de Blob wii cheats

1,1,2,2 - Adds an extra life to th amount you character has
1,1,1,1 - Turns on invincibility. Can be used again to turn off invincibility.

Submitted By: Bolbed

While playing, hold C and press 1, 2, 1, 2 to add ten minutes of play time.

Submitted By: Bolbed

Entry Location:
At the start menu, hold C and then enter the following codes.

B, B, 1, 2, 1, 2, B, B - Unlock de Blob's moods and all music tracks
2, 2, B, B, 1, 1, B, B - Unlock multiplayer modes

Secret Missions
Billboard-o-rama - Beat Hanging Gardens
Blob Smash - Obtain a gold medal for Chroma City Fun Park
Crane Fighting - Obtain a gold medal for The Chroma Dam
Deep Down - Obtain a gold medal for Ministry of Ink
Factory Run - Beat Chroma City Fun Park
Forgotten Forest - Obtain a gold medal for The Docklands
Hill Climb - Beat Ministry of Ink
INKT Acedemy - Beat The Chroma Dam
Inky Canyon - Obtain a gold medal for Hanging Gardens
Jetbike Blitz - Beat Guggentraz Island
Leaps of Faith - Obtain a gold medal for Uptown
Lost Freeway - Obtain a gold medal for Downtown
Miles O Silos - Beat The Docklands
Seaside Roller - Beat Last Resort
Ship to Ship - Beat Uptown
Sinking Feeling - Beat Lake Raydia
Sizzle Race - Beat Downtown
Top of the World - Obtain a gold medal for Last Resort
Tower of Power - Obtain a gold medal for Lake Raydia
Trainspotting - Obtain a gold medal for Guggentraz Island
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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce PS3 Cheats

Unlockable characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks in Story mode:

Diao Chan - Beat the "Battle Of Hu Lao Gate" mission on the Five Star difficulty.
Dong Zhuo - Beat the "Battle Of Luo Yang" and "Battle of Mei Castle" missions on the Five Star difficulty.
Lu Bu - Beat Chapter 6.
Yuan Shao - Beat the "Zenith Tower" Request mission in Chapter 6 on the Five Star difficulty.
Zhang Jiao - Beat the "Yellow Turban Rebellion" mission on the Five Star difficulty.

Third & Fourth costumes:
To unlock a character's third costume, reach level 10 with that character.
To unlock a character's fourth costume, get 1,000 kills or complete 50 missions with that character.

Legend locations:
The following Legends are located at the corresponding locations. Note - Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao and Zhang Jiao Legends can be unlocked by playing as any kingdom.

Xiahou Dun - Chapter4, "Guan Yu's Escape"
Dian Wei - Chapter4, "Escape from Wan Castle"
Sima Yi - Chapter5, "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains", room #8
Zhang Liao - Chapter5, "Run the Gauntlet"
Cao Cao - Chapter6, "Bewitching Land"
Xu Zhu - Chapter4, "Battle of Chang Ban"
Xiaohou Yuan - Chapter5, "Battle of Mt. Ding Jun", room #5
Xu Huang - Chapter4, "Cao Cao's Siege"
Zhang He - Chapter5, "Iron Armor"
Cao Ren - Chapter5, "Battle of Shi Ting", room #3
Cao Pi - Chapter 5, "Battle of He Fei", room #1
Zhen Ji - Chapter4, "Battle of Guan Du"

Zhou Yu - Chapter5, "Strategist Gathering", room #4
Lu Xun - Chapter5, "Battle of Yi Ling", room #4
Sun Shang Xiang - Chapter4, "Merging Forces", room #4
Gan Ning - Chapter5, "Battle of He Fei", room #5
Sun Jian - Chapter4, "Golden Seal", room #6
Taishi Ci - Chapter4, "Assault on Wu Territory", room #6
Lu Meng - Chapter5, "Battle of Fan Castle", room #5
Huang Gai - Chapter4, "Assault on Liu Biao", room #5
Zhou Tai - Chapter5, "Battle of Shi Ting", room #5
Ling Tong - Chapter4, "Battle of Xia Kou", room #2
Sun Ce - Chapter5, "Two Paths", room #6
Sun Quan - Chapter6, "Zenith Tower", room #10
Xiao Qiao - Chapter4, "Unification of Jiang Dong", room #4

