Nintendogs: Best Friends Nintendo DS Game Cheats

Unlock the following bonuses at the specified locations by getting the corresponding numbers of owners points:

Boxer - Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Boxer breed at the kennel.
Shih Tzu - Get 2,000 owner points to unlock the Shih Tzu breed at the kennel.
Shetland Sheepdog - Get 4,000 owner points to unlock the Shetland Sheepdog breed at the kennel.

Toy Poodle - Get 8,000 owner points to unlock the Toy Poodle breed at the kennel.
Desktop room - Get 6,000 owner points to unlock the Desktop room (costs $20,000) in the interior decorator.
Northern European room - Get 40,000 owner points to unlock the Northern European room (costs $5,000) in the interior decorator.
Outer Space room - Get 18,000 owner points to unlock the Outer Space room (costs $100,000) in the interior decorator.
Ranch room - Get 25,000 owner points to unlock the Ranch room in the interior decorator.
Seaside room - Get 12,000 owner points to unlock the Seaside room (costs $50,000) in the interior decorator.
Urban Living room - Get 25,000 owner points to unlock the Urban Living room in the interior decorator.
Balloon - Get 300 owner points to unlock the Balloon.
Jump Rope - Get 300 owner points to unlock the Jump Rope.
Natural Dog Food Bag - Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Natural Dog Food Bag.
Pull Rope - Get 300 owner points to unlock the Pull Rope.
Windup Toy - Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Windup Toy.

Linking to unlock new breeds:
When linking copies of Nintendogs to unlock new breeds,you can only link with another Nintendo DS system once. The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner's current pet, and it must be a breed that you do not have in order for it to be unlocked.

Easy owner points:

To easily gain owner points, play with a disc, ball, etc. Each time your dog gets it, call it over. When they come, pet it on the head for a few seconds. He or she should sparkle, giving you one or two owner points. Repeat as desired.

Easy items:
To easily get items, take your dog for a walk and have another accessory to change into. Try to go in as many "?" boxes as possible before you go to the park. As soon as you put the line into the park, go home. Go through your walk as normal, getting items, meeting dogs, etc., until you reach the park. Once you get to the park, go directly to "Accessories". Change your dogs accessories immediately, then tap "Back". The message "Saving: Don't Turn Off Power" should appear. After it is done saving, turn off the power. Turn it back on, and you will still have all the items collected, and can go for another walk.

Easier training:
When teaching your dog to sit, do not say "sit down", just say "sit". By doing this, when you teach it "lay down", it will not get confused. When teaching it to shake, do not say "shake". Instead, say "shake hands". By doing this, it will not get sit confused with shake.

More trick and competition opportunities:

Your dog can only learn a certain amount of tricks a day, while the same goes for competitions. To get additional chances at tricks and competitions, change the system date to to the previous day and set the time to 23:59. Exit the menu and turn off the DS. Immediately turn it back on and load the game. You will see the previous day and time shown. After one minute it will be an entire new day, allowing more tricks to be taught and competitions to be won. This can earn you more money if you win the competition. When you want to follow the normal order of things, just set the date and time back to the correct values.

Getting money:
To easily gain money, go on a lot of walks and get as many question marks as possible along the way. Then, go to the second hand store and sell all the items you do not want or your dogs you do not like. Some items are less then a dollar, but the amount adds up if you continue doing this. Additionally, when going out for walks, it is best to feed and give your dog water just before you go. By doing this, instead of your dog finding trash, they will be much more likely to find presents. You will see a white box with red ribbons around it. Try walking slow because you cannot go backwards. Touch it with the stylus. Your dog will bring it to you. These items are the ones that are worth more. The tri-color ribbon is worth ten dollars, and the Moai Statue is worth one hundred dollars.

Mario hat:
While walking your dog, find a Red Mario Hat at one of the question marks. Finish walking your dog, put on the Red Mario Hat.

RC helicopter:
When taking your dog for a walk you may find an RC helicopter as one of the presents. Hold A to take off, the D-Pad to maneuver, and L to change the camera view. They can be sold for $200.

Secret shedding records:

Take your dog for lots of walks and you will eventually find an item called "Secret Shedding Record". This item plays strange music when you activate it from the music icon in your supplies menu. There are four records in the game; these are extremely rare.

Finding items:
While walking on the sidewalk, tap the floor and your dog will look and sometimes find an item. Also while walking your dog, there will be a question mark on almost every walk that is not illustrated on the map. When you see it on the touch screen take your dogs leash and drag your dog to the present. It will be a present or garbage that your dog should not eat.

Determining "?" box content"
When you find a "?" box during a walk, if you dog barks once, then it is a present; if it barks twice, it is another dog. Additionally, if you find a present wait until the dog runs off the screen. If it turns white, it will be a trainer. If it does not, it is a present.

Raising more than three dogs:
The Dog Hotel cam hold up to five dogs. The three that you can raise do not count with the five, making it possible to raise up to eight dogs.

Disc competitions:

For speed, get a Boxer. For high jumping, get a German Shepherd.

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