Brain Age 2: More Training In Minutes A Day Nintendo DS Game Cheats

Play any Brain Age Check exercise:
To play any Brain Age Check exercise, go to your profile and then select the options menu that contains the "Brain Age Check" option. While holding select, choose "Brain Age Check".

See top three exercises and evaluations:
To set the top three for each exercise and evaluation, while holding select choose "Graph".

Stamp Bonuses:
Collect the following amounts of stamps to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

1 Stamp - Memory Sprint
2 Stamps - Change Maker
3 Stamps - Word Blend

Stamp Bonuses (PAL version):
Collect the following amounts of stamps to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

1 Stamp - Correct Change
2 Stamps - World Blend
3 Stamps - Memory Addition
5 Stamps - Tips Option
6 Stamps - Days and Time
8 Stamps - Stamps Designer
10 Stamps - Finish Position
12 Stamps - Hard Mode - Word Blend
14 Stamps - Select Song Masterpiece Recital
16 Stamps - Determine the Time

Virus Buster mini-game:
To unlock the Virus Buster mini-game, go to "Personal" > "Training". Scroll to the bottom of the list and select "???" to play the Virus Buster mini-game.

Control title screen:
Say the following phrases to change the Doctor's expressions to the corresponding:

Say "Cilantro" - He will make a unhappy face. In the PAL version, say "Coriander".
Say "Pickled plum" - He will make a sour face.
Say "Brain Age Two" - Make his head swell. In the PAL version, say "More brain training".
Say "Doctor" - Make him laugh.

Unlock training modes quickly:
To quickly unlock all training modes, choose a training mode and get your Stamp for the day. Turn off the DS and then turn it back on. Then, change the DS system date to the next day; turn the DS off again to save the changes. Continue to repeat the process until you unlock all training modes. After unlock all training modes, turn off the DS and change the date back to the current date.

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