Shinobido Homura: Soul of the Ninja PSP Cheats

When you have completed the Finale: Ephemera mission you will be able to pause gameplay and enter one of the following codes at the 'Pause' menu to enable the corresponding cheat function. Only one code can be enabled per mission.

Unlimited Items:
Press Down, Left, Right, Up, Down.

Restore Health:
Press Up, Right, Right, Down, Left. Restores ALL your HP but only once.

Unlock Invincibility Mode:
Press Right, Right, Down, Up, Up. In this mode you and ALL NPCs become invulnerable to any type of damage besides stealth kills which now only do 50% damage.

Unlock One Hit Kill Mode:
Press Up, Up, Down, Right, Up. In this mode you and ALL NPCs die in one attack. Item damage and most projectiles do not count.

Unlock Alternate Inventory Items
Before you have access to the alternate inventory items you must first complete the Finale: Ephemera mission. When that task has been completed press the D-pad in the indicated direction 5 times at the inventory screen before starting a mission to display the corresponding alternate inventory. This works on both EU and JP versions of Shinobido: Homura.

Unlock Default Mission Inventory:
Press Up 5 times.

Unlock Black Ninja Flame, Explosive Sushi +300 (5), Powerful Land Mine (5), Cicada Shell:
Press Down 5 times.

Unlock Short Grapple Hook, Strength Potion +90 (10), Knockout Sushi +90 (10), Speed Potion +90 (10):
Press Left 5 times.

Unlock Grapple Hook, Asuka Shuriken (30), Weak Land Mine (10), Health Potion +60 (20):

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