Ultimate Mortal Kombat Nintendo DS Game Cheats

Kombat Kodes:
Select a two player game. At the Vs. screen, player one must press B, R, and A to select the first three characters of the Kode, and player two uses the same buttons on a second DS for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character to which it is assigned:

Belltower stage - 091 190
Bridge stage - 077 022
Graveyard stage - 666 333
Jade's Desert stage - 330 033
Kahn's Kave stage - 004 700
Kahn's Tower stage - 880 220
Kombat Temple stage - 600 040
Noob Saibot Dorfen stage - 050 050
Pit 3 stage - 820 028
Rooftops stage - 343 343
Scislac Busorez stage - 933 933
Scorpions Lair stage - 666 444
Soul Chamber stage - 123 901
Street stage - 079 035
Subway stage - 880 088
Waterfront stage - 002 003
Infinite Run - 466 466
Unikoriv Referri: Sans Power (one hit KO) - 044 440
Throwing Disabled - 100 100
Throwing Encouraged - 010 010
Silent Kombat - 300 300

Ulimate Kombat Kodes:
To unlock the following characters, enter the corresponding codes at the "Ultimate Kombat Kode" screen. The numbers indicate the number of times you need to tap an icon in a particular position to change it. Note: The Ultimate Kombat Kode screen will become unlocked after you choose not to continue after a defeat:

Play as Classic Sub-Zero - 81835
Play as Ermac - 12344
Play as Mileena - 22264

Play as Human Smoke:
To play as Human Smoke, at the character selection screen, select Robo Smoke. Immediately before the battle begins, hold Block + Run + High Punch + High Kick + Back.

Puzzle Kombat characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bo Rai Cho - Score over 17,600 points.
Jade - Beat Puzzle Kombat without using any continues.
Kabal - Use the Super Move three times in a round to break chains.
Mileena - Win a round in under one minute.
Raiden - Setup a five link combo.

Human Smoke's moves:

Spear - Press Away(2), Low Punch.
Teleport - Press Down, Away, High Punch (can be done in air).
Air Throw - Press Block (in air).
Fatality - Press Run, Block, Run(2), Low Kick (close).
Pit - Press Forward, Up(2), Low Punch (close).
Babality - Press Down, Away(2), Forward, High Punch.

Sub-Zero's special move:
To perform Sub-Zero's special move, press Down, Away, B. Sub-Zero will make a frozen copy of himself and if your opponent walks into it or touches it, they will freeze.

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