Zhao Yun - Chapter4, "A Dou Rescue"
Guan Yu - Chapter4, "Assault on Cheng Du"
Zhang Fei - Chapter4, "Battle of Chang Ban"
Zhuge Liang - Chapter4, "Three Visits"
Liu Bei - Chapter6, "Manipulation"
Ma Chao - Chapter5, "Ma Su Rescue"
Huang Zhong - Chapter5, "Battle of Mt. Ding Jun"
Wei Yan - Chapter5, "Battle of Yi Ling"
Guan Ping - Chapter5, "Blood of a Warrior"
Pang Tong - Chapter4, "Battle of Bo Wan Po"
Yue Ying - Chapter5, "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains"

Diao Chan - Chapter2, "Battle of Hu Lao Gate"
Lu Bu - Chapter6, "Black Storm"
Dong Zhuo - Chapter3, "Battle of Xia Pi", second to last map, turn left when you enter
Yuan Shao - Chapter3, "Rations Defense", middle map, upper right corner
Zhang Jiao - Chapter2, "Turbans Remnants", upper left map, upper left corner

Online Tips:
In the Online City Press L2 and a button (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE) to get the character to "emote."

In the Online City Press R3 to bring up the text bar so you can send messages.

In the Online City Press L3 to bring up the Message History.

A quick tip on item collection: On some Gaiden Levels just defeat the required Character or Machine then return to the city (getting the defeat message) but you can still keep the items you grabbed.

This is very useful for Liu Bei & Sun Shang Xiang's "Birds", just kill Sun Shang Xiang and don't waste an hour killing the birds just quit and get her item drops.

Officer relationship combinations:
Use the following card combinations:

1. Cao's Influence: Cao Cao + Cao Pi + Cao Ren
2. Sun's Bonds: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan
3. Brother's Oath: Guan Yu + Liu Bei + Zhang Fei
4. Strategist's Reckoning: Sima Yi + Zhou Yu + Zhuge Liang
5. Turbans Sanctum: Zhang Jiao + Zhang Bao + Zhang Liang
6. Burning Love: Cao Pi, Zhen Ji
7. Young Love: Zhou You + Xiao Qiao
8. Virtuous Love: Yue Ying + Zhuge Liang
9. Devoted Love: Lu Bu, Diao Chan
10. Pure Love: Liu Bei + Sun Shang Xiang
11. Xiahou's Spirit: Xiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan
12. Faithful Devotion: Sun Quan, Zhou Tai
13. Warrior's Generation: Guan Yu + Guan Ping
14. Princesses Dance: Dong Zhuo, Diao Chan
15. Nemesis Bond: Cao Cao + Yuan Shao
16. Iron Men: Dian Wei + Xu Zhu
17. Imperial Majesty: Four "Lord" cards
18. Poison Strategy+: Four "Wood" cards
19. Engulf Strategy+: Four "Fire" cards
20. Heavy Strategy+: Four "Earth" cards
21. Stun Strategy+: Four "Metal" cards
22. Freeze Strategy+: Four "Water" cards
23. Seal Strategy+: Four "Dark" cards
24. Disband Strategy+: Four "Light" cards
25. Ingenious Minds: Four "Strategists" cards
26. Legendary Courage: Four "Officer" cards
27. Wei Phoenix: Four "Wei" cards
28. Wu Tiger: Four "Wu" cards
29. Shu Dragon: Four "Shu" cards
30. Chief's Oath: Four "Other" cards
31. Imperial Presence: Two "Lord" cards
32. Poison Strategy: Two "Wood" cards
33. Engulf Strategy: Two "Fire" cards
34. Heavy Strategy: Two "Earth" cards
35. Stun Strategy: Two "Metal" cards
36. Freeze Strategy: Two "Water" cards
37. Seal Strategy: Two "Dark" cards
38. Disband Strategy: Two "Light" cards
39. Agile Minds: Two "Strategists" cards
40. Fearless Courage: Two "Officer" cards
41. Wei's Ambition: Two "Wei" cards
42. Sun's Solidarity: Two "Wu" cards
43. Shu's Aspiration: Two "Shu" cards
44. Chief's Union: Two "Other Forces" cards


