Alice in Wonderland Nintendo DS Game Cheats

Disney Gamer achievements:
Unlock the following Disney Gamer achievements by performing the corresponding tasks:

Living Oraculum - Unlock every chapter
Puzzle Master - Find every map piece and explore all map locations
Rushed Rabbit - Defeat 50 enemies using McTwisp's Slow Down ability.
Savior of Underland - Defeat the Jabberwocky.
Weird, Wise, Malicious - Get the remaining three characters in your party.

DGamer avatar items:

Create a DGamer profile and make an avatar. Unlock the following items for your avatar by performing the corresponding tasks:
Alice Dress/Alice Armor - Gain all pieces of the Magic Armor.
Caterpillar Outfit - Have Absolem join your party.
Cheshire Outfit - Have The Cheshire Cat join your party.
Dormouse Coat - Enter 3676 as a password.
Hatter Outfit - Have the Hatter join your party.
Red Guard Outfit - Defeat one of the tougher armed Red Guards for the first time.
Stayne Eyepatch - Defeat Stayne twice.
Stayne Mantle - Defeat Stayne once.
Vorpal Sword - Find the Vorpal Sword.
White Rabbit Jacket - Complete Chapter 1.

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