Suikoden Tactics PS2 Game Cheats

Suikoden Tactics
  New Game+ Mode:
Upon completing the game you will
be given a choice to save. Doing so and loading this data will result in starting a New Game+, a new game with all of your previous money, items, equipment( not the runes), skills, and other small things.

Skipping Cutscenes:
Use start to skip the cutscenes Complete the game once.

Suikoden 4 References:
When you start a new game you will be asked to load Suikoden 4 data. Doing so will make a couple of lines in the game change. Also, this is the only way to aquire two additional characters later in the game.

Unlock bonuses:
Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load your cleared game file to start the game again with all previous skills, items, and money. Note: You will lose your runes. You can also press Start during intermission sequences to skip them.

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