Bronze trophies

Minnow K.O. - Defeat the first rank and file soldier.
Weaponry K.O. - Defeat first Weaponry.
Officer K.O. - Defeat first Officer.
Budding General - Issued first command to Allied Officer.
Budding Strategist - Used first Card Tactic.
Victory Toast - Complete first Quest.
Blacksmith Patron 1 - Made first weapon.
Blacksmith Patron 2 - Powered up first Weapon.
Academy Disciple - Acquired first Chi Skill.
Workshop Patron - Made first Orb.
Heretics Suppressed - Complete Chapter 1 in any Story.
Traitor Crushed - Complete Chapter 2 in any Story.
Tyranny Sealed - Complete Chapter 3 in any Story.
Three Kingdoms Established - Complete Chapter 4 in any Story.
Three Kingdoms United - Wei - Complete Wei's Story.
Three Kingdoms United - Wu - Complete Wu's Story.
Three Kingdoms United - Shu - Complete Shu's Story.
Tyranny Vanquished - Complete Chapter 6 in any Story.

Silver trophies

Online Venture - Connect to Online City.
Victory Banquet - Complete first online Quest.
Mutual Exchange - Traded Officer with another player for the first time.
Invincible General - Complete all Quests.
Weapon Collector - Collect all Weapons.
Chi Collector - Collect all Chi Skills.
Orb Collector - Collect all Orbs.
Card Collector - Collect all Officer Cards.
Treasure Collector - Collect all Treasures.
Legend Collector - Collect all Legends.

Gold trophies

Grand Developer - Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum.
Grand Strategist - Use all Card Tactics.
Grand General - Reach Level 50.

Platinum trophy
Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Wii Cheats

Unlock Survival Mode
Unlock the following characters by defeating them to unlock Survival Mode. All locations given are the first area that you encounter the enemy.

Bazooka Marine - Defeat one in the Seaside Zone
Blue Demon General - Defeat one in the Cave Zone
Cluster Demon Soldier - Defeat one in the Cave Zone
Crimson Demon General - Defeat one in the Cave Zone
Knuckle Pirate - Defeat one in the Ruins Zone
Marine Corps Chief - Defeat one in the Jungle Zone
Normal Marine - Defeat one in the Seaside Zone
Pistol Pirate - Defeat one in the Jungle Zone
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii Cheats

Hints to Super Ground Pound
Jump, shake the Wii-mote to spin, then quickly press Z to perform the Super Ground Pound.
Hints to Co-op mode sound effects
Press Up, Down, Left, or Right on controller two to make sound effects on player one’s Wii-mote. Press Minus, Plus, 1, and 2 on controller one to make sound effects on player two’s Wii-mote.
Hints to World S
Successfully complete World 6 to unlock World S.
Hints to Grandmaster Galaxy
Collect all 120 gold stars and 120 green stars to unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy in World S. This is a 2D level with a Comet Medal and one star to collect.
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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

Entry Location:

Animal Trophy - Acquire each farm animal (newborn & adult, doesn't have to be simultaneously)/meet every wild animal.
Cooking Trophy - Make every recipe.
Crop Trophy - Grow each of the 32 crops and fruits.
Fish Trophy - Catch each of the 48 fish.
Flower Trophy - Grow each of the 18 flowers.
Heart Trophy - Collect every villager wish and take it to the fresco.
Mining Trophy - Obtain every mine item.
Ranch Trophy - Obtain each animal product and animal by-product.
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Best Iori Wallpapers

this is one of the best Iori wallpaper
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Final Fantasy I: Anniversary Edition PSP Cheats

Unlock Extras

Additional art images:
Beat the game twice

Art Gallery:
Beat the game once.

Beat the game once.

Music Player:
Beat the game once.
Time Chamber:
Beat the Labyrinth of Time once.

