Ridge Racer 7 PS3 Game Cheats

Machine manufacturer bonuses:
To get a 10-20% discount and a special machine, obtain 100 manufacturer points from a company.

Machine connector plug-ins:
Unlock the following plug-ins by earning 100 manufacturer points with the corresponding companies:

Auto Rocket Start System - Zolgear
Collision Decreases - All tire and suspension manufacturers
Down Force Control System - Bosconian
Nitrous Tank 100 - All nitrous manufacturers
Over Limit Start System - All engine tune up manufacturers
Prize Money x2 - All manufacturers
Race Data Analyzer - Galaxian
SS Booster - Arkbird
SS Canceler - All exterior parts manufacturers

Defeat Crinale:
Use the following cars and parts to defeat Crinale:

Soldat Raggio - Machine Class 1
Engine - Druaga
Nitrous - General Resource - Normal Charge
Tires/Suspension - Astaroth - Grip + 2
Plug in - Slipstream Booster

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