Playstation 3 - Midnight Club: Los Angeles cheats

You can unlock the following cheat options by collecting the hidden
Rockstar barrels during the game:

Unlimited Nitro: Collect 10 barrels
Never Damage Out: Collect 20 barrels
Unlimited Special Abilities: Collect 30 barrels
Top Down View: Collect 40 barrels
No Police: Collect 50 barrels
No Fines: Collect 60 barrels

Note: By activating a cheat option, you won't able to progress in
Career mode and you won't able to earn money and reputation.

Unlimited money:
Complete Career mode to get infinite amount of money.

Unlock Karol Garage partner mission:
Obtain the "Idol" rank (33,500 Reputation).

Unlockable vehicle groups:
Group 2 vehicles: Obtain the "Student Driver" rank (2,000 Reputation).
Group 3 vehicles: Obtain the "Racer" rank (8,060 Reputation).
Group 4 vehicles: Obtain the "Champion" rank (16,500 Reputation).


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