Art Gallery Number 01-56:
Have every monster listed in your bestiary

Art Gallery Number 57:
Play through 1F-10F in the time chamber with unlock blue seal

Art Gallery Number 58:
Play through 11F-20F in time chamber with unlock blue seal

Art Gallery Number 59:
Play through 21F-30F in time chamber with unlock blue seal

Art Gallery Number 60-67:
Beat the game once

Art Gallery Number 68-75:
Beat the game twice
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The Legendary Starfy NDS Cheats

World 9 and World 10
Entry Location:
Stage Selection Screen

After completing the game once, hit the R button to unlock World 9
and a sound test and Boss mode

Complete Boss Mode once to Unlock
the final secret stage World 10
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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor NDS Cheats

Persona 2 cameo
Entry Location:
Platinum Demon Auction

When you get the Platinum membership for the demon auction, then you can participate in high level auctions. On of the competitors will be named "Ginko", one of the characters from Persona 2.
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Flipnote Studio NDS Cheats

How to draw perfect squares
Entry Location:
Create Flipnote

Hold start and select and draw a square.

Move Drawing
Hold L and drag a drawing to move it.

Straight lines
Press and Hold start to draw perfectly straight lines,Hold select while drawing.

Perfect sound
Entry Location:

Hold L and click music. There you can choose a sound directly from your system sounds!
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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats


Unlock Golden Timer:
Tortimer will give you the Golden Timer when you have the Golden Bug Net, Golden Axe, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Slingshot, Golden Watering Can and the Golden Shovel.

Unlock Golden Roses:
Plant red roses next to each other and black roses will eventually appear, then use the Golden Watering Can to water the dying black roses and they will be golden the next day.
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Rock Band Track Pack: Country PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies

Can't Take It With You - Band members activate Overdrive a total of 10 times in a single song.
Doggone Drummer - Get a 200 not streak playing drums.
Drop The Hammer - Hit all hammer-on notes in "Satellite Radio".
Make The Eart Quake - Hit 100% of the kick drum notes for any song on Expert.
Star Studs - Earn 75 stars across all songs in Solo or Band Tour.
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Joe Danger PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Combo King! - Get 1 level combo star.
Speed Demon! - Get 1 time star.
Detective! - Find 3 hidden stars.
Dangerous! - Get a DANGER star.
Money grabber! - Get 5 coin dash stars.
Stay On Target! - Get 5 target stars.
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Zelda : Twilight Princess Wallpaper

Zelda : Twilight Princess
Warrior against evil
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Far Cry Wallpaper

Far Cry Wallpaper
I'm Home
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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Wallpaper

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Wallpaper
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Musou Orochi Z PS3 Cheats

Warriors Orochi 2 stories:
Unlock the following stories by performing the corresponding tasks:

Warriors Orochi 2 Orochi Story - Complete the four final levels of the Warriors Orochi stories.
Warriors Orochi 2 Shu Story - Complete the Warriors Orochi Shu story.
Warriors Orochi 2 Samurai Warriors Story - Complete the Warriors Orochi Samurai Warriors story.
Warriors Orochi 2 Wei Story - Complete the Warriors Orochi Wei story.
Warriors Orochi 2 Wu Story - Complete the Warriors Orochi Wu story.
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Assasin's Creed Wallpaper

Assasin's Creed Wallpaper:
i'm want to freedom
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Wangan Midnight PS3 Cheats

Collect the following cards to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Card 1 to 5 - Engine HP L, M64 (S30, Porsche).
Card 11 to 15 - Engine HP 13B,12A (RX7).
Card 16 to 20 - Engine HP 4g63 (Evo).
Card 21 to 25 - Engine HP 13B,12A (RX7).
Card 26 to 30 - Engine HP rb26 (Skyline).
Card 31 to 35 - Engine HP vg30 (Fairlady Z).
Card 36 to 39 - Body stiffness.
Card 40 to 43 - Body weight reduction.
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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom PS3 Cheats

Easy experience:
To get easy experience at the room in the Cursed Cave where you are supposed to throw skeletons into the barrier, instead repeatedly kill the skeletons as they continue to respawn.

