Dead To Rights: Retribution PS3 Cheats

Bronze trophies
Just like Dad would have done - Complete the game on any difficulty level.
Shad-owned - Perform a silent kill with Shadow.
That's what you gets! - Kill an enemy by knocking or throwing him off a ledge. Got your GAC - Take a GAC hostage.
Get ready for a surprise! - Leap over and kick an enemy from cover.
Dog tag - Perform a tag team kill with Shadow.
Head Banger - Open 10 doors with a hostage head.
Scrotality - Perform a Shadow groin takedown.
Crime and punishment - Perform 50 takedowns.
Dog's dinner - Perform 50 Shadow kills.
Bring a gun to a fist fight - Perform 50 disarms.
It's all in the timing - Perform 50 counters.
Featherweight - Perform 200 3-hit combos.
Shadowboxing - Dash evade 50 strikes.
The price of justice - Collect 25 cop badges.
Medal of merit - Bronze rating on every level.
Boom! - Get 30 headshots in any level, on Officer or greater difficulty.
Once bitten - Clear a path for Jack.
Crossing the line - Defeat the Enforcer with a Takedown.
Shown the ropes - Complete the fight with Frank.
Protect the innocent - Save the hostages.
Man's Best Friend - Acquire Shadow.
Shadow...keys - Help Jack and Frank into Milton.
Commuter disruption - Cause the train crash.
Guard dog - Drag Jack out of harm's way.
Apparently I CAN kill you - Defeat Tseng.
Fetch! - Find a way to get Jack through the gate.
The battle, not the war - Escape from the GAC.
Air traffic control - Destroy the choppers.
Keeping the Faith - Rescue Faith.
Just gimme the bottle - Get Jack to the bar in one piece.
GAC hawk down - Take out the Gunship.
Throw away the key - Imprison Temple.
Run out of town - Repel the GAC.
Canine Fodder - Shut down the electric fences.
Doing it the ol' fashioned way - Defeat Redwater.
Dog of war - Retrieve the security keycard for Jack.
Smile, you son of a... - Take out a GAC tank

Silver trophies
Best cop this city's ever had - Complete the game on Officer difficulty.
Brawler - Complete any level (excluding the Prologue) without firing a shot.
Heavyweight - Perform 100 5-hit combos.
Honor the dead - Collect 50 cop badges.
Medal of bravery - Silver rating on every level.
Shhhhh - Complete any level with 10 silent kills, on Officer or greater difficulty.
Perfect balance - Achieve maximum Variation Bonus on any level (excluding the Prologue).
Got your back - Complete a level without Jack or Shadow dying (levels 3-10).
First at the scene - Achieve maximum Clear Time Bonus on any level (excluding the Prologue).
Finish him Shadow! - Combine Jack and Shadow to kill 20 enemies in any level, on Officer or greater difficulty.

Gold trophies

Retribution - Complete the game on Detective difficulty.
Medal of valor - Gold rating on every level.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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