Tifa Lockhart Biography

Tifa Lockhart Biography
Tifa Lockhart is a character from the Final Fantasy VII videogame.
Alongside her friend and eventual comrade-in-arms Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart grew up in the sleepy mountain town of Nibelheim. Also like Cloud, Tifa found herself embroiled in the town’s last, terrible night, when the SOLDIER Sephiroth went on an inexplicable rampage and burned Nibelheim to the ground, slaughtering its people indiscriminately.
Suffering from terrible injuries as a result of Sephiroth’s attack, and with no life left to speak of in Nibelheim, Tifa was taken to the city of Midgar, where she eventually recovered and made a new life for herself. She became the proprietor of a small tavern, Seventh Heaven, and eventually drifted into the orbit of Barrett Wallace’s AVALANCHE group. She shares Barrett’s personal grudge against Shinra, aside from her fears for the impact of its mako reactors.

Some time after that, Tifa met Cloud again, sitting in a daze in a Midgar train station. The two of them hadn’t been close for several years, but she nevertheless brought him home and into AVALANCHE, worried about some very strange changes in her childhood friend’s behavior and memories.
Tifa’s the prototype of the tough, independent heroine, fiercely loyal to her comrades but not dependent upon them. She’s an expert martial artist, with no need for a gigantic sword or what-have-you to take care of herself.

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