Defeating the spider in The Grinder:
To avoid being hit by the lava, go to the front. Press square when the enemies appear.

Easy kills:
In the Ruined City of Adoni, defeat the tortured zombies by pressing O + X to jump and downward slash.
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Mirror's Edge PS3 Cheats

Get sweet goodbye trophy:
When approaching a foe, jump by them, fast turn, and push attack; Faith will give the foe a gesture.

Get secret trophy (mario brothers):
Land on top of an enemy, and as faith's feet touches the foe, press attack.

Unlockable time trials:
Unlock the following time trial stages by completing the corresponding tasks:

Arland - Complete chapter 1 in story mode.
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Green Day: Rock Band PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies

It Keeps Adding Up - Score 1,000,000 points in a single song.
I Threw My Crutches in the River - Earn at least 3 stars on any song in Expert difficulty.
Hysteria, Mass Hysteria! - Get a Unison Bonus on the listed songs with 2 or more players.
Scream at Me Until My Ears Bleed - Use Overdrive 100 times as a vocalist.
In Good Health and Good Time - Earn at least 3 stars on all songs in Green Day: Rock Band as a bassist.
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Pure Futbol PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Early Doors - Score with your 1st shot on net in any mode.
Share the Love - Score 1 goal with each of your outfield in any mode.
Hat Trick Hero - Score 3 goals in one game with 1 player in any mode.
Last Gasp - Score in the last 5 seconds of a timed match in any mode.
Toast the Post - Score off a shot that hits the post in any mode.
Full House - Score 3 goals and record 2 assists with 1 player in any mode.
Velocity Rapture - Score 10 pure power shots in any mode.
Apocalyp-Toe - Score 15 volleyed goals in any mode.
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My Pokemon Ranch Wii Cheats

More Miis can be selected to reside on your ranch when you reach certain stages:
Level 4 - +5 Miis
Level 8 - +5 Miis
Level 11 - +5 Miis

Natural Disasters:
Zoom in and you can shake your Wiimote to cause an earthquake. Zoom out, shake the wiimote, and a tornado will appear at your ranch.
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Godfather, The: Blackhand Edition Wii Cheats

Full Health Unlockable:
Press Pause and enter LEFT, MINUS, RIGHT, 2, RIGHT, UP.

Unlimited Ammo:
Rise to Don of NYC.

Get Film Clips:
Input the following code while playing: 2 + Minus + 2 + Minus + Minus + Up.
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Enchanted Arms PS3 Cheats

New game+:
To begin a "New Game+" that lets you to transfer all of your statistics over with you to a new game, beat the game.

Roulette easy money:
To get easy money playing roulette, first save the game when your at the casino. Bet 1,000 tokens on one number. Then, bet on the four lines of that number and the corners. Next, bet on the column, row, color and even or odd. Finally, bet on the half of the board that number lies on. If your number hits you will win the maximum amount of tokens possible. If your number does not hit then load the saved game.
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Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire Wii Cheats

Acquire Dragon Double Arm
Push Z and PLUS to input the following codes. Push Z and MINUS to delete commands:
Nunchuk : swing right
Remote : swing left
Nunchuk : swing right and Remote - swing left
Nunchuk : swing down and Remote - swing down

Acquire Dragon Tail:
Push Z and PLUS to input the following codes. Push Z and MINUS to delete commands:
Remote : swing down
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Tekken 6 - Jin Kazama Wallpaper

Tekken 6 - Jin Kazama Wallpaper
I want to fight
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Tekken 3 Wallpaper

Tekken 3 Wallpaper New dimension.
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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PS3 Cheats


Bronze trophies
Memories of Azad - Reach the thick of the battle.
A Warm Welcome - Catch up to Malik.
Power Boost - Find and break a sarcophagus.
Anger Management - Break 100 vases and sarcophagi.
Sand Nemesis - Kill 50 enemes in a row without being hit and without using upgrade powers or the Power of Time.
And King of Blades - Kill 500 enemies with the sword.
Acrobat - Jump on enemies 30 times in a row without falling or using the Power of Time.
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