT and R1 together, and press CIRCLE five times.

Enter these codes in the mission editor, on either the custom missions menu or the edit mission menu:

Tenchu Inc. Mission and Office Template - Hold R2, and press LEFT, SQUARE, LEFT, SQUARE, RIGHT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X.

Copy Mission Option - Hold SQUARE, and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.
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Final Fantasy VII PSone Cheats

Easy Chocobo RacesDuring chocobo racing mini-game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your chocobo's speed. Hold R1 + R2 to recover your chocobo's stamina.

Huge Materia
Enter Circle, Square, X, X while in the rocket.

  • All Lucky 7s

    If a character's HP is 7777 at any time during battle, it will go into a frenzy of super-accelerated, uncontrollable attacks, each hitting for 7777 damage to a random enemy. If a character has 7777 HP at the end of the battle, its HP will be reduced to 1 when you return to the field.
  • Easy Strength Gain

    You need the Morph materia and a character's ultimate weapon(optional but makes it easier when morphing) for this to work. Go to the Gongaga Reactor(the ruined one) and go to the reactor itself in the place and just walk around until you get into a battle, you should fight a Heavy Tank(the triceratops tank,if i'm right it's a 100% encounter rate) and use morph and it'll turn to a power source. You can keep morphing these guys into power sources and easily max a character's strength out.
  • Red sub

    To get reno's red sub you must fail the attack on the red sub(Don't crash it). When you can go back to junon, go to the submarine dock and once there talk to the dog blocking the door and it will move leaving you to go through. Now the sub will be there and you can take it. However you will miss one huge materia this way
  • How to get into Midgar in disc 3

    If you try to get back into Midgar you will see a man standing by the door who will say that he lost the key on a tour of bone village. Go to bone village and order a search by the tent at the top of the village. This may take a couple of trys but when you get it you enter sector 5 by Aeris's church and you can go to sector 6 as well.
  • Get Knights of the Round Summon

    To get this cool summon spell you will need to breed a gold chocobo and go to a island that is not on the map but if in the top right corner. In the cave on the island you will find the ultimate summon spell that does 70,000+ damage when used once!
  • Cactuar island.

    Cactuar island is an island so small it wont show up on the radar and this is the only place you can run into cactuars.
    First off you need the airship. When you have the airship go fly above cosmo canyon. Then go strait south. It will be hard to miss.
  • Easy Stat source items

    In the downed plane where you find Heavens cloud, every enemy morphs into some sort of source! A really easy way to do this is to get Yuffie doing good damage (5000 and up?) and have her morph them, as her weapon dosn't lower the damage of morph. Another great thing to do is to combine the mega all materia to get all the enemies at once. Even one hour of this will show great results!
  • Learning the enemy-skill chocobuckle

    This is no doubt the most difficult enemy-skill to obtain. First you must have the enemy-skill "level 4 suicide" which can be learned from the "Mu" enemies, and you must have 3 mimett greens. Now equip the "chocobo lure" and "sense" materia and find a chocobo around the chocobo ranch area on the chocobo footprints, once you find one, use the sense command on the chocobo to see if its level 16 (since "level 4 suicide" only affects targets whose level is a multiple of 4.) If it is level 16, feed the chocobo your three mimett greens and cast level 4 suicide on the stuffed bird, the chocobo will counter with "chocobuckle", hitting the one who casted "level 4 suicide". Finally, chocobuckle is yours.
  • Unlimited elixirs

    You can get unlimited elixirs.
    In the ice field there's a cave with an elixir in it. Grab it but DON'T push the X-button to let the text disappear that says that you've got an elixir. Normally you can't do anything when that message is on screen but this place is an exception; here you can walk out the cave and re-enter and get it again and again...
    Note that if you let the text disappear the item will be removed from the screen and you can't get it again.
  • Get Out from North Crater

    Want to get out from North Crater but don't know how? Well, there's a way.
    If you remember, there's a hole near the cliff where you slided down the Crater. Go there. If you don't know where it is, its entrance is near where you first stepped your foot on North Crater.
    Now, there's a rock that shaped like a ladder that leads to the upper side of the crater on the right side of the hole. Although there is no green triangle (sign of a ladder), that is actually a ladder that lets you go up.
    After you climb up that ladder, you can board the Highwind again and get out from North Crater.
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Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles PSP Cheats

Entry Location:
After completing the game once with Alucard, you can play in special modes by entering the following names when starting a game

X-X!V''Q - Play as Alucard, with 99 luck and the Lapis lazuli (+20 luck) accessory (completing the game isn't required)
AXEARMOR - Play as Alucard, with the Axe Lord armor
MARIA - Play as Maria Renard
RICHTER - Play as Richter Belmont

Entry Location:
Enter this as your name while playing the original Rondo of Blood to access the level select mode

X-X!V''Q - Level Select for Rondo of Blood 

Unlock Symphony of the Night
In Stage 2, while the minotaur is chasing Richter, immediately fall into the first hole in the ground. You will not die, but instead be taken into the sewers. Play the level out normally and defeat the boss. Afterwards, you will be taken to Stage 3' (this is different from the normal Stage 3!).

In Stage 3', whenever the path branches, taken the upper route. Make sure you obtain the "axe" subweapon sometime during the stage. Eventually, you will meet a skeletal snake that is attached to a wall. Nearby is a vine-like cage; use the axe to cut it. It now serves as a platform for Richter to jump to the upper ledges. Continue along the upper ledges until you see a breakable tombstone. Inside is the item that unlocks Symphony of the Night. Return to the main menu to play it.
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One Piece: Gigant Battle Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock Support Characters

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding support character will become available.

Unlock Akainu:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Aokiji:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Brook:
Complete Sabaody 'The Start Of An Adventure' with Luffy (Brook).

Unlock Chopper:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Cobby & Herumeppo:
Complete Training with twelve characters.

Unlock Eiichiro Oda:
Complete Land Festival 'What If The Eagle Lands On The Ring Into The Sea' with Jinbei (Camie, Arlong and Hatchan).

Unlock Franky:
Complete Sabaody 'A Little To Go Blind' with Luffy.

Unlock Garp:
Complete Last Resort 'Nogadobatoru' with Luffy.

Unlock Kizaru:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Luffy:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Nami:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with her.

Unlock Pandaman:
Remain idle at the map selection screen and tap the boat that sails by, then complete that mission.

Unlock Robin:
Complete Amazon Lily 'Oh, That's It I'm... Happy' with 30% HP.

Unlock Sanji:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Sengoku:
Complete Last Resort 'Before The Last Great Barrier' with Ace.

Unlock Sentoumaru:
Complete Marine Ford 'Army vs. Bear' with more than 25% HP.

Unlock Smoker:
Complete ALL objectives in East Blue mission level 43 in the center.

Unlock Tashigi:
Complete 1-man Battle Royale with ten characters.

Unlock Usopp:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Zoro:
Complete Training and 4-man Battle Royale with him.

Unlock Nightmare Island

Clear every level (not mission) at least once to unlock Nightmare Island.

Unlock Modes

The following difficulty settings become available when you complete the Thousand Arena (2nd option at the 'Main' menu) in the indicated difficulty with 5 characters.

Unlock Battle Royale Very Hard Mode:
Complete Battle Royale in the Thousand Arena under the Hard difficulty setting with 5 characters.

Unlock Taiman Battle Very Hard Mode:
Complete Taiman Battle in the Thousand Arena under the Hard difficulty setting with 5 characters.

Unlock Vs. 100 Battle Mode:
Complete Battle Royale and Taiman Battle in the Thousand Arena under the Very Hard difficulty setting with 5 characters.
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