Wipeout HD Cheat Codes ps3


if you have version v1.3 you will be able to get the following badges at the end of every race when you fullfil the indicated task. Some badges have a higher priority than others and if conditions are met for more than one badge in a race you will be awarded the one that has the highest priority.

Relied On Automation Badge:
Use the most Autopilots.

Turbo Booster Badge:
Use the most Turbos.

Speed Pad Hunter Badge:
Hit the most speed pads.

Rocketeer Badge:
Cause the most damage with Rockets.

Quaker Badge:
Cause the most damage using Quakes.

Bomber Badge:
Cause the most damage using Bombs.

Miner Badge:
Cause the most damage using Mines.

Most Aggressive Badge:
Cause the most damage with weapons.

Cannoneer Badge:
Cause the most damage using Cannons.

Plasmafier Badge:
Cause the most damage with Plasmas.

Leecher Badge:
Cause the most damage using Leech beams.

Bomb Disposer Badge:
Destroy the most Bombs using weapons.

Mine Sweeper Badge:
Destroy the most Mines using weapons.

Biggest Airtime Badge:
Obtain the most airtime.

Fastest Top Speed Badge:
Obtain the fastest top speed.

Boost Starter Badge:
Obtain the most boost starts in a tournament.

Successful Pacifist Badge:
Win an event using the least amount of weapons.

Successful Victim Badge:
Win an event after sustaining the most damage.

Come Back King Badge:
Win a single race after being destroyed.

Destroyer Badge:
Eliminate the most players.

Evasion Master Badge:
Sustain the least amount of damage from collisions.

Fastest Lap Badge:
Attain the fastest lap in a race.

Health Sponger Badge:
Absorb the most pickups.

High Roller Badge:
Perform the most barrel rolls.

Low Roll Winner Badge:
Using the least number of barrel rolls win a single race or tournament.

Near Death Experience Badge:
Finish a single race with less than 10% health points.

Pristine Badge:
Without absorbing any weapons finish a single race with full shield.

Photo Finish Badge:
Win a single race witihin 0.25 seconds of 2nd place.

Pickup Hoarder Badge:
Collect the most pickups/weapons.

Shielder Badge:
Deflect the most weapons with Shields.

Shield Tactician Badge:
Protect your ship from the most weapon damage with a Shield.

Unbeatable Badge:
Within a tournament of 5 or more races finish 1st in every race

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