The Darkness Cheats for Playstation 3

The Darkness Playstation 3Consider the battle between light and dark a luxury. As a fallen-from-grace mobster struggling to manage the powers of Darkness, youll have to embrace the dark and balance your righteousness in order to overthrow the corrupt Uncle Paulie.

This will not be simple.
Whether youre lost in a sea of bodies and objectives or need help locating the many collectible phone numbers scattered throughout New York, allow our guide to The Darkness to shed some light on your situation. Our detailed walkthrough covers you every step of the way, with combat tips, secret items and details on completing all optional side missions.
In this The Darkness strategy guide, youll find:
BASICS // General tips and strategies for all stages of the game. WALKTHROUGH // A complete The Darkness walkthrough with secret item locations. SECRETS // Hidden phone numbers and secret achievements.

Cheat: Secret Phone Numbers
Use any phone in the game and dial these numbers to unlock secret achievements. 555-1037 555-1847 555-1206 555-1233 555-2309 555-2349 555-2402 555-3243 555-3285 555-3840 555-3947 555-4372 555-4565 555-4569 555-5289 555-5723 555-6118 555-6205 555-6322 555-6325 555-6557 555-6667 555-6893 555-6969 555-7613 555-7658 555-7892 555-7934 555-8024 555-8930 555-9132 555-9528 555-9562 555-9723 555-9898 555-9985

Unlockable: Darklings
555-GAME - Unlocks the 2k Darkling.
555-5664 - Unlocks the European Golfer Darkling.

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