Saints Row 2 PS3 Cheat Codes

When you complete the following tasks during gameplay the correspondng reward will become unlocked.


Unlock 1 Follower:
Complete Prologue, Mission 4.

Unlock 2 Followers:
Reach 25% hoods conquered.

Unlock 3 Followers:
Reach 50% hoods conquered.

Unlock Tobias:
Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 3.

Unlock Shaundi:
Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 11.

Unlock Pierce:
Complete Brotherhood - Mission 11.

Unlock Johnny Gat:
Complete Ronin - Mission 11.

Unlock Vehicle Delivery for $1,000:
Complete Escort - Level 3 in Red Light District.

Unlock Legal Lee:
Complete Fight Club - Level 3 in Prison.

Unlock Troy:
Complete Fight Club - Level 6 in Prison.

Unlock Vehicle Delivery for Free:
Complete Escort - Level 6 in Red Light District.

Unlock Zombie Carlos:
Complete ALL Brotherhood missions, then call 'Eye For An Eye'

Unlock Unknown Homie:
Perform 50 muggings.

Fighting Styles

Unlock Ronin Melee:
Complete Ronin - Mission 6.

Unlock Brotherhood Melee:
Complete Brotherhood - Mission 6.

Unlock Samedi Melee:
Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 6.

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