Super Mario Galaxy Wii Game Cheats

To unlock Luigi, collect all 120 stars. Go to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory and ask to fight Bowser again. Defeat him to unlock Luigi.

Grand Finale Galaxy:
To unlock the Grand Finale Galaxy, with Luigi, collect all 120 stars and defeat bowser. The Grand Finale Galaxy is the Star Festival seen in the beginning of the game.

Star 121:
To get the 121st star, collect 100 purple coins in the Grand Finale Galaxy. The 121st star is the final star. Your saved game file will now display how many lives you have lost.

Watermelons instead of coconuts:
To turn coconuts into watermelons, collect 9,999 star bits in the hub.

Flying Mario:
Get the sixth grand star to open "The Garden" and "The Gate" domes. Enter "The Gate" dome and talk to the red Luma who will challenge you to get all 100 purple coins and give you a red star that makes you fly after spinning in midair. After completing the challenge, red stars will appear in the observatory.

Higher jumps:
Perform a triple jump, and at the peak of your third jump spin to jump even higher.

Homing attack:
While in mid-air, spin and press Z to hit the nearest target.

Super ground pound:
To perform a super ground pound, jump and spin. When you see the light, ground pound to make Mario do a cannonball then slam on his legs with his hand raised. It is more powerful than normal spins.

Second Player:
If you have a second Wii controller, you can have a friend play along with you. While there won't be a second player on-screen, you will have a second cursor to use. This means that Coins, Star Bits, and the like can be collected by the second player. There's also some functionality in controlling Mario's jumps.

Extra Lives:
You start each game with only four lives. There following are five more lives in the Observatory that you can acquire:

1. On the moving green platform below the core.
2. Under the stairs leading to the kitchen.
3. Right at the top of the observatory(after unlocking the red star).
4. Underneath the entrance to the gateway to the stars(after unlocking the red star).
5. Next to the StarShroom in a crate.

Green Star Locations:

Battlerock Galaxy
After rescuing Luigi from the haunted mansion, he'll start helping you find power stars. The second star he finds is on Battlerock. Go rescue him and get the star.

Buoy Base Galaxy
As soon as you get there, dive underwater and get the underwater missiles to hit the cage blocking the green pipe. Head down there, and you'll pop up on the bottom side of the plane. There will be missile launchers everywhere, so make sure you have full health and good jumping skills. The star will be inside. Get a missile to hit it and you get your second green star.

Dusty Dune Galaxy
On the second level of Dusty Dune, where you start, right underneath is a Hungry Luma. Feed him the amount of star bits he wants, a new planet will form and a launch star will shoot you there. Now, you must collect all 5 silver stars. This part is like an elevator thing; you land on the button and you go up or down go in every direction you can until you have all 5 silver stars.

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