Medal Of Honor: Vanguard Wii Game Cheats

Medal Of Honor: Vanguard
To access the cheat entry screen, during gameplay press Up, Down, Up, Down. Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons:

Invisibility - Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up
Extra armor - Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right

Unlock the following medals in your service record by performing the corresponding tasks:

Campaign Medal - Beat all levels in Campaign mode.
Bronze Stars - Beat a mission without dying.
Silver Stars - Beat Campaign mode without dying.
Oak Leaves - Earn any seven medals in Campaign mode.
Wings - Land in the designated drop zones.
Weapon Expert - Use all available weapons during a mission.
Marksman Award - Shoot a certain number of peoples in the head during a mission.
World War II - Earn all medals in Campaign mode.

Double shot:
You can fire two shots with the K98 German Rifle by going to the iron sights. Fire once, go out and then fire again.

Weapon Upgrades:
Find weapons upgrades in the corresponding locations of the following missions:

Mission 1 - Parachute onto the western cliff. It's next to the boxes, near the searchlight.

Mission 2 – It's on the counter of a small building at the entrance of the courtyard.

Mission 6 – Parachute into the western tower. It's on the top floor.

Mission 10 – Go inside the tunnel after the first 88. It's behind a box at the end of the first corridor.

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