Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Nintendo DS Game Cheats

Cheat Codes:
To unlock the following cheat options for purchase at the Skate Lounge for $1,000 each, beat Story mode by beating all pro challenges and Tony Hawk's final challenge:

First Person Cam - Skate in first person view
Giant Mode - Huge skaters
Tiny Mode - Tiny skaters
Matrix Mode - Slow down time when in air

Super Jump - Ollie higher, except off halfpipes and quarterpipes
Mirror Mode - Mirrored levels
Unrestrained Aggro - Easier timing for Aggro Kicks
Perfect Balance - Perfect Rail/Manual/Lip balance
Replay Camera - Skate with replay camera
Ice Mode - Visual - Bluish levels
Night Mode - Visual - Skate at night
Old Timey Mode - Visual - Film overlay graphics
World Of Darkness - Visual - Darker than night
Steel World - Visual - Dark graphics
Light Inversion - Visual - Shadows turn to light

Bonus skaters:
Enter the Skate Lounge, and select "Change Gear" to access the following skaters after they are unlocked and purchased for $2,000.

Santa Clause
Easter Bunny

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