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Vaan (Final Fantasy XII) Biography
Vaan is a character from the Final Fantasy videogame series.

His ultimate dream is to one day become a sky pirate, which as dreams go isn’t a bad one at all. If you want to be a sky pirate, though, first you need an airship to roam the skies in, and right now that’s a little ways out of his price range.

Right now, he’s just another petty thief and would-be swordsman in the city of Rabanastre, making a living by hunting dire rats in the city’s underground areas and occasionally stealing from the occupying Archadian army. His parents died in an outbreak of plague when he was 12 years old, and his only other family, his older brother Reks, was killed two years back when the Archadians successfully invaded and conquered the kingdom of Dalmasca.

Reks died in his brother’s arms, supposedly after his commander, Basch fon Ronsenburg, turned traitor and went over to the Archadian side. Vaan naturally holds a grudge against Basch, hoping one day to be able to avenge his brother’s death and his nation’s betrayal.

Eventually, he bites off a little bit more than he can chew in his campaign of thievery, crossing paths with the real live sky pirates Balthier and Fran. Alongside them, he learns the truth about what happened to his brother, and eventually gets a chance to test his mettle against something far more dangerous than sewer rats.
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