Joe Danger PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Combo King! - Get 1 level combo star.
Speed Demon! - Get 1 time star.
Detective! - Find 3 hidden stars.
Dangerous! - Get a DANGER star.
Money grabber! - Get 5 coin dash stars.
Stay On Target! - Get 5 target stars.

Collector! - Collect all mini stars on 8 levels.
Back On The Bike! - Complete the first tour.
Share the fun! - Send 1 level to a friend.
Beat Them At Their Own Game! - Receive 1 level from a friend.
Mega Combo! - Get a x100 combo.
Ninja Stars! - Get 4 stars in one run.

Silver trophies

All The Time In The World! - Get all of the time stars.
Trick Master! - Get all of the combo stars.
Around The World! - Finish all levels.
Master Of Disaster! - Get all the stars in the game

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